The New Year's Day holiday arrangement for 2024 has been announced. Starting from December 30th, there will be a 3-day holiday without any adjustment to working days. Toll fees will not be waived on highways during this holiday period. How do you plan to spend your holiday?

In accordance with the notice from the State Council Office, the New Year’s Day holiday in 2024 will be from December 30, 2023 (Saturday) to January 1, 2024 (Monday) without any adjustment of workdays. Previously, the holiday schedule for the entire year of 2024 has been announced, details below ↓↓↓ Additionally, we would like to remind everyone that the tolls on highways will not be waived during the New Year’s Day holiday! What are your plans for the New Year’s Day holiday?

New Year’s Day has always been a single day off, hasn’t it? Isn’t the three-day holiday due to it coinciding with the weekend?

Is there anything particularly noteworthy about not adjusting the holiday schedule? With the 30th being Saturday and the 31st Sunday, even if there was a desire to adjust, it wouldn’t be feasible, right?

Moreover, regarding the point that highways are not toll-free, winter has always been the off-peak season for travel. Whether or not toll fees are waived is not a significant factor in stimulating local tourism. Take the areas around Chengdu in Western Sichuan, for instance; in winter, attractions are almost always half-price or have some other promotions. As long as I want to go, toll fees are not a decisive factor. Plus, a three-day holiday isn’t quite suitable for out-of-province travel.

Attached is the annual holiday schedule; once New Year’s Day is over, everyone looks forward to the Spring Festival.

As for my plans, considering the cold in winter and the likely crowds during the holidays, I definitely won’t be visiting places close to Chengdu or nearby areas like Mianyang or Yibin. I might go to Western Sichuan instead.

The weather in Western Sichuan during winter is relatively stable. Although the temperature is low, you can see the azure sky, grasslands covered with snow, and lakes frozen into shimmering blue.

I might set off on the evening of the 29th, first stopping in Ya’an for fish and barbecue.

Then, passing through Kangding, after that, beautiful scenery is everywhere. Many “haizi” (highland lakes) turn into blue ice lakes in winter. When visiting, one must be cautious of the lake surface.

Among them, Lenggacuo is particularly worth visiting. Opposite the lake is the King of Shu Mountains, Gongga Snow Mountain, surrounded by many other snow mountains that I can’t name.

If lucky and in good health, staying at Lenggacuo until about 18

To be honest, in previous years, I didn’t have high hopes for the New Year’s holiday. Perhaps it’s because I was afraid of the crowds, and besides, the three days of New Year’s are neither too long nor too short. For someone like me who has a high demand for travel, it’s somewhat anticlimactic.

I neither want to rack my brains to plan whether to take a long trip or just go around the neighborhood in the three days before it arrives, nor do I want to get stuck in traffic trying to take advantage of the three days of free highway tolls with the rest of the crowd. In the end, when I calculate it, most of the memories of my actual travels end up being inside the car.


The notice for the 2024 New Year holiday was released, no days off, no free tolls, which disappointed many people accustomed to using holidays for outings. Maybe it’s because I originally overlooked this day, so I didn’t feel too surprised or uncomfortable.

Just like in previous years, or should I say, just like a regular weekend, I still wake up and first take a look at my flowers that seem to be in competition with each other, stretching their necks upwards. Then, I take my dog for a walk, and close to noon, I cook myself a delicious meal, like my favorite tomato and bass stew, or make myself some soup.


During the best afternoon sunlight, I watch a movie, read a book, or indulge in some painting. I prefer to watch old movies, and there’s a row of newly purchased books on my bookshelf that I haven’t had time to read. The timing works out perfectly to be a peaceful lady, not as difficult as it may seem, hahaha.

I’ve been procrastinating on reading this book for a long time

Another thing is that I’ve recently become fascinated with murals. I happened to come across a mural from the Yuan Dynasty in a magazine, titled “Morning Rituals to the Sun.” The whole mural originally belonged to a Daoist temple in Pingyang Prefecture, Shanxi Province, and it scattered to North America in 1920. I couldn’t control my excitement when I saw it for the first time, so I started copying and drawing it in parts. Therefore, during the holiday, I couldn’t resist continuing to paint and sketch.

The first part of the mural I copied is done, and I need to complete the other three parts.

