What are the gifts that you have received that have touched you and are unforgettable?

Zhihu’s Good Question - 2024 Calendar Book.

Let’s talk about a very special gift I recently received. It has a touch of red and a hint of literary charm. Its opening question asks me: What are your expectations for yourself in this new beginning? As this year draws to a close, a new year is approaching. Indeed, it’s time to make plans again.

I’m still pondering over my answer, but luckily I received someone else’s answer in advance, which enlightened me: Don’t pay too much attention to others' evaluations and standards, but instead follow your own heart and pursue meaning and value in life. Yes, no matter how we live, there will always be people criticizing us. We only live once in this world, so it’s best to eat the food we want, meet the people we want to meet, see the scenery we like, and do the things we enjoy.

This gift contains more than 300 resonating answers. Sometimes they provoke profound thoughts, and sometimes they heal the soul. There are also cute and quirky answers, but without exception, they all lead us to explore another kind of legend in life. It is the Zhihu’s Good Question - 2024 Calendar Book. Selected from over 500 million pieces of content, it features 342 high-quality Q&A sessions. Each question catches you off guard, and once you start flipping through, you just can’t stop. When I got it, I couldn’t put it down.

These questions cover various aspects of life and knowledge, such as:

What is the white frost on grapes? What funny things happened to you at school? Which organ in the human body is the most unreliable? What is the creature on Earth that looks most like Pikachu?

Or do you have any curious questions? You can leave a comment to interact, and I will help you find the answers~ Maybe there will be an answer for you~

Since it is a calendar, some may ask, in the 366 days of 2024, there are only 342 Q&As, what about the remaining days? Haha, I was also curious at first. After searching, I found that the remaining 24 days are the 24 solar terms, beautifully presented with exquisite pictures. So, with 24 solar term images + 342 Q&As, it perfectly fills the year of 366 days.

But that’s not all! The calendar also features Zhihu’s mascot guest: Liu Kanshan. At the beginning of each month, Liu Kanshan unveils new art knowledge by cosplaying famous paintings, bringing us cuteness overload!

In addition to its addictive content, its functionality is also lovable. In addition to the daily memo function, a monthly calendar view has been added. The memo pages are made of uncoated paper, making it smooth and easy to write down reading notes, daily moods, or wishes to be fulfilled, etc. The monthly calendar view allows us to visually see the entire month’s schedule and can be used as a notepad to record important daily tasks.

The accompanying stand has also been upgraded and can be reused, making it more environmentally friendly. When taken down, the calendar can be used as a convenient phone charging stand. When opened, it can be transformed into two independent book stands. Truly a versatile item.

The overall appearance is also sophisticated and elegant, with full-color hot-stamped covers, exuding a festive and warm vibe. It feels textured and high-quality. It will also make a great gift. With the new year approaching, I often give gifts to the children at home every year. This year, I don’t have to worry anymore. It is perfectly suitable to give knowledge and insights for the new year, and the meaning behind it is also great! I hope they grow up happily, always curious, and forever innocent!

That’s all for today’s sharing~ I am “Love Life, Love Sharing,” and I enjoy sharing delicious, fun, and practical things, as well as researching and evaluating interesting products. I am committed to creating a unique style of lifestyle and home aesthetics. If you also enjoy my content, please follow me.

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Memories of Our First Meeting and Exchanging Gifts

Almost twenty years ago.

We had just met.

At that time, it was popular to listen to MP3s. I had a Tsinghua Tongfang MP3 player, blue in color, shaped like a small submarine.

When he saw it, he gave me a Samsung Yepp MP3 player. It was attractive and could be worn as a necklace, with 3 different colored and textured shells that could be changed. Both in terms of design and craftsmanship, it was much more beautiful than the one I had before.

Later, I found out

that he had sold his Sennheiser headphones in order to buy that MP3 player.

An Unforgettable Gift

I remember in my first year of work, I wrote a list of optional gifts for my husband. This action greatly impressed my colleagues and friends around me. It was mainly because the gift he gave me that year didn’t quite match my preferences, leaving behind many “unforgettable” memories.

Now, when I see this question, my initial reaction is: “Moving” and “unforgettable” should belong to two different dimensions… So, my story about “an unforgettable gift” can continue. After all, the gift I am about to share has been a fierce contender in various groups for more than ten years: a pearl mouse.

Warning: High anxiety ahead.

Looking at its rough arrangement, those cunning little eyes, that shady posture… When I received it, I was stunned. There was no surprise, only shock. Therefore, the fact that this was “unforgettable” was solidified. After all, this incident from seventeen or eighteen years ago can still be resurrected today.

