The Rise of Vintage Style Consumption Why Do Young People Love Senior Citizen Consumerism? What Social Phenomenon Is This?

Recently, there has been a popular trend among young people called mooching traditional consumption For example, joining senior citizen travel groups These travel groups have a slow pace, which allows young working individuals who have been busy all week to relax Moreover, the uncles and aunties in these groups are often full of positive energy, constantly praising each other both inside and outside the car Young people may even become the beloved members of the travel group, receiving treats and snacks from the uncles and aunties Another example is going to community canteens for meals These canteens primarily serve the elderly, who receive discounts once they reach a certain age However, it didnt take long for young people to spot them as well You see, community canteens are not only affordable and hygienic but also provide well-balanced nutrition, comparable to takeaway meals Mooching traditional consumption has become popular, so why are young people falling in love with elderly consumption?

Taking advantage of old-fashioned consumption and the interaction between young people and the elderly

People of different ages are interdependent and mutually inclusive. The so-called taking advantage of old-fashioned consumption not only reflects the pursuit of affordability by young people but also represents the need for young people to participate in the lives of the elderly, adding a bit of sunshine and vitality to their lives.

I have a friend who has joined a “Sunset Red” elderly travel group. She is an only child, and her parents were very eager to go on a senior citizen tour when they heard about it. Worried about her parents, she decided to sign up and go together.

She had initially thought that this trip would not be a great experience, but she said that overall, she felt very comfortable throughout the whole process.

As the only young person in the “Sunset Red” team, she became the favorite of the entire group. When the elderly had difficulties using the internet, they would ask her for help. If there was anything new they didn’t understand, they would consult her. When the elderly had something to eat, they would share it with her. They even pulled her to dance together. There were no unhappy moments throughout the entire trip. On the contrary, the elderly were very understanding towards her and constantly praised her filial piety.

For the first time, she realized that the elderly could be so playful, lovely, tolerant, and charming. They knew how to compliment others.

Young people entering community canteens is mainly due to the cost-effectiveness. Based on the feedback from some young people, an important reason for choosing community canteens is that they do not serve pre-made dishes. Everything is freshly stir-fried or cooked, and the prices are cheap. The dishes are also good, and they don’t have to cook for themselves. They can eat well and be full for around 20 yuan. In addition, these canteens are conveniently located for dining.

For example, community canteens in Hangzhou have attracted more and more nearby corporate employees and young people to eat there.

Many older people also hope to spend more time with young people and listen to fresh stories.

Beautifying Employment and Consumption Situation

Continuing to beautify inadequate consumption, when the whole nation stops consuming in the future, we should happily shout that the Chinese consumer market is truly rising. Understanding the restraint of consumption puts us far ahead!

Recently, there have been many strange terms popular in the market. First, there was the “full-time child” and flexible employment; now we have “leeching off old-style consumption.” These terms all have one purpose: beautifying employment and consumption.

Currently, youth employment rates are low. Some time ago, the Bureau of Statistics announced that it would no longer release data on youth unemployment rates. However, this data indeed objectively presents the current employment situation of our recent graduates. As shown in the graph below, the overall unemployment rate is steadily rising. In June of this year, the unemployment rate exceeded 20%, far higher than the international average of 12%.

So, what should be done if we cannot solve their employment rate?

Of course, we should beautify the employment rate. For example, flexible employment, such as “full-time child.” These terms invisibly indicate that the young people who have graduated have more choices. They don’t necessarily have to work for a company; they can be self-media, work for their parents, or become their own bosses. Not working is not because there are no jobs available, but because they choose not to work.

Well, this move is like killing two birds with one stone - just like telling the Bureau of Statistics that renting out idle houses to create income is a solution.

Employment is beautified in this way, and now consumption is also being beautified. Insufficient consumption is called “leeching off old-style consumption.” When the savings rate increases, it is said that young people now love to save money more. Thousands of words can be summed up in one sentence - a win-win strategy!

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Consumption Pressure and Social Phenomenon

It is essentially a downgrade in consumption.

If you have ever seen the Jingkelong, Wumart, Supermarket, and Hema at the end of their daily business in Beijing;

If you have ever seen the messy community canteens where the elderly, nearby renovation and construction workers do not line up;

If you have ever seen the crowded lottery counters outside the Shijingshan Library, with young people shyly buying lottery tickets;

If you have ever seen the popular “10 yuan haircut” in Beijing…

You would know that young people truly have limited resources in their pockets.

This is not about taking advantage of the elderly, but rather making every penny count.

The Problem with Journalism

Zhang Xuefeng is gaining popularity again. Journalism is such a fancy and useless thing.

All they do is come up with new names all day.

Well, let’s applaud and warmly welcome the birth of a new word:

“Clinging to outdated consumerism”.

Do you have the time and energy to do something practical? How about sending reporters to conduct social investigations or going undercover in various areas?

The differences of the elderly travel groups

There’s a world of difference between different elderly people,

One may be called “Lao Wang” while another is “Wang Lao”.

Regular elderly travel groups are basically bargain shopping tours,

The tour guide’s sharp tongue competes with the tourists' thick skin.

But the retired cadres travel group is truly unique,

Witty conversations and exchanges, no ordinary folks in sight.

I particularly enjoyed visiting a certain scenic spot five times in total,

Because in addition to the beautiful scenery, there were ethnic folk performances.

Usually, there’s only half an hour of singing and dancing,

But one time it lasted a whopping two to three hours.

From the bride’s family preparing for the wedding to the groom’s family receiving the bride,

The entire process of the wedding was showcased.

The actors performed with utmost dedication, not the slightest bit half-hearted,

I truly indulged in the ethnic customs that time.

Why was this time completely different from the previous ones?

Because this time it was a retired cadre group from a certain province.

I was thrilled by just experiencing it once,

I wonder how fortunate it would be to join such a group.