What information is worth paying attention to in the statement issued by Henan Zhoukou Unicom, claiming to have established a special working group to investigate the dismissal of Zhoukou Unicom engineers for incomplete sales promotion?

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China Unicom Employee Exposes Dark Secrets

Let me explain it simply

The most humorous aspect of this matter is that a China Unicom employee, who was fired for not completing a task, has exposed the company’s internal practices.

According to the whistleblower Mr. Qi mentioned in the article: China Unicom in Zhoukou, Henan province, shuts down users' broadband accounts in the background in order to force them to replace the optical modem. This prevents users from accessing the internet, and then they send engineers to the users' homes to “repair” the modem, falsely claiming it is damaged and needs to be replaced with a new one for 299 yuan. After the replacement, China Unicom restores the user’s network through the backend.

China Unicom probably didn’t expect this situation, thinking they could handle it casually, but unexpectedly, the whistleblower turned to television stations and journalists to expose the dark secrets.

It is truly a case of “you are unkind, so don’t blame me for being unjust.” Exposing the internal practices benefits consumers, but the premise is whether the problem can actually be solved.

The Inside Story of China Unicom: Upgrading Services Requires Device Replacement, Then Selling the Old Devices; Forcing Users to Switch to New Devices; Employees Transitioning from Technical to Sales Roles; Self-Investigation of Issues; Consumer Rights Violations Require Third-Party Investigation; State-Owned Enterprise Prioritizing Profit over Reputation; Unequal Layoffs and Salary Reductions.

This engineer revealed many inside stories of China Unicom’s exploitation of consumers.

For example, when upgrading broadband for users, they require users to replace their old optical modem devices, otherwise they will not be able to enjoy the upgraded services.

The replaced devices are not discarded, but instead they are given to new users.

After the new users have used them for a while, the services are stopped through back-end operations, forcing users to switch to new devices.

Using such despicable methods to increase sales revenue inevitably forces employees, who originally only needed to work in technical services, to become salespeople who deceive and cheat.

All these tragedies come with a sense of irony. The funniest scene occurred when the problems were exposed. China Unicom issued a statement saying that the provincial and municipal companies attach great importance to this issue, and a special team has been established to investigate and deal with serious violations that harm customer interests, and so on.

Once again, it’s a case of China Unicom investigating itself, letting China Unicom investigate its own problems. When it comes to suspicions of corporate violation of consumer rights, at the very least, it should be handled by the market regulatory department and undergo independent investigation by a third party.

The reason China Unicom does this is that at this moment, they do not see themselves as a company that serves consumers, but rather they display an unyielding bureaucratic posture, after all, they cannot let go of being a state-owned enterprise.

As a state-owned enterprise, they shouldn’t need to resort to such tactics. But faced with downward pressure, they no longer have the luxury of considering their image. They are determined to make as much profit as they can now, without caring about the future when it becomes a disaster.

In addition to squeezing money from all directions, there is also downsizing and salary reductions.

Times are tough for the company, and layoffs and salary reductions are normal phenomena. However, for a state-owned enterprise, the key lies in two questions: who gets laid off and whose salary gets reduced.

There is a joke online that says there are now people with annual salaries of millions of yuan gathering people with annual salaries of 300 to 400 thousand yuan for a meeting, discussing how to reduce the salaries of those making less than 100 thousand yuan.

This is the root of the problem. It is not the scarcity that we should worry about, but the inequality. It is not the opulence of the rich that we should worry about, but the hunger and poverty of the poor.

Unceasing Protection of Personal Interests Stirs Public Opinion

The results of the investigation are unknown, but the quickest reaction came from two accounts: Henan Metropolitan News and Henan Radio and Television Station. They have deleted the relevant news videos. Reflecting on the past few days, Liang Liangli and his wife being beaten and the duct tape video being reported and taken down from all platforms, it is clear that the Netherlands has always been unceasing in protecting personal interests in the face of negative news. However, each time, it only stirs up even greater public opinion.

