Why couldnt Jiang Xuening, from Ning An Ru Meng, be with Bai Yueguang, even though she wasnt an empress in this lifetime?

A Fated Connection in Two Lifetimes

“The Empress” in “As If in a Dream” reveals the truth that Zhang Zhe and Jiang Xuening are fated to be separated in two lifetimes.

In the previous lifetime, Jiang Xuening fell for Zhang Zhe. She was captivated by this wonderful person and it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, she was the empress at that time, and Zhang Zhe was a courtier. With a distinction between ruler and subject, their destinies were bound to be separate.

In that lifetime, the only person Jiang Xuening felt sorry for was Zhang Zhe. She had used and betrayed too many people in this lifetime, but only Zhang Zhe’s affections remained unrequited. Zhang Zhe, devoted to his duties, broke his vows for her and became a nightmare in Xuening’s previous life. In the end, she willingly sacrificed her reputation and even her mother’s life for him. He endured the infamy of being disloyal, unjust, and unfilial, sacrificing his official career for Jiang Xuening. He not only betrayed his initial aspirations as a courtier but also disappointed his widowed mother’s expectations.

Yet, even so, he did so willingly in the previous life. And in the end, Jiang Xuening pleaded with Xie Wei to spare Zhang Zhe’s life, even offering her own in exchange. Xie Wei did not kill Zhang Zhe, but it was Zhang Zhe himself who, despite no one in the entire court daring to write a judgment for him, wrote his own, decisively accepting execution without any hope of reprieve.

For Xuening, he went against his lifelong principles, for the sake of justice in this world, he fulfilled his unblemished conscience. In the previous life, all those things were like yesterday, but in this lifetime, he is still Zhang Zhe, while she is no longer the empress. However, they still cannot be together because the weight of their past experiences is too heavy. They cannot bear it. That love was destined to be unfulfilled in both previous and current lifetimes.

Love at First Sight

In the previous life, Jiang Xuening actually fell in love with Zhang Zhe at first sight. Even though she was flattered by Yan Lin’s attention, loved by Shen Jie, secretly admired by Xie Wei, and played with by Xiao Dingfei and Zhou Yinzhi, she did not love any of these people. She loved only Zhang Zhe. That’s why she always teased and played tricks on Zhang Zhe in the previous life, pretending to dislike him and envying everything he had.

She was so stubborn and refused to admit that she fell in love with him at first sight. Using her status, she deliberately provoked Zhang Zhe time and time again, but each time he got angry and embarrassed, she found it even more enjoyable. However, Zhang Zhe slowly started to want to understand her. He discovered that Jiang Xuening was not what the rumors said. He realized that she was actually pitiful and lonely. Once a man feels pity in his heart, it is easy for love to grow.

In the previous life, due to the distinction between ruler and subject, their identities, and the restraints of society, Zhang Zhe could not love Jiang Xuening, nor could they be together. In this life, she opened her heart and told Zhang Zhe that she had fallen in love with him at first sight: “No matter what you think, when I first saw you at the Beishu Villa, and saw that you weren’t aware of the proper decorum and tried to avoid attracting attention, I wanted to possess you when I went out into the rain. Such an unromantic court official, why shouldn’t I be able to make use of you? Just that, unfortunately, I fell for you and ruined everything. So, I favor you not because you saved me or protected me, not even because of any guilt or remorse, but because I fell in love with you at first sight.”

Yes, from the beginning, it was love at first sight. But this sincere affection was destined to be betrayed, in both previous and current lives. Because he is Zhang Zhe, the Zhang Zhe from both lifetimes, who has never changed and never will change, while Jiang Xuening has become his nightmare from two lifetimes. He loved her and protected her in both lifetimes, nothing more.

The Empress

In this lifetime, Jiang Xuening did not become the empress. She was not interested in power and only wanted to be Jiang Erniang. Zhang Zhe understood this because he knew that even if they had no social or status barriers in this life, they still could not be together, because he could not give Jiang Xuening the freedom she desired. He himself could not bear the weight of their secret between them, as it was too heavy for both of them.

