Why is Canada Goose so warm? Is there any special technology?

Most of the clothing that can withstand temperatures as low as minus thirty degrees Celsius is filled with 625-fill power duck down. The specifications are quite ordinary, but I haven’t heard of anyone feeling cold while wearing Canada Goose on Zhihu (a Chinese Q&A platform). Most people generally believe it offers good value for the warmth it provides. So, which aspect of Canada Goose ensures its warmth? Is it the fabric or the down-filling technology?

Down Jackets Do Not Have Special Technology

Long ones are warmer than short ones.

Those with more down filling are warmer than those with less.

Those with a higher down content are warmer than those with a lower content.

Those with high fluffiness are warmer than those with low fluffiness.

Fabrics that are windproof are warmer than those that are not.

That’s it.

Colleague’s Wife Bought High-Quality Replica Canada Goose

A colleague’s wife purchased a high-quality replica Canada Goose jacket. It is said that her jacket cost 1,400 yuan, while his cost 1,100 yuan.

I have a jacket that I ordered from the official Canada Goose website and had it shipped to Canada for 950 Canadian dollars.

On the same day, we exchanged and wore each other’s jackets. In terms of warmth, I did not feel that his replica jacket was inferior to mine.

Regarding Canada Goose jackets, the down content and fluffiness are about the same. The fabric technology is also basic, and the design of some models is decent. Overall, they feel quite heavy. Now, my requirement for winter wear is that, under the same level of warmth, the lighter one is more impressive.

The Most Distinctive Technique is Brand Marketing

The most distinctive technique in this context is brand marketing. Apart from the high price, celebrity endorsements, brand promotion, fabric stories – none of these elements can be omitted. They make people who have bought Canada Goose jackets feel prestigious. After making such an expensive purchase, they must praise it; otherwise, it would seem like a waste. If a down jacket that costs so much cannot even boast about its warmth, it would be a disappointment.

In other aspects, there isn’t much technological complexity. The warmth of a down jacket relies on using goose down with high down filling and loftiness.

Canada Goose jackets typically have a down filling of 200g or more and a loftiness of 600-800. If you purchase any brand that uses genuine goose down and achieves such down filling and loftiness, it can provide warmth comparable to Canada Goose.

Domestically produced “Black Ice” down jackets, which also use goose down, are generally priced at less than half of Canada Goose. They use more conscientious materials, with higher loftiness and down filling than most down jackets available in the market. They are specialized for extreme cold outdoor scenarios. If you don’t believe it, you can try an 800-loft one, and you will find its warmth performance is definitely superior to Canada Goose.

Now, some savvy consumers even opt for domestically produced brands when buying Canada Goose, as it is said that domestic down jackets use more conscientious materials. In any case, as long as consumers have that circular logo, it is sufficient. Nobody really investigates whether your jacket is genuine or not. Buying replicas allows achieving both the prestige and warmth effects, making it a practical choice.

Fabric Stiffness and Warmth

When it comes to fabric, if it’s too rigid, even with windproof and waterproof properties and a filling of four to five hundred grams, it will provide the same level of warmth. However, in the southern regions, it may not sell as well, as it can get quite hot to wear.

Not to mention Canada Goose; I purchased a generic brand down jacket on Taobao with a regular fabric and 300 grams of filling. It was incredibly warm even at 0 degrees Celsius.

So, what’s the technological aspect here? If there’s any technology involved, it lies in the quality of the fabric.

Previously, domestic brands in China didn’t need to produce jackets like Canada Goose. However, with the popularity of Canada Goose, some people in the southern regions also buy them. It seems rather puzzling.

Expectations for High-Priced Down Jackets

I always feel that for such expensive down jackets, they should at least incorporate phase-change technology or self-heating technology, right? At the very least, how about heated jackets that can be charged or use aerogel insulation? If none of that, then maybe something like Longjing tea standards – packing tea leaves inside? If you have none of these features, and you’re selling for over ten thousand yuan, you should at least take a page from brands like LV and Chanel and tell a compelling story. But you don’t even have a story? What is this? The emperor’s “underpants”?