Forgetting the password can only result in changing the lock

Here’s a joke:

The neighbor uncle simply forgot his internet password, and as a result, the maintenance personnel directly replaced the modem for 300 yuan!

Listen, let me argue. Forgetting this password is equivalent to losing the key, so the only solution is to change the lock.

The responsibility for investigation should lie with the higher authorities

Investigate oneself? Isn’t it the company’s requirement for employees to do these things out of sheer boredom? If an investigation is to be carried out, it should at least be done by a higher-level company. Ideally, it should be the communication management department that conducts the investigation.

Expensive Telecommunication Fees in China Expose Fraudulent Behavior by Henan Unicom.

There is a significant cost that most people are not aware of, which is internet and telecommunication fees.

China’s internet and telecommunication fees are much higher than those in developed countries like the United States, which has long been criticized by the public.

What impressed me the most was that since 2015, the government has repeatedly emphasized the promotion of “speeding up and reducing fees” for internet services.

There have been some improvements, but there are also obstacles. Especially since the advent of the 5G era, I feel that the biggest pain point right now is: the rapidly increasing telecommunication fees do not match the perceived increase in internet speed from the 5G network.

To be fair, in my opinion, compared to the past few years, the current phone bills have actually doubled! And that’s not all, today’s news really shocked me.

On November 20th, “Henan Unicom was exposed for forcing users to replace modems” became a hot topic.

An Unicom engineer was fired by the company after completing a sales task. In anger, the engineer exposed the dark side: it turns out that in order to force users to replace their modems, Henan Zhoukou Unicom would first shut down users' broadband accounts in the background.

Subsequently, the on-site engineer would then falsely claim that the modem was damaged and demand that the user replace the device.

How much does it cost to replace the modem? 299 yuan. After the replacement is completed, Zhoukou Unicom would restore the user’s network services from the background.

How would you define this kind of scam?

Forced sales?

In my opinion, this is “fraudulent behavior”.

According to the definition in the criminal law, fraud refers to the act of using deceptive methods to obtain a large amount of public or private property with the aim of illegal possession. Creating a false perception of “modem damage” in users and then charging them for a new one, isn’t that fraud?

In addition, the Unicom engineer mentioned that when installing for new users, Zhoukou Unicom would also use old modems taken from other users to install for new users. After the new users have used it for a period of time, the engineer would visit again and claim that the “modem model is too outdated and no longer compatible,” and then replace it with a new modem for the user.

You see, one modem, they can scam twice. Win-win, they hit the jackpot!

During the interview, the engineer also mentioned that Zhoukou Unicom deliberately shut off users' text message services, added value-added services in the background, and then re-enabled the text message function to profit from it.

As someone with a conscience, it is naturally unacceptable to be involved in fraudulent activities.

But the company leadership requires each engineer to complete 10 terminal replacement tasks per month. Otherwise, they may unilaterally terminate the labor contract due to failure to complete the tasks. What else can I say?

**If you don’t want to do telecommunication business in China, go to Myanmar, go to a place that better suits you. Myanmar’s fraudsters deceive people by focusing on one big scam, which is relatively easy to identify. And what about this?

A few extra small fees every month, an additional 299 yuan for the modem fee each year, how many people can perceive it?

A small scam can only deceive you once, but a big scam can deceive you for years, and it is difficult for you to notice. This is the master of deception, the king of scammers.

Therefore, I make two appeals:

1. Hold the company accountable for its actions seriously. When the amount reaches a certain level, it can definitely be prosecuted under the criminal law for fraud.

2. Reevaluate the issue of speeding up and reducing fees. If that’s not possible, provide consumers with a package that uses only 4G. After all, there are still many people like me who don’t want to spend money to upgrade! - End -

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Cost and Debugging of Gigabit Fiber Optic

Not only Zhoukou Unicom, when I wanted to install broadband at my new house last time, I saw Unicom’s advertisement for gigabit fiber optic. The same response was given when I inquired further, if I didn’t buy new equipment, there would be a debugging fee of 100 yuan for old equipment.

