What are the lipsticks suitable for natural makeup?

The school does not allow makeup, but normally, we all want to brighten our complexion and look more energized~

Natural-looking lipsticks for different skin tones and occasions

You are not allowed to wear makeup at school, but we are lazy and don’t want to put on makeup.

But going out with bare face makes us worried about looking bad.

So when I go out with a bare face, I usually apply these lipsticks.

This way, I look much more energetic.

Nars dolce vita: A bean paste base with a rosy fragrance, gentle yet elegant;

Nars walkyrie: A brownish bean paste color that I think leans more towards a muddy coffee shade, perfect for a cool-toned look;

If there is any lipstick that seems to naturally enhance the complexion,

it must be these two from Armani.

Armani 506: A classic rosy bean paste color that makes you appear extra gentle when applied, my friends jokingly say it’s a shade suitable for meeting your parents-in-law;

Armani 504: A gentle coral bean paste color with a hint of pink, but it makes you look very youthful~

Of course, not all lip colors have to be rosy and tender. Some girls have darker lip colors or naturally good complexion, so they can try brighter shades. Just apply a thin layer, and it won’t be too obvious. For example, lipsticks from Estée Lauder were once popular and there are still a few trending shades now. These shades have remained popular for a reason.

Big sister’s bean paste color 420: Gentle, mature, intellectual, and reserved. Even if applied on a bare face, it brings a healthy glow;

Yang Mi’s maple red color 333: This shade sold out quickly back then, and even when applied on a bare face, it doesn’t lose its charm. Perfect for autumn and winter;

Aunt’s berry color 120: This shade may not have been on the hot search list, but it sold very well. It makes you look super fair, and when thinly applied, combined with naturally cool fair skin, it gives off an icy beauty vibe. It brings a strong presence even with a bare face~

Do you know that ZARA also released lipsticks before?

ZARA Vivian: A fully ripe plum shade that makes a bare face look clean and cool fair;

ZARA Holly: A brick red color with a hint of brown. It exudes a strong presence even with a bare face, making you look like a model with a height of 1.8 meters.

You can choose according to your lip color and daily outfits. Remember to apply bright shades thinly and blend them well, then you will achieve a pseudo-bare face look~

If you don’t have time to do makeup on a daily basis, you can just apply a little bit of lipstick. It will make you look much better. Here are some lipstick recommendations that are suitable for wearing without makeup. Feel free to use them as a reference!

1. Pink Bear

Recommended shade: E09 Joyful

This lipstick is also very cost-effective, and there are many shades to choose from!

It doesn’t stick to cups, leaves no marks, and doesn’t smudge when drinking water!

The texture is soft and easy to apply, with a smooth and creamy consistency that provides intense color!

2. MAC

Recommended shade: 930 Lucky Bean Paste

This Lucky Bean Paste shade is really gentle and hard to resist. It’s a perfect color for wearing without makeup, and won’t disappoint you.

The texture is like a soft mist, smooth as velvet, with a matte finish that doesn’t dry out the lips. Even beginners can handle it!

3. Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder’s Little Golden Tube lipstick is also great. The #333 Dry Maple shade is very popular.

Silky velvety texture, transforms into a mist on the lips, lightweight and moisturizing;

It’s long-lasting, moisturizing and non-drying on the lips, doesn’t leave any marks on cups, and stays exquisite all day long.

4. Givenchy

Recommended shade: Velvet Fan N27 Matte Bean Paste

This matte lipstick from Givenchy is also very beautiful. It has a matte texture, is smooth and moisturizing, and feels lightweight without being heavy.

The color looks high-end and is suitable for daily light makeup or wearing without makeup.

5. Cezanne

Recommended shade: M06 Peach Oolong, the perfect choice for a gentle and natural look.

This lipstick glides on smoothly like silk and feels light like smoke. It’s also suitable for beginners.

The high-end matte texture is matte but not drying, and it also has a great blurring effect, making the lips fuller.


COLLAGEN lipstick is also very cost-effective. This lip tint transforms into a watercolor-like soft mist when applied, creating a dreamy and hazy makeup look. It has a foggy feeling and doesn’t easily smudge on cups!

There are many shades to choose from, and each one is beautiful. The price is affordable, so it’s worth stocking up on a few!

That’s all for my recommendations. If you like them, please like and bookmark!

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DIOR color-changing lipstick: the best choice to improve complexion.

If you don’t usually allow makeup, the best way to improve your complexion is probably with Dior gradient lipstick.

If the solid color is darker, it is recommended to use a slightly darker shade. If it is lighter, shade 001 and 004 are very good. This lipstick is more moisturizing and has some effect on dry and dead skin on the lips. After all, it is currently the only lipstick I have ever finished using.

It works well as both lipstick and lip balm.

