Who suffers more, Xiao Yan or Lin Dong?

Today, my childhood friend and I suddenly started discussing the Renaissance, haha Everyone, lets evaluate it together! We both really like these two novels The tone of the chat in the picture is just our normal way of speaking, not actually praising or criticizing, nor being impatient Please, lets have a rational discussion and friendly debate

The difficulties faced by the protagonists Lin Dong and Xiao Yan

Here’s an interesting point to mention: even if the Soul Clan had succeeded, Xiao Yan wouldn’t have died until the end when he became the Emperor.

The Soul Emperor once expressed his admiration for Xiao Yan and mentioned that everything was done by his subordinates, so he himself never really knew Xiao Yan.

The meaning is quite clear. The Soul Emperor, at his level, is not someone who enjoys deceiving people for fun. He might actually really like Xiao Yan, who is extraordinarily talented.

If Xiao Yan couldn’t become the Emperor, it’s highly likely that he would be subjected to the Soul Emperor’s control and become the number one talent under the Endless Soul Domain in the Great Thousand World.

Although the Soul Emperor is an antagonist, he is still within the realm of humanity. His goal is to become the Emperor, to dominate the Continent of Dou Qi, not to destroy the entire world.

On Lin Dong’s side, it’s different. The Demonic Beast is completely opposed to life.

As long as the Demonic Beast Emperor actually comes and cannot be dealt with, everyone on the Tiantian Continent will undoubtedly perish.

If they want to survive, they must eliminate all the Demonic Beasts. So Lin Dong is constantly facing a life-or-death crisis. If he can’t eliminate the Demonic Beasts, he and his family and friends will definitely die.

Also, in the early stages, Lin Langtian is even more ruthless than Nalan Yanran.

If Xiao Yan lost the three-year agreement, it’s possible that he would just safely leave the Yunlan Sect, while Nalan Yanran simply wanted to annul the marriage.

On Lin Langtian’s side, it’s almost clear: if Lin Dong dies, he will definitely kill all the members of the Lin family branch. Either Lin Langtian dies, or Lin Dong and his family die out.

Therefore, as the protagonist, both of them face difficulties and have their own highlights, but compared to the two, Lin Dong has it harder.

Lin Dong’s Hardship: A Good Teacher for Xiao Yan.

Lin Dong is even more miserable because Xiao Yan has met a good teacher.

Yao Lao planned a reasonable cultivation path for Xiao Yan, provided the powerful Burning Flame Formula, obtained powerful combat skills, the weapon Xuanzhong Chi from a fighter to a Dou Saint, collected countless heavenly treasures, and opened all the prescriptions in the ring to Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan’s alchemy skills enable him to obtain them through trade without using force, and he has also become good friends with strong individuals from various places.

In contrast, Lin Dong’s journey is filled with hardships.

What cultivation technique does Lin Dong practice? It seems like he relies on devouring ancestral symbols for endurance. (Xiao Yan possesses the Burning Flame Formula)

Weapons are always changing, and it cannot be guaranteed that they are of the same type like a long spear. (Xiao Yan has the Xuanzhong Chi from a fighter to a Dou Saint)

What is the core martial arts? The martial arts obtained in the early stages are always exhausted quickly and lose their effectiveness. It is not until the Qinglian Heavenly Transformation Art that Lin Dong has his own core martial arts, and it is not until the Great Desolate Scripture that he has his own core technique. It is only with the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol that he obtains his own core attribute. (Xiao Yan focuses on the strange fire, and other combat skills provide assistance, often fighting opponents one grade higher)

He is always fighting for cultivation resources. The fights are a matter of life and death, with only Lin Pheasant and Lin Yan by his side. Pheasant-Lin clearly points out the heavenly treasures, and Lin Dong and Lin Yan go to snatch them. Obtaining limited heavenly treasures is already difficult enough to support the three brothers, not to mention supporting a high-level Qipin Little Doctor Immortal like Xiao Yan. (Xiao Yan has strong supporters such as Haibodong, Little Doctor Immortal, Fire Celestial, and Xiong Zhan, and wherever he goes, he has a force backing him. Moreover, he can establish friendly forces through pill concoction)

The forces they encountered would pick a fight with Lin Dong’s group because they were weak. Lin Dong could drive them away but couldn’t make them join him. (When Lin Dong was bullied by Pang Hao during the visit to the Thunderbolt Palace, it was because Lin Dong was weak and alone. If it were Xiao Yan, with his four dead Xuanjing (Dou Wang) level experts, even if Pang Hao’s master came, he would have to address Xiao Yan as “Brother Xiao Yan.” Xiao Yan’s influence would have risen for no reason.)

Xiao Yan’s story goes smoothly, while Lin Dong’s story is a series of battles.

Everyone wants to be Xiao Yan, where they get what they want. Such people are rare.

Only a very small number of people are like Lin Dong, risking their lives for their future.

Most people are ordinary, struggling to keep up with them. They can only watch them move forward, like Fire Celestial, who was always a Dou Zun, protecting Xiao Yan in the early stages, helping him in the middle stages, and leaving him in the later stages.