In this lifetime, Jiang Xuening initially defended Zhang Zhe’s reputation in front of Yao Xi. Later, Zhang Zhe helped her escape from the Jade Ruyi case. Furthermore, Zhang Zhe told her that he wanted to annul the marriage. Initially, the previous Jiang Ning couldn’t be with Zhang Zhe, and later she felt unworthy of him. But now she believed that since they couldn’t be together in the previous life, why couldn’t they courageously pursue their love in this life? So, Jiang Xuening gave Zhang Zhe gifts, love letters, and even publicly declared her affection for Zhang Zhe.

“Others say that you, Sir, are cold-hearted and difficult to get along with. However, during our journey in Tongzhou, I was fortunate enough to have your care all the way. I have discovered that you are actually a loyal, upright, and principled person. Zhang Zhe, I favor you.” She said, “Zhang Zhe, I favor you.”

In this lifetime, she was not the empress and he was not a courtier. They were meant to be together. But Zhang Zhe refused and said, “Miss Jiang, please understand. I already have someone I favor in my heart.” Yes, he rejected Jiang Xuening. But clearly, in this lifetime, Xie Wei questioned him in the cave, “Do you also favor her?” He stopped and fell into silent contemplation for a while before saying, word by word, “I love her deeply.” That was his most honest moment in these two lifetimes, even throwing away all his burdens and gaining complete liberation.

Even though he had feelings for her, when faced with Jiang Xuening’s confession of her feelings for him, he still refused her. Later, Jiang Xuening accidentally found Zhang Zhe’s sachet and discovered that it contained the gifts and love letters she had given him. If he didn’t like her, why would he carry these things with him day and night? So, Jiang Xuening immediately understood that she was the person in Zhang Zhe’s heart.

When Zhang Zhe discovered that his sachet was missing and was told by others that Jiang Xuening had taken it, he quietly returned home without going to find her, as if he knew that Jiang Xuening would come to him. Jiang Xuening stubbornly asked, “How can you say that you don’t like me? How dare you say that you don’t like me?” Zhang Zhe then remembered the previous lifetime. The vibrant and resplendent her, the unrestrained her. At that time, he could not control his audacious heart and wanted to get closer to her. But in the end…

Mount Jade collapsed, and the painted screen shattered.

He looked at her as if he was seeing her from a previous life to this one, and finally, he called out to her softly, “Empress…”

That one word, “Empress,” finally confirmed Jiang Xuening’s deepest fear. At that moment, Jiang Xuening was filled with immense sorrow. She finally realized that not only did she return with memories of two lifetimes, but Zhang Zhe had also been reborn with those heavy memories. Otherwise, how could Zhang Zhe fall in love with her in such a short time? Her tears fell on Zhang Zhe’s chest, wetting his clothes and soaking his heart. It also confirmed that she should not have known: “Mister, I fear as well. I am afraid that if you knew, the person before your eyes is the Zhang Zhe from the previous life.” Once she knew, memories would flood back, causing boundless guilt. She wanted freedom, to have her wishes fulfilled.

Zhang Zhe’s calling her “Empress” in that moment sealed the fate of separation between them in this lifetime. For Jiang Xuening, she could not face Zhang Zhe with the guilt of two lifetimes on her conscience. For Zhang Zhe, Jiang Xuening was still his Empress, and he could not forget the pain from the previous life. This love was ultimately too heavy for both of them.

The Heavy Weight of Two Lifetimes of Memories

He could never forget. In the prison reeking of staleness and blood, when the familiar prison guard who sympathized with him discreetly handed him medicine, he also informed him of his mother’s death. It took a good seven to eight days before the neighbors realized something was amiss. They brought a ladder and climbed over the wall to peer into the courtyard, and that’s when they discovered it. After breaking down the courtyard door, they found her… Zhang Zhe could never bear to think about that scene. As a courtier, he was unfaithful, and as a son, he was unfilial.

