What kind of clothing combinations exude a strong New Year atmosphere?

Red is the most festive color for the New Year, no objections allowed!

How can an ordinary girl become a little more attractive?

Clothing Recommendations

Here are some clothing suggestions:

  • You can refer to the outfits of the children in the Winter Olympics choir this year. They wear white down jackets paired with a red scarf and a red hat.

  • You can also complement the look with a bag and shoes featuring a tiger pattern, which adds a unique touch.

  • White plays a balancing role in the overall visual composition. It can help tone down the vibrant feeling of traditional Chinese colors. A combination of a large white area, a smaller red area, and an even smaller area of traditional colors can be an excellent choice.

Understanding Clothing and Fashion: A Professional Perspective

It may seem like a simple question, but it’s challenging to find a standardized, professional answer on platforms like Zhihu (a Chinese question-and-answer website). The primary reason is that most people who ask questions about clothing and fashion believe it’s a straightforward matter. However, dressing and styling oneself is a highly specialized skill, often referred to as “personal style.”

Personal style encompasses two levels:

1. Basic Styling

Basic styling involves the choice of clothing styles, colors, and overall aesthetics of the outfit, focusing on the combination of tops and bottoms.

2. Professional Styling

Professional styling revolves around the individual, considering factors such as skin tone, body shape, occupation, social settings, status, and psychological expectations, to create a harmonious and matching overall appearance.

Developing good personal style requires more than just innate talent; it also involves early exposure to artistic aesthetics, often instilled by parents during childhood. Therefore, “good personal style” is a blend of innate ability and continuous cultivation through professional artistic training. A person lacking artistic taste, regardless of wealth or status, cannot shed the cultural influences of their upbringing.

In China, except for a small portion of people in first-tier cities like Shanghai and Shenzhen, the majority lack a genuine understanding of personal style. What is beauty? What defines fashionable, vintage, or trendy aesthetics? What suits one’s complexion? Which colors and styles are suitable? Many are oblivious to these questions. Consequently, many rely on trial and error when selecting clothing, often choosing what they personally like rather than what genuinely suits them or enhances their image. Some even muster the courage to comment as if they were professional experts on the design philosophy of a piece of clothing, showcasing their ignorance.

Clothing is no longer just a means of covering one’s body but a way to reshape and enhance one’s image. Why is personal style synonymous with one’s character? It’s not merely about good or bad character but the inner qualities reflected through personal style. By examining one’s external attire, we can decipher their lifestyle, knowledge, and manners. For instance, the type of shoes a person wears (heels, flats, sports, casual, or formal) and their cleanliness can reveal details about their commuting style, daily life, and even their personality. Thus, a person’s character can be inferred through their personal style. Unfortunately, a vast majority of people fail to grasp this concept, rendering their overflowing wardrobes pointless.

To strive for a refined personal style and enhance the quality of one’s appearance, I strongly recommend signing up with an ITM (Image, Taste, and Matching) model clothing store. Whether you choose a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual subscription, the process involves professional image consultants who diagnose your personal style and create a customized wardrobe plan accordingly. This approach significantly increases your satisfaction with your clothing choices and elevates your overall image and confidence. (I’ve personally experienced the transformation in my personal style through ITM&SOFIA clothing store.)

Dressing with a Festive Vibe: Stylish Chinese New Year Outfits for Women

Every Chinese New Year, people visit relatives and friends or gather for festive meals. Since that’s the case, we should make an effort to dress up and create a New Year’s atmosphere, or at least incorporate a touch of it into our outfits.

Today, let’s share some tips on how women can dress to capture the New Year’s spirit. Dressing up may seem easy, but it’s all about adding a touch of fashion to your ensemble.

❶ Faux Fur Coats

If the weather is on the colder side, wearing a faux fur coat is an excellent choice – it’s warm and creates an atmosphere.

Faux fur coat + Beige knit sweater + Fleece-lined jeans + Knee-high boots

❷ Woolly Elegance

Woolly lamb coats are versatile and cozy, making them a great choice. They come with added warmth and comfort.

Short red woolly lamb coat + Knit sweater + Blue fleece-lined jeans + Tall boots + Crossbody bag

❸ Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets come in various styles, including long, mid-length, and short options. However, for a more subtle look, consider other colors instead of red.

Short brown puffer jacket + White knit sweater + Smoky gray jeans + Dark brown knee-high boots + Plaid scarf + Tan crossbody bag

❹ Chic Chanel-inspired

Chanel-inspired jackets have been quite popular lately, and they come in various styles, including sweet, edgy, and elegant looks.

Plaid Chanel-inspired jacket + White base shirt + Black skirt + Tights + Black leather shoes + Brown crossbody bag

❺ Casual Comfort

If the weather is pleasant and you don’t feel cold, you can skip the outerwear and opt for a more relaxed look.

