What exercise fitness equipment at home has been gathering dust?

Difficulty in losing weight when a friend bought an elliptical machine and didn’t stick with it

Let me tell you about the elliptical machine collecting dust in my friend’s house.

A few years ago, he bought a big house, thinking that he should lose some weight in order to be worthy of the beautifully decorated house he had carefully designed. So, he bought an elliptical machine.

I have to say, at the time I felt that something was off. We’ve always heard that a house should match one’s identity, and it was the first time in my experience that someone bought a house and felt their body was unworthy.

Over a year later, because the mortgage burden was too heavy, he sold the big house and bought a two-bedroom within a hundred. The living room was still quite spacious, probably to accommodate that elliptical machine.

After moving into the smaller house, he never mentioned the issue of his body and the house being compatible again. However, after two years, he started saying that his health was deteriorating and that he needed to exercise. I suggested that he use the elliptical machine he already had at home! He complained that it was boring to exercise with equipment at home and that the community had a ready-made trail where he could run, enjoy the scenery, and interact with neighbors, making exercise more enjoyable.

Two weeks later, he stopped running again. He claimed that he felt embarrassed with excess fat when running outdoors. I said, “Then use the elliptical machine you already have at home!” He found it uninteresting to use it indoors. Well, it was an infinite loop, successfully entering a dead end.

Another year and a half passed, which was just a few days ago. He invited me to dinner and said he planned to sell the elliptical machine online because it was affecting his mood to have it idle at home. After some idle chat, he asked me how he could successfully lose weight. The obesity-related diseases hadn’t improved. I said if exercise was too difficult for him, why not start by adjusting his diet? He claimed that he didn’t eat much to begin with, as he worked from home and sometimes only had two meals a day. He wondered why he still couldn’t lose weight. As he spoke, he insisted on taking me to a Sichuan restaurant and ordering twice-cooked pork. He even asked if ordering two dishes for the two of us was excessive…

Sometimes I feel that certain types of people really don’t need to buy fitness equipment because the chances of it collecting dust are very high.

The Relationship between Ecosystems and Their Importance

Every single ecosystem is closely related to its importance.

Stop talking, it’s all tears.

Stop talking, because talking only leads to tears!

Use of Fitness Equipment

As a result of my fitness journey, I have purchased numerous fitness equipment such as a workout rack, treadmill, dumbbells and barbells, push-up stand, jump rope, forearm exerciser, wrist strengthener, hand gripper, ab roller, and ab disc.

At present, the wrist strengthener, forearm exerciser, hand gripper, and jump rope have been idle for a long time, while the rest are still in use.

How to Stick to Using Home Fitness Equipment

Well, I would say that they are mostly collecting dust. Do you know why? Because I mainly go to the gym.

When it comes to the issue of the utilization rate of home fitness equipment, it actually involves many aspects, but fundamentally it is about the difficulty of sticking to it.

For example, if you buy a rowing machine and bring it home, at first, you may be enthusiastic and full of energy to exercise. But after a few days, you will find it tiring, not only physically but also mentally. How can you stick to it?

Then, you start finding excuses for your laziness. For example, you say you are too tired from work today and don’t want to exercise. Or maybe you just want to relax by watching videos on TikTok, and end up spending two hours on it. In short, there are all kinds of excuses to avoid working out.

It is natural for people to seek convenience and pleasure and resist activities that go against human nature, such as exercise. This is the normal state of most people and nothing to be ashamed of.

Therefore, if you don’t want your home fitness equipment to be idle, you must first assess yourself:

  • First, how strong is your perseverance to exercise;
  • Second, can you tolerate the boredom of exercising at home.

The first point is self-explanatory. You know your own situation. If you can’t stick to it, then don’t buy it. It saves you money and space. If you really don’t know, it’s simple: buy a skipping rope and try to stick with it.

The second point is more difficult. Personally, I can’t stand boredom, so even though I have a treadmill and rowing machine at home, I still prefer going to the gym. The reason is simple: the atmosphere at the gym is great, and there is a wide variety of equipment. For this reason, I am even willing to spend half an hour on commuting.

If you are planning to buy fitness equipment, I recommend choosing a brand that offers various video tutorials and themed courses through apps, such as Merrick’s diversified courses or Reindeer’s immersive gaming experience.

Never make the mistake of buying purely fitness equipment like I did. It’s a total loss. Of course, I can’t really say I bought them, haha. I got them at a low price as samples when I was working. Now, when I don’t have time to go to the gym, I can do some aerobic exercises at home, which is actually quite good. As long as it’s not a very frequent workout, it’s not difficult to stick to it twice a week. Even if you grit your teeth, it’s not a big problem.

Buying a Treadmill, Ending up with a Decoration

It was supposed to be a treadmill.

A few months ago, my husband received unfavorable results from a physical examination, and the doctor suggested that he exercise more. He then started thinking about buying a treadmill. Since I usually work out and have dumbbells and resistance bands at home, I suggested that he start with strength training, but he immediately vetoed that. He said he just wanted to run and insisted on buying a treadmill. I saw online that many people who bought treadmills ended up using them as decorations.

“Why don’t you try aerobics or do some high knee exercises…” I hadn’t even finished my sentence when my husband said, “Those are things women do. I just want a treadmill.”

On the first day the treadmill arrived, my husband ran for forty minutes and proudly showed me his sweat-drenched head, saying, “See, I told you it would be useful.” But by the third day, he was only running for a little over ten minutes, saying, “I’m too tired from work today, I’ll run tomorrow.” He ran on and off for two months, sometimes for thirty minutes and sometimes for only ten. Eventually, he started coming up with all sorts of excuses not to run, like “I’m not feeling well today” or “I’m too tired today” or “I’m in a bad mood today.” The reasons became increasingly absurd, like “It’s raining today” or “The floor is too dirty today.” And the most outrageous one was when he said, “I smoked today.”

Normally, I follow along with aerobic exercises or climb stairs, so I don’t use the treadmill much. It has slowly accumulated dust and become a decoration now.

Personal Preferences Influence Sports Choices

As a fitness enthusiast who exercises 2-5 times a week, I have my own preferred sports activities. Personally, I enjoy strength training with small equipment and do not find aerobic exercises appealing due to their monotony. On the other hand, I have a colleague who solely enjoys running. Although we both engage in physical activities, we find ourselves lacking common ground when discussing our preferences.

No Exercise, Just Wipe Every Day

No exercise, just wipe every day, hahaha.

Unused Exercise Equipment


Absolutely do not buy it, if you want to buy it, go to Xianyu [a popular online marketplace], there are plenty of people selling it, you will know how much this thing is sitting idle.

I spent more than two thousand to buy it for weight loss purposes, but when I moved to my boyfriend’s place, he and his friends carried it up to the sixth floor for me, I really feel sorry for them. The fate of this thing is to become a clothes hanger and clutter.

Other things like barbells, hula hoops, elliptical machines, and stationary bikes are also unused. Now, as long as I want to buy something, my boyfriend will relentlessly shoot it down.

As for the weight loss effect, I gained more than 30 pounds, so the effect has been quite negative.

The most frequently used item is the jump rope, it works quite well. I recommend buying it.