What impact will the letter from hundreds of OpenAI employees to the board requesting the reinstatement of Ultramans position have?

On November 20th, several hundred OpenAI employees sent a letter to the board of directors, stating that the companys decision to dismiss Sam Altman and Greg Brockman has undermined the mission of the company as a whole The employees claim that the boards actions have demonstrated a lack of capability to oversee OpenAI In the joint letter, the employees expressed their hope for the resignation of the current board and the formation of a new qualified board They also mentioned that they may resign and join Altman and Brockmans team at Microsoft, unless all current members of the board resign and Altman and Brockman are reinstated Hundreds of OpenAI employees have written to the board of directors, demanding the reinstatement of Sam Altmans position | Jiemian News · Flash News

Becoming More Abstract

Damn, so Ilya is not a wolf after all?

This is getting more and more abstract…

OpenAI internal crisis, the helplessness of Emmett Shear

OpenAI is facing another explosive event. Nearly 500 employees have threatened the board of directors, stating that they will collectively resign and join a new team at Microsoft if Sam and Greg are not reinstated.

OpenAI has undergone a complete transformation, and we can now clearly see four forces contending with each other in this process.

OpenAI founders Sam and Greg: they hope for rapid iterations and new developments in artificial intelligence.

OpenAI other executives Ilya, Adam, Tasha, Helen, etc.: they hope to establish a more secure social supervision system for artificial intelligence before iterations.

OpenAI employees at large: they hope to work under a reliable leader, enjoy a more comfortable working environment, and achieve more remarkable professional accomplishments.

Microsoft and other investors: they hope to avoid chaos in OpenAI, ensure that their investments do not go to waste, and even make additional gains at a critical moment.

The first wave of division is the conflict between the OpenAI founders and other board executives. As a result, Sam and Greg are temporarily ousted, leaving the employees and investors in confusion.

The second wave of division occurs within OpenAI itself. After Sam’s departure, he posted a message hinting that he might return, and the comment section was flooded with OpenAI employees pledging their allegiance. Even Mira, who was previously elected by the board as the new CEO to replace Sam, has started to interact with Sam and Greg.

The third wave of reversals follows closely. Seeing the overwhelming support for Sam, and with Mira’s position not being firm enough, the OpenAI board hastily appointed another candidate for CEO. At this point, they must fight to the end because the board members understand that once Sam returns, they will be the ones ousted.

The fourth wave of reversals involves Microsoft directly intervening, stating that Sam and Greg will join Microsoft to build a brand new AI research team. On one hand, they do not want OpenAI’s founders to bring complications with their previous investments, and on the other hand, they do not want to miss the opportunity to retain talent.

The fifth wave of division sees nearly 500 employees of OpenAI threatening the board of directors to collectively resign. Interestingly, the instigator of this presumed personnel shake-up, Ilya, and an important participant, Mira, have also signed the letter with the employees. Especially Ilya, who first challenged Sam and Greg, and is now taking a stance against the board by wanting to bring back his old partners, or else join Microsoft. It’s quite abstract indeed.

The personnel upheaval caused by the turmoil among OpenAI executives has clearly spiraled out of control, and it is uncertain how things will develop from here. One thing that can be certain is that Microsoft will absolutely respond with force. They certainly will not allow a makeshift board of directors at OpenAI to play games with their multi-billion-dollar investment.

Let’s continue to observe, the most explosive events may still be ahead.

Do you know who is the most helpless person after hundreds of OpenAI employees collectively resign and force the board of directors? It is Emmett Shear, who was newly appointed as the CEO by the board.

This guy has the skills, as he co-founded the world’s largest live streaming platform, Twitch, with his partners. Moreover, he is quite straightforward and down-to-earth, always saying what he has in mind.

But the problem is that he is too straightforward. When he received the invitation from OpenAI, he immediately accepted without fully understanding the situation. This guy even wrote a lengthy social media post explaining how he would revive the team’s glory and reform OpenAI in a drastic manner. He even mentioned that it is necessary to investigate the events thoroughly and give Sam and Greg an explanation.

Now, hundreds of OpenAI employees are forcing the board of directors. If successful, Sam will return to his position, and this guy’s appointment will be overturned along with the former board. If the coup fails and the employees resign, this guy will become like Don Quixote, commanding a hollow organization for reforms.

Tonight is the darkest moment of Emmett Shear’s career…

Uncertain Prospects

It can only be said that if it was not Ilya who planned and executed the coup, but other members of the board as the mastermind, Ultraman really made a perfect company structure. It was purely a “please come into the urn” situation.