My own lip color is light, so it is easy to apply color. Currently, I have two shades, 001 and 004. Many people say that these two shades look similar, but for people with light lip color, it is still quite obvious. Shade 001 is obviously more pink, while shade 004 has a slightly orange undertone.

If you really don’t like lipstick, or if you want to buy lipstick, I personally recommend a more low-key color. Essentially, not allowing makeup means achieving the effect of not wearing lipstick.

I recommend MAC - Mocha. It’s a super daily color. I have several MAC lipsticks, but I use Mocha the most.

In addition, Estee Lauder shade 420 is also nice, it gives a nice complexion. When applied lightly, it feels a bit deeper mauve red or something, anyway, it looks good. After receiving a Mocha lipstick as a gift in the last pomegranate set I bought, I put it back in my makeup cabinet.

Actually, some bright red lipsticks can also be tried. When applied lightly or worn as a light lip stain, they still look very beautiful.

The pace of life these days is very fast, and many women don’t have time to put on makeup or simply don’t want to. However, they still want a lipstick to enhance their complexion and spirits. So, at times like this, having a lipstick suitable for a bare-faced look is the happiest thing.

Of course, with so many lipstick colors available, not all light colors are suitable for a natural look. The choice of color should be based on one’s own skin tone, and when applying lipstick without any makeup, one must pay attention to the condition of the skin. Skincare is also essential in everyday beauty routines.

There are many lipsticks that can be applied for a bare-faced look. First, there is the powder pink color, a gentle and romantic choice for a fairy-like look. Then there is the grapefruit color, lively and adorable, a must-have for a vibrant and youthful image. There is also the milk tea color, an exclusive festive color for those with light lips. It is a very gentle color, suitable for a bare face or light makeup. The watermelon red color is lighter and more youthful than ordinary red, and it is also super-friendly for those with yellow skin and dark lips.

  1. KIKO Gel Lipstick N407 in Sandy Pink

When applied, it is a gentle rose-brown color, very elegant. It has a clear and watery texture and a relatively light color. This lipstick is not recommended for those with a deeper natural lip color, but it is suitable for those with a lighter lip color. It gives a super fairy-like and desired look when applied. It is important to note that those with yellow skin should avoid sandy pink shades with purple or brown undertones as they may make the skin appear more sallow. To achieve a natural look with a nice complexion, choose sandy pink or rose sandy pink with a lighter shade. Sandy pink is a color that is not striking or highly saturated, and it is very gentle. It is perfect for a bare face or light makeup.

  1. Mac Lustre Lipstick in See Sheer Grapefruit

Compared to sandy pink, which may make one appear older, yuyu prefers to choose orange or grapefruit lipsticks for a bare-faced look. They make one appear younger and full of vitality. Grapefruit color is between pink and orange, and it combines the advantages of these two colors. It is universally recognized as a color that makes one appear fair and is suitable for daily wear. Those with fair skin have no pressure, but those with yellow skin should avoid choosing grapefruit shades with a pink undertone, as they may make the skin appear darker.

  1. KIKO Gel Lipstick in Milk Tea

Milk tea color is a color that looks very fair whether used for hair color or lip color. Unfortunately, it is exclusively for those with light lips, so those with a deeper lip color should not try it easily. However, for those with suitable skin and lip colors, fair-skinned and light-lipped girls can give it a try, but it may not be suitable for those with naturally darker lips. Otherwise, it will only give the effect of a normal lip balm after application.

  1. Happiness Matte Lip Glaze S107

The matte texture and the frosted shell immediately captured my heart at first sight. The color is milky and has a slight brown-red tone. It is a refreshing sandy pink, perfect for summer! It has a sweet chocolate scent, a subtle matte mist effect, and a mousse-like texture that is easy to apply and blend.

  1. Perfect Diary Starry Diamond Lipstick C02

This lipstick is highly recommended by Li Jiaqi! It is a collaboration with a metropolitan brand, with a frosted gold shell and a unique and delicate design. The embossing craftsmanship gives it a high-end feel. It looks so artistic when taken out for touch-ups, and it is definitely eye-catching. It is also moisturizing and affordable when applied on the lips.

Alright! I’ve shared 5 lipstick shades that are suitable for a bare-faced look. This is for reference, and everyone can choose the right lipstick shade according to their own skin tone.

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Natural, daily lip gloss: YSL 610, NARS Aragon red tea, Shu Uemura lip gloss.

Super suitable lip gloss for wearing a fake natural look, it gives a natural flush and is perfect for everyday wear! I really want to share with you a few lip glosses that I absolutely love in 2023, although they are actually lip glosses, I personally prefer lip glosses.

The ones I want to share are really natural-looking. Although you can tell that you’re wearing lip gloss, it looks really beautiful and understated!

