What are the noteworthy contents in the Genshin Impact 4.4 version "Colorful Owls in the Spring Breeze" preview livestream?

The new skin is my favorite part (daily release of skin illustrations):

Six-star Water Deity imitates Five-star Water Deity

Both Ganyu and Shenhe’s skins look great, but after logging in and checking the crystals I’ve accumulated from my monthly card… Due to spending some on the concert wings, I only have enough for one skin.

After much deliberation, I decided to buy Shenhe’s skin. Shenhe looks truly stunning in this outfit, walking with such grace, divine!

Additionally, I saw some people mentioning that wearing black during the New Year is inauspicious… Please note, the Lantern Rite skins have always been primarily in black and blue tones, just like the previous ones for Keqing and Ningguang.

Noteworthy Content… Comments During a Live Stream?

When the footage of a BYD female student scoring 400 in postgraduate entrance exams was released, surprisingly, many commented that she wouldn’t even qualify for undergraduate studies. It seems I indeed have raised the average age of Genshin Impact players.

Additionally, in my school and major, scoring 400 this year might not even guarantee a spot in the interview.

Still no news about animations.

UFO Society needs to finish eating rice (Demon Slayer), lick the noodles (Demon Nights), and break the lock (Sword Art Online) before they can make Genshin Impact animations.

On the bright side, the Demon Nights movie has released its second PV.

You know what I want to complain about. Support with likes.

Is this a collaboration with Hangzhou State-owned West Lake Tea Factory for the surrounding area? Can’t afford it, can’t afford it.

Oops, it’s Huangshan Maofeng.

Anyway, us poor folks can’t afford this stuff, we can only afford China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation Da Hong Pao with sugar and lemon.

Brandy black tea is not tasty, no need to try it.

Then, Walnut said that Fufu is a big customer… doesn’t feel good, doesn’t feel good (amusing).

Hutao: Fennina is my major client.

Zhongli: Ah?

What the hell, a joke?

I really like cacti.

Could you give me a cactus so I can show it off?

Impressions from the Genshin Impact Livestream

Firstly, Xingqiu’s skin gives me a feeling of elegance and moonlit beauty, similar to Ningguang’s.

After watching the entire livestream, there’s one standout moment that left a lasting impression:

In the final segment of the livestream, MiHoYo’s Party Secretary, Legal Representative, and Chairman, Comrade Nicholas Wei, actually referred to February as “two month” instead of “February.” I couldn’t help but burst out laughing in front of my computer.

The composure of this person in front of the camera gave me the illusion that he was already a mature and respectable individual—although he appeared to be delivering scripted lines, he was not a professional actor, so his fluent speech and clarity of expression were commendable. However, the slip of “two month” at the end completely exposed his true nature as a socially awkward homebody.

Among the trio, he was the one who appeared most frequently on screen, and it’s possible that Cai Miaomiao and Luo Haoyu are even more homebodies than him.

Finally, here are three redemption codes:




Fischl in Liyue and the Lantern Rite Festival

Fischl arrives in Liyue as a client of Hu Tao, who is responsible for guarding the boundary between life and death.

During the Lantern Rite Festival, Zhongli toasts the Hydro Archon as part of the classic festival program!

Brother and sister celebrating the Lantern Rite Festival together seems impossible, but after considering the transition in the Chinyu Valley scene, these scenes are connected, leading to a few possible interpretations:

  1. It’s meaningless, purely the protagonist’s fantasy, possibly a misleading MiHoYo PV.

  2. The protagonist enters a spiritual space (dream) in Chinyu Valley where personal desires can be projected. The giant jade stone serves as a link between reality and the dream world, similar to the constant rain in the dream.

Chinyu Valley is the descendant of the hidden Jade Chamber, a branch of the underground ancient nation. Their seclusion likely aims to conceal the truth of the world, which is the trump card left to Liyue by the Lord of Geo.

The underground ancient nation also holds secrets, including a timeless realm, the mysterious power to suppress the Abyss within the body of the Fatui, and possibly even the Lumine stone itself.

In the Golden House, we don’t know what the mysterious crystal mentioned by Raiden Shogun is, but in version 4.4, we can say with certainty that it is the Archon Stone. The connection exists between the Archon Stone, the Abyssal Energy, the Archon Stone, and the Light of Eons.

If the Abyss has the ability to erode existing elemental worlds, where does the energy it fought against beneath the Serpent Spine come from? Where does the power to suppress the Abyss within the Fatui come from? We can even ask, what is the composition of the Nail?