Cozy deep red sweater + Dark blue jeans + Chunky sneakers

Feel free to share your own stylish outfit ideas!

Dressing Up for the Festive Season: Four Stylish Looks

The holidays are just around the corner, and with important gatherings coming up, it’s time to put together some festive outfits!


Many ladies feel that the formal Chanel-inspired style can be quite demanding, requiring meticulous attention to makeup and accessories, making it feel a bit too “stiff.”

However, holidays and gatherings are the perfect occasions to dress elegantly.

In this atmosphere, a fitted high-neck or semi-high-neck knit sweater, paired with a mid-length Chanel-style jacket and a straight skirt, following the “loose on top, tight below” rule. Accessorize with essential Chanel-inspired items like pearl necklaces and camellia hairpins, complete your look with flawless makeup, and every detail exudes elegance.

ALEXANDRE DE PARIS Classic Camellia Hairpin


At a certain point, it’s hard not to love a fur coat - warm and luxurious. Have you all got one?

Fur coats have a strong presence by themselves, so you can opt for a plain-colored inner layer to avoid excessive patterns. The combination of a short fur coat and slightly flared jeans is both magnificent and strikes a casual balance. Choose a brightly colored base shirt as the inner layer, add a vintage-style shoulder bag, metal accessories, and you’ll have a stylish and casual look with a touch of Hong Kong flair.

ALEXANDRE DE PARIS Song of Alexander Hairpin


Whether it’s Christmas or New Year, red is always the right choice.

A red sweater is eye-catching and has a touch of nostalgia, instantly setting the holiday mood. The red-white-black color scheme is elegant and timeless. Coordinate your accessories with your outfit, and you’ll have a trendy and festive look that’s perfect for the Lunar New Year!

ALEXANDRE DE PARIS Princess Knot Hairpin


Finally, here’s a versatile look suitable for both commuting and gatherings.

A warm, long down coat keeps you warm in the chilly mornings and evenings. A slightly A-line, tailored silhouette will prevent you from looking bulky. A simple, well-fitted inner layer keeps you comfortable and fresh. Carefully selected blingbling accessories elevate your style and add a touch of glamour to your outfit, whether indoors or outdoors!

ALEXANDRE DE PARIS Sparkling Delight Medium Claw Clip

Wishing everyone a beautiful and joyful holiday season!

Dressing Tips for the Chinese New Year

  1. Color

    When it comes to the Chinese New Year, the most auspicious color to wear is undoubtedly red. However, it’s essential to coordinate your outfit with matching accessories like earrings, socks, and headpieces.

  2. Traditional Chinese Style

    Traditional Chinese-style clothing is always a great choice for the Lunar New Year. It exudes a festive vibe and instantly showcases your cultural heritage. It’s the kind of style that makes you look like the ideal daughter-in-law.

  3. Puffer Jackets

    Let’s face it; it can get pretty chilly during the Chinese New Year celebrations. That’s why a warm puffer jacket is a must-have.

Festive Outfits for the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is all about celebrating with joy and enthusiasm, which is why I believe that outfits with a New Year’s atmosphere should incorporate some elements of red.

It could be a red jacket, a red scarf, or even festive makeup that adds that New Year’s touch.

In recent years, the trend of wearing traditional Chinese Tang suits or Hanfu during the New Year has gained popularity, and it’s also an excellent choice for celebrating the occasion.

Personally, I love to dress my children in Tang suits and Hanfu for the New Year. They look incredibly beautiful and bring a sense of tradition and ceremony to the festivities.

As I have a slightly fuller figure, I find wearing a red jacket a bit challenging. Therefore, I often opt for a dark-colored puffer jacket paired with a red scarf. This combination still exudes a festive atmosphere, and I highly recommend giving it a try!

Festive Outfits for Children

When kids wear such bright red tops, it’s safe to say the New Year spirit is at its peak.

In most cases, all it takes is a vibrant red top, dress, or jacket, preferably one with auspicious greetings or a cute little tiger motif, to create a festive atmosphere.

This year, in an effort to save money, I didn’t buy any new clothes for myself. Coincidentally, the weather turned rainy and cooler locally, so I ended up spending the Spring Festival at home. With the pandemic still a significant concern, venturing outside wasn’t a safe option. So, skipping new clothes this time was the right call. I spent my days comfortably in pajamas, warm pants, and cozy socks, watching the Spring Festival Gala replay, and it still had a festive ambiance.

Stylish and Festive Outfits for the New Year!!!

Let’s focus on introducing a few clothing combinations, particularly for women, that I feel are quite appealing and perfect for creating a New Year’s atmosphere.

These outfits not only capture the New Year spirit but also exude an enticing vibe!!!