But it has also brought me much joy. After all, every time I use this picture to compete with others in a group, I always come out on top in terms of “the most awesome gift received.” Just by searching “”, the responses are mostly “Ahahaha” “Hahahaha” “You win” “Incredible.” This kind of praise was also confirmed in a new group today, proving its effectiveness time and time again. It can be defined as a “lifetime unforgettable” level.

Of course, I don’t mean to ridicule. After all, he originally gave it with the beautiful intention of “giving you a zodiac gift to show that you are always in my heart.” It was not a seasonal gift, and it was nice to be able to bring an accompanying gift. Encouragement and praise should be given—this is why, even though I felt the mouse was a bit shady, it has remained in my parents' house for so many years… In short, thank you for your love. (This paragraph is a manual self-defense in case my husband sneaks a peek at my answer and confronts me directly…)

Equally unforgettable is a gift he brought back from abroad one year. It was a pile of items worth five figures, including a pair of extremely heavy, worn-out candlesticks, a rusty copper piece, and a French lady portrait painted on a canvas that had become brittle and yellowed, framed with copper…

Looking at my puzzled expression, he proudly told me that these were the gifts for me from the Middle Ages!

I found a similar image online. It was something like this.

Take a look at this style. I had to hold back for a long time before no blood spurted out. Besides, I didn’t want to touch it, let alone use it! Anyway, there’s never been a power outage in our home, and even if there were, we wouldn’t use this, definitely not! Fortunately, these things disappeared after we moved last year. Maybe they’re hidden somewhere, but they’re no longer in front of my eyes. Out of sight, out of mind…

Whenever I posted this picture before, there would always be friends saying, “Antiques are great, at least they retain value.” But I couldn’t even confirm whether it was an antique or not. What if it was fake? What if it brought bad luck? Just thinking about it gives me the creeps.

What’s more, some people jokingly said, “At least it has weight and can be used for self-defense. When you encounter a situation, just swing it and it’s a club—powerful indeed.” Well, I can only laugh bitterly. In any case, this item also falls into the category of “an unforgettable gift”…

Then, there was another day when my husband said to me in the middle of the night, “I have a small gift for you!”

My mind went through a loop, finding it somewhat unreasonable. After all, I have more than three digits worth of lipsticks. What could possibly give him the courage to give me a lipstick-related gift? Pondering for a moment, I thought maybe he was really just giving me a box to hold my lipsticks. And indeed:

How do I put it? It really does match the description—reserved, without any exaggeration or embellishment. Very… practical. It should be praised to some degree. Its level of memorability can also make it into the top three…

Of course, I think the gift itself is just a carrier. If the other person carefully selects it, then it becomes a story, an “unforgettable” memory. As for whether the gift itself is beautiful or practical, its value in money, when you look back, those things may no longer be as important.

I still want to thank you for giving me gifts. Thank you for your long-term effort and for always keeping me in your heart.

Magic City Lockdown, Mom Transfers 13,000 RMB

In May 2022, in the magic city, I was stuck at home due to the lockdown.

In the morning, while preparing breakfast, my phone lit up. I picked it up and saw that my mom had transferred 13,000 RMB to me via WeChat.

“Weiwei, now that you can’t go out and all your business is on hold, if you can’t pay the mortgage, remember to let us know. Mom and Dad are here for you, everything will be fine.”

A few minutes later, my daughter came out of her bedroom and saw me covering my face, crying. She quickly went back to tell her mom, and my wife and son came out to see me upon hearing the sound.

“I’m fine, I’m fine…”

I said it’s fine, but tears kept flowing.

PS: When the situation was bad in Shanghai last year, my income was reduced by 70% in the first half of the year, but I could still manage my basic living expenses and had savings.

Now, when I think back to this incident, tears still well up in my eyes.

Zhihu Good Question 2024: A Beautiful and Practical Calendar

I received this Zhihu Good Question 2024 before National Day, and it is truly a precious gift.

And I mean it when I say it is heavy, not an exaggeration.

This is not the first time I received a Zhihu calendar, but receiving it again feels like reuniting with an old friend.

Every year, a Zhihu calendar is delivered into my hands, and this anticipated surprise gives me a sense of stability and happiness.

What’s even more surprising is that my old friend has made progress again this year.

I remember that last year’s base was sometimes unstable, but this year it has been significantly improved, becoming larger and heavier, providing a secure feeling.

It still features a different question and answer every day, perfectly fitting our fragmented era’s way of acquiring knowledge. Maybe I don’t put on makeup every day, but I can still have the ritual of tearing off a page from the calendar.