I don’t know, I haven’t eaten it either.

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Lin Dong’s Struggles

The author personally stated that Lin Dong is even more bitter.

The Enemies Lin Dong and Xiao Yan Face

From the perspective of the enemy alone, Lin Dong’s enemies are even more ferocious.

In “Battle Through the Heavens,” most of Xiao Yan’s enemies are basically still part of the underworld. Once the leader and main figures on the opposing side are defeated, the battle is basically over, and all the small fry can be incorporated. It’s basically the big shots fighting one-on-one, whoever wins will continue to mix with the small fry under their command, and each time Xiao Yan wins in a gang war, he can gain more lackeys and resources.

In “The Great Ruler,” Lin Dong faces demon beasts, which is much harder than what Xiao Yan encounters. These demon beasts cannot be described as invaders or colonizers, it’s more appropriate to call them natural disasters. These guys are not here to fight for land, wealth, resources, or anything understandable like that. They want to destroy everything, not just living beings, but the entire world (even the Soul Celestial Emperor thinks the demon beasts are a bit extreme). Lin Dong can only fight them relentlessly until death.

林动的难题及其背景 (Lin Dong’s Challenges and Background)

Lin Dong, whether in terms of the difficulty of his enemies or the nature of his enemies, he is not just a person, but a manifestation of disaster. It is even more like the destruction of Nunak’s destiny, where the protagonist suffers as they come. “Battle Through the Heavens” seems more like a chaotic battle among various forces in one place, while “The Great Ruler” has external enemies and internal disharmony. No matter how you look at it, the overall environment of “The Great Ruler” is more challenging.

Comparison of Happiness between Lin Dong and Xiao Yan

In the novels, Lin Dong and Xiao Yan are both happy protagonists. Lin Dong and Xiao Yan are the male protagonists with the biggest halo in their respective novels. They live very happy lives, so much so that onlookers are envious. Lin and Xiao are definitely not living a tragic life, they are not tragic at all.

If we were to compare the life experiences of Lin and Xiao, it would only be to see who lives a happier life, not who lives a more difficult life.

In “Wu Dong Qian Kun”, the unhappy and not-so-happy characters are: Mu Lingsha, Wu Yun, Mo Tie, Tang Xuan, Liu Xuan, Zhou Tong, Wang Yan… In “Dou Po Cang Qiong”, the unhappy and not-so-happy characters are: Xiao Yixian, Nalan Jie, Gu He, Han Xue, Feng Qing’er, Hua Yu (former master of the Hua Clan), Yao Ling… Of course, there are definitely many more characters in these two novels who live even more tragic lives than the ones mentioned above. However, because their names are not well known, and even Tian Can Tu Dou did not describe them in the novels, I will not list them one by one.

Between these two male protagonists, Xiao Yan definitely lives a happier life than Lin Dong… Firstly, Xiao Yan’s greatest enemy, Soul Heaven Emperor, is weaker in strength compared to Lin Dong’s greatest enemy, the Demonic Emperor, and can be dealt with more easily… Secondly, both of Xiao Yan’s fiancées have always managed to survive dangerous situations, while Lin Dong’s fiancée, Ying Huanhuan, bravely sacrificed herself in the ultimate battle against the Demonic Emperor… Thirdly, in “Dou Po Cang Qiong”, both of Xiao Yan’s wives have married him and given birth to his children, while in “Wu Dong Qian Kun”, Lin Dong has not married Ying Huanhuan, and neither Ling Qingzhu nor Ying Huanhuan have given birth to his children… As for the story and plot in the “The Great Ruler” in the Great Thousand World, I will not mention it here.

Sufferings and Differences

It is obvious that Lin Dong went through a lot of hardships.

Let’s look at the plot development.

In the early stages, Xiao Yan’s boss was actually Nalan Yanran. The early climax of the fighting in the early stages was the three-year agreement.

Who is Nalan Yanran? She is a somewhat self-centered young lady, but during the three-year agreement, she had reflected on her previous actions and realized that she had made mistakes. Ultimately, although she had done wrong, she didn’t deserve death. She knew to repent, and eventually she naturally redeemed herself.

From the time Xiao Yan and Yao Lao were training to the end of the three-year agreement, Nalan Yanran couldn’t do anything to Xiao Yan or even to the Xiao family. She might even run into Xiao Zhan and still politely call him Uncle Xiao.

But what about Lin Dong?

The early boss for Lin Dong was Lin Langtian, the early climax of Martial Movement. His purpose was to avenge his father.

Who is Lin Langtian? He is a genius from the Lin clan, with a high status in the clan and almost certain to be the next clan leader. He is also quite cunning and ruthless. When Lin Langtian is killed, it naturally becomes a satisfying climax.

From the beginning of Lin Dong’s training to the point where he can compete with Lin Langtian, if Lin Dong shows even a hint of hostility, Lin Langtian doesn’t even need to act himself. He only needs to say a word, and the entire Lin family will be wiped out. Given Lin Langtian’s character, he would definitely do it.