The memories from the previous life were too bitter. If Jiang Xuening and Zhang Zhe were together, Jiang Xuening would constantly be reminded that she was a bad person, while Zhang Zhe would repeatedly recall his mother’s tragic state. Even with love, facing such heavy burdens from the past, they could never truly let go of their guilt. Those wounds would never heal and would inadvertently resurface in their everyday life. The test for this love was too great.

They could only choose to let go. In the previous life, Jiang Xuening sacrificed herself to save Zhang Zhe in front of Xie Wei. Xie Wei visited Zhang Zhe in prison and said, “Ning Er has died.” Zhang Zhe didn’t know who he was talking about, feeling confused. After a pause, as if realizing that Zhang Zhe couldn’t comprehend, Xie Wei calmly corrected himself and said, “Your Empress has died.” Zhang Zhe felt like he was in a dream. However, he smiled and said to him, “She left a message, asking me to spare you. But Yan Lin despises you to the core and wants to kill you in front of her spirit. Zhang, you are truly amazing.”

In the end, Zhang Zhe understood Jiang Xuening’s feelings for him. To Xie Wei, she was his Ning Er. And to Zhang Zhe, whether in the previous or current life, she is his Empress. That is the heart-wrenching and desperate part of Zhang Zhe’s affection in both lifetimes. Because even with love, even after experiencing life and death, she will always be his Empress.

Zhang Zhe’s rejection of Jiang Xuening, and his decision to annul the marriage in this life, is because he only wants to be with her, yet he cannot be with her. Because this life, he has chosen not to marry again and again after experiencing two lifetimes, as that love is just too deep, and that person is too dazzling for him to forget, but he must not forget. In this life, he continues to live, solely because his Empress exists in this world. Even though she is just his Empress, no matter when or where, in this life, he silently protects her.

The only thing that makes him feel fortunate is that in this life, only he still lives in the cycle of two lifetimes, while Jiang Xuening has finally met someone who will accompany her throughout this life. Even if that person is not him, he knows deep down that this person is the one who suits her best, and it was never himself. It’s the person from the previous life whom she missed.

The Complexity of Love

The original author seems to want everyone to be happy.

After being reborn, the Yan family was not exterminated and Yan Lin gave up on love. Ning Er no longer owes him anything. In the previous life, Xie Wei hid his love and Ning Er never knew until his death. In this life, Ning Er found out, and the two of them finally became a couple. Xie Wei found redemption and everything was complete. Zhang Zhe shouldn’t suffer as much in this life either. Not paying a painful price for Ning Er and giving up on love is considered a compromise. After Ning Er didn’t become a demon, the princess safely returned home. Isn’t this all a happy ending?

If we were to analyze it from the perspective of love, the two of them were originally not the same kind of people. They had different personalities and ways of life, and being together inevitably caused some harm. Moreover, from the current plot, does Ning Er like Zhang Zhe because he is a good person and a good official? Or is it just instinctive liking? Or is it simply because Ning Er is just experiencing the first stirrings of love and cannot distinguish between liking and loving?

Xie Wei’s domineering nature is the same as Ning Er’s. The two of them have something in common. Love is said to arise from shared experiences and adversity, so it would be more reasonable for it to develop into deep compassion.

Love and Non-Love

Qualified answerers first post beautiful photos before answering questions.