It’s another energetic day!

One thing worth mentioning is that Zhihu Good Question 2024 is truly exquisite. Its simple and elegant style offers a comfortable and relaxing feeling.

Each page is meticulously designed and formatted, not only serving as excellent learning and reference material, but also as a decoration suitable for a desk or an office. It allows me to start and end my day in a great way.

Flipping to the third page, it turns out to be the question I have been contemplating lately. Zhihu must be capable of mind reading, haha.

Relaxation, this is something I have been thinking about recently. I feel like I lack a sense of relaxation, why don’t I have it like others? I envy those who possess a sense of relaxation; their lives must be so enjoyable.

But Zhihu tells me that the lack of relaxation is essentially due to the fear of making mistakes and not being perfect.

So I’m not wrong; as a Scorpio, I pursue perfection and fear the unknown.

Then, how can I achieve a sense of relaxation?

If I can actively accept and acknowledge my mistakes, and then make corrections, it will break the reinforcement cycle of fear and tension, thereby escaping from stress and anxiety and gaining a sense of relaxation.

Although I sometimes understand the reasoning but still struggle to live a good life, these words bring me peace. Choosing this way of life is not a mistake, and I can modify myself to attain a sense of relaxation.

I don’t have to be naturally perfect.

Every other page features curated Zhihu questions and answers. These answers come from professionals and experts in various fields, allowing us to gain a lot of new knowledge and insights from them.

At the same time, this calendar holds strong reference value. For example, you can revisit a past page with a question and answer to understand the events and figures of that period’s social background, thus enhancing our understanding of history and culture.

Choosing Zhihu Good Question 2024 as a gift, I believe the recipient will be very happy. It is not only a beautiful calendar, but also a valuable and meaningful tool. Your intention will surely be understood by them.

Romantic Gift from my Wife

After officially becoming a couple with my wife, I bought an iPad for her as the first gift for Qixi Festival. The wallpaper on the iPad is a photo that I took of my wife facing the sea in Rizhao. On the right side of the photo, it says “Seeing you, how can one not be delighted,” and on the left side, it says “When one encounters a person like a rainbow, only then does one know its existence.”

But I didn’t think it was particularly romantic. However, the gift my wife gave me was very romantic. It was this set of books:

For the rest of my life, it’s you in both storms and calmness, and wherever my gaze falls, it’s always you!

Even squatting down is a shape of loving you.

I want to kiss you, hug you, and hold you up high, 〃∀〃.

Biubiubiu, be careful, my heart.

Actually, the best gift is understanding the person. I graduated with a major in Chinese language and literature, and I have always loved various literary books since I was young. So, giving me books is the gift I like the most. I was deeply moved at that time, and this effect cannot be achieved by any other gift.

The best gift is that simple, and this personalized heartfelt gift is the best…

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Valentine’s Day Gift Recommendations

What are some gifts that you have received that have touched your heart and left a lasting impression? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! It’s another romantic holiday, so what Valentine’s Day gifts are you planning to give your boyfriend or girlfriend this year?

Heart and Wish Necklace

This necklace named “Beating Heart” exudes a strong sense of femininity and sweetness just from its name.

The heart-shaped pendant is designed with a touch of romanticism. The innovative design features two hearts interlocked, and the zircon stone in the middle can rotate 180 degrees, just like a heart beating for you!

The design of the beating heart is delicate, and the choice of material is definitely top-notch. The 18K gold plating process not only ensures that it is not easily deformed but also prevents it from fading, truly achieving a permanent luster that shines at any time.

It is very versatile with any outfit, especially when worn around the neck to reveal the collarbone, it exudes a touch of romance and sweetness. It comes in a gift box, making it a very grand gift!

Four-leaf Clover Bracelet

Some say that the four-leaf clover bracelet possesses magical powers and brings luck to girls who wear it.

Perhaps it’s because each leaf of the four-leaf clover carries a different meaning: hope, confidence, love, and luck respectively.

May the wearers of this lucky four-leaf clover bracelet be blessed with happiness and good fortune every day.

The design is exquisite, with a unique elegance.

The interplay of black agate and shimmering zircon under the sunlight creates a dreamy and romantic ambiance.

Wearing it on the wrist enhances one’s personal charm in every gesture.

Gift her this lucky four-leaf clover bracelet, and may luck always be by her side.

Several Bright Sculptors Bluetooth Speaker

This Valentine’s Day, give her/him a healing companion!

This Several Bright x Kanlixiang joint gift box is so ceremonial! With a Nordic-style color scheme, a brand new book-shaped gift box design, tearing it open reveals colorful clouds, and there is also a heartwarming healing text, bringing surprises, romance, and healing to everyone.