Understanding Down Jacket Materials and Quality

Canada Goose Expedition Parka — 80% White Duck Down / 625 Fill Power / 300g+ Fill Weight

Hey there, did you notice? The fill weight is quite high!

In addition, the Arctic Tech fabric provides excellent windproof and waterproof performance, making it suitable for outdoor temperatures around -20°C when paired with a warm base layer.

As for any special technology, there isn’t much. With 80% white duck down and a fill power of 625, it falls short of the top-tier 5A down, which has a fill power of 800 or more.

Arctic Tech fabric is indeed good, but it’s not high-tech per se. However, the craftsmanship is impressive, whether it’s the coyote fur on the hood, the design, or the sewing techniques. They also offer designs tailored for slimmer individuals.

But this guy costs around 13,000-14,000 yuan…

If you simply want a highly warm down jacket, you can definitely find jackets with the same 80% white duck down / 625 fill power / 300g+ fill weight and quality windproof and waterproof fabric for a few thousand yuan. You can even get down jackets from reputable brands with better filling materials at a much lower price, especially from some professional outdoor brands offering 90% goose down / 800 fill power down jackets, which are excellent.

In fact, most down jackets (authentic ones from reputable brands) use both duck down and goose down as filling materials.

Based on the cost of raw materials, generally speaking:

White Goose Down > Grey Goose Down > White Duck Down > Grey Duck Down

When buying a down jacket, please look at three key indicators: “down content, fill weight, and loftiness,” as well as the fabric material.

  • Down Content: This refers to the percentage of down in the filling. A down jacket can be rated as 70% acceptable, 80% good for cold weather, and 90% excellent.
  • Fill Weight: This is measured in grams, for instance, a short down jacket with a fill weight of 130g provides some warmth, but in colder areas, you may need around 200g or more to stay warm, especially for extreme cold environments.
  • Loftiness: This refers to the volume occupied by each ounce of down (cubic inches). Higher loftiness indicates better insulation.

Many people prefer to shop online for clothing nowadays, making it challenging to inspect features like “pressing to check for rebound, feeling for down stems, and tapping to check for down leakage.” Moreover, it’s not easy to examine the sewing craftsmanship or hardware components.

Therefore, it is still recommended to choose authentic down jackets from reputable manufacturers.

For those looking for cost-effective options, brands like Decathlon offer great choices. You can get styles like the one in the picture for a few hundred yuan when they are on sale! The fillings for the hood and collar are made of polyester fiber, while the rest of the jacket uses white duck down. The fill weight is around 260g (4XL).

Brands like Decathlon occasionally offer clearance sales where you can get some basic down jackets for two to three hundred yuan. They use white duck down, and some of the fabrics are waterproof. Slightly more expensive ones in the range of six to seven hundred yuan have 85% duck down, 660 fill power, and fill weights around 170g (XL). These styles are generally suitable for temperatures from 0°C to -10°C.

Additionally, we can obtain information from the hangtag pictures, such as the down content and fill weight, which are usually clearly labeled for products from reputable manufacturers.

In terms of “cost-effectiveness,” consider checking out outdoor brand down jackets, like some models from Toread, which sometimes can be bought for three to four hundred yuan during clearance sales. These jackets often use goose down, have 700 fill power, and fill weights ranging from 250g to 300g, making them suitable for temperatures around -10°C.

For a budget over a thousand yuan, you can look into the Bosideng extreme cold series.

High-quality goose down, 600+ fill power, 90% down content, and fill weights of 220g. Similar materials from international luxury brands would cost double the price.

If you live in an extremely cold city during the winter or need a down jacket for outdoor activities in frigid regions, I personally recommend buying down jackets from professional outdoor brands.

The Kailash product shown in the picture uses water-resistant goose down, has 800 fill power, 90% down content, and 210g fill weight, making it suitable for most cold climates.

Lightweight Down Clothing for Outdoor Enthusiasts

If any clothing weighs 3 kilograms (5 Chinese market jin) and doesn’t provide strong insulation, it might as well be burned. Personally, I wear clothing that is no heavier than 700 grams in temperatures as low as -15 degrees Celsius. For temperatures around -5 degrees Celsius, I wear a down jacket weighing 470 grams. Yes, a 750 fill power down jacket that weighs less than a Chinese market jin. It already keeps me warm as if it were spring in the frigid winds at 4680 meters, at a temperature of -7 degrees Celsius.

