What are your "long-awaited" sports equipment items that you want to gift yourself, who has been dedicated to sports throughout the year, on New Year's?

A Special Gift for Fans: Surprises at the End!

This is a special welfare answer for my fans, with surprises at the end!

I feel that this year has particularly flown by. Perhaps after the unusual past few years, I have grown to cherish life and the people around me more, and I’ve developed a deeper passion and focus for both exercise and work. In previous years, exercise was just exercise, eating was just eating, and life stayed on the surface. But this year, I’ve become more focused, trying to enjoy every moment of the present, no matter what I’m doing.

The most frequent exercises I’ve done this year are rock climbing, strength training, and outdoor hiking. After many years of exercising, I basically have all the necessary and desired equipment. However, as my skills and level have improved, so has my need for better sports equipment.

Taking advantage of the “New Year’s Good Fortune Market” on Zhihu, I also took a look at my shopping cart and found some sports equipment that I have been eyeing for a long time, ready to treat myself as a New Year’s gift for a year of serious exercise.

This year, I’ve particularly enjoyed outdoor rock climbing. Sometimes, while walking or in my dreams, I think about how to overcome a difficult point, unconsciously imagining various climbing movements. This is probably the same principle as boys spontaneously making air shots while walking.

Of course, outdoor rock climbing has taught me a lot beyond just the sport itself. People often ask me if climbing the same wall isn’t boring. I can only say, you don’t understand this wall yet.

What’s different this year is that I’ve become “quieter” in my sports activities. Previously, when I made a cool move, I would show off everywhere. This year, I’m pursuing a “flow state” in climbing, immersively enjoying each climb, focusing on imagining the next grip and movement, designing each action in my mind, and using my own beta to overcome each difficulty. This process brings me immense satisfaction and peace.

Looking back at the valley from tens of meters high and feeling the breeze on my face is delightful. Every wall and cliff is full of challenges and obstacles, but when you calm down, you’ll find that there are many different paths on this wall. Perhaps we can face it head-on, or perhaps we need to take a detour to get around obstacles, but in any case, as long as we don’t give up, we can always reach the end.

Those difficult problems in life and work are also gradually left behind with each climb. Climbing doesn’t solve life’s difficulties, but it strengthens my heart to face these difficulties.

This is my biggest sporting gain this year.

And the Arcteryx’s essential safety harness for outdoor rock climbing, I’ve been itching for it for a long time.

It’s very lightweight, only about 350g, and doesn’t take up much space in the bag. It’s suitable for both rock climbing and ice climbing.

This model is designed for women, taking into account the generally smaller waist size of women. Other harnesses always feel a bit loose around my waist, giving a sense of insecurity, but this one fits snugly.

The waist is wider on both sides and narrower at the back, distributing pressure well when falling. Four gear loops are suitable for wearing quickdraws and carabiners. This makes it very convenient to climb while taking quickdraws and ropes.

It’s a bit pricey, but it’s worth it as a New Year’s gift to myself.

Therabody’s Theragun

Actually, I’ve recommended this brand’s percussion massager on Zhihu a few years ago, but the one I had stayed at my parents' home. Later I didn’t buy another because I thought it was a bit expensive and I was embracing a minimalist lifestyle and exercise mode, so I didn’t deliberately buy one.

In recent months, I’ve increased the frequency of strength training. After each private lesson, the coach uses the Theragun to help me relax, which reignited my enthusiasm to purchase one.

I’ve tried many percussion massagers, but Theragun’s massage depth is overwhelming, far surpassing the ordinary massagers by about 60%. Although the percussion massagers I used before could also relax the muscles, the deep massage was far from enough. The amplitude (depth) of Theragun is fully buffed to 16mm. It might be uncomfortable at first, and in the first month, I was always wailing, but after getting used to it, I found that it really can effectively relieve muscle soreness and tension. I went from being afraid of using it to looking forward to it.

Its frequency (speed) is superior, with 2400 impacts per minute (an average of 40 per second). Not only can it quickly relax the muscles, but the high frequency can also disperse the brain’s pain signals, making it feel less painful. The most direct feeling is using it on elongated muscles, which significantly reduces the soreness, a completely different sensation than manual massage. The pain from the percussion massager is more superficial, but the deep relaxation effect is many times better.

Because my fascia tension is high and I usually don’t like stretching exercises, sometimes doing a lot of activities feels like being strained or cramping. Previously, I had to go for a massage a few times a week after exercising, but now with the percussion massager, I don’t need to anymore. I feel quite good and save money on massages, which is practically like earning money.

If you think it’s too big, consider the mini model:

Patagonia’s fleece jacket

This year, I also did a lot of hiking, usually going to the surrounding mountains for one or two days on weekends and holidays. Nature has a magical power to heal the soul. We take a break from the tediousness of life to enjoy flowers, water, mountains, and trees, and unknowingly, many things seem less significant.

