When is the most stress-relieving moment that your pet brings to you?

Charming kitten’s coquetry and affectionate behavior

This creature called a kitten has a sweet voice, feels soft to the touch, has fluffy fur, and chubby cheeks.

When you hold it in your arms and gently squeeze, not only does it not resist, it also coquettishly snuggles up to you.

It feels like you’re holding a little fairy.

Why wouldn’t a king attend court early when there is such a cute kitten in his arms?

I don’t know if this will be useful for everyone, but I used a photo of my own sleeping kitten to help soothe a colleague who was very tired:

Just imagine: on a winter afternoon, with the heating on at home, when you’re dozing off on the sofa, you turn your head and see a ball of fur with closed eyes, and it’s even purring.

Its chubby cheeks complement its normally big eyes, which are barely visible through a narrow slit, and its small nose moves slowly with each breath.

You lean over to kiss its head, and the kitten doesn’t move, it just makes a small noise, and then snuggles against the warmth in your arms.

What else can you do? You are bound to sleep peacefully with my dear kitten forever!

When a working person comes home from work, the first thing they are likely to do is collapse on the sofa and not want to move.

At this time, a soft and fluffy stuffed animal rolls into your arms, humming along and rubbing against your body.

You lower your head and nibble on its small pointed ears (sorry, I really love biting kittens, maybe because I am a single dog), its ears twitch, but it snuggles even tighter against you.

Feeling tired? That’s not possible! If it wasn’t for being sealed by the cat, I could stay up for three more hours! I don’t buy the best cans of food for the kitten just because, it’s mainly because I love my work. Hmm【.

Sometimes, I place my hand on top of a kitten’s head without actually touching them.

And then the kitten will make an effort to lift its head and rub against my palm.

Watching the kitten squinting its eyes, completely enjoying the moment,

I can’t help but give it plenty of rubs, kisses, and a full-body massage combo!

Decompression Methods

It nibbled on my wall covering, and I found it quite relieving to hit it back.

Soft as a Cloud

Either it sleeps while holding onto my arm, or it sleeps in my bed, curled up in my embrace. It is so unbelievably soft.

Tender Moment

The most relaxing moment is when I wake up in the morning and see my little kitty sleeping peacefully next to me. That one glance makes any trace of morning grumpiness vanish into thin air.

Gentle Comfort from the Kitty

My cat is a cute and gentle little creature, with a good temperament. Whenever we play together, it never extends its claws. The most comforting moments it brings me are when I’m angry and speaking loudly, or when I’m arguing with my husband. It would come out and try to mediate by meowing at me a few times, and then meowing at my husband a few times. It would rub against this object for a while, and then rub against that object. Whoever is speaking loudly, it would defend that person. And then it would roll over in the middle of us, exposing its belly, making purring sounds to amuse us. In that moment, my heart ❤️ melts with tenderness, instantly healed, and all unpleasant thoughts dissipate into thin air.