Why is this years winter fashion trend different from previous years, with the rise of non-leg revealing outfits?

Fashionable and Comfortable

Miniaturization of Fashion

Dressing without Revealing Legs

Embracing a broader trend - Comfortable Fashion

Nowadays, we no longer pursue that tight-fitting figure. On the contrary, loose and relaxed comfort is the way to go.

Emphasizing the importance of comfortable and uniquely personal minimalist fashion, such as #Clean Fit, #Minimalist Commute, #Urban Minimalist. Warmth doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing style. If we only pursue the dashing feeling and ignore the importance of warmth, then we are making a big mistake.

Loose silhouettes, soft and skin-friendly fabrics, and warm and lightweight textures all give a clean and comfortable feeling to autumn and winter outfits.

When we were young, we might have thought we could show off in sub-zero temperatures without too much warm clothing. That was really the arrogance of youth.

As we age, our fashion consciousness grows, and we feel even more that we don’t need to “freeze for beauty”.

Dressing up is not just about showing off, it also involves health and comfort, and most importantly, highlighting one’s beauty.

Increasing the warmth factor also increases the comfort. After all, warm outfits give a therapeutic feeling, and pay more attention to texture and consider simplicity and convenience, emphasizing comfort above all.

The miniaturization and fragmentation of fashion represent the democratization of fashion

When you look at the runway, the outfits are tightly wrapped. The fashion circle this year is also particularly warm.

And on platforms like Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book), Douyin (TikTok), and TIKTOK, these algorithm-driven social media platforms, wave after wave of “micro-trends” are being pushed to us.

For example: a cute heart-shaped handbag became popular on these platforms today,

Tomorrow, it may be a pair of sparkling boots that becomes a topic of discussion.

Fashion trends are so unpredictable that people’s wardrobes have become like grocery stores, and each “must-have for the season” has become like a meteor shower on the fashion runway, appearing in an instant and disappearing just as quickly. Even before we realize that we will like something, it is pushed in front of us.

Every time the flow of information is refreshed, we may encounter a new style, a new buzzword, or a new fashion idol.

However, finding one’s own style in these magical and ever-changing micro-trends still requires some skill. Instead of blindly pursuing short-lived micro-trends, it is better to smartly select the highlights that truly suit oneself and find one’s own unique color.

After all, fashion is not just about piling up clothes, it is also a reflection of life’s attitude and spirit.

For ordinary people, dressing without revealing legs has a slimming effect

Dressing without revealing legs provides better coverage, which is beneficial for women whose body shape is not particularly perfect. It accentuates their strengths and hides their weaknesses.

The combination of long skirts and high boots is undoubtedly a fashionable formula that is easy to master. A flowing long skirt with a pair of tall boots is your perfect choice.

A long skirt not only maintains the overall delicacy of the outfit but also gives a sense of elegance and grace.

And the boots, like a slightly mysterious dance partner, extend the leg line and visually make it appear longer. In other words, if the skirt is the melody on the score, then the boots are the instrument that plays this melody.

Knee-high boots not only have a sense of fashion but also protect the legs well. They can also be well matched with different styles of clothing. Knee-high boots are an indispensable fashion item that is both elegant and stylish.

There is also another fashionable combination, which is the perfect combination of straight skirts and pointed boots! This combination not only showcases a girl’s boldness and delicacy but also adds a touch of neatness to the entire look.

Let’s talk about the charm of straight skirts. This kind of skirt showcases elegance and fashion while also portraying a woman’s confidence and independence. Whether it’s a formal occasion or a casual moment, a straight skirt can make you look decent and stylish, showcasing your personality and fashion taste.

The combination of chunky boots and tight pants can shape the legs and make them appear longer and slimmer. The length of chunky boots is also important, and the right length can make the ankles appear more slender. Knee-high boots with a thick tube and moderate length, paired with tight pants, can definitely give you a stylish and slimming look!

Long boots with long pants, as one of Princess Diana’s classic looks, western boots paired with jeans give a more casual and relaxed vibe.

In this winter, let’s be both stylish and warm, and enjoy each day with elegance and warmth!

Influence of Social Media

Regarding this question, I carefully examined the answers under this question and even googled it. The conclusions reached were basically some relatively superficial ones:

● The trend of not showing legs in fashion shows of famous brands has become popular.

● Internet celebrities prefer to cover up this year.

