Yemen's Houthi forces claim that the US and UK have launched 73 attacks, resulting in 5 deaths and 6 injuries. What is the current situation in the region?

According to CCTV News, on December 12th, local time, Houthi armed forces in Yemen issued a statement stating that US and British military forces launched 73 attacks on Yemen. The attacks were concentrated in the capital Sanaa, Hodeidah Province, Taiz Province, Hajjah Province, and Saada Province, resulting in the deaths of 5 armed individuals and 6 others injured. The statement also emphasized that the attacks by the US and UK would not deter them from supporting the Palestinian people, and the Houthi armed forces would continue to prevent Israeli-related ships or ships heading to Palestinian-occupied territory ports from sailing in the Arabian Sea and the Red Sea. On December 12th, local time, the Yemeni capital Sanaa and other areas were subjected to airstrikes by US and British forces. US President Biden and British Prime Minister Sunak confirmed that the US and British forces had conducted strikes against Houthi armed forces in Yemen. For more information, please download the CCTV News app.

Analysis of U.S. Air Strikes Against Houthi Targets in the Middle East

The commander of the U.S. Air Forces in the Middle East mentioned that over 100 missiles were used against Houthi targets. Only 5 casualties? This intensity seems more like a social media sensation than a military strike.

Hitting 60 targets and resulting in only 5 fatalities, and destroying 60 tents, illustrates the guerrilla warfare origins of the Houthi forces.

Most of the airstrike targets were places previously bombed by Saudi Arabia, indicating that these targets might have been provided by Saudi Arabia. It also suggests that the U.S. might not be looking to escalate the situation significantly.

Given the scale of these U.S. military operations, the aircraft carrier involved would need to return to port after a few rounds of such strikes. With over 100 missiles fired, costing an average of 1 million dollars each, the total expense reaches about 100 million dollars. When including various expenditures of the carrier strike group, the question arises: how long can the U.S. sustain such operations?

Both the drivers and Benjamin Netanyahu are feeling the pinch as their missile stockpiles are being depleted.

Some things, when spoken, invite criticism.

Look at Israel and the United States recently.

In fact, I think both Russia and Ukraine are performing well in their conflict.

Their level of competence is high and worth referencing.

5 dead and 6 injured, is this an attack on empty airports and radar stations?

In my opinion,

As long as the coalition forces land in Yemen and start operations,

Everything will get better

Let’s get it started!

5 years ago, anyone who said on the internet, “The United States, along with NATO, fought a fifty-fifty battle with the Houthi rebels,” would have been drowned in spit.

Urgent Call for the United States to Regain Strategic Resolve and Cease Attacking the Houthi Militants, as Further Engagement Could Make China the Biggest Loser.

Today, White House spokesperson John Kobe stated during a White House press conference:

The funds allocated to support Ukraine have been depleted, and military assistance to Ukraine has been temporarily suspended, with hopes for Congress to approve new funding promptly.

Currently, the United States is engaged on two fronts, providing support to both Ukraine and Israel simultaneously.

Opening a third front to engage the Houthi militants would divert resources and potentially reduce support for Ukraine.

This would give Russia an upper hand, and a victorious Russia may impede the progress of our Northeast revitalization.

Therefore, it is imperative that the United States ceases hostilities and redirects its resources to support Ukraine.

UK Royal Air Force Joins in Airstrikes Against Houthi Militants in Yemen

On January 11th, the UK’s “Typhoon” fighter jet squadron took off from the Akrotiri Airbase in southern Cyprus in the Mediterranean and participated in the airstrikes against Houthi militants in Yemen alongside the United States.

It appears that Egypt and Saudi Arabia have opened their airspace for British military operations, while Oman has closed its airspace.

They were also equipped with an Airbus A330 refueling aircraft.

Four “Typhoon” FRG4 fighter jets, carrying “Paveway IV” precision-guided bombs, conducted airstrikes on Houthi militant targets in Yemen with the support of an A330 MRT aerial refueling aircraft.

Each “Typhoon” fighter jet can carry up to six improved “Paveway IV” laser/GPS-guided bombs.

