What is your original intention for riding a bicycle? What aspect of the bicycle initially attracted you?


I learned how to ride a bicycle in the first grade of middle school. That was in the late 80s, and riding a bicycle was just a basic transportation skill for everyone. Phoenix Forever was the trendy bicycle of that era.

I also rode a bicycle in college, but I can’t remember anything special about that bicycle. At that time, there were already mountain bikes, but road bikes were hardly seen.

After starting work, I hardly rode a bicycle in big cities.

Not until I turned forty did I start cycling again for cross-training while trying to lose weight through running.

Biking: A Unique Lifestyle and Unforgettable Experiences

This takes me back to my university days. When it comes to the original intention, mine was simply to have fun. Before university, I had never been anywhere outside my hometown, let alone traveled to other provinces. So, after entering university, I always wanted to go places and explore. However, if I were to travel by car, it might be too expensive, so I chose to travel by bike instead.

In my freshman year, I joined the university’s cycling club and traveled to many places. But cycling was just a way for me to go out and have fun. I didn’t have a great interest in cycling, and I didn’t even have my own bike. I usually rented one from the club.

By my sophomore year, I happened to come across a video on Strava called “RIDE WITH US.” That video really captivated me. The lifestyle it portrayed, the sense of tranquility, the early morning rides with a few friends, exploring the outdoors, and admiring the scenery—this was a life I longed for. So, I started paying more attention to cycling.

But later, for various reasons, I couldn’t find that video again. It was only recently that I stumbled upon it again after searching everywhere, and I was really excited.

So, in my sophomore year, I bought my first bike, the ATX835. After buying the bike, I became even more active in cycling activities and enjoyed it even more. At this point, the destination wasn’t as important anymore. What mattered was the feeling of being on the road. This bike has been with me for about five or six years. I’ve ridden it to many places. I have to say, Giant’s entry-level mountain bikes are truly durable.

During the winter vacation of my sophomore year, I had another chance encounter. I went on a cycling trip around Hainan Island. This experience gave me a deeper understanding of cycling. It was a journey of about ten days, with a group of friends I had just met. Along the way, we helped and took care of each other and completed this trip together. It was truly unforgettable. As I grow older, I realize that this is youth, the youth that has passed. Only when I look back now do I realize how memorable it was.

I don’t know when I will have such a journey again. Cycling has truly brought me many unique life experiences, and it has become a way of life that will continue to shape my future.

Cycling: a Path to Freedom and Self-discovery.

I started riding a bicycle mainly because it allowed me to explore this vast world! At that time, the bicycle was just a means of transportation for me, and I didn’t ride it very often.

As a form of exercise, what unique advantages does cycling have?

Later, I discovered that it is not just a mode of transportation, but also a way of life, a way to truly discover myself.

Without going into detail, let me ask you, do you enjoy a monotonous and stagnant life?

If you feel this, yet feel powerless to break free from it.

Riding a bicycle can free you from these constraints and help you find a different version of yourself, which is the essence of its appeal to me!

Why do many working professionals nowadays love commuting by bike?

Cycling for Fun

Taking a stroll for fun… Just learned how to ride a bike at seven or eight years old. Waking up at half past five in the morning, I would go out for a ride, quite enjoyable. The sun just peeking out, the dragonflies on the tips of the grass still hadn’t dried their wings, unable to fly, they would just stay there.

Summary: Life changes and the importance of staying active.

English Translation: Life changes and the need for exercise.

  1. Elementary school years: Forced by my father. Later, during summer vacation, it was a lot of fun to ride bikes and explore nearby areas with my friends.

  2. Middle school years: Used for going to school.

  3. After many years of work: Became as round as a ball. Should I start exercising? I couldn’t stop once I started, accumulating over 10,000 kilometers in a year.

  4. Major surgery, moving houses, change in workplace: Once again, became as round as a ball. Oil up my old buddy, adjust the brakes, and start over again.

The Beauty of Cycling: Freedom, Elegance, and Serenity.

Every mountain you have crossed is a dazzling highlight on your journey; every trip you have completed on your bike will be the most beautiful scenery in your life.

Cycling is a way of life, a habit, a belief, an addiction. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, abandoning worldly worries, immerse yourself in the feeling on the road, enjoy the wind passing through your hair and the air embracing your skin, and understand the beauty of nature. Freedom, elegance, agility, and ease, with the unknown, anticipation, surprises, and tranquility. It can be gained, it can be forgotten.

Cycling: An Efficient Way to Lose Weight and Set Long Distance Goals

Losing weight.

Among the three major aerobic exercises, running is not friendly to overweight people, swimming can make you gain a layer of fat first and it is not possible to swim for 10 hours a day. Only cycling allows you to ride all day long.

After starting this journey, I lost 40 kilograms in two months, and I can ride 212 kilometers on flat roads in a single day.

Then I began to have wild ambitions, maybe I can even ride to Lhasa? And then I unlocked the long-distance cycling skill, and I have actually ridden to Lhasa more than once. Now it has become a means of exercise and weight maintenance, and in the blink of an eye, 13 years have passed.

Improved Physical Fitness from Regular Bike Riding

Want to go out and see the scenery, walking is too slow, driving is too fast, electric bikes can’t go far, motorcycles require a license, only bicycles! Enjoy the wind and freedom all the way! It’s comfortable.

Riding bikes more often really improves aerobic capacity. This year’s health check results are much better than last year!

Longevity and other benefits.

Because, barring accidents, you can live a long life. I’m not kidding.

  1. Reduce the risk of diseases: Aerobic training can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, without the joint impact that activities like running have.

  2. Prolong lifespan: According to various studies, the average lifespan of cyclists is 8 years longer than that of the general population.

  3. Improve athletic performance: Enhance overall cardiovascular and physical fitness, strength, and endurance. While you may not excel in any particular aspect, an overall improvement in physical fitness is most beneficial for daily life, work, and play.

  4. Accumulate wealth: By making fewer trips to the hospital, you indirectly save money and time.

Freedom of Riding: Convenient, Low Cost, and Healthy.

Freedom, just ride and go, without any need for consideration; low cost, also can take care of fitness, no restrictions on driving, convenient to go anywhere, without the worry of drunk driving…