This is similar to rock climbing.

When outdoors, we need to wear clothes that are light yet warm, and this is where the charm of fleece comes in. Speaking of Patagonia, it’s famously known as the “GUCCI” of the outdoor world.

Everyone who loves rock climbing is enamored with this brand. The founder, Yvon Chouinard, is also an enthusiastic rock climber and mountaineer. He and the founder of The North Face reached Chile’s Patagonia and successfully summited Mount Fitz Roy, a legendary journey that became the inspiration for the Patagonia brand.

Even now, the Patagonia logo is the shape of Fitz Roy.

When it comes to fleece, the first thing we might think of is Uniqlo, but actually, Patagonia is the pioneer of the fleece world!

Adhering to environmental principles, every piece of clothing comes with a lifetime repair service, no matter how worn it gets. Many of their clothes and backpacks are made from recyclable materials. As one of the coolest companies globally, it truly “explores the earth while protecting it” to the fullest.

Practical, warm, and crucially, its design and style are simple and versatile. Most importantly, its fleece series does not generate static electricity, so you won’t get those crackling sounds when taking it off in winter.

On a windless winter day, wearing one is very warm, and adding a windproof jacket is enough on windy days.

Actually, as a girl who loves beauty, I have more than just these 3 gifts for myself in the new year. Every day as the new year approaches, I think about what I’ve experienced and gained this year. It’s mostly about starting to do subtraction, abandoning those useless but time-consuming social interactions, reading many useful books, and starting to travel again, among other things.

But the most I’ve gained is still from exercising. As I mentioned at the beginning, I am slowly “enjoying quiet and focused” exercise, training myself not to be impulsive and hasty, feeling every force and breath of each exercise, and unknowingly gaining a lot.

Time won’t stop, nor will our progress. In the new year, give yourself more encouragement and patience, and remember to treat and reward yourself well.

Of course, as the host of the New Year’s Day market, I also take this opportunity to offer everyone a New Year’s welfare. Thank you all for your continued companionship and support, giving me more motivation to exercise with you on Zhihu.

I’ve prepared two gifts for everyone:

Gift 1: adidas Originals Trefoil Backpack

Gift 2: Seimei Comprehensive Revitalizing Powder ONE S

The draw is simple: Follow me, like + favorite this answer, and leave your exciting comment in the comment section below. I will select two quality comments to give away the prizes. Due to the different values of the gifts, I will distribute them based on the quality of the comments.

The winners will be announced at 12:00 on January 5th in the form of an idea. Remember to participate and interact!

For a seasoned running enthusiast, there is never a shortage of running shoes, but there is always a shortage of running shoes.

And for a trail running enthusiast, you need an equal number of trail running shoes, multiplied by 2, and the price may triple.

Speaking of Zhijing, 2023 gave me a good start. In the first half of the year, my marathon season was marked by a personal best with Zhijing 1.0, achieving the best results in both the half marathon and the full marathon.

Of course, in the serious running community, my achievements are still not impressive enough, but as long as there is improvement, even if it’s slow, I feel like I haven’t wasted my time. I believe in the power of gradual progress.

Although I am currently nursing an injury at home, I haven’t been running for almost 2 months, but I really hope that my first run after the injury can be with Zhijing 2, giving me a good start again, a bit superstitious perhaps.

However, these shoes are not officially released yet, only the top bloggers on various platforms have received sample shoes and started their evaluations. These days, I’ve also read a lot of official information and other people’s reviews.

Looking at the appearance, the overall design hasn’t changed much, it’s still a streamlined shoe body with a striking big logo. The difference is that Zhijing 2 has a wing-like design at the heel, and it’s made in a cool pink color.

As for the shoe material, the 1st generation had a TPU yarn upper, while the 2nd generation switched to TPEE yarn integrated weaving, which is more breathable. However, in the cold weather of Xi’an, I guess my toes might get a bit stiff after a run.

The outsole is still made of CPU rubber, but the density and thickness have been adjusted to ensure durability and slip resistance while reducing weight.

The midsole is still Hongxing’erke’s own Qi technology, with a dual-density design, slightly adjusted from the previous generation to further enhance rebound and feedback. The official website also states that the midsole uses 3D printing technology and won’t crumble.

The design with the outer side of the carbon plate flipped up has been retained, which I really like as it helps with stability when taking sharp turns and reduces pressure on the ankles during turns.

What people loved about the 1st generation of Zhijing is not only the abundance of attractive color options but also various city-themed custom editions, such as the Terracotta Warriors color scheme for Xi’an, which gives a distressed look that allows us to wear the shoes without cleaning them forever.

Currently, the official information lists three color options for Zhijing 2: the flashy pink leopard, the elegant sky blue, and the classic swan white. These will be available on the 23rd, the day after tomorrow, but I imagine it will be hard to get them.

