What are the face masks that can help moisturize and hydrate dry skin in heated rooms during winter?

In winter, the air in air-conditioned rooms is very dry After washing my face at night, even using lotion directly, I still feel that my face easily becomes dry and powdery the next day Can you share some good moisturizing masks suitable for winter use?

The Most Amazing Face Mask - SK-II Ex-Boyfriend Mask, Brightening and Removing Yellow in Minutes!

Hydrating Recommendation - L’Oreal Ampoule Mask, Truly Moisturizing!

Sensitive Skin Recommendation - Yuzeki’s Reassuring Mask, Hydrating and Repairing in One! The most stunning mask I’ve ever used is definitely SK-II’s ex-boyfriend mask, it brightens and removes yellowing in minutes~

For pure hydration, I recommend L’Oréal’s ampoule mask, it really hydrates and moisturizes~

For sensitive skin, I recommend Yuze’s calming mask, it hydrates and repairs without any issues~

SK-II’s ex-boyfriend mask

The king of Japanese masks, it gives off a natural glow even without makeup, applying a sheet before a date is simply divine~

The soul ingredient is Pitera, a magical active yeast essence, rich in over 50 nutrients, it can moisturize, refine pores, hydrate and control oil, repair damages… Unlike other yeast essences, it’s the one and only Pitera!

Did you know that one sheet mask is equivalent to half a bottle of miracle water essence? It absorbs better and faster, instantly filling every pore with water, and most importantly, it provides intensive and deep repair for the skin.

After using it, the skin becomes smooth and delicate, pores vanish, the skin is illuminated, moisturized, and radiant, like a little light bulb, the whole face looks youthful and revitalized! No wonder it’s called the ex-boyfriend mask, it means it makes your ex-boyfriend regret losing you, it truly deserves its price, turning you into a little fairy instantly after applying it!!!

The cotton mask cloth is super comfortable, with multiple cuts that fit the skin perfectly, and it contains abundant essence, SK-II is the ultimate choice… It’s definitely essential, if only it wasn’t so expensive, I would stock up on it as much as I could!!!

L’Oréal ampoule hyaluronic acid moisturizing mask

This mask is purely moisturizing, you can try L’Oréal’s ampoule hyaluronic acid moisturizing mask~

First of all, it has separate mask and essence, you need to soak the mask cloth in the essence yourself to ensure the freshness and potency of the essence. The main ingredient is “triple hyaluronic acid,” which has the main effects of hydrating, moisturizing, and reducing wrinkles. There are no added ingredients, no risky components, no preservatives, it’s mild and non-irritating, even for my oily and acne-prone sensitive skin, there is no discomfort when applying it.

I have to mention that the material of the mask is amazing, it’s made of silk, neither too thin nor too thick, scientifically cut, fits the face extremely well, it’s probably the best-fitting one I’ve ever used, it feels like it’s part of my face!

During the application, I felt that the essence was particularly abundant, as if it was being poured into my pores profoundly, no matter how long I applied it, it never dried out. After using it, the skin feels deeply hydrated, probably due to the hyaluronic acid, the skin feels extremely smooth, like it has been injected with hyaluronic acid, all the fine lines are completely filled and disappear, the skin looks glossy and delicate, like a peeled egg!

Although this is a purely moisturizing mask, it also feels firming and lifting, the entire jawline feels lifted, saying goodbye to dryness and sagging, it’s the ultimate mask for staying up late!

Yuze Centella Soothing Repair Mask

For sensitive skin, I recommend Yuze’s centella soothing repair mask, you can stock up on it!

No matter if you have redness, acne, or damaged skin, you can use it for emergency rescue!

  • Core ingredients: centella asiatica + hyaluronic acid + prebiotics
  • Main effects: soothing relief + stabilizing repair
  • Suitable for all skin types, especially suitable for sensitive and fragile skin.

I really love this mask cloth, it’s very unique, it’s dry! This is because it adopts the American RW freeze-drying technology, which freezes the essence on the mask cloth, it’s not easy for bacteria to breed, it’s clean and hygienic, you can use it on the go!

It’s very simple to use, take out the mask cloth, pour some purified water on it, wait for a minute until the mask cloth is soaked, then you can apply it on your face. The essence is super abundant and the mask cloth fits perfectly!

This mask is free of additives, no alcohol, no fragrance, no colorants, no preservatives. It’s safe for sensitive skin! Whether it’s redness, acne, dryness, itching, stinging, post-operative repair, or soothing after sun exposure, you can’t go wrong with it.

As an emergency repair mask, it can be used all year round, better get it fast~

The Use and Efficacy of Face Masks

The Experiment of Little Frog: I really don’t want you to be tricked by facial oil again. Here is a summary of the truth about more than 10 facial oils!

For mask recommendations, I think soothing is the main focus. After all, there’s a line in the title that says, “It’s very dry in air-conditioned rooms in winter.” I’ve been a product manager in the cosmetics industry for seven years, and in these years, I’ve used more than 100 different masks. I’ve specifically selected six masks that are focused on repairing damaged skin to recommend to everyone from the aspects of ingredients, sheet material/sensation, and comparative analysis:

There are several key points for soothing and moisturizing masks:

1. Safety of ingredients: Safety is the top priority, so masks with irritating ingredients should be avoided.

2. Good soothing effect: Simply moisturizing is not enough for sensitive skin. The chosen mask should have a soothing and redness-reducing function in order to achieve a 1+1>2 effect.