Not only is it a Bluetooth speaker, but it also functions as a sensor night light, wireless charger, and phone stand. It has a super high cost-performance ratio and is a multi-functional and healing home essential.

The moment you open it, you will truly be overwhelmed by the sense of ceremony and romance.

The color combination of milk coffee brown and sculpture white creates such a atmospheric feeling.

It’s a small but highly attractive device that fits perfectly in any corner of the house.

It is a very practical Bluetooth speaker with stereo dual speakers, and its sound quality is excellent. You can enjoy music freely by placing it on the bedside or in the bathroom.

Its sound quality is unexpectedly good, every frequency, every melody is well-balanced, embracing surround sound effects, making the music doubly healing!

As a desk lamp, its soft warm light, when combined with its advanced and simple appearance, blends seamlessly into the home environment, creating a full sense of atmosphere.

As a charger, just place your phone on it and it will start charging. It can also be propped up to act as a phone stand, allowing you to watch shows while charging. Girls can also use it as a light for makeup and photography!

Place it on the bedside table at night to enhance the bedtime ritual at a low cost. Not only is it practical, but it also provides warm companionship with your significant other every night.

It is also a joint collaboration with Kanlixiang.

Inside, there is a playlist that is very meaningful and I really like it!

Receiving this Valentine’s Day gift will make you happy for a long time!

Westinghouse BX3 Multi-function Waist Neck and Back Massager

This adorable and exquisite-looking Westinghouse BX3 massager truly makes you fall in love with its super comfortable massage effect.

It conforms to ergonomic design, closely fitting the curves of the neck and waist. It can not only massage the waist, but also relax the shoulders, neck, and especially the easily sore and painful trapezius muscles. It’s perfect for taking a quick massage break during work, simulating the feel of a real hand, and instantly relieving fatigue, making you feel alive again. It can also be used as a car backrest and headrest. What’s more, it can provide both hot compress and massage at the same time, which is incredibly considerate for women during their menstruation period.

It features an upgraded hardcore car-grade transmission engine that can reach a massage intensity of 65kg with full torque in an instant, penetrating 50mm into the deep muscles, quickly relieving fatigue and soreness.

The battery life is good, requiring charging only once a week. It can be used wirelessly, so you can even take it with you on business trips or travel.

Having this massager when you’re tired can really provide great relief. It’s very stress-relieving. Just a short massage can cure the weariness of the whole day, and it won’t get stuck even when lying down for massage.

It comes in a gift box packaging, making it perfect for personal use or as a gift.

Xiwu Y7 Warm Palace Belt

This warm palace belt is a hundred times more effective than “drinking hot water”! Most women feel uncomfortable during their menstrual period, and some even experience severe menstrual pain. This Xiwu Y7 warm palace belt effectively alleviates all kinds of discomfort during the menstrual period!

Available in two colors, Sakura Pink and Mint Green, the appearance is pleasing, and it comes in a gift box, making it a generous gift!

Built-in lithium battery, no need for an external power bank, compact and lightweight design (weighing about 178g), can be discreetly worn even during work, very convenient, protects privacy, and does not affect daily work and life.

Uses far-infrared heating technology, heats up quickly, and starts heating in just 30 seconds. The heating area is also much larger than ordinary warm palace belts. It has 3 adjustable temperature settings, providing both heating and massage functions, keeping the abdomen warm and away from discomfort during the menstrual period.

The suede lining is soft, gentle, and breathable. A thoughtful gift for women!

Spring Breeze Ten Miles, Fragrance of Flower Words

Spring Breeze Ten Miles, what a poetic name! It’s like a landscape ink painting, exuding elegance no matter where it is placed.

It is the kind of pure fragrance of gardenia, neither ordinary nor alluring, just perfectly clean.

It perfectly captures the intense scent of blooming gardenias, as if strolling along a path filled with these flowers. The soft and lingering fragrance makes one feel gentler after it fades.

Spraying it on the cuffs, even after a few days, one can still catch a faint floral scent on that coat.

Friends would say, “You smell so good!” and when they try to sniff it again, they can’t detect the scent of perfume, which made me wonder if I actually had body odor, hahaha.

It’s a great gift for girls or girlfriends.

Ji Guang Limited Edition Gift Box

The Ji Guang Wireless Mini Electric Gift Box is just too romantic!

The whole set is simple and elegant in white, and when paired with an exclusive red/orange snowflake sweater, it instantly sets the festive atmosphere!