**● It is also to keep warm in the winter without showing legs.

These answers cannot be said to be incorrect, but they are somewhat inadequate. If it is really just for “keeping warm,” then why is this style popular in the “sweaty” summer?

Source: Internet

Moreover, the topic of “not showing legs in fashion” actually became popular on “social media” earlier this year.

We can see from the data analysis website that there have been discussions about this topic since spring, and the popularity has been quite high.

Source: @Gray Dolphin Data

The answer to this question was already mentioned in my early answers. The authority to determine the current “trend” has gradually shifted from the four major fashion weeks to well-known “social media” platforms.

And now, there are two points to how social media influences fashion trends:

1. “What content does social media want to promote recently,” such as the sudden popularity of “the ordinary person, Li Wenliang."

2. Whether the topic that people are discussing has touched on one or more of the six elements of popularity, enough to make the topic go viral!!!

The topic of “not showing legs in fashion” on social media has reached a peak of 1.3 billion views. The channel through which ordinary people obtain information is actually more through “mobile apps” rather than from high-profile fashion weeks or fashion magazines…

When ordinary people see a social media influencer or overwhelming advertising about a certain style, they will unconsciously imitate it or discuss it with people around them, thus causing the spread.

For example, the popular “Milad” some time ago, I bet you didn’t learn about it by going to Paris or attending a fashion show.

The high level of discussion on a topic sparks the “trend”!

Source: @Gray Dolphin Data

As for the “influence of social media,” let me give another example from my personal experience: There is a “flamboyant tree” near where I live. I used to think it was ordinary and sparse, and last year around this time, I took a photo of it just because I thought the tree was beautiful.

But this year, this tree suddenly became an “internet celebrity check-in point.” On weekends, many people come here to check-in and take photos.

At first, I was puzzled. It wasn’t until I saw many videos about this tree on a certain short video platform that I understood. I even saw my colleague coming here for a check-in, and when I asked, they also saw the video on that platform.

So, in the end, we underestimated the power of the Internet. Unconsciously, it has permeated every aspect of our lives, and its influence is undoubtedly enormous!

Source: @Zhe Yuanlinya

Of course, as a fashion answerer, if I answer it as simply as that, some people will definitely be dissatisfied.

So, let me talk from the perspective of fashion about why “not showing legs in fashion” suddenly became popular.

The first point is about “decorating body flaws.” Usually, in summer, a season with more “short” items, it is not very friendly for certain groups of people, such as those with “fake wide hips,” “thicker legs,” or those with a “pear-shaped” body.

“Not showing legs in fashion” can maximize the modification of these body flaws, making the whole person appear slimmer and more fashionable.

Source: Internet

Source: Internet

The second point is that autumn and winter are seasons for wearing long items. However, most people face the situation of being “bulky,” “not good at layering,” and “chaotic outfits”!

The appearance of the topic “not showing legs in fashion” is the general public seeking help for the style system of “autumn and winter outfits,” hoping to find solutions to the aforementioned problems from it.

And make themselves look more fashionable…

Source: Internet

From the underlying logic, although “social media” promotes the popularity of the “not showing legs in fashion” topic, the essence is still because “people” have unsolved needs and an urgent desire to find solution. The combination of internal demand and external factors naturally leads to popularity…

The Relationship Between Hemline Index and Economic Prosperity

Economics has long observed this phenomenon: the worse the economy, the longer women’s hemlines become.

This is called the Hemline Index, which was proposed by economist George Taylor in 1926.

During economic downturns, women are more likely to be laid off, leading to a significant increase in their sense of insecurity.

They will express themselves by wearing more conservative clothing, indicating that they are obedient and non-confrontational.

On the one hand, they seek to please their bosses by appearing obedient, and on the other hand, they seek approval from men by appearing virtuous.

In times of economic prosperity, women have the means and time to dress up, and the social atmosphere is more accepting, allowing men to appreciate their efforts.

During economic recession, women lack the financial means and energy to dress up, and the social atmosphere becomes more conservative, leaving men less inclined to appreciate their appearance.

Under the sun, there is nothing new; it is simply a manifestation of economic downturns.

Maybe… maybe it’s because everyone just had COVID-19, and their immunity has greatly declined?

Haha, just kidding.

Actually, I don’t think so. Looking at the autumn/winter series of each brand, as well as the photos of popular bloggers this year, I don’t feel that “covering up legs” is the mainstream.

For example, let’s take a look at the autumn/winter series of a few brands…




There are also some that have warmer outfits and almost the entire series does not show legs.