Based on the analysis, here are my recommendations:

Youselin Soothing Repair Mask (Excellent), Zhiyan Triple Protein Mask (Excellent), Kefumei Soothing Mask (Excellent);

Runbaiyan White Gauze Mask (Average), La Roche-Posay B5 Mask (Average), Mibeier Soothing Repair Mask (Average)

1. Youselin Soothing Repair Mask, 5 pieces/185 RMB (Excellent)

Youselin is a brand under the German Beiersdorf Group, with the main ingredients being 4-tert-butylcyclohexanol, vitamin B5, and centella asiatica extract. 4-tert-butylcyclohexanol is a patented technology of Beiersdorf in Germany, which has the ability to inhibit the skin’s capsaicin receptor, in simple terms, it can reduce pain and relieve redness when used on sensitive skin.

Youselin’s Soothing Redness Repair effect is very quick. The ingredients are as simple as their Soothing Cream, and the efficacy is good. It is indeed effective and easy to use, but it is also expensive. 185 RMB is the highest price among the six masks.

User experience:

Youselin’s mask has a vertical texture, medium thickness, and the sheet material is a bit stiff. The cut around the eyes doesn’t fit very well. The redness-reducing effect is very good, but the user experience is average.

2. Zhiyan Triple Protein Mask, 5 pieces/123 RMB (Excellent)

Zhiyan is a cost-effective mask that soothes and repairs the skin barrier well. Especially for emergency hydration and redness relief after sun exposure, it works very quickly and is suitable for sensitive skin.

The core ingredient is the researched triple protein, which includes human collagen, pearl protein, and fibronectin. Pearl protein can form a protective film on the skin surface, providing an excellent environment for repair.

User experience:

Zhiyan’s mask is refreshing, non-greasy, and absorbs quickly. The sheet material is really good, thin and adheres well. It can hold a lot of essence, so there won’t be continuous dripping when using their mask.

Among the six masks, the sheet material of Zhiyan’s mask is the second thinnest, with Kefumei being the thinnest. However, the thickness of Zhiyan’s mask is just right. There is no discomfort when applying it on the face. Personally, it feels gentle and has a good effect on sensitive skin.

3. Kefumei Soothing Mask (Excellent)

Kefumei is a brand under the giant biological company. The main feature of this mask is the four different molecular weights of collagen. Other common effective ingredients include hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, centella asiatica extract, ceramides, etc.

User experience:

Kefumei is a mesh gauze mask, and it is the thinnest among the six masks. Because the sheet material has a grid pattern, it is thin and transparent. When applying the mask, you can clearly feel the soothing effect on the skin. However, because the sheet material is too thin and there is a lot of essence, the sheet cannot hold it and it will keep dripping. This aspect of the user experience is not very good.

4. Runbaiyan White Gauze Mask (Average)

Runbaiyan is a brand under Huaxi Biology. It uses higher-quality ingredients and has a higher positioning than its sister brand, Mibeier. The main ingredients of this mask are hyaluronic acid, ceramides, niacinamide, and 4-tert-butylcyclohexanol, which are similar to the ingredients of Kefumei and Youselin mentioned above. However, it contains controversial preservatives such as methyl paraben and propyl paraben, so if you mind the odor and preservatives, it is not recommended.

User experience:

The gauze material of Runbaiyan’s mask has a cross pattern. The overall design is simple and natural, and it feels comfortable to touch. However, there is a strong herbal scent because of the herbal extract of Huoxiang… Yes, it’s the same Huoxiang as the Huoxiang Zhengqi water. The smell is quite strong. There are also two preservatives, methyl paraben and propyl paraben, which you may want to avoid if you mind the smell and preservatives.

5. La Roche-Posay B5 Mask (Average)

La Roche-Posay B5 is a brand under L’Oréal. The main ingredient is vitamin B5, which is also the brand’s signature ingredient. It is worth noting that this mask may not be suitable for sensitive skin, as it contains a high amount of 1,3-propanediol, which is listed as the second ingredient.

User experience:

La Roche-Posay’s products all focus on vitamin B5, and they are a bit expensive. Domestic products, on the other hand, can be more affordable. For example, 5% vitamin B5 can be obtained for 60 RMB. Personally, I felt a stinging sensation when using this product, perhaps due to the high content of 1,3-propanediol, and it also has an alcohol-like smell (the smell of 1,3-propanediol).

6. Mibeier Soothing Repair Mask

Mibeier is a product under Huaxi Biology, and it is the cheapest among the six masks at 88 RMB. The ingredients are similar to Runbaiyan’s white gauze mask, as they are from the same group. However, it lacks the core ingredient 4-tert-butylcyclohexanol, and the amounts of other ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, horse chestnut extract, and centella asiatica extract are relatively low. Overall, its ingredients are similar to an ordinary moisturizing mask.

User experience:

Mibeier’s mask is average compared to the other masks. It doesn’t have any outstanding advantages. After all, it is the cheapest among the six masks. When using it, it was found that it doesn’t cover the sides of the nose well and doesn’t adhere well around the eyes.


Youselin, Kefumei, and Zhiyan are suitable for sensitive skin, and they are gentle, effective, and not misleading. In addition, Runbaiyan has a strong herbal scent. As for La Roche-Posay, it will depend on individual preferences. Mibeier is an ordinary moisturizing mask with no special advantages.

Supplement: Why doesn’t the skin improve even after using masks every day?

1. Is it true that the skin feels better after using a mask?

Well, that’s just a superficial effect… The mask has a layer of sheet material that prevents moisture from evaporating, so the moisture cannot evaporate and instead goes into the deeper layers of the skin. We call this phenomenon “physical sealing.”