If you don’t know what to give, just give this gift box! The gift box is exquisite and high-end, and it brings the double joy of opening a blind box and opening a gift!

The gift box contains: a small night light, a humidifier, a speaker, and a wireless charging pad.

Tap the light to emit a warm and intimate glow. It turns on with a single tap, providing enough sense of security for girls at night. It’s really convenient to place it on the bedside, and the warm light softens the whole environment.

With the wireless charging pad, you can simply place your phone on it to charge when you get home, no more searching for charging cables everywhere!

The speaker allows you to play music before bed, making you feel completely relaxed. Tap the light.

The humidifier is considerate for the dryness in winter, allowing girls to enjoy some soothing moisture~

This set looks really beautiful on the bedside. The milky color gives a warm feeling, making it a thoughtful and romantic gift for girls during the holiday season.

Xiwu Eye Massager

Nowadays, people work and study every day, using computers, smartphones, televisions, binge-watching dramas, playing games, etc. Almost everyone experiences eye strain. The eyes may feel dry, itchy, swollen, or sore. So, what should we do? We can’t ignore eye problems, right? Haha, hurry up and get this Xiwu eye massager. The effect is amazing.

This massager uses suede lining that is as soft as clouds. With 5 massage modes and dual airbags, it feels like fingertips massaging your eyes. Enjoy an eye spa anytime, anywhere!

After a tiring day of work, relax for 10 minutes and revive your eyes' vitality.

Before going to bed at night, activate the beauty mode, which provides a 42-degree hot compress. When used with eye cream, it promotes better absorption! Relieve dark circles and restore the clarity of your eyes.

It supports Bluetooth and has a long battery life. It is compact and easy to carry. It is like having a mobile eye masseuse! It comes in five colors, and each color is aesthetically pleasing. You can even match it with your partner’s version.

Ten Miles of Spring Breeze, Fragrance of Flower Words

The flameless fragrance diffuser of Ten Miles of Spring Breeze can be used all year round. The clean and pure fragrance of gardenia flowers is loved by girls.

What impresses me about this flameless fragrance diffuser is its safety and convenience. Simply insert the reed stick and it will automatically diffuse the fragrance without the danger of an open flame. It is safe even for households with children. Moreover, the fragrance of Flower Words is incredibly gentle. It is like a gardenia flower swaying gently in the early summer of the Jiangnan region, not overpowering or irritating. Every time I come home after work, as soon as I open the door, I am enveloped in the familiar and soothing scent of flowers. This is what home feels like!

It is also a great gift for girls!

Westinghouse Neck Massager UIX5

A must-have for “text neck” sufferers~ After a long day at work, especially in the teaching industry where we spend most of our time sitting at a desk, it’s time to relax with a neck massager.

I recently got the Westinghouse UIX5 neck massager, and it’s truly enjoyable when I feel fatigued~ The design is really stylish, like a high-end designer model. It’s wireless and lightweight, so I even like to take it with me when I go out. It’s very convenient and allows me to have a massage anytime, anywhere.

It comes with two different massage heads and 34 massage nodes, just like having two big hands massaging your neck at the same time. You can also experience kneading and pushing massage techniques simultaneously. With the upgraded heating function, it heats up in just 4 seconds, providing a warm and soothing massage experience.

My favorite feature is the clamp arm design, which allows me to wear it while doing other things. It’s truly a must-have for office workers!

Besides massaging the neck, it can also be used to massage the shoulders, legs, arms, and more. It’s truly versatile and incredibly comfortable!

Westinghouse Cervical Massager UJ01

The first neck massager on the market that uses a ten-thousand-yuan massage chair core for neck massages. Whether at work, at home, or even outside, you can enjoy a professional neck spa anytime, anywhere!

This cervical massager breaks the traditional massage method. It is upgraded with powerful kneading technology, just like an experienced masseur giving you a neck massage. It is strong and vigorous, with more professional techniques, relieving various discomforts of the neck specifically.

Using the same core technology as massage chairs, the massaging head has a stronger twisting force, applying more strength and massaging a wider area.

It can achieve dual techniques of manual kneading and massage, directly targeting the myofascial layer of sore muscles.

It has 3 adjustable modes, suitable for different users with different needs. It also uses large-area graphene heating function for rapid warm-up of the shoulders and neck in just 3 seconds.

Warm and cozy, both the shoulder and neck muscles are relaxed, with more thoughtful details.

It operates silently without causing any disturbance. It features a slow rebound sponge support, allowing you to work and massage at the same time. It has a soft and elastic texture.

