Why is the narrative the focal point in Genshin Impact?

Its quite absurd Each version has its own storyline and pace I dont understand whether they are here to experience the plot of the game or to criticize it If you dont like the storyline of Genshin Impact, just play according to your own preferences Isnt it torturing yourself otherwise?

Evaluating Plot with Rhythm

Because plot is best with rhythm.

Firstly, no matter what the plot is, there will always be people who like it and people who dislike it. “Dream of the Red Chamber” is a masterpiece, right? Yet there are still people who can’t get into it. The 1986 version of “Journey to the West” has a wide audience, right? But there are still people who criticize it. Even adult videos have their critics. Therefore, there is absolutely no problem with saying “I don’t like the plot” as a principle.

Secondly, in the case of preconceived notions, it is very likely to influence the reader’s perception. I don’t know if anyone has had the experience of watching a movie (playing a game, reading a book) that is highly acclaimed, and everyone says it’s good, so you go to see it. But after watching the beginning, you feel bored and just leave it. However, because there are so many good reviews, you force yourself to finish it, and after finishing it, although you don’t like it that much, you still feel like what others said is right. The same can be said in reverse.

Furthermore, there are flaws or illogical aspects in any plot, and there are always forced plot devices designed to move the story forward. The normal creative approach is to use an excellent main plot design to make readers (viewers) overlook those flaws and, instead, enjoy the story according to the author’s vision. However, with rhythm, these flaws can be magnified, causing readers to unnaturally focus on things that aren’t important, thus diminishing the evaluation.

I saw an interesting reply on Zhihu (a Chinese knowledge-sharing platform), and its essence was: Imagine there is a dish of braised pork belly. A normal person would eat the meat and think it’s delicious. But with rhythm, you are constantly emphasizing the ginger and star anise, causing you to unnaturally bite into these things that you shouldn’t be eating, and finally come to the conclusion that “this dish isn’t tasty.”

The Ingenious Application of Honesty by Cardinal Richelieu

There is a famous saying by Cardinal Richelieu, a French statesman and bishop: “Give me six lines written by the most honest person in the world, and I will find enough reasons in them to hang him.”

Focus Shifts to the Pacing of the Genshin Impact Storyline, Attempting to Replicate Past Success. Resultant Supporters Advocate Empiricism.

It’s a simple question. The pacing of the Genshin Impact storyline has never wavered. The reason it has become the focus now is because…

Some individuals attribute the previous lull in Genshin Impact’s popularity to their own successful introduction of scattered progress.

They want to replicate the previous “success.”

What was that term again?

Path dependency?

Curse of the victor?

It’s clear that our individuals are unwavering supporters of the theory of results.

Supporters of the theory of results, in certain aspects,

are equivalent to empiricists.

Hot Topics in Game Discussion

Isn’t this just like how the Chinese language is the most discussed topic every year during the college entrance examination? Because when it comes to literature, everyone can have an opinion, whether they’re a human or a ghost, and even if they say something wrong, it doesn’t matter. But when it comes to other topics, it becomes interesting. If someone talks about the prices of gacha pulls, they’ll instantly be criticized as a “water saint” and criticized for killing the second-rate games. Nowadays, every new game that comes out will be whipped into shape. And when it comes to talking about characters, do people really think that 2D sprites have more technical prowess than 3D characters? I don’t think so, I don’t think so. And when it comes to talking about grinding and deceiving and spending money, are you sure it’s not directed at the entire second-rate game industry? Then the only thing left to talk about is the story. After all, everyone has the “skip” button, and if no one watches, then naturally there won’t be anyone to pick at it. The story of not only surpasses Genshin Impact, but also the Four Great Classics. After all, the Dream of Red Mansions isn’t focused on proper work, Water Margin is all about killing and arson, Journey to the West is steeped in feudal superstition, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms has no love story. The depth of plot in our 21st century easily surpasses that of the ancients.

The Effect and Difference of Online Bickering compared to Traditional Bickering

Online bickering is all about who can shout the loudest.

Arguing for hundreds of pages on a forum is meaningless; you can’t expect to convince your opponent.

Online quarrels are meant to persuade bystanders.

Therefore, producing content is more efficient than simply engaging in a verbal battle.

This is the remarkable aspect of Star Iron. Even if the forum quarrel generates high traffic, can it compare to the popularity of the actual game?

Once the forum argument is over, the traffic disappears, but the game’s content will be observed repeatedly by new players.

That’s why these black-hat detractors were able to breach defences so quickly, leaving the desperate without a comeback.

Traditional bickering methods have become ineffective in the face of Star Iron…

These people have become hysterical…

Performance Art and Drooling

Do you know about “Skinner’s Box” and “Pavlov’s Dog”?

Some people are like that mouse. They don’t know how to set the rhythm to kill “Genshin Impact,” so they start various performance art experiments to try and find out the “Shiwan” who killed it; some people are like that dog. As soon as they sense a hint of rhythm, they start “drooling” just like a conditioned reflex.

Accelerating the Decline of Genshin Impact

It’s not about the current pace of the storyline, which has always been plentiful since version 2.0.

After two years of attacks from competitors, they finally realized that it is unrealistic to try to bring down Genshin Impact in a short period of time.

So the only option left is to find a way to accelerate the decline of Genshin Impact.

The majority of Genshin Impact’s revenue comes from character and weapon gacha pulls.

If we can successfully make a large number of players disgusted with the game’s storyline, it will be impossible to shape characters through the narrative.

Therefore, the only path left is to rapidly expand the power level.

The predictable outcome lies ahead.

Popularity and Feedback Issues

Is it possible that other places have already caught up with the popular trend? Even a bunch of brainwashing packages still have influence until now.

I don’t need to talk about some smaller trends below. Each of the following trends has significant influence.

Game Launch and Genshin 1.0 Era

Plagiarized trends, poor quality, collision marketing, black-red marketing, fruit stall textures, but in reality, it’s difficult to satisfy everyone. The First Law, Opky, pro-Japanese Mihoyo.

Various fragments of Central Plains culture, killing popular trends, Genshin trends, Boro masks trend.

Inflation of values, mechanism splitting.

Genshin 2.0

Culture conceding its place, legend quests for otaku shopping, poorly written main storyline.

Artists leaving, breast curtains, hanging cloth, black silk glass moon.

(I’m not very satisfied with this point either. Originally, I thought it was because of the 3D aspect, but now it seems that Mihoyo’s art design is too conservative and lacks innovation. They compromised too much for the sake of modeling convenience. On the contrary, looking at the character designs of Zhongli and Eula, not discussing whether they are good or not, at least they have diverse styles. However, it’s impossible to achieve diverse designs with characters like Ganyu and Xiangling.)

Freakish monsters, hellish maps, value inflation.

Genshin 3.0

Boring and lengthy side quests, uninteresting maps, desert trilogy.

Lack of prominent male characters, pandering to BL fans.

Scattered troops related trends (the intensity of these trends is equivalent to a weakened version of the game launch trend).

Genshin 4.0

Gayshit, player exodus cooling down Genshin.

Internal love, internal hate, value inflation.