“Physical sealing” prolongs the hydration process by reducing the evaporation of water molecules, allowing the skin to absorb the moisture.

We have learned in middle school physics about mirror reflection and diffuse reflection. Which reflection do you think makes the skin look better?

The answer is mirror reflection.

The smoother the skin, the closer it is to mirror reflection, giving it a natural and radiant appearance. If the skin is rough (with acne scars, for example), there will be more diffuse reflection, making the skin look dull and rough. The skin has texture and is not completely smooth, just like the diffuse reflection on the right side of the image.

Because the sheet material prevents the moisture from evaporating, the outermost layer of the skin absorbs a large amount of moisture after using the mask, making the face appear plumped. At this time, the skin looks smooth and fine. (Principle: increased mirror reflection)

However, the effect of this “physical sealing” of the mask disappears after removing the mask, and after an hour, the skin returns to its original state.

Foundation, concealer, and other makeup products also use the principle of mirror reflection to make the skin look more radiant.

2. What are the effects of masks, then?

Masks do have some effects, but they are not as good as advertised. A mask that costs 10 RMB per sheet may cost around 1 RMB to produce (including the essence and sheet material), so its effect is mainly moisturizing.

What about masks that cost 100+ RMB each?

Masks that cost 100+ RMB may contain active ingredients. The most common ones are soothing and anti-allergic, anti-oxidative, or unique fermented filtrate products, such as SK-II’s “ex-boyfriend” mask and Estée Lauder’s Iron Man mask. However, masks that cost 100+ RMB are too expensive. You can buy a bottle of essence with the same amount of money as three sheets of those masks.

Summary: “Cheap” masks mainly provide moisturizing effects, and “high-end” masks do have soothing, anti-allergic, and anti-oxidative effects, but they are very expensive and not cost-effective.

3. What about the absorption of masks through the skin?

If we must talk about one effect of masks, it would be their ability to be absorbed through the skin.

Have you ever used a “medicated plaster” (a type of adhesive bandage) for sports injuries? Medicated plasters are commonly used in sports medicine and are usually worn for about 12 hours, and adhesive plasters for thermal therapy may be worn even longer (up to three days).

What does a “medicated plaster” have to do with masks?

Of course, there is a connection. Whether it’s a “medicated plaster” or a mask, both need to be absorbed through the skin, and any substance that needs to be absorbed through the skin must meet the following conditions:

  1. The molecular weight must be small enough.
  2. The polarity should be moderate.
  3. It should be both hydrophilic and lipophilic.
  4. It should have both positive and negative charges.

But true transdermal absorption takes a long, long time!!!

For example, in our laboratory, we often conduct transdermal experiments on mice and pig skin. In these animal experiments, the time is set at 24 hours, and after 24 hours, the skin is processed and the amount of transdermal absorption is measured.

Summary: The idea that masks can be effectively absorbed in just a few minutes is quite far-fetched. If you wash your face immediately after using a mask, then it will only have a moisturizing effect.

4. Why do most masks seem to be ineffective?

The biggest problem with masks is not that they are ineffective, but that they are overused! Fan Bingbing mentioned in a TV show that she uses a few hundred masks every year and claims to leave them on for 1 hour each time.

The normal hydration level of the stratum corneum is between 10% and 20%, and masks can increase the hydration level of the stratum corneum. However, this causes the tightly packed lipid bilayers to become loose. Swollen cells that continually absorb water become 2 to 4 times their original size.

These “giant” cells disrupt the originally compact cellular structure, and the swollen cells are unable to stay on the surface of the skin as they should, so they begin to peel abnormally, causing serious damage to the skin barrier. People who use masks for a long time and with high frequency often experience problems such as peeling, flaking, red blood vessels, and even rash and allergies.

Summary: If you follow Bingbing’s approach, you will get “hydrating dermatitis” caused by long-term and high-frequency use of masks, resulting in swelling and abnormal peeling of the stratum corneum cells, leading to dermatitis.

5. Are medical beauty masks effective?

Medical beauty masks are also moisturizing masks.

The biggest difference between “medical beauty masks” and “ordinary masks” in terms of regulations is the “medical device registration number” and “cosmetic registration number.” As for the functional aspects of the masks, well… they are actually quite similar. If we have to point out a difference, it’s that medical beauty masks have fewer microbes.

The production environment of “medical beauty masks” has higher requirements for cleanliness, resulting in fewer microbial contaminations during production. Therefore, the “medical beauty masks” have less preservatives, and some may even be preservative-free.

In terms of the irritating effects of preservatives, it is true that preservative-free “medical beauty masks” are milder, but this is only related to the irritancy of the preservatives. For normal skin, it doesn’t really matter. If you are particular about preservatives and think that they cause stinging, then you can choose “medical beauty masks” directly.


1: Masks are magical and can make the skin instantly feel “improved,” “lifted and firm,” and “brightened,” but these effects are temporary.

2: The main effect of “medical beauty masks” and regular masks is moisturizing. If you want other effects, the price will double.

3: The biggest problem with masks is overuse. Using masks for a long time and with high frequency can cause swelling and abnormal peeling of the skin cells, leading to inflammation. It is simply not worth it.

4: It is recommended to use masks 1-2 times a week, for no more than 20 minutes each time.

5: If you have dermatitis or skin diseases, it is not recommended to use masks. Go to the hospital for treatment; that is more effective.

Recommendation: Two moisturizing masks for dry winter skin.

In the cold winter, the north has heating, and the south has the reputation of being “upright and righteous”!

A few years ago, when I traveled to Beijing in the winter and stayed there for one or two weeks, I truly experienced the warmth of the heating in the north! Although there is heating, the dryness of the heated rooms is also very annoying because of static electricity!