  1. Chinese Red Hoodie for Women Born in the Year of the Tiger, Winter New Year’s Greetings Attire for Women

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    • After putting it on, don’t you immediately radiate a cute and charming aura? (If you don’t agree, perhaps my taste is a bit unique, and I only recognize this particular charm.)

  2. Feng Xiaowei New Year Attire for Adult Women Born in the Year of the Tiger, Red Women’s Clothing

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The Art and Science of Dressing Well

At first glance, it may seem like a simple question, but I’ve noticed there’s hardly a standard, professional answer to it on Zhihu. The primary reason is that most people who ask questions about clothing and fashion believe it’s a straightforward matter. However, the art of dressing well is a highly specialized skill, often referred to as “dressing sense.”

Dressing well encompasses two levels: the lower level focuses on basic outfit choices such as style, color, and fashion, while the higher level involves professional dressing that centers on the individual, considering factors like skin tone, body type, profession, occasions, social status, and psychological expectations, ensuring a harmonious and coordinated overall appearance.


To have a good sense of style, one needs more than just talent. It requires parents to instill artistic aesthetics in their children from a young age. Therefore, having “good taste in clothing” is both a natural gift and a continuous cultivation of professional artistry and skills. Someone lacking in artistic taste, no matter how wealthy or influential they are, cannot shed the plainness inherited from their family background.

In China, apart from a segment of individuals in first-tier cities like Shanghai and Shenzhen, the majority of people lack a genuine understanding of dressing well. What is beauty? What is stylish, vintage, or trendy? What is your personal sense of fashion? What colors and styles suit you? These questions often elude them. As a result, many people rely on “trial and error” for outfit selection. However, most of the time, what they choose is based on personal preferences rather than what truly suits them, let alone enhances their image. Some even muster the courage to act as self-proclaimed fashion experts, offering opinions on clothing design concepts, displaying their ignorance.

Clothing is no longer merely about covering the body; it’s a means of reshaping and enhancing one’s image. Why does clothing reflect one’s character? It’s not just about being a good or bad person but rather revealing one’s inner cultivation. Through outward attire, we can discern one’s lifestyle and knowledge. For instance, the type of shoes a person wears (high heels, flats, sneakers, casual, formal) and their cleanliness can indicate their mode of transportation and daily life, and even provide insights into their personality. Unfortunately, most people fail to grasp this concept, and their extensive wardrobes end up in vain.

To pursue an image of well-dressed sophistication and cultivate the quality of beauty, I strongly recommend signing up with an ITM (Image Transformation Management) model clothing store. Whether you opt for quarterly, biannual, or annual contracts, professional clothing consultants will diagnose your attire, plan your wardrobe according to your personal style, and help you select the right clothing items. This process significantly boosts your satisfaction with your outfits and enhances your overall presence. (I have personally experienced this transformation at ITM & SOFIA clothing stores).

2023 Year of the Rabbit: Dressing with Rabbit Elements

In the Year of the Rabbit in 2023, it’s only fitting to wear clothing adorned with rabbit-themed elements to align with the spirit of the New Year. And what color captures the New Year atmosphere better than the vibrant red? Can there be anything more fitting for this festive season?

Shi Ruru’s “Rebound of the Rabbit” Limited Edition Sweatshirt

Symbolizing the turn of fortune with the arrival of the Rabbit, where destiny meets human endeavor.

Featuring the primary color of Chinese Red,

Incorporating elements of Chinese totem,

Vibrantly joyful in Chinese Red,

Blending seamlessly with the trend while retaining the essence of the New Year.

48799 double-layer precision embroidery (87, 99, just so happens to be the Year of the Rabbit)

Rich and tactile, with a three-dimensional sense of sophistication,

Each piece takes 80 minutes to create.

The Year of the Rabbit sweatshirt hopes to convey the power of rebound and upward momentum,

Empowering everyone with unwavering courage.

In 2023, let’s “rebound with the Rabbit”

And welcome good fortune into our new lives!

Word has it that there will be a special surprise price for answering the host’s questions. 😉

Dressing Tips for a Festive Look

  1. Incorporate Red Tones: Adding red to your outfit is essential. Whether it’s deep red or purple-red, both work well.

  2. Opt for Ethnic Patterns: Choose patterns with an ethnic or cultural flair to enhance the festive vibe.

  3. Keep it Simple and Elegant: Opt for clean and stylish designs that exude simplicity and sophistication.

Red Color, Festive, Traditional Elements in Accessories or Others

  • Red color, symbolizing celebration and joy, along with accessories or other items that incorporate traditional elements.

Wearing Chinese Red or Traditional Chinese Clothing for the New Year Atmosphere

Dressing in Chinese red or traditional Chinese clothing both exudes the atmosphere of the New Year.