Those who understand down clothing opt for lightweight outdoor down apparel, made from single-layer 20D or 15D nylon fabrics that can tolerate slight feather leakage. After going lightweight, there’s no excessive sweating, and no strain on shoulder muscles. Brands like Kailas, Tianshi, Junyu, Black Ice, Huawei, Decathlon, Mammoth Guides, and Mountain Haoyou are all good options. Junyu and Decathlon have relatively modest lightweight designs, while the others are excellent.

Canada Goose, on the other hand, follows the opposite path with its outdoor heavy-duty down jackets. Only in this way can they find a customer base that appreciates carrying around those 3-kilogram military-style coats.

What’s strange is that even women follow the trend of wearing oversized Canada Goose jackets. They would complain endlessly if you asked them to lift a 5-kilogram dumbbell, but they happily wear a 5-kilogram Canada Goose down jacket and take over a thousand selfies with great enthusiasm.

Luxury and Practicality in Down Jackets

In simple terms, it’s a luxury item for the affluent. Take, for example, the duck down material used by Canada Goose:

All of Canada Goose’s filling materials are sourced from ducks that reside in colder regions like Canada and Hungary year-round. Moreover, the selection of down feathers is quite meticulous. It must be taken from the area below the duck’s neck and above its abdomen, precisely the green-marked region. This ensures there are no sharp feather quills and that it provides excellent insulation.

See, it’s quite impressive, isn’t it? But do you really need it? Maybe not.

I checked the prices at Canada Goose’s official flagship store, and most of their jackets cost around 8,000 to 10,000 Chinese yuan. With that budget, I can’t afford it. Unfortunately, money is not easy to come by.

In my opinion, an average person can get an excellent down jacket for around 1,000 yuan. Take Junyu, known for its cost-effectiveness, for example. For a little over 1,000 yuan, you can withstand temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius in Northeast China. Isn’t that great?

It comes with 800 fill power white duck down, 282 grams of down filling, and over 90% down content. It’s well-equipped and offers great value for money.

If you want something cheaper, spending 600 to 700 yuan should suffice. The only trade-off is slightly lower down filling, but you can buy ten of these for the price of one Canada Goose jacket.

I know quite a bit about down jackets, so I’ve compiled a list of down jackets worth buying at various price points from major brands. There are detailed explanations and recommendations for both men’s and women’s down jackets in these two highly-rated articles:

For Men’s Down Jackets, check this article: Recommended Down Jacket Brands: Best Men’s Down Jackets in 2023

For Women’s Down Jackets, check this article: Recommended Down Jacket Brands: Best Women’s Down Jackets in 2023

I hope you all find the down jacket from a top brand that you love.

Specialized Technologies in the Context

Specialized technologies refer to the IQ tax collection technique and remote livestock farming technology.

If it were called “Zambia Goose,” do you think anyone would pay such a high price for it?

Even if it were called “Russian Goose,” it probably wouldn’t sell, despite Russia being a country in the Arctic Circle.

Enduring -30 degrees Celsius is not a particularly miraculous feat. You can easily find a miscellaneous brand down jacket on Taobao that can handle this level of cold. Such a jacket would cost at most 500 yuan, and the remaining 9,500 yuan is essentially attributed to the inclination of some individuals towards foreign brands, driven by a desire to show off.

Don’t blindly follow the trend of wearing high-end goose down jackets. Despite their high-tech windproof and waterproof exteriors, the original filling material in these jackets is typically white goose down. However, about 80% of the jackets sold in China are filled with gray duck down. Don’t pay the “IQ tax” unnecessarily. Moreover, the fill power of these high-end goose down jackets doesn’t exceed 80%. For most domestic brands, except those from the northeastern provinces, you can get a winter jacket for around 200 yuan!