Therefore, in the winter heated rooms, the skin easily becomes dry and dehydrated, so I recommend two masks that can help moisturize, hydrate, and repair!

I. Adverse Effects Caused by Skin Dehydration

  1. Weakening of the Skin Barrier

We all know that the skin barrier is the first line of defense for our skin, protecting it from harmful external factors!

However, if the skin is dehydrated, the lack of moisture will affect the normal functioning of skin cells, leading to a weakened or even damaged skin barrier!

  1. Skin Peeling, Dryness, and Itching

When the skin barrier weakens, the moisture in the stratum corneum is lost more rapidly. Without moisturization, the skin becomes dry, itchy, and painful!

  1. Dull and Yellowish Complexion

When our skin is dehydrated, the stratum corneum in the epidermis becomes thinner, leading to a weakened function of the skin barrier. At this time, external stimuli such as ultraviolet rays and air pollution are more likely to invade the skin, causing damage to the skin.

Especially when the skin is dehydrated, it can also cause poor blood circulation, making the skin unable to fully absorb nutrients and oxygen, resulting in a dull and yellowish complexion!

  1. Loss of Elasticity, Wrinkles, and Accelerated Aging

When the skin is dehydrated, the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers is hindered, resulting in loss of skin elasticity.

Skin dehydration can cause dryness and sagging of the skin, leading to the formation of wrinkles.

Insufficient skin moisture can slow down the skin cell turnover and affect the skin’s self-repair ability, thereby accelerating skin aging!

  1. Enlarged Pores

Skin dehydration can cause thickening of the stratum corneum, which in turn affects the skin’s turnover, preventing the normal renewal of cells around the pores and leading to enlarged pores!

At the same time, skin dehydration can also disrupt the balance of water and oil on the skin surface. Oil is the protective barrier of our skin, which can lock in moisture and prevent water loss. When the skin is dehydrated, the secretion of sebum by the sebaceous glands is reduced, making the skin more vulnerable to the external environment, and pores can become enlarged!

Therefore, the consequences of skin dehydration and the resulting skin problems can significantly affect one’s mood!

However, masks that moisturize and hydrate can slightly alleviate the dryness and dehydration of the skin.

  1. Medical Cold Compress Mask

The medical cold compress mask, also known as a medical-grade mask, is produced in a sterile workshop, and it also has the ability to repair the skin at a medical level!

Firstly, its material is silk, which has a high permeability for the penetration of essences into the skin.

Secondly, among the many masks I have used, it has the highest penetration rate!

Lastly, it not only has the effect of moisturizing and hydrating, but also repairs the skin. Many of my clients who have uneven skin tone, acne, or aging skin have used it, and the results are satisfying!

Therefore, this mask’s moisturizing, hydrating, and repairing effects are really good, especially suitable for dry and dehydrated skin in heated rooms during the winter!

  1. White Crane Reishi Freeze-Dried Essence Mask

Just by looking at the name of this mask, you can tell that it has a high-quality grade!

Firstly, it is made of a wooden fabric that promotes the absorption of the essence by the skin.

Secondly, among the masks I have used, it has a relatively high-quality essence.

Lastly, after using this mask, I feel that it not only has good moisturizing and hydrating effects but also provides excellent whitening and repairing effects!

This is thanks to its high-quality formula, which is clean, safe, and effective!

Therefore, based on both my personal experience and the quality of the mask itself, this mask’s moisturizing, hydrating, and repairing effects are really good, especially suitable for dry and dehydrated skin in heated rooms during the winter!

III. Suggestions

Having stayed in heated rooms, I deeply understand how uncomfortable it is to have dry and dehydrated skin! Therefore, I suggest the following:

  1. Increase Moisturizing Power

In addition to using moisturizing and repairing masks after work, before entering heated rooms during the day, choose highly moisturizing creams, and you can even combine them with facial oils to enhance the moisturizing power on the skin!

  1. Drink Water Timely

Furthermore, drink plenty of water to replenish the body’s hydration and alleviate dryness.

  1. Increase Humidity in the Environment

If possible, add a humidifier nearby to increase the humidity and relieve the dry environment.

Only by combining these measures can the dry and dehydrated skin in heated rooms be effectively improved, and moisturizing and hydrating masks are just a small part of it!

Moisturizing cream vs Hydrating cream: The Difference Explained

Sorry, none of them can, because hydration and moisturization are not the same concept.

The moisturizers we use daily generally contain two basic ingredients: humectants and occlusives. Humectants are usually hydrophilic ingredients that can bind water molecules to replenish moisture to the skin, while occlusives are usually hydrophobic oils that form a hydrophobic film on the skin surface to prevent excessive water evaporation.

This is similar to the skin’s own ability to retain water, which includes natural moisturizing factors, such as water-binding molecules and glycerin, as well as a complete barrier (brick wall structure and sebum film) that helps the skin retain moisture.

Both are indispensable.

Sheet masks are generally humectants, and their sealing effect can quickly hydrate the skin, but it’s temporary. After removing the sheet mask, the moisture evaporates quickly, especially in dry autumn and winter environments.

So if you’re asking about a sheet mask that can hydrate the skin, any medical beauty mask priced around 20 to 30 RMB can. But if you’re asking about a sheet mask that can both hydrate and moisturize the skin, EMMM… well, it’s not that there aren’t any, but they are just playing word games. I once received a claimed moisturizing mask as a gift when purchasing something, but it was just a regular mask combined with an oil to be applied immediately after using the mask.