For example, Chanel:


Actually, there isn’t a particularly popular trend of covering up legs or showing legs this year. Each year, each brand designs according to its own style. Take Chanel, for example, with their camellias and sock style, which is very Chanel. Dior has never been particularly short in previous years, and the tailoring and silhouette of shirts, dresses, coats, and overcoats are all distinctly Dior.

And this year, Miumiu is truly emphasizing something very short, like “wearing underwear outside.” It’s truly a different brand style, targeting a different crowd. They’re young, not afraid of the cold, not too overweight, and as long as they spend a little time outdoors, wearing something short won’t be too cold.

In addition to short and revealing outfits and long and covered ones, there are also intermediate styles, such as Saint Laurent:

Actually, have you noticed that brands with shorts and skirts tend to have a youthful and lively style, while those that focus on mature and sophisticated elegance and connotation won’t show too much leg? Even in their summer collections, you won’t see full-length long legs, only a little glimpse.

For example, Dior’s 2023 summer collection:

However, if we talk about trends, there are indeed two trends this year: one is the “military” style, and the other is adding a touch of red in the outfits.

This combination of a red suspender and black suit is truly amazing, and it immediately captures the heart.

Fashion always comes full circle, and what others wear is only a reference. Even if the brand’s outfits on the runway feature exposed legs, you don’t have to wear the exact same thing. Models may go bare-legged, but you can wear stockings. Models may wear heels, but you can wear long boots.

If we truly talk about a trend that is continuously moving forward in fashion, I think it is encouraging women to wear whatever style they want and how they feel comfortable. Apart from the length, silhouette, and color of clothing, the fabric and tailoring, how to enjoy beauty without discomfort, that is the real trend.

The Reason for Wearing Pants

Why is it not popular to wear skirts in autumn and winter?

As someone who is not a fashion blogger, I would like to share my own experience on dressing for autumn and winter.

Coincidentally, I recently organized my wardrobe during the change of seasons and found a pile of unused skirts and shorts. Maybe four or five years ago, skirts and shorts were a must-have for autumn and winter. However, now my wardrobe is filled with various jeans and sweatpants.

If we observe the outfits of various bloggers, it is not difficult to notice that skirts and shorts have become less common, while various casual pants outfits have become more popular.

Let me share some of my thoughts on this change in dressing style. Why are we wearing fewer skirts and shorts, and favoring pants instead?

➡️ Warmth:

I have to admit that as I get older, I have a more urgent need for warmth. Before the age of thirty, a pair of thicker leggings would suffice for the winter. Most of my outfits consisted of leggings paired with various shorts or skirts. However, as I have grown older, especially after turning thirty, I started wearing thermal pants as early as the end of October. Last December, during the coldest time of the year, I even went out of my way to buy thermal pants that I would have never glanced at before.

Even the upper garments have changed. Previously, I would usually wear cashmere coats or thin down jackets in autumn and winter. Now, it is mostly men’s thick parka down jackets.

Speaking of warmth, long pants are undoubtedly more friendly than shorts and skirts that expose the legs. There is a reason why carrot pants and wide-leg pants have become popular in the past couple of years. The loose fit is more forgiving to the figure, and during cold weather, you can easily add thermal pants or leggings.

➡️ Convenience:

Aside from warmth, another reason for falling in love with wearing long pants is the absence of constraints and the convenience it brings!

I think this aspect may be related to the mindset that comes with different ages. With age comes a better understanding of how to love oneself. I am no longer too concerned about what others think, as long as I am comfortable.

In the past, I used to study various outfits worn by others, but now I truly embrace myself and choose items that make me comfortable, without caring about other people’s opinions.

Whether it’s long pants or long skirts, not showing legs is indeed more friendly to the overall outfit, providing more flexibility.

➡️ Self-Love:

I remember when I first entered the workplace, I wore a short blazer jacket. One day, a middle-aged male colleague suddenly said to me, “That jacket doesn’t look good on you, stop wearing it!”

Being young and ignorant at the time, I actually took his words to heart. From then on, I never dared to wear that jacket to the office again.

Now, thinking back, it was truly ridiculous! If it were present-day me, something like that would never happen. Who are you anyway? Just an average man, and you have the audacity to comment on my outfit?

What does my outfit have to do with you?

Oh, you don’t like it? Well, sorry to bother you, but please don’t look!