The Houthi militant targets struck by the US and UK air forces are spread across five provinces: Sanaa, Hodeidah, Saada, Hajjah, and Taiz.

In Hodeidah province, the attack targets include Hodeidah Airport, the Dawar area of Hodeidah city (suspected to be Zahrat al-Rukban Farm), Zabid County, Salif Port, and the “16 km point” (a high-speed service station for the Saudi-led coalition’s brigade in 2018).

The attack target in Hajjah province is Abu Saeed Airport and fishing boats along the coast.

In Taiz province, the targets are Taiz Airport and the former 22nd Brigade Base (the 22nd Brigade was aligned with the Reform Party and was early on driven out by the Houthi).

In Sanaa province, the targets include Sanaa International Airport and Daylami Airbase.

In Saada province, the targets are Karan Camp, the Samat Mountain in the western suburbs of the provincial capital, and the Takiya area in Magaz County.

The US military states that the targets of the airstrikes are Houthi radar systems and locations for the manufacturing, storage, and launch of drones and missiles.

However, upon reviewing the attack locations, most of them are old targets that have been repeatedly bombed by the Saudi-led coalition in previous conflicts, including facilities like the “16 km point.”

Of course, the Houthi militants are not sitting idly by.

Eyewitnesses have reported a large number of missiles being launched towards the southern Red Sea.

Media outlets (Al-Mayadeen) have reported that a joint British and American military ship was damaged, and another aircraft is suspected to have been shot down near Sanaa.

Furthermore, US military bases in Iraq and Syria are under attack, and the US Embassy in Iraq has sounded alarms…

The Akrotiri Airbase, from which the UK Royal Air Force took off, is located in southern Cyprus and is a British military enclave. Its sovereignty belongs to the UK, making it an important military base for British influence in the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

During the Cold War, it hosted “Buccaneer” attack aircraft that targeted the Black Sea coastline of the Soviet Union and Ukraine.

After the Cold War, the UK and the US used Akrotiri Airbase in Cyprus as a military base for operations in the Middle East, participating in the Gulf War, Iraq War, and Syria War.

So, the hands of the air force squadrons stationed here are stained with the blood of the Middle Eastern people.

Oh, and by the way!

The “CHINESE COMPANY”-marked COSCO Shengshi Hao vessel successfully passed through the Aden Gulf on January 11th.

Documents from the East seem to work well for customs clearance.

Are the British and American military actions against the Houthi militants a case of being provoked?

Either let our ships pass, or no one can pass; for now, Chinese and Russian vessels can still move freely in the Red Sea. Are they challenging the Angsa people’s face?

It seems “Wolf Warrior 2” was quite conservative.

To break through Tokyo, go south to the Soviet Union, and proceed eastward with the flow. Seven aircraft carriers dominate over Iraq, sailing a thousand miles, with banners covering the sky. He was once a hero of his time, but where is he now?

Simple calculation shows that the effect of 15 attacks in the US is roughly equivalent to one dog.

A man in the United States was shot by a dog due to the dog accidentally stepping on the rifle trigger. How to prevent such accidents?

The casualties in this incident are not even as high as the number of deaths from a random shooting in the United States any day… Instead of spending so much money on advanced weapons to bomb, it might be better to buy a couple of thugs locally and have them shoot on the streets; who knows, they might kill even more.

The cost of the airstrike has been converted into cash, and the money is being scattered over Yemen, causing a stampede that has resulted in more than five deaths.

The United States initially intended to show its face, but ended up exposing its backside.

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Ha, do you think there are few deaths?

I think there are quite a few.

After all, if it were the other way around.

In the United States, there may not be a single death, just a few more concussions.

As for deaths caused by the aftereffects of concussions, they are considered aftereffects and not included in the casualties.

Hezbollah in Lebanon is waiting for this news, Syria is waiting for this news, Iraq is waiting for this news, Iran is waiting for this news, and even General Kim is waiting for this news.

Strategically engaging with masters who possess 5,000 years of wisdom like China, playing catch-up, constantly on the defensive, dancing in quicksand, sinking deeper with every move.