In the novel “Ning An Like a Dream”, besides Ning Er as a reincarnated person, there are two other reincarnated individuals, Zhang Zhe and Xie Wei. In this situation, I believe that Zhang Zhe is not with Ning Er for the following reasons:

  1. Zhang Zhe’s focus after reincarnation is not on love.

In the plot, Zhang Zhe’s main task after reincarnation is to make up for the regrets he had with his mother, not to grow old with Ning Er. After his reincarnation, Ning Er tried several times to get close to Zhang Zhe, and even Xie Wei and Yan Lin noticed her admiration for him. However, Zhang Zhe remained indifferent. He was forced to say, “Madam, I’m afraid. Afraid that you know, the person in front of your eyes is the Zhang Zhe of the previous life.” In the previous life, he gave up his upright and principled demeanor for her, went against his principles and disregarded the law, and became a mediocre idiot in the eyes of the world just to become her shield and sword, using this sacrifice to express his love. But this love caused the death of his beloved mother, and he couldn’t even go back to give her a proper burial. This burden became too heavy for him to bear. He can quietly protect and like her, but Ning Er is not his priority in this life.

  1. Their differences are both the reason they fell in love and the obstacle to their companionship.

Ning Er is the type of person who would go to great lengths to achieve her goals. while Zhang Zhe “does not have lofty aspirations, does not strive far, only seeks clarity and righteousness, obeys his loved ones, and enjoys watching the rain from a corner.” They were never similar people, even in their reincarnated lives they become more aware of their differences. Although he learned through Ning Er’s suicide that she loved him, and he knew he was deeply attracted to Ning Er who was vibrant and willful, he only wanted to observe from afar and did not want to trifle with it. It was more curiosity and admiration for a state of being that was completely different from his own. Their love for each other was because of their differences, but it is because of these differences that Zhang Zhe can only be “like charcoal in the snow, a lamp in a dark room, a boat in secluded waters,” and never become Ning Er’s husband. Ning Er can fall in love at first sight, but Zhang Zhe has a clear understanding of this difference, so he says, “Deep feelings, shallow destiny, the north wind blows them away, the snow weighs heavily in the human world.” He understands that he is not the most suitable person for Ning Er. I believe this is the fundamental reason why they cannot be together. The enmity from their previous lives is just the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.

  1. Zhang Zhe’s love for Ning Er is not deep enough.

Although Zhang Zhe has many good qualities and has done a lot for the female lead, his attitude is to adapt rather than change. He did not have the courage to break societal norms for Jiang Xue Ning, nor did he dare to resist the corrupt and incompetent imperial power. He was also unable to overcome the emotional burden of his mother’s death. His love for Ning Er is not deep enough, not enough for him to disregard everything. On the other hand, Xie Wei dared to hand over the knife when Yan Lin forced Ning Er (although misunderstood), he could bear his loved ones dying by the hand of the woman he loved the most. He also did his best to fulfill her dream of becoming the queen and was brave enough to take risks to protect her daily. She and Xie Wei are the same type of people, and only in front of Xie Wei can she fully show herself. With Zhang Zhe, she just wants to show him her good side.

  1. The enmity from their previous lives becomes an obstacle between them.

After Ning Er learned that Zhang Zhe was also a reincarnated person, she couldn’t face him and couldn’t face her own guilt and her past miserable self, so she fled in despair. Ning Er’s love for Zhang Zhe is fundamentally rooted in her self-disgust for the miserable life she lived in her previous life. This love is not pure, just like Zhang Zhe’s love for her. Zhang Zhe also guessed that Ning Er was also a reincarnated person, and although he knew her feelings, he chose not to pursue it. This is the most clear positioning of their relationship in this life.

Jiang Xue Ning sat dejectedly, motionless, and asked him with a deadened heart, “Zhang, do you hate me?” Zhang Zhe replied, “I did hate you.” Jiang Xue Ning said, “That should be the case.” Zhang Zhe fell silent for a moment, then slowly said, “But how could I hate you? I was unfaithful and unfilial; I loved you, yet harmed you. In the end, I can only blame and resent myself. Madam, Zhang Zhe is not that great. He lost his mind for you, abandoned his principles, ignored the law, and became a mediocre fool in this chaotic world. Don’t miss him anymore, he is just a coward who dares not love again, he is not worth it.” Jiang Xue Ning hugged her knees, shook her head and choked, “No, it’s me who is not worth it.”