So Xiao Yan’s training doesn’t need to worry about exposing his ambitions. He can even say at any time, “I am just training to take revenge on Nalan Yanran.”

Lin Dong, on the other hand, cannot afford to expose his thoughts because the slightest hint would lead to the extinction of the Lin family. He has to be even more patient.

Furthermore, in terms of training, the two of them cannot be compared.

Xiao Yan has a great teacher, Yao Lao. He doesn’t need to worry about anything because Yao Lao has paved the way for him, whether it’s martial arts or skills. He even has the Burning Qi Method, which can help him become an Emperor. It’s like a bright path.

But what about Lin Dong? Although Little Marten plays an important role, it is ultimately a demonic beast and can’t help Lin Dong much in his cultivation. If it weren’t for the fortuitous encounter with the Ancestral Symbol, Lin Dong might not have risen so quickly.

So, for his cultivation path, Lin Dong had to work hard and fight for it. He almost lost his life countless times. Compared to Lin Dong, Xiao Yan has undoubtedly had it much easier.

In terms of experience, Lin Dong has suffered even more than Xiao Yan.

Both of them have two wives, but their situations are completely different.

Xiao Yan has Xun Er and Cai Lin. One is his childhood sweetheart, and the other is someone he has developed feelings for over time. Their relationships have no problems, and Xiao Yan doesn’t need to worry about his wives. They can even help him a lot.

Lin Dong has Ying Huanhuan and Ling Qingzhu, and the difference between them is quite significant. One is a princess of the Dao Sect, and the other is also someone who has developed feelings over time.

These two women have left a deep impression.

Ying Huanhuan is lively and lovely. She can give up her life for Lin Dong and even sacrifice herself to help Lin Dong advance into the Ancestral Realm. That part is truly touching. When I was in middle school, I even cried when I read it.

Ling Qingzhu is more stubborn, but she silently supports him. Like Ying Huanhuan, she is willing to give up her life for Lin Dong. In the end, she delays the Demon Emperor by burning the reincarnation wheel. Fortunately, Lin Dong saves her.

Many people say that the books by Tu Dou (the author) all follow the same template.

But in terms of character development, it’s not true. The way Wu Dong describes emotions completely surpasses Dou Po, and it leaves a deep impression on people.

In terms of enemies, Xiao Yan’s is the Soul Heaven Emperor, while Lin Dong’s is the Demon Emperor.

This already creates a certain distinction.

The Soul Heaven Emperor only wants to eliminate obstacles and become the sole ruler of the Dou Qi Continent. Maybe he also wants to figure out why the previous Dou Emperors disappeared, but he never thought about killing everyone on the Dou Qi Continent.

But the Demon Emperor is different. As the saying goes, “different races have different hearts.” The Demon Emperor wants to occupy the plane and kill all living beings.

How can we describe this difference?

It’s like if you were a commoner, the conflict between Xiao Yan and the Soul Heaven Emperor would be like competing for the throne in the feudal era. You’d think, “What does that have to do with me? Whoever wants to be the emperor can be.”

But if it was Lin Dong fighting against the Demon Emperor, it would be like the conflict between the Han people and the Huns. You would definitely support Lin Dong because if the Demon Emperor wins, you would die.

Under these circumstances, Lin Dong bears a heavier burden for the world, and undoubtedly faces greater pressure and suffering.

If they were placed in the same position, Lin Dong would probably wipe out the Yunlan Sect completely, without leaving any possible future threats. Xiao Yan might not even kill ordinary disciples of the Yuan Gate.

Lin Dong’s style of doing things is that if you dare to provoke him, he will annihilate your entire lineage, destroy everything like shaking a tree to scatter eggs, a match-3 puzzle.

On the other hand, Xiao Yan is willing to let conflicts slide as long as they’re not life-threatening. He even promotes harmony and coexistence, treating everyone as his little brother.

In such a situation, if it were Lin Dong, except for one time when he needed to accumulate strength to attack the Yuan Gate, all other potential situations would have already become tombstones.

In the end, they are different.

In the end, Xiao Yan and his family are happy. Children run all over the place, Xiao Yan’s strength has greatly increased, and he opened the door to a new world and arrived in the Greater Thousand World.

But what about Lin Dong?

He came to the Greater Thousand World because Ying Huanhuan died, and he wanted to revive his wife. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even want to go to the so-called Greater Thousand World.

It can be said that even at the end of Wu Dong’s work, Lin Dong’s ending is still not complete.

Because of their different experiences, Lin Dong is characterized by being stable and decisive, while Xiao Yan is portrayed as carefree and casual.

Fortunately, Tu Dou is quite considerate and didn’t write a plot where Mu Chen and Lin Jing are together to make things difficult for Mu Chen. He also didn’t create a ridiculous plot where Lin Dong restrains Mu Feng and tortures Mu Chen.

For the readers, it is still gratifying.

Ultimate Showdown

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