It utilizes ergonomic neck protection to relieve pressure on the cervical spine. With a magnetic fastening design, it can be worn by people with different neck sizes.

The design is simple yet sophisticated, both stylish and tasteful, with high aesthetic value. As long as your neck is tired, you can wear it to soothe your weary cervical spine anytime, anywhere, without being limited by the scene! Whether at home/office or during commuting/traveling, you can use it to relax yourself at any time.

Friendly reminder: Click on the link below and contact customer service with the secret code “Zhihu Qing Wu Fei Yang” to enjoy the super low price of 699!

The Little Waist Necklace

VIGG’s Little Waist Necklace features a three-dimensional, personalized cylindrical design, interpreting the “sophisticated walking” with geometric aesthetics. The surface’s diamond-cutting refracts sparkling light, evoking a constant bloom of feminine elegance.

Wearing the delicate Little Waist Collarbone Chain highlights the slender and delicate collarbone, making it versatile with any outfit. Especially when paired with V-neck clothing, it accentuates the collarbone, turning you into a perfect little fairy, both alluring and sweet.

Same Model Waist Chain Bracelet

Isn’t it so stunning?

Travel Calendar from YanCang

This is actually a calendar, a design that is incredibly romantic and creative! The shape of an airplane ticket, flipping through each page brings excitement. 365 airplane tickets, 365 destinations, 365 journeys of healing. Due to the mask situation, I couldn’t go anywhere, but luckily this calendar fulfilled my travel dreams.

Every day is filled with surprises, being able to see different scenery. Follow this calendar on a virtual tour~ making every day worth looking forward to.

The back of each calendar page has written descriptions, each page designed like an airplane ticket, and the calendar pages are unique and tearable. It even comes with scenery frame cards, adding to the feeling of travel. It truly has a sense of ritual.

Feisennai Jiujiu Tabletop LED Makeup Mirror

Illuminate your beauty - Feisennai Jiujiu Mirror

Since I got this makeup mirror, it’s been easy to create exquisite makeup looks.

The Feisennai Jiujiu Mirror is an 8-inch 4k high-definition mirror with a large imaging area and a super bright surface. You can see your makeup and hair clearly. Its connecting rod is adjustable, so you don’t have to bend down anymore. It’s really convenient for drawing eyeliner and applying mascara, and you don’t have to worry about being heavy-handed anymore!

It has three adjustable light modes - cold light, warm light, and natural light, with 5 levels of infinite dimming. You can adjust it according to your preference and various makeup environments.

Moreover, its lighting is very soft, and it won’t harm your eyes even with long-term use! It’s really thoughtful!

The innovative touch control base is my favorite feature. The switch is located on the base, so there won’t be any fingerprints on the mirror!

With a large 4000mAh battery capacity, it can be used for 15 days on a single charge.

This Feisennai Jiujiu mirror is truly a beauty enhancer.

Ladies, get it now and become a little fairy!

JoyFlower Preserved Flower Teddy Bear Gift Box

The adorable and silly little bear hides beautiful roses behind its back, giving you a heart shape and waiting to surprise you at any time! The Preserved Flower Teddy Bear is so romantically designed!

Not only does it look good, but it is also very practical~

Not only is it a Preserved Flower Teddy Bear, but it is also a singing Bluetooth speaker! Just connect it to your phone and you can listen to your favorite music!

You can also customize a greeting card, giving her a unique blessing!

For more options and a comprehensive list of gifts for your girlfriend, please see here! We have sorted the gift list according to different categories.

| || |||||

Above all, I hope I can help you find a suitable gift for yourself!

Traces of Life

I have always enjoyed documenting the moments of my life since I was young, so I developed a habit of writing diaries. However, as I got busier with my studies, I didn’t have time to write diaries every day, so it turned into recording important events instead. As a result, besides notebooks, there are many things at home that bear the traces of my life. Especially the wall calendar, which used to be the kind with a landscape or celebrity picture plus a monthly calendar layout.

I started by cutting out pictures of my favorite celebrities from the calendar and putting them in my books. Later on, I directly wrote important things on the calendar, which developed into a habit of recording schedules. Even after I started working, many people started using the memo app on their phones, but I still prefer writing on a physical calendar.

Over the years, calendars have become more diverse. In addition to the lunar calendar and traditional holidays, there are also blank spaces where we can record events. I have a whole box filled with calendars from these years because they contain some work records and important event records that I can’t bear to throw away. I always think that maybe one day I might need them, so I keep them with my diary.

Two years ago and last year, I received calendars from a human resources website. They had photos of our column authors and some popular science content, which I thought was pretty good. But this year, when I received the 2024 Zhihu Calendar, I was truly amazed. It even added a sense of ceremony.