New Year, New Clothes: Creating the New Year Atmosphere

Is it only new clothes that bring out the New Year ambiance?

Let’s start with the fact that the mainstream color for the New Year is in the red spectrum. Red woolen coats, red suits, and red down jackets all look great. Of course, the key is to have a well-proportioned and slightly slender figure for these styles to shine even more.

Our mothers' generation didn’t buy new clothes every year. They pursued cleanliness, comfort, and a well-fitting outfit. A high-quality coat or outerwear could easily last for several years and still look beautiful.

The New Year atmosphere is not just about the design and color of new clothes but also about the happiness and joy of family reunions. Feeling comfortable and looking pleasing to the eye is what truly matters.

Creating a New Year Atmosphere with Fashion Choices

To showcase the New Year ambiance in your clothing choices, you can opt for elements that focus on color, style, and material to make your overall look unique and warm. Here are some suggestions to help you create a New Year-appropriate outfit:

1. Red-Themed Outfits:

Red is considered the representative color of the New Year. Wearing red or red-themed clothing can add a strong festive atmosphere to your overall look. You can choose red coats, dresses, scarves, or use red as an accent color in your outfit.

2. Metallic Elements:

Gold and silver are excellent choices for New Year’s fashion. Select clothing with metallic embellishments such as gold-trimmed skirts or sequined jackets to make your overall look more eye-catching.

3. Starry Prints:

Opt for clothing with starry prints like shirts, dresses, or outerwear featuring star patterns to add a unique element that reminds people of a sparkling fireworks night sky.

4. Velvet and Plush Materials:

In the cold season, choose clothing made from velvet or plush materials like velvet coats or knitted skirts. These materials provide warmth and a soft touch, matching the cozy New Year atmosphere.

5. Patchwork Elements:

Using patchwork elements in your outfit can add fun and creativity. You can select clothing with different colors or materials, creating a layered and stylish New Year look.

6. Accessory Highlights:

Carefully pair eye-catching accessories like shiny necklaces, earrings, and hairpieces to make your overall look stand out and enhance the festive atmosphere.

7. Woolen Collars and Scarves:

Choose a woolen collar or scarf to not only keep you warm but also add a sense of coziness to your outfit.

8. Embroidery Elements:

Clothing with embroidery elements, such as embroidered sweaters or dresses, can showcase exquisite craftsmanship, reflecting the warm New Year spirit.

9. Chinese Elements:

Incorporate some Chinese elements like qipao-style dresses or embroidered Mandarin collars to capture the rich traditional holiday atmosphere.

10. Suit Combos:

Opt for coordinated outfits like suit dresses or coordinated suits to display a sense of harmony and make you stand out at New Year’s fashion parties.

11. Plaid Elements:

Plaid is a popular winter fashion element. Select plaid dresses, pants, or coats for a layered look that doesn’t compromise the New Year’s fashion atmosphere.

12. Unique Prints:

Choose unique and fun prints such as macaron patterns or animal prints to add a touch of whimsy to your overall outfit.

13. Cozy Sweater Pairing:

Select cozy and warm sweater pairings like woolen sweaters or round-neck sweaters to create a comfortable and warm New Year look.

14. Red Lip Makeup:

Pair your outfit with red or burgundy lip makeup to infuse a warm and lively New Year atmosphere into your overall appearance.

15. Suitable Accessories:

Choose accessories that suit the New Year ambiance, such as red handbags, sparkling earrings, velvet hair accessories, and elevate the glamour of your overall look.

Ultimately, your New Year outfit should be chosen based on personal preferences, occasions, and atmosphere. When selecting clothing, focus on overall coordination and skillfully combine colors and elements to showcase the unique charm of the New Year. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you create a stylish outfit with a New Year atmosphere.


Red or Chinese Style Easily Enhance the Chinese New Year Atmosphere

Of course, it’s a large area of red, or a small area of Chinese red mixed in!

Traditional, Red.

When I was a child, I hated red the most because it was red every year, and when I opened the drawer, it was all red.

When I first started buying clothes for myself, I would always choose colors like black, gray, and deep blue. It seemed like I was trying to cover up those eye-catching red colors, as if covering them up would make me look more mature.

Now that I’m older, I actually like bright colors, and I’ve realized that a deep color doesn’t necessarily mean you’re more mature.

Some colors that suit you and make your complexion look good will truly enhance your appearance.

When I was young, I wanted to look a bit more mature, but as I’ve aged, I want to look younger.

But when it comes to Chinese New Year, red is still the most festive color.

Speaking of red, there are many styles to choose from.

In recent years, Chinese-style fashion has been popular, but not everyone can pull it off, but you can give it a try.

Clothing and dresses with a touch of Chinese or ancient elements.

Oh, it’s almost Chinese New Year again. I hope everyone has good luck in 2024!