Furthermore, I’ve always wanted to write a series of articles on cave temples on Zhihu. When I traveled in 2023, I visited many cave temples on a road trip, and while I was amazed, it also sparked a strong curiosity in me. Searching for relevant information and data, I realized that the reason art and culture can be preserved and valued for generations is because they have been polished by time, experienced history, embraced humanity, and admired by later generations. Therefore, writing a few articles on topics I love has been included in my holiday plans.

In conclusion, I personally feel that whether or not to take a holiday is not the key issue. The love for adventure can be found in any place, even if it’s just for one day, one hour, or one minute (one second doesn’t count, after all, we are human, and our speed is limited, hahaha).

I am @离歌, a travel enthusiast who loves to explore and seek out fun experiences!


Obtaining a double weekend in 2023 means getting a three-day New Year holiday in 2024.

I gradually feel the charm of journalism.

But I’m glad I didn’t choose this major at the time because I don’t think I could write such headlines with my personality.


A day off!

A day off!

A day off!

Of course, it’s all about taking a good rest, and if possible, going out for some fun!

What to Do on New Year’s Day

A three-day holiday is actually quite suitable for some quiet time. Work can get so busy that we often don’t have the time to pause and reflect on ourselves.

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to set new goals, new expectations, and to review the gains and losses of the past year.

If you’re not traveling far, I like to find a warm courtyard (Guangzhou indeed has them, but even in colder places, it works), or a place with a lake view from a French window. Reading a book, watching documentaries and variety shows, and appreciating the power of words.

Take a look at the books that are sitting on the shelf waiting to be read.

By the way, the WeChat Reading book list recommended in 2023 is really fantastic; I’m just waiting for some free time to dive into it.

March brought an explosive ChatGPT.

May marked the first short vacation in three years after being restrained.

July was a time to calm down, to see myself, and to see life.

In fact, spending a day immersed in a book is not inferior to a day of wild adventure outside.

If you’re not sure where to go or what to do, you don’t have to push yourself too hard during the holidays.

Find a courtyard, a coffee shop, or a bookstore, and be at peace, spending a day lost in a book.

The questions you can’t figure out on your own, well, traveling won’t necessarily solve them either.

Where to Go for New Year’s Day

If you have a dream travel destination in mind, then a three-day short holiday, compared to a regular weekend, might be a better choice.

The only drawback is that short holiday prices might be a tad higher.

But time is money, and for working folks, this is just a tiny piece of vacation time, so make the most of it and enjoy.


Go experience the life you’ve longed for, even if it’s just for two or three days.

Go to a place you love and feel comfortable in, even if it’s just for an afternoon.

About Highway Tolls

As for whether the highways are toll-free or not…well, it’s actually better if they’re not free. Free highways tend to get congested easily, and the experience is not as good as on a regular weekend.

If there’s a toll, pay it, and continue on your journey for the sake of having fun, enjoying the holiday, and heading to distant places.

Even if you come from a humble background, when you’re out there, remember to treat yourself well~

What was the experience like creating in the field of travel in 2023? What growth and insights have you gained? Working folks who only visit one tourist attraction in a day, humorously calling it “deserter-style tourism,” have you had similar travel experiences? What destinations are suitable for “deserter-style tourism”?

Take a day off, and people start making a big fuss about your holiday plans.

Isn’t it annoying?

It’s like your boss giving you a $100 year-end bonus and then asking what you’re going to do with it.

I can’t believe it.

We are about to welcome the last holiday of 2023 - New Year’s Day. Finally, we have a non-working holiday, so it’s a must to plan a simple trip~

Below are three places I have carefully selected and visited more than once for vacation. They are very suitable for couples, families, or going with a group of friends.

1. Taishun - A Stroll in Taishun, Everything Goes Smoothly

Seeing China’s most beautiful covered bridges is very soothing, with stone-built earthen buildings, pastures, and a hidden paradise away from the hustle and bustle of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai.

Recommended Attractions: Xuaodi Village Ancient Village, Yunlan Ranch, Kucun Ancient Village, Hu’s Grand Courtyard, Beijian Bridge

Accommodation: Lost in Xiangsu offers unique earthen folk accommodations with a feeling of being in a hidden paradise, where you can soak in hot springs, brew tea, and gaze at the stars.

Recommended Cuisine: Rice noodle layers/sweet potato rice noodle layers, meatballs, green tofu, duck innards with sweet potatoes.