To sum it up, the resonance and collision of souls in the depths of the heart are more difficult than mere verbal love and marriage. Zhang Zhe and Xie Wei are undoubtedly exceptional men among men. However, for Zhang Zhe and Ning Er, it’s not that he doesn’t love her, but rather that his love is not deep enough, and he never thought about overcoming all obstacles to be together. As for Ning Er, from the moment she was reincarnated, she and Zhang Zhe have been together in a certain sense. Zhang Zhe has become a part of her soul, a belief, a benchmark, shaping who she is today and being a good person in her eyes.

May we all have someone to love and someone who loves us!

Unable to Generate a Title

Because Zhang Zhe is not the male lead, after all.

Moreover, in ancient idol dramas, those who portray the orthodox gentlemen types usually cannot become the male lead.

Trapped by Fate

If the two of them didn’t have memories of their past lives, Jiang Xuening might not have had a chance to be with Zhang Zhe. If only Jiang Xuening had memories, while Zhang Zhe didn’t, then it would be possible for Jiang Xuening to understand Zhang Zhe.

Unfortunately, they encountered the worst possible situation. Both of them have memories of their past lives. Zhang Zhe blames himself the most for breaking his own principles and causing his mother’s tragic death. Would you say he blames Jiang Xuening or not?

However, Jiang Xuening sacrificed herself to save him, which caused deep guilt for Zhang Zhe.

Jiang Xuening knew that Zhang Zhe still remembered their past lives, and she was overwhelmed by guilt as well.

They cannot pretend that those things never happened. Love cannot erase the resentment, guilt, self-blame, and worries about the future that all of this has caused.

Actually, I don’t think they have no chance at all. They need to overcome a life-and-death challenge together, a challenge that can only be resolved by the two of them working side by side. Perhaps they can let go of their grievances and debts to each other and start anew.

But there is no such opportunity, and there is also the Xie Wei who insists on having results. The White Moonlight can only be the White Moonlight.

Zhang Zhe, he is not a perfect lover, he is a good person, but he is too rigid and principled, being with him would be exhausting. So, a distance that is neither too close nor too far is just right.

Jiang Xuening’s Regrets and Heavy Burdens

As a fan who hasn’t read the original work, I have always followed the rhythm of the adaptation to experience the plot. I saw many people feeling forced to accept the inevitable separation of Zhang Zhe and his mother’s death after watching the trailer. But when I actually watched the full episodes, aside from the regret of the Zhang Zhe and Ning Ning CP, I felt that Jiang Xuening’s heaviness and sorrow in this lifetime were fully displayed at that moment.

She didn’t know that the fate of each character around her was the result of causes and conditions. She didn’t know that under her choices, other people’s self-determinations would also have unpredictable outcomes. She didn’t even know that she herself was just a small part of the play in the destiny.

However, because of the obsession and choice in her previous life, she carried the heavy burden of “atonement” and placed the fates of others firmly on her shoulders in this lifetime.

I don’t believe that the reason she let go was as she said, “I would rather he hate me than hate himself.” Instead, it was her sincere belief that she had caused the death of Zhang Zhe’s mother in both lifetimes.

What separates Zhang Zhe and Ning Ning is Jiang Xuening’s self-hatred.

So she never really thought about why she made that choice in her previous life?

Forced into palace intrigue from birth, she returned home as the switched royal daughter, but couldn’t gain her birth mother’s recognition, gradually becoming the peak of Q Power through calculated steps. Was she at fault? She was just a lost little girl driven by extreme survival instinct.

She may appear to be “strategizing” but in reality, she is stumbling and making mistakes, using all her efforts to save others. However, in the face of fate, she also appears weak and powerless. With each deviation in the endings, her disgust for herself deepens.

Jiang Xuening often says “he is a good person,” about Yan Lin, about Zhang Zhe, and even about Xie Wei.

But she frequently says “someone like me,” which is also a very sorrowful part of her. She can see the goodness in everyone, except the most beautiful part of her own humanity, which she cannot see.

