What should you do if everyone around you thinks you should pursue a doctorate, but you dont want to?

In fact, I initially took the postgraduate entrance examination in order to pursue a PhD However, after studying for a period of time, I found that scientific research is very dull and not something I enjoy But my personality and abilities are very suitable for pursuing a PhD, and both my teachers, friends, and family also hope that I continue with it Should I listen to their advice or follow my inner thoughts?

The Meaning of Life

Are you living for yourself? Or are you living for your family and friends?

Doing a Ph.D. is tough. If you can’t persevere halfway through, is it your own responsibility? Or can your family and friends provide a safety net for you, like arranging a job that is no less than what you could find after obtaining a master’s degree?

If there is a way out, it’s not a bad experience to pursue a Ph.D., worst case scenario, you can always go back home and rely on your family. But if there isn’t, then what are you aiming for? You must have some goal in mind, right? Think it through and avoid any regrets.