(I received two sheets, but I’ve only used one in over two years.)

See! It’s that simple and straightforward. If you want moisturization, you just need a dab of squalane, applied after using the sheet mask.

When the skin is dry, most people’s first thought is to use a sheet mask, which tends to prioritize the sense of ritual over practicality.

As mentioned earlier, the skin itself has its own ability to retain water, including the brick wall structure and the hydrolipidic film, with the brick wall structure being more widely understood as the skin barrier.

It has powerful functions, but it’s somewhat fragile and easily influenced by skincare products and the external environment, resulting in an imperfect barrier structure and reduced ability to retain water and resist irritation.

The hydrolipidic film is a milky film formed on the skin surface by the combination of sebum secreted by sebaceous glands and sweat secreted by sweat glands. It mainly consists of squalene, wax, triglycerides, cholesterol esters, and cholesterol. Smart friends will know why the skin gets drier in autumn and winter - it’s because sebum and sweat secretion decrease during this time.

In addition, low air humidity, cold weather, and strong winds in autumn and winter accelerate the loss of skin moisture.

So, when both the brick wall structure and the hydrolipidic film are unable to function properly, the skin will inevitably become dry.

What should you do then?

Of course, it’s to maintain and improve the skin barrier while minimizing the loss of skin moisture.

That is, use a gentle cleanser and a more moisturizing moisturizer that can effectively prevent water loss instead of frequently using sheet masks, which only provide temporary relief.

You can still use sheet masks, but after using them, remember to use a moisturizer or other occlusive to lock in the moisture. The same principle applies to facial mists.

Currently, the most effective occlusive is petrolatum, yes, it’s that cheap and not-so-great-feeling petroleum jelly, which can even reduce more than 90% of water loss.

Others, such as mineral oil, plant oils, and silicone oils, can also occlude the skin’s moisture, and oils can soften delicate and dry keratinocytes, making the skin more supple and less “fragile”.

Moisturizers can also help restore the barrier, which is a long-lasting solution. A healthy barrier can reduce water loss and improve the skin’s ability to resist irritation.

So, choose a good moisturizer and develop a good skincare routine. It’s really convenient, at least you won’t have to resort to emergency measures every autumn and winter.

PS: Frequently using sheet masks is really not a good habit!

Choose Moisturizing Cream for Winter Skincare.

I suggest replacing the lotion with a highly moisturizing cream. For winter nighttime skincare, you can use toner + functional essence + moisturizing cream. This way, you can maintain moisture and achieve improved skin effects. Take advantage of the winter season for whitening, etc. I have dry skin myself and don’t cover myself with a blanket when I sleep at night, so I also use air conditioning. The recent skincare routine I’ve been using is suitable for my skin, which is naturally aging and in need of moisture. It feels moisturizing and comfortable, and my skin looks plump in the morning.

- Facial Masks: Sheet Masks may not have long-lasting moisturizing effects, but they are excellent for emergency situations, especially when your skin is dry and tight. Over the past 10 years, sheet masks have gone through a period of rise, brilliance, and a return to rationality, coinciding with my career. Back in the day, even small workshops folding mask fabrics were making a fortune. However, the improvement of the skin from sheet masks is mainly due to the short-term contact between the fabric and the skin, which allows the stratum corneum to absorb water thoroughly. They can be a great emergency solution when your skin is extremely dry, but the effects do not last for a particularly long time, so you still need to use a moisturizing cream afterwards.

Moisturizing masks should focus on cost-effectiveness. If a mask can’t even provide moisturizing effects, it doesn’t deserve to exist to this day.

- Cream Masks: Cream masks are actually a classic type of product. Have you seen “The Extraordinary Mrs. Maisel”? The protagonist applies cream masks every day and washes them off before her husband wakes up. That’s exactly what cream masks are!

One representative product in this category is Fresh’s Black Tea Overnight Mask, which has a high oil content and a very moisturizing texture. The next day after use, the brightness and smoothness of the entire face can be noticeably improved. Although it is more expensive, I will stock up on it when there are discounts available.

In recent years, there have been many popular cream masks among domestic brands, such as Mibier’s Blue Bandage and Zhenben’s Special Soothing Repair. They are very suitable for sensitive skin or during seasonal changes. With 10% panthenol for intense hydration and repair, they also offer good value for money. If you feel like your skin just can’t retain moisture and has a weak barrier, you can consider trying these.

In conclusion, skincare products are always subjective to individual compatibility. It’s important to find the skincare routine that works best for your own skin. Nowadays, many channels offer trial samples, and when you purchase products, you often receive free samples. I always recommend “trying before buying, as both your skin and wallet will appreciate it” haha~

Dry and Dehydrated Skin: Causes and Solutions

Moisturizing dry and dehydrated skin is not an easy task. It is not as simple as buying a mask or a bottle of lotion and applying it to improve dryness and dehydration. In fact, these things you put on your skin cannot effectively improve dryness in the long run, and your skin will still be dry as before.

First, let’s talk about why some skin becomes dry:

  • Insufficient sebum secretion by the skin itself
  • Poor ability of the stratum corneum to retain moisture
  • Low production of moisturizing factors

To put it simply, the skin does not produce enough oil, the skin barrier is unhealthy, and the skin has a weak ability to retain moisture. It’s like having both “water shortage” and “oil shortage” in the skin.

Of course, apart from inherent factors, the environment also plays a significant role in whether the skin is dry. For example, someone with oily skin in Hainan may become dry-skinned in autumn and winter. Some people may have oily skin in summer and dry skin in autumn and winter.

Now, what actions can reduce skin dryness?