Firstly, there’s YSL’s Black Tube Lip Gloss in shade 610. It’s perfect for summer, especially when paired with a peachy soda makeup look, it’s absolutely stunning! The only downside is that it can be a little sticky on the lips, so you can’t layer it on too thick. If you want to achieve a thicker application, you need to wait for the first layer to dry a bit before applying the second layer. The finish of a thin layer versus a thick layer is different! During my previous internship, I didn’t feel like wearing makeup, but I still wanted to look fresh. So, I would first apply a BB cream, then set it with loose powder, add a touch of blush, and finish off with this lip gloss. It’s really great!

The second one is NARS' Aragon Red Tea Sheer Lip Gloss. This shade has been popular for a long time. I used to love bold red lipsticks because they exuded elegance and confidence. However, since I entered college, my makeup preference has shifted towards a more natural look, so I started to like lip glosses in lighter shades. This color really brightens up your complexion and has a subtle hint of orange. It can be a little smudgy, but the color is truly beautiful! The one in the picture is my second one, and I’m almost finished with it! I even bought it for two of my friends before!

The third one is Shu Uemura’s lip gloss. I remember buying one of their lipsticks when I was in my first year of high school!!! Speaking of this, I still feel angry. At that time, I asked the customer service for recommended lipstick shades. They asked about my skin tone, and since I have fair skin, they recommended a shade, but I forgot the specific number. However, it turned out to be a Barbie pink color!!! I was so angry that I didn’t buy anything from them for several years. Later on, I chose their foundation and it worked pretty well for me. I also saw their lipstick shades being promoted as really beautiful, so I went to a physical store to try them. I originally wanted to buy the lip gloss in shade BG04, but I ended up buying M BR01 Rose Milk Tea color! It looks really nice and the color is subtly beautiful! I can’t quite describe it, but it’s really attractive. The best part is when you wear it in winter, it truly gives off a vibrant and beautiful vibe when applied lightly, and a classy and sophisticated look when applied heavily. Even my mom agrees that it looks great!

These three lip glosses are the shades that I will keep repurchasing indefinitely. It’s just that the prices keep getting more and more enticing. The meaning of working hard to earn money is probably being able to pay for things you like without hesitation or contemplation. Hahaha!

如何选择适合素颜的唇膏颜色 - Choosing the Right Lipstick Color for Natural Look

Natural makeup is very simple. First of all, you should avoid those bold and bright red colors, like vibrant red. It’s not necessary to only rely on vibrant red to brighten up your complexion. You can also choose some nude shades or earthy orange colors. These colors are not very prominent and won’t look out of place when paired with a natural look.

For example, I really like to apply the “into you” lip mud series on my bare face. Because my lips don’t have much color naturally, this lip mud effectively covers the lip lines without looking too obvious.

The swatches are inspired by Xiaohongshu (a Chinese social media platform). Hope it’s helpful for you.

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Recommendations of Lipstick Colors for Natural Look

Although I have criticized Revlon 225 many times, I have to say that it is really suitable for applying without makeup. It doesn’t look abrupt and it brightens up the complexion. However, personally, I prefer a darker and more red shade.


Missha Wish Stone Lipstick in shade 11, Dou Sha color, highly recommended, the most beautiful Dou Sha color. It has a matte texture and is quite picky about the condition of the lips.

Missha Wish Stone Lipstick in shade 14, light red color which is more Korean-style, moisturizing texture, can be applied thickly.

L’Oréal Little Waist 314, a substitute for Armani 501, suitable for applying without makeup, very gentle.

TF Rouge Pur Couture Shade 09, a water powder color, very girly and moisturizing, ah… perfect for spring and summer.

MAC Ladybug, tomato reddish color, especially suitable for applying without makeup, especially for yellow-toned skin.

MAC Chili, brick red color, looks very fair when applied thinly, but it can be quite red, so it may not be suitable for those who prefer a natural look.

Magic Forest RD03, said to be a substitute for YSL Shade 12, but not fluorescent, more of an orange shade, a pink-orange color, very girly, it will naturally and cutely blend with your lip color.

Zhuo You Quan Matte Lip Glaze 666, a substitute for Armani 405, looks beautiful when applied thinly, it’s like a rotten tomato color, but just like Chili, it can be a bit abrupt. If you don’t want it to be noticed that you’re wearing lipstick, then you should avoid it.

Thai temperature-changing lip balm, Little Strawberry, some people may find it a bit Barbie pink when applied, but for me, it’s a very natural and cute pink color that looks like my lips naturally emit that color. I think it’s a must-have, and it’s only a few yuan per one, with free shipping, so you can give it a try.

In short, avoid metallic colors, menstrual colors, and colors that require makeup. It’s also best not to use lip gloss with a reflective finish, as it can be difficult to apply evenly and can emphasize lip shape, and some lip glosses really… make your lips look oily like pig lard.

Moisturizing matte lipsticks are not important; it depends on personal preference. But for all colors, it’s best to apply them thinly.

I answered without thoroughly reading the prompt. I hope it is helpful to everyone.

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