Problems Faced by Grassroots Employees

There is nothing new under the sun, and the following points are all subjective comments.

  1. The dismissal of a senior colleague must be from a certain business hall, and the business hall is the smallest grassroots unit of this massive company, China Unicom. It shouldn’t be difficult to understand at the grassroots level. The business hall has performance targets, and if these targets are met, everyone in the business hall will receive a decent salary (tentatively referred to as a decent salary, which is easy to understand). If the targets are not met, then only a basic salary to meet subsistence needs will be given. Is there any problem with the entire staff achieving sales targets? After the epidemic, there is no reason to shirk performance targets, so the response plan has been developed.

  2. In order to meet these targets, the business hall is managed in such a way that the city and provincial companies only focus on the ranking of performance targets. They don’t care about how you achieved the targets, as long as your ranking is low, it means that the management of the business hall is ineffective and the sales capabilities of all employees are inadequate. As long as there is this invisible palm of ranking, it controls everyone! Everyone only knows that if they don’t achieve the sales targets, they will lose their job. If they can’t even meet subsistence needs, why bother about conscience?

  3. The declaration was made by grassroots employees, and the focus was on absolute obedience to the city and provincial companies, while the ones who formulated all these targets were the city and provincial companies! Some people say that if the response from the HR department is not satisfactory, then arbitration is an option. But the HR department is also at the grassroots level, so resolving compensation issues is their own responsibility, and the arbitration result is a passive one. No one takes responsibility! This series of events about going to work has become increasingly clear, right?

  4. Grassroots employees can only manage upwards and not downwards, because below them is already unemployment! Who would do this without being forced to do so? This wouldn’t be a big problem for other companies, but it is for a telecommunications operator because it is a state-owned enterprise, a responsible state-owned enterprise trusted by the people! In recent years, in industries such as heating, gas, and telecommunications that are related to people’s livelihoods, the market competition environment after restructuring has brought so much inconvenience to the common people! When problems arise, the ones who point them out have no fear! They also don’t have to manage downwards! What kind of service is that? It’s just deception!

  5. There is no problem with the dismissal of the senior colleague, as he exposed the evil; there is no problem with the response from the HR department, as not doing so would mean self-incrimination; there is no problem with the rankings of the business hall, as it shows fairness, justice, and transparency since everyone is responsible for achieving sales performance. So where did the problem arise? There are policies at the top and countermeasures at the bottom. Policy deviations lead to illegal countermeasures. This is not something new, right? I can guarantee that this is not something new, and it is something that cannot be eliminated! Just think about it, before, there was no problem with a router covering a two-bedroom and one-living-room apartment, but now you have to spend money to achieve full coverage!

  6. Is this a problem specific to China Unicom? Absolutely not, as it has been said that there is nothing new under the sun! My suggestion is to continue with restructuring while the country promptly comes forward to establish a third-party supervision for increasing internet speed and reducing fees, even if it is just a department of the Telecommunications Administration! Moreover, fixed science popularization should be conducted, as rapid development shouldn’t make consumers easy targets for deception! And as for internal investigations in China Unicom, a dedicated task force should be formed!

  7. As a corporate slave, as a low-level laborer, I understand that no one wants to take responsibility. Haven’t policies at the top been questioned when they are incorrect? Even those at the bottom are humans. If they can’t force themselves to become superheroes, they will be forced to violate regulations! Alas, isn’t it all because of the problem of subsistence? Even if I were earning millions in annual salary, I would still set targets and rankings. As long as there are rankings, there will be good and bad, and with good and bad, we can target the bad. This theory will always blame grassroots employees, as some will achieve their tasks while others won’t. Can’t reach the targets - could it be a problem with the targets? Then why do some people achieve them? It’s so internally consistent, always flawless!

Apology from the Elderly Man and Company Settlement

After investigation, it was found that the elderly man was careless in his work and often received complaints from users. He also had conflicts with other colleagues, which were confirmed by employees A, B, and C. Feeling resentful after being dismissed, he deliberately spread rumors and slander, causing significant negative impact on the company. Now, realizing his mistakes, he voluntarily confessed his actions. After mediation, the company has accepted the elderly man’s apology. Both parties have reached a settlement and the elderly man will not be held legally responsible. From now on, the elderly man will have no further relationship with the company.