When I received the 2024 calendar, I realized that there were only a few dozen days left in 2023. From marveling at how time flies to feeling like there isn’t enough time, to reflecting on whether we have overlooked what we truly desire. This was the first feeling that the Zhihu Calendar brought to me: there are many interesting questions in the calendar that give me some food for thought, and it continues my habit of recording.

The first thing I do when I arrive at the office every morning is to look at the Zhihu Calendar. If there are urgent and important tasks on my to-do list, I will complete them first. If not, I will look at the questions and answers on the calendar and start an interesting day.

Compared to apps like memo apps on phones, I prefer using a physical calendar during work hours because it helps me focus better. When I open the memo app or to-do list on my phone, I often receive notifications of other things, and then naturally deal with those matters, allowing several tens of minutes or even hours to pass by.

Even if we have good time management, there will always be unexpected incidents in work and life. Many times, things that we think can be solved in a few minutes end up taking much more time than estimated. This not only prevents us from focusing on one thing but also becomes an obstacle to time management. A calendar is a better choice.

  • We can record to-do items in the blank spaces and mark them as completed once we finish them.
  • We can also write down a sentence that we think of temporarily, it could be a current realization or a memory that comes to mind.
  • We can also record the wonderful things happening in the present, whether they are small things or large tasks that take a long time to complete.

By casually recording these, it doesn’t disrupt our time management plan and allows us to catch a glimpse of these soothing words amidst the busyness of work, making our work more relaxed.

The calendar doesn’t necessarily have to be placed on the desktop. I tried putting the calendar next to my counter, and when I get tired from work, I naturally turn to look out the window, where I can see the calendar too. The feeling at that moment is like seeing a friend who always accompanies me, a friend who doesn’t speak, only records. Sometimes when we get busy, we tend to forget some things. When I see the calendar, before even looking at my to-do list, I naturally remember what important things need to be done today. It’s quite magical.

During tea time in the afternoon, I can flip through the interesting Q&A on the calendar, adding a bit of fun to my work time. At this time, the temperature of the tea is just right for drinking. I take a few sips and continue working.

In addition to more than 300 interesting and high-quality Q&A, there are also the 24 solar terms and Liu Kanshan’s cosplay of famous paintings monthly page. Liu Kanshan is our “beloved pet” among Zhihu users. I have received his figurines and collectibles before, and I have to say that this Zhihu calendar really understands me. It deeply resonates with me.

The paper of this calendar feels like a postcard, and flipping the pages is smooth. After tearing off a page, there is no glue residue. It is also not coated, with low saturation and no reflection, making the experience of writing on it particularly enjoyable. I am a “vintage” literature lover who likes to write with a fountain pen.

The accompanying stand for the Zhihu Calendar is also full of details and professionalism. Firstly, it has a 30° supporting angle that conforms to ergonomics. Secondly, it is made of carbon steel, so it is very sturdy. Lastly, it has a magnetic function and can be used as a calendar, message board, bookshelf, and it even has a punching feature, allowing charging cables to go through and be used as a phone stand without obstructing charging. It’s truly practical. This design really deserves praise, as many phone stands on the market currently do not take charging into consideration.

The 300 Q&A in this calendar are all carefully selected and interesting. At first, I wanted to see if there was any content related to myself, but then I thought I would slowly read through them all. It would be a pleasant surprise if one day I come across my own content. The pictures are also well-made. I especially like the cosplay of Liu Kanshan’s famous paintings. Even the calendar stand is a versatile and practical item. Every design is full of a sense of ceremony. How can I not love this calendar! This is the most unforgettable gift I have received so far this year!

Zhihu 2024 Calendar: Commemorating Time

Sometimes, even in the mundane aspects of life, we still need a sense of ceremony.

A life with a sense of ceremony may be an unintended ray of sunshine or greetings from a dear friend.

Whether it’s a material or spiritual sense of ceremony, it will add a touch of brightness to our lives.

Recently, I have been receiving greetings from different friends and reconnecting with old friends.

Looking at the creative products brought by friends, I suddenly realized that I have received so many gifts this year.

Living alone in a strange city is not necessarily lonely or sad.


Recently, I received the Zhihu 2024 Calendar.

I was immediately interested in the Zhihu 2024 Calendar because I felt that time was passing by too quickly, and I needed something to commemorate it. Otherwise, when I look back, it would seem like a year of nothingness, a year of mediocrity.

When I first received the Zhihu 2024 Calendar, I was very happy. After all, in 2024, I will have a new way to record time. I am also looking forward to what new discoveries and experiences it will bring.