The future of OpenAI is unclear, perhaps another prodigy is about to be born? It’s really a pity, but as mentioned on the employees' Twitter, talent is the foundation of everything. Even if they all move to Microsoft, I still have confidence in their team’s abilities.

All we can do is wait and see. The exciting plot is still unfolding.

“OpenAI Employees Stage Collective Protest and Threaten to Resign to Join Microsoft”

Just now, unprecedented turmoil erupted within OpenAI as 650 employees jointly submitted a letter threatening to resign and join a new Microsoft subsidiary established by Sam Altman.

Unless the entire board of directors resigns and reinstates Sam Altman as CEO, as well as brings back co-founder and former president Greg Brockman.

The employees are very dissatisfied: “The process by which you fired Sam Altman and revoked Greg Brockman’s board position not only undermines all of our accomplishments, but also undermines our mission and disrupts the stability of the company.”

“Clearly, from your actions, it can be seen that you are not capable of managing OpenAI.”

With the release of this letter, the unusually turbulent and tumultuous Silicon Valley weekend has finally come to an end.

Altman, who was fired by the board, returned to OpenAI yesterday as a “visitor.”

Unfortunately, the negotiations ended in a rupture.

Upon learning that Altman would not return to OpenAI, many employees were greatly disappointed and spent the night discussing how to deal with the situation.

OpenAI has not provided any explanation for Altman’s departure, and everyone feels left in the dark.

In the joint letter, the employees even threatened that they may follow Altman to Microsoft: “Microsoft has promised us that if we wish, the doors of the newly established subsidiary will be open to all OpenAI employees.”

At the same time, employees have also taken to Twitter to shout, “OpenAI is nothing without its people.”

This includes former acting CEO Mira Murati and Chief Operating Officer Brad Lightcap, among others.

It is obvious that after Altman’s departure, OpenAI is bound to experience a wave of personnel shake-up.

Altman, moved by the messages, retweeted each one with a heart.

Altman and Brockman Lead the Team and Join Microsoft Overnight

Earlier, everyone thought that the grand drama of OpenAI’s reversal had already come to an end.

Late at night local time, Microsoft CEO Nadella suddenly announced that Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, and others would join Microsoft together and be responsible for a brand-new AI research team.

At the same time, Microsoft will continue to cooperate further with OpenAI, supporting OpenAI’s new CEO, Emmett Shear, and continuing to provide services to customers according to the previously planned product roadmap.

Altman and Brockman both replied to Nadella’s post, “The mission continues.”

“We will create something completely new and different.”

He also announced that the three high-level executives who had resigned earlier would join Microsoft with him.

Who could have imagined that the OpenAI “Six Titans,” who could once hold Microsoft by the collar, would be disbanded on the spot today.

Link: LeCun and Microsoft President Have a Heated Exchange! Revealing that the OpenAI “Six Titans” hold the fate of AGI, once realized, Microsoft’s profits will be zero.

Nadella followed Altman’s response, implying that Microsoft will treat Altman just as they did with GitHub and LinkedIn, “providing founders and innovators with enough space within Microsoft to establish an independent identity and culture.”

In this power struggle that has shaken the entire tech industry by the end of 2023, Microsoft has emerged as the ultimate winner.

Even Musk under Nadella’s tweet expressed his admiration, “Nadella, you’re incredible! What a wild time!”

During Altman’s biggest rise and fall in a single weekend in his life, Nadella extended a helping hand to him.

Other Tech Giants Seize the Opportunity to Recruit

Other tech companies have seized this rare opportunity to recruit talent from the turmoil, especially those who are eager for a change of environment.

NVIDIA scientist Jim Fan immediately put up a recruitment tweet, offering the freshly baked H200 to those “employees leaving OpenAI a new home.”

He further analyzed the cleverness of Microsoft’s move to “recruit Altman,” as if killing four birds with one stone, allowing the audience to “clearly understand”:

Firstly, Microsoft can finally obtain the weights of the GPT series models, which is the result they have longed for. In this way, all of Microsoft’s software and services will be enhanced by the most advanced models in the future.

Secondly, by simply adjusting the allocation of computing power, Microsoft can easily manipulate the two most important players in the AI industry. The so-called “Six Titans” don’t exist.

Talent mobility will be greatly accelerated, and Microsoft will be able to easily obtain talent.

Moreover, the transfer of all engineering infrastructure is seamless since everyone is working on the Azure platform, making for a smooth transition.