Remember, do not believe rumors and do not spread them!

Remember, do not create rumors and do not spread them!

Telecommunication Operator’s Sales Strategies

User A received a phone call:

“Hello, sir. We are from China XX. I’m calling to inform you that the XX fiber optic line in the area where your XX village is located is being upgraded. Our technicians are already on-site. You will receive a random verification code on your phone. Please check and report it to me.”

“What upgrade? We are using it just fine. Why do we need an upgrade?”

“We need to remodel the line in this area, and we need your cooperation. Otherwise, the network will be disconnected. The random verification code has been sent to your phone. Please check and report it to me.”

“Oh, we can’t afford to have our network disconnected. Okay, the verification code is XXXXXX.”

“Okay, thank you for your cooperation.”

A few minutes later, the user received a text message from 100XX:

“Hello, your XX broadband upgrade to the 1000M package has been successfully processed. It will take effect on the 1st of next month, and the first six months are free. After the first six months, a monthly fee of 20 yuan will be deducted. After the discount expires, a monthly fee of 70 yuan for the gigabit network will be charged. For more details, please consult 100XX or visit the nearest service center.”

The user received the message, but it was too long and didn’t bother to read it.

User B received a phone call:

“Hello, ma’am. We are from China XX. I’m calling to inform you that our system shows that your free data plan will expire at the end of this month, and starting next month, you will be charged 30 yuan for your data plan.”

“Ah, did I subscribe to it? I can’t remember. What should I do?”

“We currently have a discounted data plan for 15 yuan per month, which can be extended for another six months. I see that you use data frequently, so let me process it for you.”

“Alright, as long as I’m not charged 30 yuan. Please proceed.”

After hanging up, User B felt that something was not right:

“I never subscribed to a data plan. My monthly fee is already high, so when did I get a data plan?”

Knock knock knock.

“Hello, is everything okay, sir?”

“About the previous conversation, we need to replace the modem. The old batch of modems detected a high optical loss in the line, so they need to be replaced.”

“Sir, how’s your broadband connection now?”

“It’s so-so. Sometimes it’s slow, but it still works.”

“Sir, the broadband lines have all been upgraded. The router you have at home is outdated. The antennas on it are from ten years ago. With the rapid advancement of smartphones and computers, using such an old router will indeed cause slow connections.”

“What should I do then?”

“Now everyone is using gigabit routers. Don’t worry, just receive a verification code on your phone. I have a custom-made router, a gigabit with WiFi 6. If you switch to this router, you won’t have any problems with future usage. It will cost an additional 10 yuan per month on your phone bill for 12 months.”

“Okay, let’s do it then. 10 yuan is reasonable.”

Recently, a girl working in the county management of a telecommunication operator complained to me. She said that the company’s assigned targets were impossible to achieve.

The instructions from the top were vague and didn’t explicitly say “deceive and cheat.” The targets were given, and it was up to the subordinates to figure out how to achieve them.

If they couldn’t meet the targets, their performance would be deducted accordingly.

If you don’t know how to do it, learn from others on how to manipulate marketing techniques.

That girl, like me, was an honest person. She felt ashamed when she saw her employees deceiving poor elderly people and naive children to meet their targets.

I wanted to tell her that this is how it is in the workplace.

The bigger the company, the more you become a tool. Don’t think that just because you’re a small manager, your abilities alone can get you promoted.

I won’t comment on the Zhoukou LT engineer incident because if you manage to suppress the telecommunication operator today, another industry will emerge tomorrow.

I previously mentioned a chain coffee shop and how they allocated mooncake tasks during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

In the end, it was still the employees who had to pay out of their own pockets.

Every industry has such practices, not just telecommunication operators.

Everyone should be cautious and not listen blindly to others.


Don’t ask me how I know so much.