This is probably what it means to become more mature and self-aware, to no longer live for others!

So, when women are more willing to pamper and live for themselves, the superficial scrutiny of beauty becomes less important. What matters is making oneself comfortable and happy.

OK, that’s all for today’s sharing. I hope it is helpful to you.

Dressing Habits: Life, Psychology, Environment, Economy.

Actually, I think that although there are various, countless, and even many eccentric and imaginative elements in fashion trends, the popularity of mainstream dressing habits is still based on “survival instinct”.

So what are dressing habits?

For example, whether to show leg or not, to wear a camisole or not, to wear a mini skirt or a long skirt, to wear tight-fitting or loose-fitting clothes, all fall into this category.

Let’s take a simple example–

“Can the long trailing skirt of a Hanfu avoid getting dirty while walking?”

In fact, the working people who work on the ground wear short clothes, while the trailing skirt is for “the noble ones in the palace” and the young ladies who “never leave the house”.

This example illustrates the difference in lifestyle, which leads to differences in dressing styles.

In fact, there are many examples in the evolutionary process of modern women’s clothing.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, European women were fond of voluptuousness, which made it difficult for women with tight waist to engage in intense physical activities. The characteristic features were oversized and layered skirts and long sleeves. In the 19th century, sleeves began to simplify.

Around 1900, although the grand style did not change, the wide hoop skirts were abolished, and the overall style became less complex, more lightweight and comfortable, and more conservative in terms of covering the skin. This change made it more convenient for women to move around.

Thereafter, the two World Wars brought about greater changes in women’s clothing.

Simplification was not only for the convenience of women’s activities, the liberation of women, and allowing women to participate in work more effectively, but also due to fabric shortages during wartime, unnecessary wastage needed to be reduced. Male elements were incorporated into women’s fashion design, hence the popularity of unisex fashion.

However, during wartime and even after the war, due to the instinctive need for psychological security, women’s clothing would not excessively expose their bodies. Even if the skirts did not trail on the ground, they were often knee-length skirts.

Psychological security is also one of the factors influencing the popularity of dressing habits.

In areas or eras with good public security and freedom, women naturally expose more skin; but when a sense of security is lacking, clothing oneself with clothes is instinctual behavior.

As for men, the idea of a “virtuous wife and good mother” also provides peace of mind. During wartime or after the war, in order to obtain this psychological security, conservative long skirts and dress codes became more popular.

Apart from the above two factors, climate and environment also play a major role. That is, temperature - both the influence of natural environment and human interference.

You may have noticed that the climate has been changing frequently and noticeably in recent years. I’m not an expert in this field, but this is just my personal observation. In Hangzhou, for example, autumn is getting shorter and shorter. I can’t even answer any questions about autumn on the travel section of Zhihu. Furthermore, as far as I know, once there is an epidemic, the entire global ecosystem is actually in an imbalanced state. Coupled with the impact of nuclear pollution on ocean circulation, the climate as a whole is subtly tumultuous.

Regarding human interference, for example, before traveling to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, I always wondered whether wearing an abaya would be hot and uncomfortable. But in the local environment, with the double impact of outdoor exposure and indoor low temperature, wearing long-sleeved clothes and long skirts is actually more comfortable.

Similarly, people in the northern regions can wear thick coats with summer clothes in sub-zero temperatures, but in the winter in southern regions, they will layer themselves with cashmere or down jackets, and wear socks to bed. (This can be better explained by inviting friends from the northern regions to share their experiences~)

In China, we may not feel it much, but in the past two years, there has been a significant increase in electricity bills and insufficient heating in many foreign regions. This really makes people feel that wearing warmer clothes is more cost-effective, which may change dressing habits.

Therefore, we have to mention the last factor, the economic factor.

Whether it is during an economic depression or personal economic decline, once people start to consider budgeting, they hope to buy winter clothes that are “warm, can be worn for several years without going out of style”.

Both long coats and down jackets, as well as long pants, long skirts, or knee-high wool stockings paired with a short skirt, are more cost-effective in terms of warmth. After all, as mentioned in the third point, in order to save energy and electricity costs, when the expected economic situation does not improve, people instinctively choose winter clothes with better warmth.

Lifestyle habits, psychological security needs, climate and environment, and economic factors, these four points actually influence and cannot be separated from each other.

They are also the underlying reasons for the difference in this year’s winter fashion trends compared to previous years; they are the “invisible hands” behind design and promotion factors. Of course, there is also a fifth hand that may influence fashion trends - technological development. What do you think?