2. Liyang - Running to the Ceiling of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai for Hot Springs

Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai are the perfect places for hot springs! Natural hot springs, dozens of pools scattered all over the mountains, it’s truly relaxing. I really like the traditional Chinese medicine boiled eggs here.

Recommended Attractions: Nanshan Bamboo Sea, Most Beautiful Highway, Bao’en Temple, Yushui Hot Spring, Liyang Museum, Zheri Yicang Coffee

Accommodation: Tianmu Lake Hantian Resort Hotel, Nanshan Bamboo Sea Yue Nanshan Hotel, Meijiashan Wild Hot Spring Resort

Recommended Cuisine: Fish head soup, purple rice, bamboo shoots, specialty farmhouse dishes.


3. Thousand Island Lake - The Sunset Here Is Worth the Trip

Quality hotels, if you can’t make it to Sanya, this can be the “Little Sanya” of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai.

Recommended Attractions: Tianyu Mountain Viewing Platform, Beer Town, Instagrammable Lighthouse, Cycling around the Lake

Accommodation: Hilton Qiandao Lake Riverside, Yegin Senyu Hotel

Recommended Cuisine: Of course, fish head soup, deepwater screws, river prawns, white rice cakes, and Chunwei rice gruel.

The previous recommendations and the following responses are quite disconnected, hahaha.

When you look at the holidays for the entire upcoming year, it’s really a mishmash, and it’s quite nauseating.

I’ll be going for a short trip during the 3-day New Year’s holiday, crossing into the new year with joy!

Since the highways aren’t toll-free, I won’t opt for a road trip to the mountains and waters. Instead, I’ll find a warm city to explore for a couple of days.

My plan is to go to Guangzhou!

During the New Year’s holiday, the weather in Guangzhou is pleasant, with temperatures ranging from the teens to the twenties, which is quite comfortable.

Though 3 days isn’t a long time, with a well-planned itinerary, I can explore many popular places in Guangzhou.

Here’s a brief overview of my plan:

I’ll fly to Guangzhou the night before, so I’ll have at least 2 full days in the city.

Day 1: Goals - Sacred Heart Cathedral, Shamian Island, Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

First, I’ll visit the magnificent Sacred Heart Cathedral, the most distinctive Catholic church in the Guangzhou Diocese. Then, I’ll head to Shamian Island, a place rich in historical charm and exotic atmosphere, for some photography.

In the afternoon, I’ll go to the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall to appreciate the architecture of old Guangzhou and its exquisite handicrafts, while learning about the city’s history.

In the evening, I’ll stroll through Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, shopping and indulging in delicious local cuisine. If time permits, I might take a boat ride in the evening.

Day 2: Morning Tea, Nan Yue King Museum, Canton Tower

Early in the morning, I’ll have breakfast at Tao Tao Ju for traditional Cantonese morning tea (dim sum), a must-try in Guangzhou!

As I personally enjoy visiting museums, I plan to go to the Nan Yue King Museum. It’s located at the original site of an ancient tomb and preserves the complete Han Dynasty burial customs. The museum has a rich collection and offers free guided tours, making it an interesting place to learn about history.

In the afternoon, after 3 PM, I’ll head to the Canton Tower. If the lines aren’t too long, I should be able to reach the top before sunset and enjoy the view of Guangzhou during sunset. If there’s a long queue, I’ll go up later to see the night view.

Day 3: Exploring and Eating in the City

I haven’t planned the itinerary for the third day yet. My plan is to explore the city and try some local specialties at a couple of good restaurants in Guangzhou. Then, I’ll get ready for my return journey.

This is my current plan. Looking forward to it!

They are not illiterate; they simply didn’t sit with us.

They have completely forgotten the principle of seeking truth from facts.

Your “three days off” are actually just one day.

A day off! Just one day!

I’m ***ing, you’re *** ing, *** .

I don’t understand why these official media outlets insist on speaking in such an annoying manner. Perhaps they have indeed been out of touch with the people for too long.

Remember! New Year’s Day, Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Labor Day, and Mid-Autumn Festival all have only one day off!!!

Chinese New Year and National Day each have three days off!!!

It’s clearly the same one-day holiday as usual, but they insist on calling it a three-day holiday without taking leave. Your wound has almost scabbed over, but they insist on reopening it and pretending to apply some medicine. After it’s done, they even have to say, “You owe it to me; otherwise, this illness won’t get better.

I was taken aback when I saw the news, thinking it wasn’t 2023 this year. When did they start giving a three-day holiday?