Fortunately, it didn’t disappoint me after I received it. On the contrary, I was pleasantly surprised.


Let’s talk about the packaging first. The packaging is in perfect condition with three layers of protection.

The first layer of protection is the packaging from the courier, which has a cushioning effect.

The second layer of protection is the inflatable packaging, probably to prevent the gift box from being damaged during transportation. For those who often buy books online, the most unacceptable thing may be receiving a book with dents and scratches. Although it doesn’t affect reading, it is still unacceptable for perfectionists.

The third layer of protection is the gift box itself. The packaging inside the gift box is seamless. It can be seen that the design process is specifically aimed at minimizing the impact of bumps and scratches on the experience. (The black circle is the seamless protection.)


Now let’s talk about the product itself.

The Zhihu 2024 Calendar comes in two colors, and the one I received is red, which might be more suitable for the New Year atmosphere.

Opening the packaging box, there is an instruction manual that explains how to use the gift box. Actually, after taking a glance, you can already figure out how to assemble it, but the design still deserves praise.

The assembled effect is very ceremonial.


Lastly, let’s talk about the product details.

No matter how beautiful the design is, we still need to realize that the core of this creative product is the “calendar” function.

Therefore, when opening the first page, you can see the overview of the entire month. It can be said that it is very functional and creates a strong atmosphere.

On the first page, there is also a feeling of a new beginning, which can’t help but inspire me to set new goals for the new year.


As for the inner pages of the product, a random flip reveals the joy of finding interesting things in a boring life.

In conclusion, I have been constantly thinking about what gift best represents cherishing friendship for my friends.

But I think as long as it is a thoughtful gift, it will definitely bring happiness.

Just like the motto of Zhan Xin Jia, “Seeing words as if seeing one’s face.”

If you also want to bring this joy to your friends, why not make it their first gift of the new year?

“Zhihu Good Questions 2024”: A Surprising Gift With a Sense of Ceremony

Life needs a sense of ceremony. There are always those moments that can make you joyful, and those moments that can bring tears to your eyes. A gift is often a great way to create such moments. Truly unforgettable and touching gifts do not depend on their price, but rather on the thoughtfulness and intention of the gift giver. Whether it is a long-awaited scarf, a lipstick, or a calendar that carries deep meaning, they can all bring surprising and touching moments to people.

“Zhihu Good Questions 2024” may seem like a simple calendar, but every page holds a different surprise. Seek happiness in the thought-provoking questions, find solace in the unique answers. With 365 days in a year, each day is filled with anticipation, and of course, every anticipation includes you.

With a colorful hot-stamped cover and a textured feel, the vermillion red is not flashy but rather enigmatic. The delicately thick, uncoated paper merges together, revealing a sense of sophistication within the texture. The whole thick book is versatile, whether placed on the desk at home or in the office, or on the desk in a dorm room. Even more interesting is the bookstand—it can hold up the 365-page calendar of “Zhihu Good Questions 2024”. Once the year is over, it can be used as a phone holder or to prop up a book that you are currently reading, making it very practical.

This is a carefully curated collection of 342 high-quality questions and answers from over 500 million Q&A interactions on Zhihu. These questions cover a wide range of topics, from popular science and mind-bending riddles to emotional conundrums. Every day, every page is a different surprise. You may learn knowledge from it, find answers to long-lasting questions, find solace for a restless soul, or unravel the mysteries of life.

For example:

  • What are some little-known facts about rabbits?
  • Do fish really have a memory span of only 7 seconds, and where does this legend come from?
  • Is it possible to produce food with a shelf life of 1,000 years?
  • What are some inventions that are so mind-boggling no one can come up with them?
  • If farts smelled pleasant, would people still feel embarrassed when passing gas?

The answers to these questions are cleverly hidden on the back of each page, making it both surprising and eagerly anticipated. Honestly, no woman can resist the temptation of a sense of ceremony.

Of course, the illustrations are even more intriguing. Each page of “Zhihu Good Questions 2024” is accompanied by exquisite original illustrations that correspond to the text. The rich colors, well-balanced compositions, seemingly casually sketched lines, and meticulously drawn images include both world-famous paintings and traditional Chinese paintings. Every page conveys a sense of ceremony that fills life.

The distance between people will either become closer or more distant depending on the distance of their hearts. A small gift can make every day special. The beautiful illustrations, interesting stories, abundant content, high-quality cover, and packaging of “Zhihu Good Questions 2024” hide your thoughtful intentions and bring endless touch to your loved one. Make every day worth looking forward to.