How to Stay Warm and Stylish: Knit Dresses, Boots, and Long Coats

Because sacrificing warmth for style is really just punishing yourself.

As someone who is sensitive to the cold, I take staying warm and preventing freezing legs seriously. The greatest respect for autumn and winter is to never expose my legs!

Today, let’s talk about the three types of items that I consider both warm and irresistibly fashionable.

  1. Knit Dresses

If you want to look warm and feminine, you can’t go wrong with a knit dress.

Many people associate dresses with revealing legs, but in fact, with the right boots and warm tights, dresses can still be worn in winter. Flipping through fashion magazines, you’ll notice that models always favor knit dresses.

This winter, I highly recommend layering knit dresses with other styles. For example, try layering with a pleated skirt or a floral skirt for a multi-dimensional look that also keeps you warm.

Don’t forget about the easy-to-wear knit midi skirt. A solid-colored straight knit midi skirt exudes a gentle vibe, especially when paired with a fitted knit top, giving off a sophisticated and intellectual flair.

  1. Boots

If you want to wear a midi skirt but are afraid of the cold, don’t forget about boots!

For many fashion enthusiasts, midi skirts are a staple in their wardrobes. But when winter comes and you want to wear them, they can feel chilly. Not wearing them means these beautiful items won’t be showcased, and that’s just not acceptable.

Have you all forgotten that there is actually a highly warm item for winter that pairs perfectly with midi skirts? It’s boots!

When wearing a midi skirt, you can wear leggings underneath for warmth. As for the exposed ankles, let the tall boots protect them (see image 1-2).

You can match the color of the boots with the midi skirt for a harmonious and error-free look, and it also subtly lengthens your legs.

If you want to add a touch of freshness, you can try ankle boots with slightly shorter shafts. Revealing a bit of skin from your calves won’t feel too chilly but will break up the heavy atmosphere.

  1. Long Coats

In addition, there are long coats that provide maximum warmth▼

However, this style can only be pulled off with relatively stiff materials. On the other hand, coats made of lamb wool or knit materials give off a casual vibe. Vest-style coats add a street-style touch to your outfit▼

In addition to traditional wool and cashmere coats, there are some unique fabrics you can try, such as cool leather coats. Just by standing there, the rich colors give off a painterly texture

If you don’t want to appear too assertive, try a “gray coat + soft sweater + casual white sneakers” combination, and you’ll instantly switch to a professional look

As for white coats, due to the difficulty of maintenance and care, they exude an aristocratic texture▼

New Trend in Dressing without Showing Legs

Fashion is a cycle after another cycle, and trends are nothing more than from one noun to another. Just like the popular “mélange” trend this year, it belongs to the earthy color palette that becomes popular every year. When it comes to fashion trends, I believe it’s more about finding new “styling logic” from it and finding new inspirations for past outfits.

In the past, people preferred “leg-baring outfits,” emphasizing that attitude is more important than temperature. Even if the temperature is below zero, they would still find ways to show off their legs.

On the contrary, the impression of “dressing without showing legs” is dull, outdated, and lacks highlights. However, following the fashion trend of showing both ankles and legs can indeed give a sense of fashion. But wearing such outfits in freezing temperatures will definitely freeze our legs.

Leg-baring outfits may look good, but…they are not very practical, and it takes courage to show off our legs in subzero weather.

But the so-called fashion trends are actually about dressing and styling based on what suits us. As there are more and more fashion ideas and concepts nowadays, for the general public, simplicity and practicality are more important when it comes to clothing. This has caused the replacement of our normal fashion trends and elements.

Gradually, many dressing formulas have emerged on the basis of not showing legs, which can satisfy our needs for both fashion and warmth. As adults…we want both warmth and fashion, and we no longer want to expose our knees. Plus, not showing our legs can perfectly cover up any flaws in our legs.

For example, down jackets, which are indispensable every winter, can now be worn without baring our legs and still achieve a casual and relaxed look, with a touch of style. It is warm without being bulky, and it is suitable for wearing with sweaters or hoodies as inner layers.

In general, there are two types of dressing ideas. One is to combine with low saturation color palettes, resulting in an overall low-key and versatile look. You can pair it with black, white, gray, or other low saturation colors.

The other is to use bright colors as inner layers to add a highlight to the outfit. You can pair it with high saturation colors like yellow, orange, red, or green.