And now, as a traditional company, Microsoft has the opportunity to prove whether such an interest-driven organizational form can give birth to AGI.

Apart from Microsoft, as the biggest winner, Google is undoubtedly overjoyed after this roller coaster of a weekend.

Jeff Dean also immediately tweeted, very “subtly” expressing his sympathy for OpenAI friends, saying that if you’re not comfortable over there, we’re doing fine.

According to reports from foreign media, Google has already begun poaching from OpenAI.

With over 700 employees at OpenAI, dozens of them have already announced their resignations internally, and it is believed that most employees will receive emails from Google HR after tonight.

Netizens Going Crazy

Netizens went crazy with replies to Ilya’s apology tweet, generating over 3,800 comments in just over an hour.

Some used cartoons to mock him.

Some expressed their difficulty in understanding how all of this happened:

The people developing AGI apparently couldn’t anticipate the consequences of their actions within three days.

As a co-founder of OpenAI, Zaremba left a message comforting Ilya, saying that it’s okay, my brother, everyone makes mistakes, and you will always be our friend.

One netizen calmly pointed out the mistakes Ilya made in this process:

There is no substantial evidence to support his actions.

Moreover, before firing Altman, he did not discuss with other executives, investors, and stakeholders to ensure support.

You have an obligation to communicate in advance with investors who have invested over $10 billion, but you didn’t.

Attached: Full Text of the Joint Letter

“To the OpenAI Board of Directors,

We, as employees of OpenAI, the world’s leading artificial intelligence company, have developed the best AI models and pushed the field to new heights. Our work in AI safety and governance has become a global benchmark. Our products serve millions of users worldwide. Thus far, the company we work for and pour our passion into has never been so powerful.

However, your actions in firing Sam Altman and removing Greg Brockman from the board not only pose a serious threat to our efforts but also undermine our mission and the company itself. These actions clearly demonstrate your lack of ability to manage OpenAI.

In response to your unexpected decision, the OpenAI leadership team quickly took action to stabilize the company. They listened carefully to your concerns and attempted to establish comprehensive cooperation. Despite repeated requests, however, you failed to provide any written evidence. The team gradually realized that you are no longer capable of fulfilling your responsibilities and even engaged in malicious negotiations.

The leadership team suggested that the most secure path forward, in order to uphold the interests of our mission, company, stakeholders, employees, and the public to the greatest extent possible, is for you to resign and establish a qualified board to lead the company steadily.

To find a mutually acceptable solution, the leadership team worked tirelessly with you overnight. However, just two days after your initial decision, you once again made a decision that goes against the best interests of the company by replacing interim CEO Mira Murati. You even told the leadership team that destroying the company “aligns with the company’s mission.”

Your actions clearly demonstrate that you are unable to effectively manage OpenAI. We cannot work with those who lack the ability, judgment, and care for our mission and employees. We, the undersigned, may choose to leave OpenAI and join the Microsoft subsidiary led by Sam Altman and Greg Brockman. Microsoft has assured us that if we decide to join, all OpenAI employees will be able to serve in this new subsidiary. Unless all current board members resign and two new independent lead directors, such as Bret Taylor and Will Hurd, are appointed, as well as Sam Altman and Greg Brockman are reinstated, we will take immediate action.”


OpenAI Leadership Resignation Incident

These guys stayed up all night, exchanging messages on X and constantly flipping things around. While you guys are not sleeping, I’m going to sleep…

I just finished mourning the friendship of the three giants of OpenAI on my Moments, and I was saying that this is a decent and amicable breakup.

But now I’m told that Ilya is not a “wolf”, but a “fool”? This news was exposed by a reporter, and its credibility…is questionable, to some extent?

