What is the funniest photo in your album?

Deep feelings of comrades who have children

Comrades who have children, you must have deep feelings about this!

Immortal Critique

Commentary from the realm of immortals.

No Regional Discrimination

One can only say that it is ridiculously laughable, laughing until one can no longer laugh.

In the internet era of many years ago, regional discrimination should not be encouraged.

Seat Controversy on the Train

The sorrows and joys of humankind are not shared, he only feels that we are making noise.

When we met on the train with my colleague at the beginning of the semester, there was an old man behind her who kept giving us a discontented look. The reason was that the old man had no seat while we had reserved seats. At first, the old man didn’t want to give up her seat, but the seat belonged to us. In the end, he stood behind us with a disgruntled expression for the whole journey.

Funny Comments Online

When I was browsing comments online, I came across this and found it hilarious, so I saved it.

Ridiculous and Reprehensible

Instead of saying it is laughable, one can only describe it as ridiculous and reprehensible.