  • Ensure adequate water intake. Internally, consume fish oil and ceramides.
  • Gentle cleansing: Choose facial cleansers or wash your face with clean water that have appropriate cleansing power. For the body, choose mild shower gel, shower oil, or wash with clean water, and avoid using hot water for face washing or bathing.
  • Avoid directing the showerhead towards your face.
  • Use less exfoliating scrubs.
  • Avoid excessive use of facial masks.
  • Apply moisturizing products to the face: Select facial moisturizers, moisturizing serums, moisturizing lotions, moisturizing toners, or skincare oils depending on your skin condition.
  • Apply moisturizing products to the body: If your body skin is dry and there is no folliculitis, you can choose body oil.
  • Apply barrier repair products.

If you want to improve dryness, what kind of skincare products should you use in your daily routine?

The main recommendations are as follows:

  • Non-foaming, gentle cleansers: Avoid over-cleansing. High-quality non-foaming cleansers are more moisturizing and nourishing for the skin than washing with plain water.
  • Moisturizing serums/essences: Provide water-based moisturizing factors.
  • Facial oils: Supplement the skin’s lack of sebum.
  • Barrier-repairing creams: Enable water to flow normally in the stratum corneum and prevent the skin from drying out quickly. This is because most dry skin lacks the ability to retain moisture due to reduced barrier function and weak sebum production. Therefore, using barrier repair products can enhance the skin’s ability to retain moisture and improve dryness.

Objectively speaking, facial masks are still an essential intensive care product. They are meaningful for concentrated hydration, brightening, and improving the skin’s condition. Personally, I also use them regularly. If you specifically need a hydrating and moisturizing facial mask for emergency treatment, you can try the “Mibeier” milk lotion mask.

The formulation of this mask focuses on simple hydration and soothing. Many people use masks for these effects, and I can assure you that “Mibeier” is extremely comfortable and clean, gentle and non-irritating, achieving the ultimate level of comfort among domestic brands. The added ingredients of myrothamnus and fennel provide deep anti-inflammatory and repair benefits as well as high-end ingredients targeting aging.

It is suitable for all skin types except for very oily skin and severe acne-prone skin. As long as you want soft, smooth, and radiant skin, you can give it a try.

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Effective Face Masks for Skin Moisturizing and Repair

When it comes to moisturizing the skin, the most convenient and quick method is undoubtedly using facial masks. They can calm and hydrate the skin in the summer and provide enhanced moisture and protection against dryness in the winter. Especially for modern people who often stay up late and are constantly exposed to screens due to their attachment to smartphones, the blue light can accelerate skin aging, making it even more important to provide quick repairing supplies for the skin.

In my own “pocket list,” there are indeed several facial masks that I have used and found to be effective, so I will share them with the audience for reference.

1. FANCL Whitening Essence Facial Mask

This is a new product launched by FANCL this summer. After using a box of these masks, I found them to be effective in whitening and moisturizing the skin, and very gentle as well. Each sheet mask contains a full 21 ml of brightening essence. It is enriched with brightening marine essence and brightening red tea polyphenols, which work together with activated vitamin C α, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, and fresh royal jelly essence to not only brighten and protect the skin, but also enhance its natural defense function. The mask is free from preservatives, alcohol, synthetic fragrances, and synthetic pigments, making it gentle yet effective in repairing the skin.

The essence is relatively thick, which is different from Korean masks that often have a refreshing texture, but after applying it, you can visibly see that the skin becomes brighter.

The mask fabric is stretchable, fitting perfectly to various face shapes. It is worth mentioning that the mask has a lifting cut on the cheek area, preventing it from sagging due to its weight. The considerate design of this Japanese product is commendable.

2. POLA Full Face Whitening Mask

POLA has 70 years of professional experience in whitening research. This mask is also a new product launched this year. It contains the exclusive P-BRT compound, which can efficiently soothe, moisturize, and improve skin problems such as dullness, roughness, redness, sensitivity, and aging. It is combined with a honeysuckle extract called HA, which not only promotes the production of hyaluronic acid in the dermis and prevents persistent redness, but also stabilizes the skin condition immediately.

The exclusive whitening ingredients PCE-DP and tranexamic acid maximize the whitening effect, strengthening and repairing the skin from the inside out, and improving the skin’s barrier defense. After using it continuously for a period of time, I felt that the skin’s healthy base was restored to a stable state and naturally became brighter.

The mask sheet adheres well to the skin. It is equipped with a “hydrating speed system” that provides a shortcut for essence absorption, rapidly delivering nutrients and sealing them in the skin. Applying it 2-3 times a week leaves the skin soft, smooth, and radiant even without makeup.

3. RMK Clear Moisturizing Elastic Face Mask

This mask comes in two types: CI (recommended for morning use, short-term care) and R (recommended for night use, long-term care). I used the R series, which has a rose scent and is designed to even out skin tone and reduce pigmentation with the help of vitamin C derivatives. The raw material of the mask is cotton linters, the soft hairs on the outer layer of cotton seeds. It is made into a non-woven fabric with high purity by removing impurities. It has excellent extensibility and can fit well into the concave and convex parts of the face, making it suitable for all face shapes.

The effect of this mask is so good that even those who do not like the smell of roses can ignore the scent. After using it, my face feels deeply hydrated. The essence is refreshing yet moisturizing. After removing the mask, the face may feel slightly oily, but when touched, it feels refreshing. It has a miraculous skin texture. I recommend my friends who have a budget to give it a try.

By the way, let me share with you how to maximize the effectiveness of facial masks.