To the OpenAI Board of Directors, OpenAI is a world-leading artificial intelligence company. Our employees at OpenAI have developed state-of-the-art models and have driven the field into new frontiers. Our work in artificial intelligence safety and governance has shaped global standards. The products we have built are being used by millions of people worldwide. Until now, our company, which we have worked for and cherished, has never been in such a strong position. Your process of dismissing Sam Altman and removing Greg Brockman from the board has jeopardized all this work and has harmed our mission and company. Your actions clearly demonstrate that you are not able to regulate OpenAI. When the leadership team of OpenAI learned about your decision unexpectedly, they took swift action to stabilize the company. They carefully listened to your concerns and tried to cooperate with you in a comprehensive manner. Despite multiple requests for specific evidence of your accusations, you have never provided any written evidence. They also increasingly realized that you are unable to fulfill your duties and are engaging in malicious negotiations. The leadership team has suggested the most stable path forward - the path that best serves our mission, company, stakeholders, employees, and the public - would be for you to resign and appoint a qualified board of directors that can lead the company in a stable manner. The leadership has been working day and night to find a result that is acceptable to both sides. However, within the first two days of your initial decision, you replaced the interim CEO, Mira Murati, which contradicted the best interests of the company. You also informed the leadership team that allowing the company to be destroyed “would be in line with our mission.” Your actions clearly show that you are unable to effectively regulate OpenAI. We cannot work with or for people who lack the ability, judgment, and care for our mission and employees. We, the signatories below, may choose to resign from OpenAI and join the new subsidiary announced by Sam Altman and Greg Brockman, managed by Microsoft. Microsoft has assured us that if we choose to join, all OpenAI employees will have positions at this new subsidiary. We will take this step immediately unless all current members of the board of directors resign and the board appoints two new independent executive directors, such as Bret Taylor and Will Hurd, and reinstates Sam Altman and Greg Brockman.

This letter itself has no problem…but what’s strange is…there’s Ilya’s signature in the 12th position…

Now, here comes the question, if Ilya is not the “wolf,” then who is?

From the process, it seems like the “wolf” is the other three independent directors, but how did they convince Ilya?

From the results, it seems like the biggest beneficiary currently is Microsoft, who may have acquired the management team and employees of OpenAI for free.

This is getting interesting. I’ve decided to go sleep and see the big finale when I wake up (if there is one).

OPENAI Board Crisis

There is too much news today, and it’s too late to write an article. The news about artificial intelligence is spreading too fast.

My AI artwork

One scandal after another! OPENAI may be splitting up, and Microsoft could be the biggest winner by directly assimilating the main OPENAI team.

The latest news at 22:00:

Out of 700 employees, 550 @OpenAI employees have requested the resignation of the board.

Please pay attention: Ilya Sutskever is the 12th signature. What exactly is going on? Will there be new developments?

Translation as follows:

To the Board of OPENAI

OPENAI is a leading global AI company. As employees of OpenAI, we have developed the best large-scale models and pushed this field to new frontiers.

Our work in artificial safety and governance has shaped global standards. The products we create are used by millions of people worldwide. Until now, the company we work for and cherish has never been in a stronger position.

Your decision to terminate Sam Altman’s position and remove Greg Brockman from the board has harmed our work, undermined our mission, and the company. Your actions show that you are not capable of overseeing OpenAI.

When we unexpectedly learned about your decision, the OpenAI leadership team took immediate action to stabilize the company. They took your concerns seriously and tried to cooperate with you in all aspects. Despite your repeated requests for specific evidence to support your charges, you have never provided any written evidence. We have also become increasingly aware that you are unable to fulfill your responsibilities and have been engaged in dishonest negotiations.

The leadership team suggests that the most stable path forward—one that is beneficial to our mission, company, stakeholders, employees, and the public—would be your resignation and the formation of a qualified board to lead the company forward. The leadership has worked day and night to cooperate with you to find a mutually acceptable resolution. However, within two days of making the initial decision, you once again acted against the best interests of the company by replacing interim CEO Mila Mulroney. You also told the leadership team that allowing the company to be destroyed “would be in line with the mission.”

Your actions have shown that you are not capable of overseeing OpenAI. We cannot work for those who lack the ability, judgment, and concern for our mission and employees. We, the undersigned, may opt to resign from OpenAI and join the newly announced Microsoft subsidiary operated by Sam Altman and Greg Brockman. Microsoft has assured us that if we choose to join this new subsidiary, positions will be provided for all OpenAI employees. We will take this step immediately unless all current board members resign, the board appoints two new independent chairmen, such as Brett Taylor and Will Herd, and reinstates Sam Altman and Greg Brockman.

  1. Mila Ra

  2. Brad Lietkens

  3. Jason Quan

  4. Wojciech Zarembski

  5. Alex Redford

  6. Anna Mark

  7. Bob McGrath

  8. Srinivas Narayanan

  9. Che Chang

  10. Ong Lillian

  11. Mark Chen

  12. Leia Sutskever

Is everything about to change?

All kinds of onlookers

Ilya regrets it

Translation: I deeply regret my involvement in the actions of the board. I never intended to harm OpenAI. I love everything we have built together, and I will do everything I can to bring the company back together.

And the crazy thing is: Sam Altman liked this tweet.