Update on December 24th

Two days ago, I was eagerly anticipating the new shoes, and just two days later, I got them in hand for an exclusive experience.

Even though I’m still in the recovery phase, originally planning to start running again on New Year’s Day, I couldn’t resist trying on the new shoes and took a walk around the city wall.

The initial feeling of wearing them is that they do feel a bit lighter, and walking is more stable compared to the first generation, which should be due to a wider design and a slightly lower center of gravity.

When stepping down, there’s an overall feeling of increased firmness compared to the 1st generation, which comes from the reinforced carbon plate in this generation. Its purpose is, of course, to provide more propulsion. The official data shows a 15.7% improvement in propulsion efficiency.

The tongue of the shoe has a fixed design, making it less likely to shift, but you still need to adjust the laces.

Since the previous generation felt a bit small for me, I went up a size this time, and as a result, the shoes felt a bit loose inside. To prevent my feet from slipping inside the shoes, I deliberately tightened the laces. However, the laces are a bit thin, and tightening them too much can put pressure on the ankle.

I tried running a short distance, and the rebound does feel smoother. However, I may need more mileage to confirm if they are suitable for me. My knees still feel a bit uncomfortable while running, so it will take some more time to verify.

Lastly, these shoes have excellent breathability. Even for those in the northern regions who managed to get them, they might have to wait until spring to wear them comfortably.

The official pre-sale price is 669 yuan with a free pair of socks, and they are expected to be shipped in mid-January. Anyway, it’s a waiting game.

Want to give myself a racket of Tai Tzu-ying - TK-TTY.

In this year’s year-end finals, Tai Tzu-ying staged a sensational comeback in the semi-finals. When she was trailing 10:19 against An Se-young, she switched to an aggressive mode, chased all the way, and eventually reversed to win 22:20. She then went on to reverse Marin in the finals, securing her fourth year-end finals championship in her professional career.

Tai Tzu-ying’s performance this year has not been particularly good, with only two championships in the Asia Championships and the Chinese Taipei Open, which is a super 300-level event. She even lost to An Se-young in the group stage of the year-end finals. Her ability to come from behind and win is a testament to her life motto - believe in herself.

The TK-TTY racket made its appearance at the Victor spring new product launch earlier this year. The white and purple color scheme is very attractive. The racket is also filled with Tai Tzu-ying’s personal elements, such as “believe in yourself” and “tty.”

Of course, this racket also incorporates the best technology, with a 6.5mm SHAFT white rox carbon fiber shaft, allowing TK-TTY to concentrate its offensive power with excellent performance feedback. The suspension core technology handle, combined with the power ring and Victor’s anti-torsion system, enhances the racket’s attacking characteristics, improving power transmission and providing a more solid feel.

At the product launch event, I also tried playing with the TK-TTY racket, and I can say it’s a very user-friendly racket. The feel is crisp, and if you were previously using a Platinum Claw racket, the transition will be seamless. Even if you haven’t used the Falcon or Claw series before, using TK-TTY should be completely fine. It’s sharp for backcourt attacks, precise for net control, and has no noticeable weaknesses, making it very easy to handle.

I hope to buy myself a racket for the new year, and when playing on the court in the future, I will silently recite in my heart, “believe in yourself” and never give up easily.

On this day in 2023, Bluetooth headphones have surpassed wired headphones to become a hot digital product, catering to a broader audience, especially a cost-effective and heartwarming “Good Bone Conduction Sports Earphones.” It’s truly addictive.

Wow, it’s incredibly powerful. You heard that right; it’s the budget-friendly Shuoyin OpenRun Pro wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones! It can undoubtedly be called the equipment that will make sports enthusiasts exclaim in 2023, “Sports can be this comfortable.”

Don’t miss out; take a look…

A super practical headphone buying guide is available for those in need: Shuoyin sports bone conduction headphones, Beats M2s, WowCow W1Pro, South Card A2 noise reduction, and iFly recording noise reduction conference office headphones, etc. Deep evaluations, high cost-effectiveness, and heartwarming headphones without the need to search everywhere; they are all great products.

1. Shuoyin (Sports Bone Conduction) Earphones

In the lives of most people, music is essential, even during exercise. Many people prefer to wear headphones while exercising. However, poor-quality and underperforming headphones often fall out, cause ear discomfort, and run out of battery quickly, which can be quite frustrating and ruin the mood.

Fortunately, this Shuoyin OpenRun Pro wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphone I recently purchased can definitely meet your needs. It’s a true sports music listening artifact that greatly enhances the convenience for those who love sports.

Its design is compact, using a flat design that is small and portable. Most importantly, it offers secure and comfortable fit, doesn’t hurt the ears, and has long battery life. It’s perfect for daily use and sports enthusiasts.