I think down jackets without hoods have stronger versatility. You can wear them with shirts, sweaters, or hoodies. Both hooded and round-neck styles are suitable. You can also wear different types of hats (hooded jackets may be slightly warmer).

A simple down jacket already looks great. Pairing it with long jeans gives a great feeling, and it also looks good with gray pants. Overall, it’s a daily, minimalistic, and comfortable look.

Girls Accept Themselves and Choose to “Lying Flat”

Let me express my own opinion. Nowadays, girls are gradually accepting themselves, embracing their imperfect bodies, and more and more of them are choosing to “lie flat.”

Why do I say this?

First, let’s take a look at the types of autumn and winter outfits in the past. Close your eyes and think back. Various internet celebrities, bloggers, and models, what do they pair with a coat?

They would always opt for bare legs, short skirts or shorts, or make the lower body disappear, exposing as much of the legs as possible, and match with boots—I randomly found a few model pictures online, with prices ranging from a few hundred to around 2000 RMB.

This kind of outfit is indeed good-looking, but it is limited by two aspects:

  1. Temperature

When I used to go to the mall to buy clothes, my mom would say: “Don’t expect to achieve the same effect as the models. It’s not a matter of figure, but you are afraid of the cold. You can’t wear bare legs like the models. When you drive to work, it’s impossible to bare your legs in the office. Your knees won’t be able to stand it.”

That’s right, those mannequins in the department stores also have bare legs, don’t they…

Yes, this kind of outfit is indeed beautiful, but isn’t it cold? I’m not a Canadian, can I wear a down vest with shorts in minus 30 or 40 degrees Celsius?

Do you have period pain? Do you take painkillers like Western girls do when they have menstrual cramps? White girls who marry Hong Kong men and document their confinement period have become incredibly popular on the internet, and many mothers believe that confinement is scientific. Why do Chinese girls insist on imitating that kind of outfit?

Embracing my freezing legs…

In the past, there used to be a saying, “Style over comfort,” do you still remember?

That era has passed. Nowadays, young people understand the importance of health. Keeping warm and being comfortable come first rather than being eye-catching.

  1. Body Shape and Leg Type

Seriously, do Japanese women with bare legs have attractive figures? It’s not like all of them have anime-like bodies.

I have traveled to Japan several times, and each time I see female students wearing uniforms of different lengths walking on the streets, really disregarding the temperature.

But what about their leg types? Some have severe outward rotation, some have thick calves, really… Can’t we minimize our shortcomings when dressing?

The proportion of Asian women with pear-shaped bodies is indeed very high. The advantages of this type of figure are: slender waist, slim upper body, and wider hips that can highlight a good waist-hip curve. The downside is that the thighs are usually thicker, and the overall leg lines are not as smooth and slender.

Therefore, traditional costumes, including most Hanfu and qipao, can effectively showcase the figure of Chinese women. These costumes provide more coverage for the lower body. Many Hanfu skirts are almost ankle-length. Including the horse-face skirt, the structured silhouette and material are very effective in blocking the cold wind in winter.

When we look back at those outfits that expose the legs, it really is easy to expose our flaws. By dressing rigidly, we start to feel insecure about our bodies, which can easily lead to dissatisfaction with our own figures.

Now everyone sees through it and understands.

Why can’t we get along with ourselves? Why can’t we prioritize our health and body shape?

Outfit pairing is originally about highlighting our strengths and hiding our weaknesses, making ourselves look beautiful and feel good.

Wide-leg or straight-leg pants paired with thick long socks, and an oversized cocoon coat can also look great.

And wool skirts can change our moods, pairing them with loafers or casual shoes is also possible.

Outfits that don’t expose the legs can also look great. Let’s unlock them together!

I am here to build our own version of “beauty,” goodbye~

Fall/Winter Fashion Pairing: Punk Style, British Street Style, Mature Y2K Style.

Even though more and more people are paying more attention to wellness, the main reason for the popularity of outfits that don’t show off legs this year is the resurgence of retro fashion.

With the transition from the millennium towards more diverse integration, showing off legs is not as important anymore.

Fall and winter call for personalized and impactful styles. The classic British or collegiate style never goes out of fashion, but this year there are even more fresh mix-and-matches, emphasizing a “contrasting handsome feeling”.

In short, you can be not gentle, but you cannot be without a dashing presence.