This plot has entered its fourth season, and it’s been a rollercoaster these past few days!

OpenAI Board Crisis

The underlying causes of this crisis in OpenAI are not only due to its overly idealistic structure and Ilya, but also to the relationships with several other board members, especially the CEO of Quora. Prior to the crisis, OpenAI had a total of six board members, including Chairman Greg Brockman, CEO Sam Altman, and Chief Scientist Ilya Sutskever, as well as three independent directors. These were Adam D’Angelo, the CEO of Quora, which suffered severe business impact, Tasha McCauley, who has close ties to OpenAI’s biggest competitor, Anthropic, and Helen Toner. Therefore, this structure is actually very fragile. With three company veterans and three independent directors with vested interests, if the internal unity of the company is disrupted, it can easily lead to the entire board being dominated by the three independent directors.

Especially the CEO of Quora, he himself took advantage of the buzz surrounding GPT to launch POE, a ChatGPT alternative that can access interfaces from GPT, Anthropic, and others. Moreover, his business is the most affected by GPT. Therefore, it is difficult for me to not suspect that his support for Altman’s removal is probably motivated by self-interest rather than so-called moral issues.

The timing of this crisis is also very delicate. In March of this year, Reid Hoffman, a Silicon Valley investment giant, member of the Paypal mafia, founder of LinkedIn, and Microsoft director, had just left the OpenAI board due to a conflict of interest in investing in a new artificial intelligence company. This completely deprived Microsoft of a voice in the board. Subsequently, Will Hurd, who was responsible for OpenAI’s communication with the political realm, also left the board. These two were staunch supporters of Altman. In addition, Shivon Zilis, the mother of Musk’s two children and executive at Neuralink, also left. The departure of the three board members directly broke the advantageous position of Altman’s supporters in the board. The board, which used to be 4:2:3 in favor of accelerating AGI development (Altman Brockman Hoffman and Hurd): while taking into account ethical and regulatory issues (Zilis and Ilya): opposing accelerated AGI development (Adam, Tasha, and Helen), has now become 2:1 (Ilya):3.

Moreover, considering Ilya’s apology, joint signatures, and the delayed announcement of the specific reasons for removal, is it possible that the three independent directors, especially Adam, exploited Ilya’s concerns and induced him to oppose Altman, ultimately expelling Brockman and Altman, and completely seizing majority control of the board, claiming ownership of OpenAI Non-Profit? Seeing that the situation became uncontrollable, especially after intense opposition from employees and investors, Ilya, as a researcher, initially felt played, but now that the three independent directors control the majority, that’s why Ilya signed the removal agreement, willing to be expelled from the board in order to calm things down, which is quite a bizarre situation.

By the way, in this drama, Microsoft can be considered the winner, as they practically acquired a company worth $80 billion without spending a penny. Nadella’s ability to handle crises is truly powerful, surpassing even his Indian compatriot, the “Chop Wood Brother”.

Image stolen from X.

Plot Progression and Participants Analysis

Update on the Morning of 11.21

How come it feels like they are setting the stage for a comeback?

Also, I hope we can break 700.

Sam’s consecutive three Twitter posts.

Current situation of the palace drama:

Working staff: 650 vs 120

Board members: 1 vs 3 (or 2-2)

Based on the absurd current situation, let’s briefly analyze the plot (speculation).

Chapter 1 Clash of Ideas, CEO Gets Ousted

On November 18th, Ultraman was kicked out, and Greg ran with Sam.

The possible reason: Sam’s profit-making method has been met with dissatisfaction from other directors.

Emmett (currently the interim CEO of OpenAI and former Twitch CEO) confirmed that it was not a safety issue (Twitter):

PPS: Before I took the job, I checked on the reasoning behind the change. The board did not remove Sam over any specific disagreement on safety, their reasoning was completely different from that. I’m not crazy enough to take this job without board support for commercializing our awesome models.

Chapter 2 Pressure from all sides, negotiations break down

11.19 The situation escalated, and pressure from all sides may have caused Sam to come back.

11.20 Sam returned for negotiations, but it collapsed when he spoke with the board of directors, especially the independent directors.

[Speculation follows] The main reason for the breakdown of negotiations is that the other three independent directors did not want to compromise. At this time, Ilya may have already wanted Sam to return (taking Sam’s side).

Chapter 3 Microsoft Benefits, OpenAI Employees Dissatisfied

On November 21st, Sam and Greg joined Microsoft.

First, let’s look at the attitudes of Ilya and Sam.