Shuoyin, OpenRun Pro Bone Conduction Earphones

This is a safe, stable, and comfortable Shuoyin sports headphone with professional performance designed for sports enthusiasts. It provides a better sports listening experience, motivating more people to make sports a way of life.

Shuoyin sports headphones are different from ordinary Bluetooth headphones; they focus on bone conduction technology. All their headphones use bone conduction technology, which transmits sound through bone conduction, eliminating pressure on the ears and ear canals.

It frees the ear canal, so you don’t have to worry about discomfort from prolonged wearing.

Shuoyin China is dedicated to independently developing “bone conduction” open binaural technology. They have overcome a series of problems such as core component size, power consumption, sound quality, leakage, and waterproofing, revolutionizing the overall performance of core technology. They have created a brand-new product experience that “doesn’t block the ears.”

Shuoyin has always adhered to bottom-up technological innovation and the goal of surpassing itself. After countless trials and technical verifications, they have created the latest flagship sports headphones, OpenRun Pro, which incorporates new technology and countless efforts.

“Shuoyin” defines professional sports headphones through technological innovation:

  • Independent research and development: Focus on the research, design, production, and marketing of bone conduction and electroacoustic technology.
  • Technological innovation: A high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen; a “little giant” enterprise; the 22nd China Patent Gold Award; a global layout of more than 2,200 intellectual property rights.
  • Global reach: Business operations in more than 60 countries and regions, covering more than 20,000 offline stores, with over 7 million users worldwide.

It features premium pitch 2.0 sound quality tuning technology, which can distinguish high, mid, and low frequencies very well. High frequencies are sharp, mid frequencies are delicate, and low frequencies are deep.


  1. Real-time awareness of the external environment sound: The pioneer of this new category concept of open listening helps athletes avoid auditory masking and inattentional blindness, ensuring safety during exercise.

  2. Stable and comfortable to wear: Non-in-ear wearing style ensures that sweat does not block the ears. It also optimizes the distribution of headphone weight, with an ergonomic over-ear design, ensuring stability during jumping, running, and other activities.

  3. Revolutionary sound quality upgrade: Shuoyin’s newly developed exclusive acoustic technology, Shokz TurboPitch™ low-frequency enhancement technology, provides outstanding listening experiences with a surround sound and clear layers.

  4. Enjoy smooth calls: With an upgrade to dual-microphone ENC noise reduction technology, it can recognize external noise and echo and eliminate them.

  5. Fast charging and long battery life: 5 minutes of charging for 90 minutes of use; 30 minutes of charging for 6 hours of use. At full charge, it can provide 10 hours of continuous listening.

  6. Convenient exclusive app operation: Equipped with the Shokz App, it continuously enhances the operating experience, allowing control over sound effects, volume, and device switching.

Real-world Experience and Reviews:

As someone who loves sports, I always need music to accompany me during workouts. After trying various Bluetooth headphones, I finally found a pair of sports Bluetooth headphones that meet all my needs. It’s simply fantastic!

1) Open Binaural Bone Conduction, Safer for Outdoor Sports

Bone conduction headphones are a relatively niche category of headphones that not everyone may be familiar with, especially those who aren’t into sports. They are designed without earplugs or in-ear tips and work by converting sound into different frequency mechanical vibrations, which are then transmitted through various parts of the body, including the bones, inner ear, lymphatic system, cochlea, and auditory cortex. They are more commonly used by professional athletes and those with specific ear conditions.

I chose the Shuoyin OpenRun Pro bone conduction Bluetooth sports headphones because of their open binaural design. I strongly recommend these bone conduction Bluetooth headphones for anyone who engages in outdoor sports. When you wear them, you can enjoy the thrill of music while still being aware of your surroundings, ensuring your safety during workouts.

2) Sleek and Lightweight Design, Stays Secure and Resistant to Water and Sweat

As a leading player in the bone conduction headphone industry, Shuoyin naturally excels in quality. The new Shuoyin OpenRun Pro features an all-titanium alloy body, which is lightweight and flexible, ensuring durability.

Its over-ear wearing style remains stable, whether you’re running or jumping, and it won’t budge even during intense physical activity. Its resistance to water and sweat means it won’t slip during workouts, even in wet conditions. In summary, the Shuoyin OpenRun Pro bone conduction Bluetooth sports headphones are ideal for wearing during sports. They stay secure and comfortable, and you won’t have to worry about water or sweat intrusion. They even support IPX6 waterproofing, making them an essential accessory for sports enthusiasts.

These headphones are made from aerospace-grade materials, which are gentle on the skin. The entire headphone weighs only 28g, making it much lighter than most Bluetooth headphones. It excels in every aspect, making it worth every penny.