NO.1 [70’s Punk Style]

Popular Match: Oversized Jacket x Feminine Lines

It has to be said that vintage becomes extremely popular every autumn and winter, probably because the thick materials of autumn and winter clothing match well with the vintage style!

The rebellious and assertive feeling of punk, combined with weathered colors, also blends well with autumn and winter.

However, it’s not about directly copying the dressing style from the last century, but rather through certain modifications and selections, to create a look that suits modern people.

The trend of oversized jackets is back! Many oversized styles with wide shoulders or even padded shoulders, with shoulders extending beyond the shoulder line or aligning with the outer side of the arms, are popular.

Nevertheless, feminine lines are still emphasized, with more curves to avoid looking too bulky in autumn and winter. Trendy short camisoles or wearing Chester jackets from summer can be revealed.

Contrasting the wide coat with a small and delicate inner layer, plus showing the high waistline, the overall attention is drawn to the upper body, and long legs are visually noticeable.

You can also go for a more rock style by matching a leather jacket with a tulle skirt, or of course, you can pair it with worn-out jeans as long as you have the attitude. Adding some exaggerated accessories will definitely make heads turn.

By observing the outfits of Asian models, you will find that it’s not difficult to master. Choosing basic colors as the first option, adding a few layers doesn’t make it feel complicated, especially black, which is not prone to dirt and yet full of personality.

NO.2 [British Street Style]

A few days ago, a friend left a comment saying, “French style is suitable for spring and summer, while British style is suitable for autumn and winter,” and it’s true.

The combinations and items represented by French and British styles are different, and the color matching and style of British style are more harmonious with autumn and winter.

Furthermore, British style does not emphasize the sense of curve and is more accommodating to body shape. However, it still has lines and adds tension through the contrast of silhouette and material.

Oversized shoulder coats are the key trend in the coming years, and British style also needs to change. The super wide style looks very stylish when paired with slightly curved or tight bottoms.

Checkered patterns are popular items in British style, and wearing them in autumn and winter is simpler and fresher than in spring and summer. Pair them with simple bottoms and accessories to focus the attention on the upper body.

Putting checkered patterns on the lower body can highlight the length of the legs, and there are many colorful options to choose from. When wearing checkered patterns on the upper body, it is best to choose a simple collar, especially with thick materials, to reduce the sense of heaviness.

While it’s still possible to show some skin, try mixing and matching with thin clothes for an unexpected quality feel.

In addition, tie matching has made a comeback this year, and it has a more impactful effect when used by women. Thin and long ties, when worn outside the shirt, can achieve a “weight loss” effect without needing a backpack.

Thin ties are the most fashionable, while the wide and oversized version on the left looks too masculine and less natural.

NO.3 [Mature Y2K Style]

Trendy Match: Vibrant Fabrics and Loose Sporty Silhouettes

The Y2K style has been talked about for two years, and this year there is still a continuing trend, but it has become more mature in its expression this winter.

You can wear animal prints from head to toe without deliberately using other items to moderate the look. It’s okay to be a bit exaggerated.

Alternatively, you can achieve a similar effect with less wild geometric patterns by using leopard print colors. It’s much easier to pull off, especially with transparent and lightweight pieces, and it works well for girls with a youthful appearance.

Layering underwear as outerwear is also a must for the autumn. Unlike the short bralette mentioned above, this pairing emphasizes the curve of the chest and exudes a sexy vibe.

This kind of outfit is relatively rare in Asia, but you can take a look at items with large bow decorations, for example. Although it has been popular for several years, the bows this year are getting bigger and more prominent.

You can also wear it in the spring, paired with a dark coat. Wearing it on the outside not only adds style, but also complements the complexion.

Colored leather jackets were recommended last year, and they are still in this year. Choose a soft material to avoid looking bulky when wearing it.

In addition, materials that are energetic and eye-catching include those with glitter or a notable shine. Although items with different materials stitched together can easily become outdated, they definitely catch the eye when worn.

Alternatively, you can choose affordable mini skirts with shiny accessories, which also create a nice effect.

Mature women can also own a piece made of velvet. This material matches better with mature and stable colors, and its versatility in the autumn and winter is higher.

These are the main fashion keywords for this autumn and winter. Although we have been using loose-fitting pieces in our outfits for a while, the noticeable change in their style is still exciting and anticipated.

We will gradually introduce more popular items and their combinations in the future. Everyone can keep an eye on the latest arrivals from major brands to stay updated on fashion trends!