As the temperature drops, it’s time to consider some stylish down jackets! Here are some recommendations for men’s and women’s down jackets:

Men’s Down Jackets (10 Brands)

1. Madden Workwear

Price Range: 20~480
Style: Retro, Casual, Workwear

This is a shop suitable for slightly overweight guys, and they also have the down jackets that most people need. I’ve bought their jackets before, and the quality is impeccable. They are versatile and look great with work pants or even jeans. The jackets are thick and warm, and they feel comfortable to the touch.

Shop Link

2. Saville Street Tailor

Price Range: 40~380
Style: Japanese, Artistic, Fresh

I’ve recommended this shop for my boyfriend. Their clothes have a good texture and a fresh, casual style that suits most men. I’ve bought their clothes several times, and the quality is very good. The down jacket I bought on Singles' Day from them was just over 300 yuan, and when I received it, the package was neat, with no odor. The jacket is very warm, has a great fit, and the attention to detail is excellent.

Shop Link

3. BOLM Studio

Price Range: 20~280
Style: Simple, Casual, Daily

Most of their designs are cool, with some artistic touches, but they are all basic styles. They have a lot of clothes in the store, and the overall style is quite consistent. The models are really handsome!

Shop Link

4. GWIT Nine Tails

Price Range: 20~480
Style: Simple, Casual, Loose

Their recent down jacket releases are quite stylish, with a simple and casual look. You can easily pair them with jeans, sweatpants, or work pants and add a pair of simple sneakers to head out comfortably. It’s worth mentioning that many of their clothes come in shades of light gray, which makes you look very fair when you wear them, giving a fresh and clean feeling.

Shop Link

5. Xue Zhong Fei

Price Range: 70~300
Style: Loose, Casual, Daily

This shop is somewhat of a veteran brand, and what stands out is the variety of styles they offer, and the prices aren’t too high. Their down jackets are also well made, and I’ve been quite satisfied with the quality. I don’t recall any issues with feathers flying around.

They’re currently running promotions, so I recommend checking them out. The cost-effectiveness is really stable.

Shop Link

6. Mansway

Price Range: 50~480
Style: Loose, Casual, Hong Kong Style

The clothing here has a streetwear vibe and uses a variety of solid colors in their combinations. The styles are very trendy, and I really like them. I think they’re suitable for tall guys and are very impactful when worn. I bought an oversized style from them, and it’s very lightweight, has excellent insulation, and I often wear it to the gym because it’s so light.

Shop Link

7. Misterhizii (Mr. Hizii)

Price Range: 20~300
Style: Casual, Japanese, Retro

Vintage college style! Students, take a look. I can say that every time they release new items, they really catch my eye! They are so good looking, so cost-effective, easy to wear, and the quality is so reliable. Hmm, their designers must be out to empty our wallets!

Shop Link

8. Rabbit House (Tusensen de Xiaopu)

Price Range: 45~250
Style: Retro, Casual, Loose

The style is simple, which I like. The simple design is very much on point, and the lightweight feel of these down jackets is both warm and not heavy. The styles have a touch of elegance, and these down jackets won’t look bulky at all.

Shop Link

9. Heemkizoo (Heimaqizuo)

Price Range: 20~380
Style: Retro, Casual, Workwear

Classic and versatile down jackets that are foolproof. You can see that the clothes are really fluffy and soft, with a down content of more than 90%. Very warm! I like their unique designs on the hem.

Shop Link

10. Mentmate (Mengmate)

Price Range: 49~300
Style: Japanese, Casual, Lazy Style

Good fabrics and workmanship in this store. I’ve bought their down jackets and coats before, and they met my expectations. Wearing one of their down jackets to work is already very warm, and the amount of filling should be real. A reliable choice for guys.

Shop Link

Women’s Down Jackets (10 Brands)


Price Range: 20~280
Style: Retro, Design-oriented, Daily

I used to buy clothes from this store often. Most of their designs are simple and not flashy, and their down jackets are the same—simple and good-looking styles, and many can be bought for just over 200 yuan!

Shop Link

2. Anxiaoluo (ANLUO)

Price Range: 20~380
Style: Artistic, Fresh, College Style

The style of their down jackets is fresh and retro. I like the colors they offer; they are not too bright, with a delicate and elegant feel.