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Unsettled Feelings: Jiang Xuening and Zhang Zhe, Two Loves Through Two Lifetimes

What is the biggest unsettlement in “Ning An Ru Meng”? I believe it is not Jiang Xuening and Yan Lin, because although Yan Lin did wrong Jiang Xuening in their past lives, Jiang Xuening also did something wrong to Yan Lin, so in this lifetime, Jiang Xuening can only consider Yan Lin as a good friend, but not her lover. Jiang Xuening mentioned this when Yan Lin asked her in the new storyline.

She compared her past life to a dream, where she left him at the time when he needed her the most and married Shen Jie. She was determined to become the queen. However, after she became the queen, Yan Lin rebelled and confined her in the Ning An Palace. Furthermore, he conspired with Xie Wei to poison Shen Jie, who was Jiang Xuening’s husband in her previous life. In the end, Yan Lin often went to the Ning An Palace and forcibly defiled Jiang Xuening, leading to Jiang Xuening being forced by the officials to die with Shen Jie.

The memories of her past life are a shadow for Jiang Xuening. She cannot accept the Yan Lin of that time. Every time she sees Yan Lin, she remembers the disgrace of her past life and his crimes against her. So, even though Yan Lin treats her well in this lifetime, Jiang Xuening still cannot accept him. Moreover, Jiang Xuening wants to change Yan Lin’s fate, and there is another reason—she is afraid that he will rebel again.

The biggest unsettlement in this drama is not Yan Lin and Jiang Xuening, but Jiang Xuening and Zhang Zhe. Their “love” actually lasted through two lifetimes. In the previous life, Jiang Xuening played tricks on Zhang Zhe, but she had already fallen in love with him. In the pavilion, she stepped on his dress and let droplets of water from her umbrella fall on Zhang Zhe’s face. In the desert, she took a sip of water, while Zhang Zhe, due to their difference in status, refrained from drinking the water from the bag for a long time… Jiang Xuening seemed to be playing tricks on Zhang Zhe, but she had already fallen in love with him.

Why did she plead with Xie Wei in her previous life, using her past favor to save Zhang Zhe’s life? Xie Wei felt strange about Jiang Xuening’s request, and in fact, it was not just Xie Wei who found it strange. If she had offered her own life in exchange for saving herself, perhaps Xie Wei would have agreed. Only in this lifetime, when Xie Wei was ready to shoot Zhang Zhe with an arrow, did Jiang Xuening immediately stand in front of Zhang Zhe without hesitation. It was then that she realized that in her previous life, she had already fallen in love with Zhang Zhe and was willing to die to let him live.

In the previous life, Zhang Zhe also loved Jiang Xuening. He could do anything for her. When Jiang Xuening asked for his help, he went beyond his limits and conducted wrongful trials. Later, when news of Jiang Xuening’s suicide in front of Xie Wei reached the prison, Zhang Zhe immediately chose to commit suicide as well. This showed that in the previous life, he deeply loved Jiang Xuening.

Two people who loved each other should have been together in the second lifetime, but unfortunately, they couldn’t be. The reason is simple. In the previous life, Zhang Zhe’s mother was indirectly killed by Jiang Xuening, which became an insurmountable obstacle in Zhang Zhe’s heart. On the other hand, it was also due to the differences in their personalities. Even if Zhang Zhe’s mother had not died, even if they were not very compatible, Jiang Xuening could have restrained herself in front of him and they could have spent their lives together. Unfortunately, his mother died in this lifetime, and it seems that he died as well.

However, what Jiang Xuening never knew until her death was that the root cause of all this was Zhou Yin. In the previous life, when Jiang Xuening begged Zhang Zhe to spare Zhou Yin, Zhou Yin was caught by the Xue family. Jiang Xuening desperately tried to save her own power. If something happened to Zhou Yin, with his personality, he would definitely implicate her, and she would be doomed. That’s why she begged Zhang Zhe to give Zhou Yin a way out. However, she did not know that Zhou Yin had already turned against her and joined the Xue family, or rather, he had always had a complicated relationship with them. After Zhang Zhe cleared his name, Zhou Yin voluntarily provided evidence and trapped Zhang Zhe in a dangerous situation, while he himself escaped. Zhang Zhe was falsely accused and imprisoned.