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2. Mowoke RUN PLUS Bone Conduction Headphones

Sometimes, I wish I had headphones that could handle various scenarios, whether it’s for running, swimming, daily commuting, or office use. I never expected to find such headphones.

That’s why, when choosing bone conduction headphones, I passed on nearly 80% of brands and models to find a pair that can be used for “multiple purposes.” After all, it’s not practical to carry several pairs of headphones when you go out. (Buying a good pair would cost at least 2,000…)

After buying these headphones, I realized that bone conduction headphones are indeed versatile! Plus, they offer a better experience with multiple functions and modes. Just imagine having headphones that adjust their music modes based on different sports. Isn’t that fantastic?

Are you sure you heard it right? Mowoke RUN PLUS bone conduction headphones can be used for swimming, running, cycling, commuting, and even on business trips. This multi-functional headphone is simply incredible!

Mowoke Bone Conduction Headphones

These Mowoke headphones feature patented wide-frequency sound technology, ranking among the best in sound quality among bone conduction headphones. They are IPX8 waterproof and have a vertical chamber design, making them suitable for both swimming and running. Mowoke RUN PLUS can connect to both your computer and smartphone, supporting Apple, Android, Windows, and providing a top-notch music and call experience in the office.

Initially, I tried them with the mentality of just giving it a try because they offer a 7-day trial for free. After trying them out, I found them to be excellent. If you’re interested, you should give them a try too!

Now, let me share my experience of using these headphones in different scenarios.

I usually enjoy running about five kilometers or swimming a few laps when I have free time. So, when choosing headphones, I pay special attention to their waterproofing and stability. The reason I chose these headphones is that they are versatile, suitable for both land and water use.

Regarding waterproofing, these headphones have an IPX8 rating, the highest waterproof rating among headphones currently available. You can wear them while swimming without worrying about water damage.

1. Swimming: No Worries About Water Damage

I found that when I switched to the MP3 mode while swimming, I didn’t need to connect my phone via Bluetooth. I could leave my phone in the locker, and the sound quality in the water was even better than on land. It’s like being in a different world.

2. Running: The End of Sweaty Ears

One thing I disliked about traditional Bluetooth headphones during running was that my ears would get sweaty and itchy after running for a while. But with this pair, I don’t have that problem because it’s a bone conduction headphone.

This headphone uses a vibrator to transmit sound, so it doesn’t need to block the ear canal. It relies on the cheekbone to transmit sound. While listening to music, your ear canal remains open. The biggest difference compared to regular headphones is that after a run, your ears stay dry, which is much more comfortable.

Secure Fit

This all-in-one headphone also offers excellent stability while running. Even if I shake my head vigorously or jump around, the headphones won’t fall off. They stay securely in place, which is fantastic.

If that were all, it would be a good sports headphone at best. What truly made me keep it was its convenience in everyday use.

For example, I usually ride my bicycle to work for exercise. During the boring commute, I rely on music to pass the time. In the past, I rarely dared to wear headphones, and even if I did, I wouldn’t turn up the volume too high for fear of not hearing the sounds of cars on the road.

3. Cycling: No Fear of Missing Out

However, after switching to these headphones, I can fully enjoy my music without worrying about missing important sounds. As mentioned earlier, these headphones are open-ear, meaning they don’t block the ear canal. So, when I’m cycling, my ears remain open, and I can hear approaching vehicles from afar, reducing safety risks.

Moreover, when it starts to rain, I used to be afraid to wear headphones, but these headphones are waterproof, so I can use them even in the rain without any worries.

4. Office Use: No Disturbance

After using them in the office, I can never go back to regular headphones. Here are three reasons:

  1. These headphones support multiple device connections, including computers and smartphones. They work seamlessly, making it easy to switch between tasks without constant disconnecting and reconnecting.

  2. When I’m listening to music at a normal volume, I can hear my colleagues if they call me, ensuring I don’t miss anything important.

  3. These headphones have dual-microphone ENC noise reduction technology, which works great for phone calls and online meetings. It effectively eliminates office background noise, ensuring excellent call quality.

Think about how I used to keep three pairs of headphones at home: one for running, one for swimming, and one for listening to music in the office. I felt like I was running a headphone store, and the experience wasn’t that great. Dealing with sweaty ears and discomfort from in-ear headphones was a real pain.

Now, it’s much simpler. Whether it’s sports, commuting, or working, I just use the Mowoke RUN PLUS for all three. It’s a breeze for swimming, running, cycling, and office use. Plus, it doesn’t block the ear canal. I really dislike the feeling of damp and itchy ears.

If you’re like me, tired of the sweaty and uncomfortable feeling of in-ear headphones, and you want versatile headphones that can be used in various scenarios, just go for the Mowoke headphones without thinking twice.

My Sister and I: Live Streaming for Different Audiences

My sister has started doing live streaming to promote products. She used to be quite passionate about sports, especially running. So, she had her daughter record her while running, mainly as a way to keep a record. However, it unexpectedly led to her gaining some followers.