1. Exfoliate the skin before applying the mask

Before applying the mask, it is recommended to exfoliate the skin to help remove dead skin cells. After washing the face, moisten a cotton pad with toner and gently wipe it along the skin texture. You can also use a toner with exfoliating properties for a second cleansing step to remove excess dead skin cells and residual makeup, thereby enhancing the absorption of subsequent skincare products.

2. Apply essence before using the mask

Applying the facial mask directly after washing the face is actually not the correct way. At this time, the skin is dehydrated and the moisture content of the stratum corneum is low, which limits the absorption effect. Therefore, it is best to apply the mask when the skin is moist, which can improve absorption. After washing the face, you can use toner or essence to moisturize the skin and increase the moisture content of the stratum corneum before applying the mask, thereby enhancing the absorption effect.

3. Rinse the face slightly after using the mask

The essence remaining on the face after using the mask is actually unable to be absorbed by the skin anymore. Moreover, the essence may contain thickening agents and preservatives, which can form a film on the face and burden the skin. Unless it is a gel-like sleeping mask designed to be kept on overnight, it is generally recommended to rinse the face slightly with water or gently wipe it off with a damp cotton pad after using the mask.

4. Lock in moisture with emulsion or face cream after using the mask

After using the mask, if you do not apply emulsion or face cream to “lock in” the moisture, the water content will easily evaporate, rendering the mask ineffective. Therefore, after using the mask and lightly rinsing with water, make sure to apply emulsion or face cream to lock in moisture and complete the skincare routine.

Winter Base Makeup: Tips for Moisturized Foundation and Mask Application

Winter foundation, even with the most moisturizing foundation or comprehensive pre-makeup skincare, tends to become cakey and dry, like this: This situation may not be noticeable from a distance or in normal social interactions, but it becomes obvious up close. This is partly due to one’s skin type and mainly because of the dry climate. I usually add a drop of essential oil to my foundation, which makes it adhere better when applied. In addition, I recommend doing hydrating face masks during this season, but be careful not to apply them in the morning of the same day, but rather the night before. This will make your foundation more moisturizing and adherent the next day. Many girls ask if using face masks is effective or just a marketing gimmick. Based on my personal experience, it is effective and necessary, but it is not a panacea and does not have miraculous effects. Its main function is to provide superficial hydration and quickly relieve surface dehydration and dryness of the skin. However, its effectiveness in providing deep hydration is minimal, and it is even more difficult to achieve long-lasting moisturization. If there are other specific demands, such as whitening, anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, or brightening, face masks cannot fulfill those. Therefore, it is important to have an objective and realistic view of them, instead of dismissing them completely or blindly following trends. The main purpose of using face masks is to provide basic hydration and a soothing and calming effect. The heating in winter houses is very dry, and doing face masks regularly can alleviate dryness. The frequency of using face masks should generally not exceed three times a week, but it can be increased in winter. The face masks I use are mainly focused on moisturizing. Brands like L’Oreal hyaluronic acid masks, Purelisse seaweed masks, La Roche-Posay b5 masks, and Vichy and Fueus masks have similar moisturizing effects. La Roche-Posay has a gentler texture, while L’Oreal provides faster hydration. Lately, I have been fond of using freeze-dried face masks, which provide both hydration and a soothing sensation. Last time, I tried two sheets of Yuzeyao’s freeze-dried snow grass face masks and they felt good, so I stocked up on them during the Double Eleven Shopping Festival. I believe freeze-dried face masks are relatively more hygienic and clean because they are stored in a dry environment and do not require the addition of many preservatives or stabilizers, making them less likely to breed bacteria. Therefore, they are considered safe and hygienic. The texture of the mask fabric is very good, thick and absorbent, able to lock in the essence of the mask. Soaking it in about 20ml of purified water, after 1-2 minutes, the mask fabric absorbs plenty of moisture. It has a large reserve of essence, or maybe I poured too much water, but I feel it has more essence compared to ordinary masks. Ordinary masks often have excessive essence that cannot be fully utilized, and the amount absorbed by the mask fabric is limited, especially if the fabric is too thin, resulting in reduced hydration effect. This is where freeze-dried masks have a clear advantage, as they retain all the essence on the mask fabric. After absorbing water, they are plump, not watery, and the essence has a thick consistency, making it feel smooth. When applied to the face, it feels gentle and comfortable, slowly providing hydration and relaxing the face. The size of the mask fabric fits well and does not exceed the appropriate range. After use, the skin visibly appears soft and smooth, as if it has been thoroughly hydrated. After use, the excess essence can be used as a body lotion, which is easily absorbed, even more moisturizing than regular body lotions. The ingredients of this mask are also simple. The main hydrating ingredient is hyaluronic acid, which provides immediate hydration and quickly relieves dryness. In addition, there is extract of snow grass, which is used to soothe and calm the skin. If the skin is slightly red or sensitive, dry and itchy, or red from sun exposure, using this mask can provide appropriate relief. There are no added alcohol, fragrances, or preservatives. If your skin is “dry and sensitive,” I recommend trying this freeze-dried face mask. It is very effective in dealing with dryness, itching, and fragility, so it can be considered an emergency treatment mask. After using a face mask, it is important to follow up with other skincare steps as soon as possible. Face masks do not provide long-lasting hydration or lock in moisture, nor can they replace serums and moisturizers. Therefore, it is still necessary to use serums and moisturizers in conjunction with masks.

