What behavior of pets makes you suddenly have a feeling of forgiving the whole world?

Belly rolling happily

Roll Over Belly.

As we all know, the belly is the most important part for cats.

When a cat rolls over and lies on its back, it looks very safe, relaxed, and trusting towards its owner.

Every time I see my cats rolling over and lying on their backs, I feel like I’ve done a really good job raising them. Hahaha.

The Healing Power of Pets

At home, there are two cats, an old turtle, and a bearded dragon. Every day, I feed them, change their water, and clean their litter. Watching them live so vividly and authentically, often when I’m feeling down or unhappy, the moment I open the door, Blue Fatty eagerly waits on the doormat, and Little Lucky lies on his back, exposing his belly on the scratching board under the cat tree. It really quickly heals any unhappiness at that moment.

Pets don’t speak, yet they still need our careful care. So why do we tirelessly do it? Personally, I think it’s because the little animals give solace to my soul.

Let me first talk about the 13-year-old turtle at home. It was a little Brazilian turtle my child bought from a street vendor when they were very young. At first, the turtle was kept in a small plastic transparent box that could be carried by hand. My child had a short attention span, so they only liked it for a few days and then forgot about it. In the years that followed, the turtle moved to a white plastic bucket. I, as an elderly person, occasionally feed the turtle a few pellets and occasionally brush off the algae on its shell. Despite being half-hungry and half-satisfied, often overlooked, the turtle grew into a turtle larger than an adult’s palm, relying on its tenacious vitality. Now, I am the one taking care of the turtle’s health. My child said they want it to “enjoy its old age,” so I started to learn various strategies to provide a comfortable home for the turtle.

Now let me talk about the bearded dragon that my child wanted to keep. At first, I strongly opposed it because it looked “scary.” But unable to withstand my child’s repeated pleading, I bought it. My child took responsibility for feeding it, adding water, and changing its mat. Seeing how much my child liked it, I had no objection to them keeping it. When my child left for school in another city, the task of taking care of it fell on my shoulders. From being frightened and cautious at first, I can now easily pick up the little dragon to change its mat. I have to say, the little creature is getting cuter the more I see it.

The other two cats are undoubtedly the stars of the household. There are seven or eight scratching boards in the living room, and three or four cat beds in the master bedroom. There are two cat trees and a shelf for cat food, freeze-dried food, canned food, vitamins, and so on. The two cats have a position in the house just below my son’s, and sometimes I am even more affectionate and considerate towards them. The silly and cute temperament of cats surpasses that of children. They always have an innocent expression of “I don’t know” or “It wasn’t me,” making it hard for you to resist hitting them. When interacting with cats, I feel relaxed and peaceful. From them, I understand what it means to “rely on each other.” Children will grow up and leave their parents, but the small animals they raise will always be with them.

I really like this sentence:

“The world may be in shambles, but cats can mend it. We have reason to believe that healing cats are angels on earth. Respect life and treat small animals kindly.”

Winter: the Time of Coziness and Bonding with a Cat

I used to not really like winter

The winter in the south is damp and cold, the chill goes deep into the bones

But after getting a cat, I eagerly await winter

I enjoy basking in the sun with the little cat on lazy afternoons during weekends, winter steals away both warmth and time

I love it when the cat dozes off and instinctively crawls into my arms to continue sleeping, its bedtime ritual is kneading, no matter how big it gets, it always seems to find a sense of security and trust in me

I love it when the cat sleeps in its warm and fuzzy cat bed, not wanting to come out, looking lazy and cute, it keeps the bed so warm, I reach my hand in to warm up

I love it when the cat jumps onto the bed at night to press the covers down for me, making sure no heat escapes, waking up in the morning to the heavy love from the cat

The cat, oh it becomes extra clingy in winter

To it, humans are mobile heat sources, so it follows wherever I go

The cat doesn’t complain about the environment, it just finds a suitable way to adapt and enjoy it

I can’t talk about how much I love messy lives and chaotic worlds, but with the cat, I have found another philosophy of life, to adjust myself, to change meaningless complaints and wasted time, and to find a suitable way to enjoy life

To be continued

To be continued

With him by my side, I can.

As long as he is by my side, everything is possible.

Having a Cat Is Great

When I was writing my weekly report until almost 3 o’clock, I couldn’t hold on any longer and went to sleep.

The cat slowly walked over, formed a long strip around my head, gently placed its paw on my face, and started purring.

At that moment, I suddenly felt that all the troubles in life were insignificant. It’s really nice to have a cat.

Sleeping in my arms every day, is this considered?

Sleeping in my arms every day, with a little face pressed against my neck, does that count?

My Cat Brings Me Happiness

When I’m lying in bed, reading a book, playing on my phone, or eating, my cat will lie on the pillow next to me and sleep, making a purring sound. At that moment, a sense of happiness surrounded by the whole world emerges, and it feels beautiful and warm.

Even if everything and everyone in this world treat me with ill intentions, having my soft and cute cat at home makes everything else insignificant.

The Cat’s Bliss

Cats basking in the sun on the window sill during winter, feeling drowsy, lazy, with soft fur, it’s incredibly warm.

There is nothing better in the world than this.