Shop Link

3. Nuominiuomi (Nuomiemi Ni Bu Kai Hua)

Price Range: 20~380
Style: Simple, Casual, Soft

A super favorite store, they have a rich variety of styles, both long and short! Their patchwork and contrasting designs are great. While their clothes don’t have many patterns, the combination of colors or stripes is eye-catching, just right. And the simpler, the more durable it is!

Shop Link

4. MIXD Miding

Price Range: 40~280
Style: Design-oriented, Niche, Petite

This shop’s down jackets tend to be a bit mature, but they all look really good. I feel that wearing their clothes will dramatically improve your overall style. They also have a kind of corduroy material (I’m not sure what that material is called), but it’s really popular!

Shop Link

5. Yssier Yisi

Price Range: 45~280
Style: Sweet, Cute, Daily

The style of this shop’s down jackets is

Adding a bit more money You can buy a used Jetta I don’t believe an old Jetta’s air conditioning works even if you are warmer

Enduring minus 30 degrees is common for down jackets; the special technology lies in the significant increase in down filling.

Because the national standard’s actual down content is nearly minus 10%, for instance, if it claims to have 95% down content, it actually only has 85%, or even less;

Secondly, Canada Goose uses duck down, although they market it as goose down, but industry insiders know that the best down is grey duck down. According to data from the China Feather and Down Industrial Association, grey duck down has the highest loftiness, even higher than foreign white goose down. Canada Goose uses duck down exported from China;

Lastly, it’s about the box structure, while domestically, it’s generally a baffle structure, which leads to air leakage.

Selling a down jacket for several thousand or even tens of thousands of yuan, I can’t afford it. I need to reflect on whether I’ve been working hard enough and why my salary hasn’t increased.

Canada Goose is indeed highly warm, there’s no doubt about that. In fact, a significant part of it is due to the fabric and material used. As for the technology, it’s decent but not extraordinary.

Speaking of down jackets, the recent weather is indeed very cold. Personally, I buy down jackets in the hundred yuan range; there’s no need to buy something too expensive. I’d like to recommend a few down jackets at different price points.

For around two to three hundred yuan, you can choose the “Madden Workwear,” which offers good value for commuting workwear. It has a 90% down content with around 150 grams of white duck down.

If you have a budget of five to six hundred yuan, you can consider “Bosideng.” It features 800-fill-power white goose down but with slightly less down.

For several hundred yuan, “Junyu” is a good option. This one has 800-fill-power white goose down and approximately 200 grams of down, offering good value for money.

For more recommendations on down jackets, you can refer to this article:

Recommended Brands for Men’s Down Jackets? Recommendations for Men’s Down Jacket Brands at Various Price Points

Thank you, everyone.

First, Canada Goose is indeed very warm. This year, with Beijing being so cold, I rotate between three Canada Goose jackets, and I hardly feel the cold when I’m outdoors.

Second, Canada Goose has a strong brand and marketing presence. If you think Canada Goose offers low value for its price, why buy it? Isn’t buying Bosideng a better option?

The fill power is the primary factor. 1g of goose down can’t compare to 10g of duck down.

The higher the loft, the more air it traps, so with the same amount, goose down is slightly warmer, but the total amount is the biggest factor.

From the sharing enthusiast Zhang Minong: Must-know tips for buying down jackets on Double 11 in 2023! / Affordable down jacket recommendations / What are the international standards for down jackets? / How much fill power is needed for warmth? / Recommendations for students.

Take a look at the “Black Ice F8516” for a few hundred yuan.

The specifications are listed here; those who purchase it will know.

Has everyone forgotten about the Canada-China diplomatic incident?

Quality is about both quality and quantity.

The quality is mediocre, but the quantity is abundant, making it powerful like a flying brick.

Furthermore, its structural style is conducive to keeping warm.

It’s just a feeling.

If you pour Erguotou (a type of liquor) into a Maotai bottle and give it to a drunkard, he will definitely taste the Maotai flavor.

People generally believe in the principle of “you get what you pay for,” but they often end up being manipulated.

At the very least, basic rationality should prevail.

The post-2000s generation understands this. They buy cotton coats, which are definitely better than down jackets. Especially those made with Xinjiang cotton.