Now, she posts her daily running sessions and promotes various sports equipment. She does live streams every night for two hours. My mother thinks she could make a decent income from it, maybe even thousands a month.

She asked if I do something similar. I replied, “Yes, in a way. She focuses on running, and I focus on our child. She sells sports equipment, and I sell baby products.”

My mother then asked, “Why don’t you start live streaming too?”

I said, “I’m not on a video platform; I use a text and image platform. Posting photos and text works fine for me.”

My mother said, “Well, that’s convenient for you.”

I replied, “Yes.”

I recently tried out some new Speedo swimwear, a swim cap, and goggles, and it provided an unprecedented level of comfort. Now, I don’t have to constantly adjust my cap while swimming, and even after wearing it for over an hour, I don’t get a headache. I can hardly feel the swimwear, and it has even improved my swimming speed. Most of the time, the money spent on sports equipment gives me a “you get what you pay for” feeling. Even if I didn’t feel it right after buying, after using it a few times, I realize it was a wise investment.

For example, the ASICS GT-2000 shoes are not only stylish but also comfortable, feeling like walking barefoot with their wide soles. The LOWA hiking boots I splurged on before are also fantastic, and although it pains me to admit, the price has dropped significantly since I bought them initially. They are super comfortable, provide excellent ankle support, and are waterproof, so I’m no longer afraid to step in puddles on rainy days. I haven’t used the Black Diamond trekking poles yet, but they should be good too. I did my research, bit the bullet and spent the money. Keeping track of my expenses was quite painful, but once I started using these items, I truly enjoyed them. It seems that earning money and being willing to spend it are the keys to enjoying quality products.

Next, I need to buy boxing gloves, boxing shoes, a windbreaker, low-top waterproof shoes (probably for canyoning), and windproof pants… It feels like an endless journey of spending money! But at least, my purchases are helping me progress on my outdoor adventures.

Dumbbells and Running Shoes

2023 Reflection and 2024 Fitness Goals

As 2023 comes to a close, I look back on this year with a sense of fulfillment and happiness.

What makes me happiest is the small progress I’ve made on the Zhihu platform, where I’ve gained many friends and established columns I love.

Throughout this year, I’ve also remained a dedicated amateur enthusiast of sports, which has helped me reduce my excessive focus on my daughter’s studies. I didn’t want to make it a rigid 7-year commitment.

Seven years of exercise and fitness have brought significant changes to both my body and mind.

As I prepare to welcome 2024, what do I plan to give to myself, a committed fitness enthusiast?

I’m planning to buy a set of Lululemon Fast and Free yoga pants that I’ve long admired.

This brand’s yoga attire is highly popular in the market, known for its comfortable, breathable fabric and excellent support.

Lululemon’s yoga pants typically feature highly elastic materials suitable for practitioners of all body types.

In the eyes of yoga enthusiasts, you can’t truly call yourself a yogi without a pair of Lululemon yoga pants.

Fabric and Features

This time, I’m going for the functional fleece-lined Fast and Free, providing comfort and warmth, ideal for winter workouts, with four-way stretch.

Take a look at the comfort of these pants; anyone who has worn Lululemon’s yoga pants knows that they offer such great elasticity that you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, allowing you to move freely and comfortably.

This fleece-lined version incorporates Lycra® spandex fabric, features a continuous drawstring for a distraction-free workout, and boasts seven pockets: five at the waist and two on the legs.

It’s a high-waisted design with a 24" (61cm) inseam, making it easy to find yoga pants that suit your leg length.

Designed for an Asian fit.

I own a pair of Lululemon Wunder Under pants, and the experience of wearing them during workouts is fantastic. It allows me to fully immerse myself in the exercise, enjoying the freedom and beauty of movement.

Light Support

Fast and Free offers exceptional elasticity, allowing for easy stretching and freedom of movement during workouts.

It also features eye-catching details, with attention-grabbing designs on the calves, enhancing the enjoyment of exercise.

A good pair of yoga pants like these not only enhances the exercise experience but also boosts your mood. Lululemon Fast and Free can be used for yoga, long-distance running, and outdoor activities.

In the new year, I’m rewarding myself for my dedication to fitness, making my workouts more immersive, enjoyable, and my body healthier.

Essential Features of Running Shoes

If there is one piece of equipment that is essential for running enthusiasts, it’s undoubtedly a good pair of running shoes. Modern running shoes are packed with technological performance and cater to the needs of different individuals.

A quick online search reveals that every well-known sports brand has launched its own line of running shoes. This is because running shoes are genuinely sought after by a wide range of consumers, making them a must-have for every running enthusiast.

