Would you buy an Apple for CarPlay for your whole life?

The iPhone 7S has persisted until now, and it is truly convenient to have CarPlay in the car If not using Apple, it means that in the future, navigation while driving can only be done through the phone screen and not through the central control screen

The Order of Carplay and iPhone Compatibility

The problem itself is incorrect, and the order of the steps is completely reversed.

For people who have cars with CarPlay, there are relatively few who switch to using an iPhone just to be able to use it.

On the other hand, for people who have iPhones, there are relatively many who exclude certain car models in order to be able to use CarPlay (including connecting through a Carlife to CarPlay adapter).

Not a belief, just software. Use what is good. Future systems beyond CarPlay.

Come on, it’s not like it’s a belief…just software. Use whichever one is better. There will be systems surpassing CarPlay in the future as well.

Carplay: A Convenient Solution for BMW Drivers

The lifespan of my several cars is at least 6 years. I remember when I first bought a BMW, I boasted about how advanced the iDrive system was. The car’s console could be upgraded through online connection. However, two or three years later, my car console had a low map version due to lack of renewal. The manufacturer basically stopped caring about old systems. Most of the online functions became redundant, because no one would use the iDrive knob to read news and weather on the car’s console. At this point, the car’s console system is completely unrelated to entertainment, except for occasionally using Bluetooth to listen to music and check vehicle parameters…

Fortunately, this old and clumsy car console supports Carplay. When I get in the car and connect wirelessly, the system runs smoothly. The navigation, traffic conditions, music software, and message reminder functions on my phone are all sufficient for my driving needs. I no longer have to worry about the additional costs associated with vehicle connection. So far, I have to thank Carplay and BMW for their cooperation. At least during the 6-7 years of using this car, my entertainment needs while driving are met!

CarPlay’s advantage: continuous iteration with system and app upgrades.

不生成标题。 The advantage of CarPlay is that it will continue to be improved through system upgrades and app updates. I have used both iOS 12 and 13 versions of CarPlay. To be honest, version 12 was not very user-friendly as it did not support multiple apps. However, in iOS 13, CarPlay has become much more useful (though there are still some flaws and areas for improvement).

In theory, if Android Auto is supported, it could also be an option (and I’ve heard that some cars, like my American version CRV, have a better experience with Android Auto, as it can project navigation onto the HUD). So, I think switching to Android might be a viable choice, as long as… you’re not in China.

No significant difference between Android Auto and Carplay.

No, because Android Auto is really not bad.

Android Auto and CarPlay basically copy each other, so the functionality and experience are almost the same, with only the difference in UI.

In general, Google and Apple have reached a high level of homogeneity in their competition in this aspect. They even have the same problem of picking the data cable (here’s a joke, a USB 2.0 cable is more stable than 3.0).

China is a special case where Google cannot enter, so most people do not use Android Auto, which is why CarPlay is so popular.

Apple’s superiority in color design, software fluency, usability, car safety, and durability surpasses all new smart car devices.

To be honest, Apple’s color design, software fluidity, ease of use, as well as driving safety and durability, outshine all the new smart car systems. Yes, I’m talking about all of them.

If I feel that CarPlay is not working well and not smooth anymore, I just need to change my phone, and CarPlay will work even better. But what about smart car systems? The 820A that was praised sky-high a few years ago, can it still be used now? How many years can you use the 8155 that is currently being praised sky-high?

CarPlay: Convenience and Frustrations

CarPlay is a great thing, and I use it every day now.

Although iDrive7 is a very user-friendly in-car system, I don’t like its navigation, and it’s not very convenient for listening to music either. The first thing I do every time I get in the car is connect to wireless CarPlay and start the engine. I feel uncomfortable if there’s no CarPlay in the car now. BMW’s wireless CarPlay is sometimes unstable, and whenever CarPlay disconnects, I get inexplicably frustrated and feel out of sorts.

However, I won’t use Apple forever. I’m currently using the iPhone XS, which is my first iPhone. If it wasn’t for CarPlay, this might also be my last one. Since I got it in 2018, the phone would constantly crash and reboot within a month. I almost took it to after-sales service. After updating the system, this situation finally stopped happening. However, the XS has serious signal issues that torture me. Waiting for a refresh with a spinning circle is normal. This phone also aggressively kills background apps, and my WeChat is often killed, causing me to miss important messages. Zhihu, the platform on iOS, is also not user-friendly. It used to freeze or even automatically like posts, and occasionally crash. Later, I cleared the cache and reinstalled Zhihu. The freezing was gone, but the crashing became more frequent.

I’ve been wanting to switch back to Android for a long time. The reason I haven’t done it yet is that I haven’t had the XS for long, and I can’t let go of CarPlay. But that won’t be a reason to keep me tied to the iPhone for life. In the future, I’ll probably keep an iPhone as a backup and in-car device. When the XS becomes unusable, I’ll switch to a cheap iPhone, and so on. However, once Android has something similar and user-friendly, I think I will completely abandon the iPhone and look forward to Huawei’s HiCar.

iPhone as Car Audio System

Why not just put an iPhone in your car as a dedicated car entertainment system? That’s what I do.

Carplay vs. Mobile: A Preference for Cars

Comparison between Mobile Phones and CarPlay

When it comes to technology, it is hard to deny the impact that mobile phones have had on our lives. With their advanced features and constant connectivity, they have become an indispensable part of our daily routine. However, there is another innovation that has caught my attention recently - CarPlay.

CarPlay, an automobile software developed by Apple, allows users to seamlessly integrate their iPhones with their car’s infotainment system. This integration provides a range of features and functionalities that enhance the driving experience. From navigation and music streaming to hands-free calling and messaging, CarPlay offers a convenient and safer way to interact with your iPhone while on the road.

As a professional translator, I often find myself working on the go, and my mobile phone has always been my trusted companion. However, I must confess that CarPlay has tempted me to reconsider my priorities.

The idea of having a dedicated interface in my car that mirrors the functionality of my iPhone is truly intriguing. Not only does it eliminate the need to handle my phone while driving, but it also enhances the overall driving experience by seamlessly integrating my digital life into my vehicle. The ability to access maps, music, and other apps through the car’s touchscreen or voice commands proves to be a compelling advantage.

While my mobile phone will always hold its own place in my life, the convenience and safety offered by CarPlay make it a strong contender for my attention. It is the perfect blend of technology and automotive practicality that seamlessly integrates two aspects of my life.

The Departure of Nokia and My Youth

I used to think that I would use Nokia for a lifetime, but in the end, it left along with my youth.