Tips for Caring for Dry Skin in Autumn and Winter

When it comes to autumn and winter, the dry skin feels like the dry skin of scattered sand in the desert, and I understand this pain. After my painstaking exploration, I can say that I have achieved some success in this regard. Hahaha, I have already figured out the way for skin to coexist with autumn and winter. Let’s go, my electronic girlfriends ❤️:

First of all, for dry skin in autumn and winter, it is necessary to add some skincare ingredients: products that act as oil moisturizers.

The addition in basic skincare and basic face masks, combined with our skincare habits, will make our skin feel more comfortable in autumn and winter~

Let me introduce the face mask first:

Sleeping Mask:

Collagen Firming and Anti-aging Mask, I have recommended this mask so many times. It is really really really good for hydrating and moisturizing in autumn and winter ❤️!!!!!

The skin becomes smooth, tender, elastic, and smooth after use, making it easy to apply makeup. But I usually use it once every two weeks.

I first came into contact with this mask through my best friend. It was a day when we stayed up until after 1 a.m. and I had to wake up at 4 a.m. the next day. My best friend was worried that I wouldn’t feel well the next day, so she gave me one.

Although it was a small amount, it felt like the amount for two faces, but I applied it all to one face and applied it twice, hahaha.

The next day when I washed my face, it felt smooth and the makeup adhered well.

So, during the shopping festival, I directly stocked up on the regular size. If you’re interested, you can try the trial size at their store first, plant a rational seed, and be happy while becoming more beautiful ❤️

This mask is a must-have whenever I stay up late or when I travel/change cities and worry about the instability of my skin~

Red algae extract: epidermal protection, improvement of skin aging

Boswellia: star anti-aging ingredient, strengthens skin barrier, makes skin plump and moisturized

Recombinant collagen protein: specialized anti-wrinkle ingredient, makes skin firm and bouncy

Sheet Masks:

Here are sheet masks. I use sheet masks once a week. Ordinary moisturizing sheet masks will do. Sheet masks are not the focus here, just the moisturizing “Little Lucky Bird” by Pechoin. The key to using this mask is: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

After cleansing the skin, add half a drop of the serum to the toner, then apply it to the entire face, massage for a while, and then apply the moisturizing sheet mask. You can finish the process in 10-12 minutes. After rinsing with water, do basic skincare, and you’re good to go. This intensive skincare journey has been achieved, hehe~


Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum is what I mentioned at the beginning, the oil moisturizer I will add in autumn and winter. It completely rescues dry skin.

The core ingredient is ceramide, which can repair the skin barrier. However, I don’t recommend using it directly on the face, as it’s too oily x10086, and it’s uncertain how much is absorbed even after massaging for a long time.

So I highly recommend mixing it with water, lotion, or other products. This will give the skin the perfect texture. If you feel that one drop every day is still a bit oily, you can reduce the amount by half~

Oh, these are my little usage tips~


Here, I also recommend a humidifier, which not only adjusts the humidity of the skin environment but also relieves discomfort in the respiratory tract. I’ve been crazily recommending it to my best friends~

Haha, that’s it, feel free to communicate with me, haha, and of course, you’re welcome to follow me ❤️~

That’s all~

Effectiveness of L’Oreal Ampoule Face Mask with Bosean PRO.

1. L’Oreal Bosygen Ampoule Face Mask

This ampoule face mask has led the trend of compartmentalized liquid design masks in the market and is one of the top contenders among moisturizing masks. After upgrading, the brand has strived for excellence in the formulation ingredients, and for the first time, incorporated Bosygen PRO as the core ingredient. This concentrated and efficient skincare ingredient is even more powerful in repairing and reducing wrinkles.

Bosygen has the property of promoting mucopolysaccharide generation, which helps improve the performance of collagen in the skin and effectively alleviate facial dryness.

In addition, this mask also adds B5 and different molecules of hyaluronic acid during the upgrade process, enhancing the moisturizing and soothing effects. Whether it is extremely dry skin, discomfort after sun exposure, or other issues, using this mask can increase skin’s moisture and maintain its softness.

2. Estee Lauder Little Brown Bottle Dual Layer Mask

Not only is the appearance of this mask cool, but it also attracts attention due to its unique patch design and user experience. If you want efficient skincare repair, choosing this patch mask named “Iron Man” is definitely the right choice.

This mask uses the same repair ingredients as the Little Brown Bottle essence, which has received high praise and has an excellent reputation in the market. The micro-pressure introduction skincare method allows the essence in the mask to be absorbed more efficiently by the skin, providing intensive and deep care. In a short period of time, this mask can make the skin softer and provide an instant tightening experience.

The design of the mask separating the top and bottom parts allows the fabric to fully adhere to the contours of the skin, thus exerting better skincare effects. During the process of applying this mask, you will feel a slight warming sensation, which is normal, and it also has a certain effect on reducing swelling. This design is very suitable for emergency skincare in the morning or before important events, allowing your skin to quickly return to its best state.

3. Kiehl’s Calendula Soothing Hydration Masque

This appliable mask is famous for its excellent hydrating and soothing effects, and it is a star product in the Calendula series. It is especially suitable for oily skin and can effectively relieve the burning, redness, and discomfort caused by various skin problems.

The formula of this mask is mainly derived from natural plant extracts, specifically targeting dry peeling and other issues caused by skin redness, acne, excessive sebum secretion, and imbalances in skin water and oil levels. Through ingredients such as aloe vera extract, it provides deep hydration to the skin and soothes the dryness and itching after sun exposure.

The texture of this mask is similar to gel, with high transparency. After applying it on the skin, it is quickly absorbed, significantly improving the skin’s smoothness and moisture. In spring and summer, facial skin is prone to redness due to sun exposure, so this mask can be kept on hand as a timely soothing and hydrating option for the skin.