Each brand adapts to market trends and consumer needs. Running shoes are specifically designed for running and offer the following characteristics and functions:


Running is a physically demanding activity, and reducing weight as much as possible is a crucial way to improve a runner’s efficiency. Therefore, running shoes typically use lightweight materials and designs to minimize the weight of the shoes while providing adequate support without burdening the feet.

Professional athletes tend to wear minimal and lightweight, breathable clothing during their runs. This not only minimizes body weight but also ensures efficient heat dissipation, keeping the body comfortable during exercise. It prevents discomfort caused by excessive clothing, allowing athletes to perform at their best.

Lightweight is undeniably one of the most important criteria for sports shoes and a key selling point emphasized by major brands.

Cushioning and Shock Absorption

The soles of running shoes are usually made of highly elastic materials to provide excellent shock absorption. This reduces pressure on the joints, making the user’s running experience more comfortable and conducive to better performance.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the shoe sole. Each brand has its own technology and expertise when it comes to sole elasticity. Comfortable shoes almost always come with a well-crafted sole.

Many athletes experience knee injuries to varying degrees during their sports activities, sometimes leading to lasting consequences. However, shoes with good shock absorption can minimize knee stress and protect both the knees and foot bones.

For those who run on uneven terrain, having soft and shock-absorbing running shoes is essential. It ensures the comfort of the user’s feet, enabling faster and longer runs.


When users engage in running exercises, they generate a significant amount of heat. This is why many sports enthusiasts prefer lightweight and breathable clothing. It’s essential to release the body’s generated heat promptly. Failure to do so can lead to fungal infections on the feet.

The same principle applies to running shoes. They are often made with breathable materials and designs such as mesh fabrics and ventilation holes to facilitate good airflow, reducing sweaty feet and odor issues.

One of my most memorable experiences was the unpleasant smell inside my shoes after a workout. Well-ventilated shoes can greatly reduce this problem.

Toe Protection

The front part of running shoes is usually reinforced to provide protection. They use wear-resistant materials or thicker structures to safeguard the toes from external impacts and pressure.

Many shoe designs consider this aspect and provide comprehensive protection for the user’s foot bones. It’s a win-win!

Does a Motorcycle Count?

Unfortunately, my wife doesn’t agree. She insists that I should replace the car first.

Sigh, it seems like a distant dream.

Running Gear for 2024

As a casual runner, I only started investing in running gear once I confirmed that I had been consistently jogging for a long time.

Considering my budget (most important), relatively short individual run times, and a focus on slow-paced jogging with emphasis on cushioning, my gear is quite basic, mostly due to financial constraints. Haha.

For 2024, since I’m not participating in any races, my gear requirements are quite straightforward. Mainly, I need items suitable for the autumn and winter seasons, taking into account my fitness goals for the year (finishing a 10-kilometer run in 50 minutes at a heart rate of 150 by year-end) and the long winters in the northern region (most crucial).

  1. Running cap with ventilation, I didn’t think much of it before, but now I find it essential (similar to this).

  2. Quick-dry T-shirt, just pick one from Decathlon with your eyes closed.

  3. Another pair of shorts, as my previous ones weren’t meant for sports and are worn out.

  4. Fleece-lined running pants, currently looking at Bimai, but Mammut is also an option. It depends on personal preference; choosing a reasonably priced brand should suffice.

  5. My previous running shoes are worn out, so I’ll buy a pair with cushioning. Since I’ll be using them for commuting as well, I’m reluctantly giving up on colorful options like Bimai and sticking with ones that have a black upper and white soles.

  6. Essential autumn and winter hat, another Decathlon pick.

  7. Essential autumn and winter gloves, again, Decathlon is the go-to choice.

As for sunglasses and a water bottle, I don’t currently need them. The above items should last me a few years…

Running Watch – A Must-Have

Of course, it’s the running watch, which costs close to 5000 yuan.

I hesitated when buying it because I already had two other watches at home.

But buying a sports watch for running has made me even more passionate about the sport.

This year, I’ve managed to accumulate around 1500 kilometers of running, which is close to my set target.

Next year, I have a full marathon goal and a target of running 2000 kilometers.

Do You Get Bored During Meetings?

I have a “very addictive” piece of workout equipment for meetings – the “hand grip exerciser."

1. Portable Hand Grip Exerciser

Portable Hand Grip Exerciser

This thing is incredibly addictive. While your boss is speaking on stage, you can exercise your grip strength under the table.

Pros: Small, easy to carry, not only cheap but also absolutely silent; long lifespan, if it breaks, just replace it.

Cons: People with extremely strong grip strength may find it less suitable.

This device comes in different resistance levels, so you can choose according to your grip strength.

2. Everyday Hand Grip Exerciser

These hand grip exercisers are the most common ones, suitable for office or home use.