Highlighting key words:



we’ve built “together”

will do “everything” I can to “reunite the company”

“combining this with the fact that he also signed the petition,”

“It is obvious that Ilya is now on the same side as Sam.”

“At this point, it is not Ilya who is being pressured, but the other directors.”

Let’s now take a look at this situation from Ilya’s perspective.

Before the incident: It was proposed to change the CEO because of differences with Sam regarding profitability, and colluding with other members of the board.

Weekend negotiations: During the negotiation process or under pressure from other parties, it was realized that OpenAI cannot be without Sam. They agreed to bring Sam back, but other board members refused, causing the negotiations to collapse.

Sam joining Microsoft: Unable to reach a compromise with the other directors, Sam willingly joined Microsoft. “Willing to restructure the OPENAI team in any way.”

Possible future developments:

  1. Board restructuring, with all members returning to OpenAI.
  2. OpenAI integrating into Microsoft in some strange way.
  3. Continuation of the current situation, with a few employees leaving for Microsoft (if there are a large number, it may evolve into either 1 or 2).

Biggest winner: Microsoft

Biggest loser: Emmett

I even feel like the other three directors called Emmett, making all sorts of promises and commitments.

Internal Struggles at OpenAI and Employees' Call for Sam’s Return

The whole incident is simply absurd.

Sam Altman was inexplicably dismissed. Greg resigned along with him because of their strong brotherhood. People speculated that it was an unexpected attack led by IIya, who advocates for conservative AI safety measures.

Then, two days later, Microsoft CEO Satya stepped in to salvage the situation. He offered Sam and Greg positions at Microsoft and the opportunity to start a new company.

After that, employees at OpenAI began posting on social media with the caption: “OpenAI is nothing without its people.”

OpenAI is nothing without its employees.

Even the transitional CEO of OpenAI, Mira, shared the post.

At this point, everyone was a bit confused because Mira became CEO after Altman’s dismissal. They were at least assumed to be in opposing camps.

But it turns out they’re not. They’re harmonious, like family.

Then, without Sam and Greg, the board of directors appointed a new CEO, Emmett Shear. This guy was the former CEO of Twitch and he was extremely excited about this opportunity. However, his CEO term won’t start until 2024.

After that, it seems like nobody even remembers him anymore.

Because finally, the mastermind behind the scenes, IIya, tweeted about it.

IIya deeply regretted taking part in the board’s actions, referring to the firing of Sam. He never intended to harm OpenAI and wanted to restructure the company.

The key point is that Sam retweeted and liked IIya’s tweet.

Now things are starting to make sense.

Sam is innocent, Greg acted for his brother, IIya regrets participating in the action (which indicates he wasn’t the main instigator), and Mira publicly supported Sam.

Using the process of elimination, we can now determine who the puppet master is.

The speculation online is pointing to Adam, the founder of Quora and Poe.

Quora can be understood as the international version of Zhihu (a Chinese Q&A website), and Poe is an AI application with many big models.

Officially, Poe and OpenAI are competitors.

That’s also the brilliance of their board of directors – competitors all on the same board.

The other two ladies, Tasha and Helen, have minimal conflicting interests, so the possibility is quite small.

In plain terms, this struggle is a cunning attempt to eliminate Sam, even though these four individuals have no personal grievances.

The enemy is within, indeed.

That’s why OpenAI employees want the existing board of directors to resign and want Sam to return as CEO because he has actually done a great job, turning the unknown OpenAI into a truly influential company in the world.

More than 700 employees have already signed a petition to bring Sam back and dissolve the board of directors.

Because this message contains a very important piece of information.

That is this one sentence:

Destroying the company also aligns with the company’s mission.

Lastly, Sam’s latest tweet reveals his feelings towards OpenAI. It seems like he doesn’t want OpenAI to disappear, and he promises that the partnership between OpenAI and Microsoft is very resilient.

OpenAI Employees Sign Petition to Resign from the Board of Directors

Sixty percent of OpenAI employees have signed a petition demanding the resignation of the board of directors and the reinstatement of Ultraman as their leader, otherwise they will go to Microsoft.

Regardless of whether the demand is accepted or not, Microsoft has already won this round.

If the demand is rejected, the entire team will leave and seek support from Microsoft. It is only a matter of time before another OpenAI is established.

If the demand is accepted, will OpenAI still be the same OpenAI? Can we trust that Microsoft will truly stay out of it?

The board of directors lacks credibility. They are even more incompetent than those who once forced Steve Jobs to leave. They have driven away the only capable person.