If it were not for Zhou Yin’s betrayal, Zhang Zhe would not have been imprisoned in the previous life, and naturally, his mother would not have died. Therefore, the person who caused Zhang Zhe and Jiang Xuening, despite their love for each other, to be unable to be together in both lifetimes was none other than Zhou Yin. In the previous life, Zhou Yin was killed by Xie Wei and Yan Lin with arrows. He died a tragic death, nailed to the palace gate. In this lifetime, he once again gained Jiang Xuening’s trust, but in the end, he betrayed her again and killed her good friend, You Fangyin.

In the end, with Xie Wei’s help, Jiang Xuening killed Zhou Yin, causing him to die in pain. However, in this lifetime, Jiang Xuening also found the person most suitable for her—Xie Wei. As for Zhang Zhe, he can only love her and not obtain her, leading a lonely life.

The Freedom and Constraints of Love

I can only answer this question from the perspective of the original work, as there were too many bugs in the drama adaptation and I am too lazy to discuss them.

In the first life, he was a courtier and she was the queen, faced with countless constraints and obstacles. In the second life, she was just a compassionate young girl, and Zhang Zhe still cared for her, but they both carried memories from their past lives. Before she knew that Zhang Zhe also had memories, Xue Ning had thought that in this life, she could be a good person, someone deserving of Zhang Zhe. But when she discovered that Zhang Zhe also had memories, all the beliefs that had supported her came crashing down. How could she conceal those memories and reveal her true self?

In reality, the Xue Ning of the second life was never her true self in front of Zhang Zhe. She was always careful, hiding her thorns, and trying hard to present herself as someone deserving of Zhang Zhe. Love is easy, but staying together is difficult. If two people who are meant to spend their lives together continue to be like this, it becomes very tiring.

At the same time, Zhang Zhe is not as brave as Xie Wei. He has too many things on his mind, unable to break free from the painful memories of the past. With both of them scarred, their relationship can only be one of cautiousness. Xie Wei may not have memories, but he is clever and later guessed that perhaps there were past lives, that perhaps Jiang Xue Ning’s fear was because of something he had done in her past life. But he doesn’t mind, he only cares about the present. Just as he said, “The bitter fruit is still fruit.” Regardless of the outcome, all that matters is being with Jiang Xue Ning in the present.

But Zhang Zhe is different. In the previous life, he couldn’t be by Jiang Xue Ning’s side even when she was imprisoned or when his mother passed away. All these past experiences are time bombs buried in their hearts. Any mishap could shatter the beauty that they have carefully protected.

When they separated, Zhang Zhe told Xue Ning to find someone suitable for herself, and at that moment he also knew that he wasn’t the right person for her. When you love someone, of course, you want them to be themselves, but Jiang Xue Ning couldn’t be herself beside Zhang Zhe. Only when they both remove their protective shells and allow each other to see their worst, darkest sides, and when the other person is willing to accept them, can they truly be themselves.

Inappropriate Love

Liu Zixing: When I was being crazy, you loved the moonlight…

Zhang Zhe: When I was the moonlight, you loved being crazy…

Motto: Inappropriate…

How can I, someone who exudes the scent of bread, dare to get close to you, someone who exudes the scent of peach cake…

Understanding and Emotional Connection between the Second Male Lead and the Female Lead’s Reincarnation

Because Zhang Zhe is the second male lead, he belongs to everyone, including the male lead and the female lead. That’s just the way it is.

There is actually no reason for Zhang Zhe not to be with the female lead. Both of them have experienced reincarnation, so they have a deeper understanding of each other. They should be together.