Will Japanese cars gradually be squeezed out of the Chinese market by domestic brands?

The translation of the provided content is as follows:

“A necessity for this picture.

Chery has taken over the Chery Wang store.

This is truly an epic image, as the Japanese brands fall, a ‘New Era’ rises.”

What truly defeats Japanese cars is not the rise of domestic vehicles, but their own internal arrogance and prejudice.

Domestic cars succeed by adopting the approach, “whatever you need, I provide,” whereas Japanese cars fail due to their attitude of “you can only use what I provide.”

Having spent money to buy a car, should I still have to be at the mercy of Japanese car companies? Does this not reduce me to a beggar?

Too good… A few years ago, I bought a Dongfeng Nissan Teana, and these days I was thinking about scheduling maintenance, but…


I scrolled down for a long time and found that only Japanese car owners are still stubborn.

In the automotive industry, I often travel between Jiangsu and Anhui provinces. Do you know how many Japanese 4S dealerships have closed in these two provinces over the years? They themselves admit that Japanese cars can’t make it in China anymore, but you Japanese car owners are still living in your own world.

This is an inevitable trend

Many people may think that Japanese cars have a big presence in the American market

But don’t forget

The United States is currently in a decline

It will no longer be as generous as before in ceding the car market

So Japanese cars will inevitably face the following situation

China is responsible for strangling Japanese cars in the Chinese market

The United States is responsible for strangling Japanese cars in the American market

The only difference between China and the United States is

Chinese nationalists are dissatisfied and resentful of the former fact

But they dare not make a sound about the latter fact

You may think that Japanese cars are in decline, but in fact, every year in the future is the best year for the Japanese automotive industry.

Japanese cars will be sold in the United States and Japan in the future, two closed markets with high prices and low technology.

It’s okay, I’ve heard from my friends that truly great companies don’t care about the Chinese market. Just like Google and Samsung, they became world leaders after exiting China. As for YouTube, Facebook, and SpaceX, they have no interest in the Chinese market, but they are still great.

Japanese car manufacturers have decades of technical expertise and a strong craftsmanship spirit. This deep foundation allows them to act independently without worrying about the client’s preferences. Even if they were to exit China, they would still be highly popular worldwide. In the international market, companies like BYD, which are of lower quality, would surely struggle against Japanese car manufacturers.

So, when will Japanese car manufacturers exit China?

The Hangzhou Infiniti store is suspected to have been transformed into a BYD store in place, and even the logo on the teacup has not been changed…

I don’t know if Japanese cars will be squeezed out of China, but my colleague’s Forester was scratched. When they went to the previous 4S dealership, they found

Even if domestic cars push out of China, so what?

Zhihu has long told me the following facts:

Samsung’s phones leaving China are still the global leader.

Google leaving China is still the global leader.

META hasn’t entered China and is still the global leader.

X hasn’t entered China and is still the global leader.

And so on… there are too many examples like this.

So… leave and go back to the United States. Isn’t it better to sell a Corolla for 25,000 USD or a Camry for 30,000 USD in the United States, rather than selling them for 90,000 RMB and 140,000 RMB in China!?


The lions of Lugou Bridge, Sony’s dog, it is not right to harm Japanese companies. We should strive to improve ourselves.

Not slowly squeezed out of China, but quickly squeezed out of China