Bringing it into the meeting room during a presentation? Beware of getting caught. Even if the boss doesn’t see it, your colleagues will. If the boss notices, it can be awkward, “Do you value exercise time so much?” “Don’t you like my presentation?” These two questions can leave you speechless.

Pros: Offers greater resistance.

Cons: Bulky, more suitable for dedicated exercise sessions.

3. Regular Hand Grip Exerciser

This type of hand grip exerciser should be the earliest version, and it’s what I used when I first started using them.

The size of this hand grip exerciser is similar to the second type, suitable for use in the office or at home. Using it discreetly during meetings is not recommended.

Image source: Internet (Subject to removal upon request).

It’s Never Been the Gear that Motivates Me to Exercise

What really gets me excited about working out has never been the equipment. Most of the time, it’s the models wearing sportswear, not the gear itself.

Nike Alphafly Next% 3rd Generation: Why I Want to Buy It

For me, the must-have item that I’m looking forward to is the Nike Alphafly Next% 3rd generation, set to be released on January 3rd. But why do I want to buy it?

The First Alphafly

As Nike’s top-tier running shoe series, the Alphafly has helped Eliud Kipchoge win multiple times and break world records twice. I’ve been paying close attention to it since the first generation. However, the detachable forefoot design of the first two generations, which is prone to breakage and foot arch abrasion, coupled with the continued excellence of Vaporfly, kept me from making a purchase decision.

But with the arrival of the Nike Alphafly Next% 3rd generation, I feel like I can’t resist anymore.

First, its appearance suits my taste perfectly with its exaggerated style, large logo, and minimalist color scheme. Then, witnessing Eliud Kipchoge breaking the world record while wearing it, finishing with a time of 2 hours and 35 seconds, made me realize for the first time how close humanity is to breaking the 2-hour mark in official competitions. Additionally, the change in design from a detached forefoot to an integrated wrap-around style addresses the breakage issue and undoubtedly enhances the stability of the shoe’s dual Air Zoom structures.

To be honest, with all this information in mind, it’s really hard to resist buying it. Let’s look forward to its release on January 3rd!

A Gift to Yourself for the New Year

You’ve been dedicated to sports for a year now, which means you’ve achieved some results. I believe that the instrument you have your eye on will only be the icing on the cake for you. In the new year, no matter how things turn out, it hasn’t been easy. Giving yourself a gift is well-deserved.

A Gift to Myself

I bought a very strong pure wooden cue for myself, and later I bought a blue label one. However, the very strong pure wooden cue still suits me best. The blue label cue has become a collectible now.

A Gift to Myself

I’ve really been sticking to my exercise plan for a year in 2023, although I didn’t work out every day, I managed to find time almost every week. In the new year, I want to treat myself to a versatile sports smartwatch. Since I go out every day, whether it’s taking my child to school, hiking with them, or just strolling around the neighborhood, a suitable phone watch would be very practical.

The Garmin FOREUNNER 158 outdoor smartwatch combines sports and watch functions seamlessly. Whether I’m walking or running outdoors, with this watch, I can check the time, monitor my exercise and health status, and even view important smartphone notifications. It eliminates the hassle of needing to carry a phone when I’m out and about. It frees up my hands and allows me to fully enjoy the joy of exercising.

Reflecting on 2023

2023 has passed in the blink of an eye, and I’ve aged another year. Time, please slow down a bit. At the age of approaching fifty, I have responsibilities both above and below me. Without making an effort, I fear that if I stop, the whole world might suddenly lose its meaning.

I love sports, and I’ve been active throughout the year. I’ve gone through several pairs of running shoes, jogging outside when the weather is good, and working out indoors on rainy days. It seems like sports have become a part of my core identity, and I feel uncomfortable on days when I don’t exercise.

Long-Awaited Sports Equipment

Speaking of sports equipment that I’ve been eyeing for a long time, there are a couple of things. There was a pair of running shoes I had my eye on. They cost over two thousand, and I thought they were too expensive. I kept them in my shopping cart and checked every day to see if the price had dropped, but I never mustered the courage to buy them.

Another piece of sports equipment is a bicycle. I’ve been wanting to buy a folding bike that can be stored in the trunk of a car. I admire people who ride bicycles, dressed in cycling gear, exploring different places, and stopping wherever they please. It looks so cool. However, even the cheapest bikes for cycling are several thousand, and some are even more expensive. This has also been a long-standing desire for sports equipment. I’ve looked and looked but never made the purchase.

New Year’s Resolution

These two pieces of sports equipment, I want to gift them to myself as a reward for a year of dedicated sports. It’s my way of encouraging myself to stay true to my initial aspirations and keep moving forward.

I want to buy a sports watch for myself, but unfortunately, my finances don’t allow it.

Sharing… Oh no, a stationary exercise bike, I like to exercise while watching videos. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a suitable place to put a sharing… I mean, a stationary exercise bike at home.