Light of Eons — Archon Stone — Serpent Spine — Lumine Stone

Fischl may not just be wandering aimlessly; she may be seeking a way to combat the pollution in the turbid waters, just like the daughter of the sea in the play. Perhaps she’ll visit the Golden House in version 4.5.

Genshin Impact Version 4.2 Highlights

Fufu always brings the flair! She gets her share of the spotlight every version, creating “internal grievances,” hahaha. The development team surfs the high waves, truly understanding what we desire! Fufu leading the celebration, the historic meeting of Fufu and Hu Tao, it’s all the voice of players since 4.2! Spot on, Mora Mora Mora!

That woman is really attractive! That back, that waist, that bust, they all feel much better than the artwork… Ah, can’t resist but to pull out the primogems. Moreover, the character development team is gradually showing more of their quirks behind the scenes, becoming more like the Xingqiu production team. Cacti, huh? Be merciful to the original bug fixers, right? No more scolding, no more scolding… Everyone is in on the jokes.

Diluc’s younger voice actor fits perfectly, with a touch of regional accent, adding character. But speaking of it, there’s a real shortage of younger voice actors in China, quite rare.

Both Ganyu and Shenhe have stunning outfits. Ah, that back, ah, those legs, can’t hold back the drool… But today’s best skin award goes to Keching. Her outfit from the collaboration is simple, elegant, and exceptionally beautiful, exquisite! I want it~

The new style for the preview is excellent, and the new music seamlessly blends into each segment, making it more cohesive. The featured cast remains as entertaining as ever, a bit awkward, but it fits the vibe.

The new map looks fantastic, can’t wait! The new cooking mini-activity is quite charming, chopping and cooking with finesse, showing progress! The Traveler hosting a banquet, all the nations' companions gathering together, that’s the best! Everyone should join, the more, the merrier! It’s great that they’ve implemented scenes from last year’s Lantern Rite Festival CM.

Thank you for the invitation. I was just mesmerized by Keqing’s crossover outfit, and now I’m awake.

Without further ado, being a Keqing enthusiast really feels like celebrating the New Year. The only downside is that she unexpectedly released different synchronized outfits for sale?

PS: Xiao Yi’s outfit is also great, with a high-slit cheongsam. She and Yelan are becoming more like the Shanghai sisters. I’m definitely buying it!

A clear and meaningful close-up.

Aki’s new skin, strangely familiar, confirmed to be a six-star Water Deity.

New Year Update Highlights

This update is indeed a New Year version with many exciting features.

  1. First of all, can our drawn characters maintain their significance?

  2. Da Wei Ge’s attire in this episode at least makes him look like a guerrilla leader.

  3. The ground mechanism movement and the creative set design in this episode are reminiscent of martial arts novels.

  4. The official team is aware of the “that woman” meme, possibly from a Bilibili content creator specializing in storyline modifications.

  5. This game’s development team has a unique art style. Enjoy the game and explore Bilibili fan creations together.

  6. Is this girl really a project manager? Regardless, she fits the standard for many people’s ideal partners in terms of looks.

  7. The writer and combat designer conform to the stereotypes associated with internet fiction authors and game designers.

  8. They know that “that woman” meme, evident in the reference to Diluc’s Dawn Winery Delight.

  9. “Shocking! The development team is just one step away from kneeling.”

  10. The development team has a Seno among them, and fans speculate if Seno got inspiration from their jokes.

  11. The development team actively follows the bug reports and feedback.

  12. Introducing the new map – Chilly Jade Valley, known for its belief in the Koi Immortal and its tea leaves. The architecture follows Huizhou-style architecture, and the mountain design is influenced by Huangshan.

  13. Fischl becomes Hu Tao’s top customer, while Xingqiu and Ganyu receive new skins in Fischl’s style.

  14. As for Fischl herself, you can find out more at the underground auction. 😉

  15. Seven Saints' summoning system has been updated.

  16. The artifact quick equip feature now allows you to reference other players' gear setups.

  • Most looking forward to the map and storyline of Chen Yu Valley;
  • Next, anticipating the plot of the Sea Lantern Festival, and that woman;
  • Finally, eager to see the traitor chef and the breakthrough of Cyber Discourse.

Maybe it’s just my perception, but the sound in the recent few preview videos has been a bit off. Is there something not adjusted properly?