The national chess champion has been banned for one year for defecating in a hotel bathtub. The Chinese Chess Association stated that they cannot confirm the existence of 'anal beads' cheating behavior. How do you view this matter?

On the evening of December 25th, the Chinese Chess Association issued a situation report, banning Yan Chenglong, the champion of the 2023 National Amateur Chess King Championship, for one year and revoking his championship title and prize money. In addition, the report also stated that, based on the information available, it is currently unable to confirm the rumored “anal bead” cheating behavior attributed to Yan Chenglong (rumors suggested that he concealed a signal transmitter in his anus, triggered signals by contracting his anal muscles, and used it to cheat with a computer).As reported by the China Sports Daily earlier, on December 17th, the finals of the 2023 National Amateur Chess King Championship, jointly organized by the Chess and Card Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sport, the Sports Lottery Center of the General Administration, and the Chinese Chess Association, concluded in Lingshui, Hainan. Thirty-two provincial chess champions who had emerged from the preliminary rounds, district, and provincial-level regional competitions went head-to-head in the finals. In the end, Yan Chenglong, the Chess King of Henan, defeated his competitors and claimed the title of National Amateur Chess King, with Zhang Wei, the Chess King of Jilin, and Song Haitao, the Chess King of Shanghai, finishing as runners-up and third place, respectively. According to the Henan Daily, the champion of the National Amateur Chess King Championship received a prize of 100,000 yuan, the runner-up received 60,000 yuan, and the third-place finisher received 40,000 yuan.The National Amateur Chess King Championship has been successfully held for four editions and has become one of the most extensive, well-participated, and long-running mass chess events in China. According to reports from Zhengguan News, it is understood that despite all participants in this event being grassroots chess players from the community, the Chinese Chess Association organized it to meet professional standards, deploying national-level referees. The event, from scheduling and format to arrangement and refereeing, reached an exceptionally high standard for an amateur competition. Yan Chenglong, the National Chess Champion, has been banned for one year and his championship title and prize money have been revoked due to defecating in a hotel bathtub; Chinese Chess Association: Unable to confirm the existence of “anal bead” cheating behavior.

Several doubts arise.

Firstly, Yan Chenglong was born in 1975 and is around 45 or 46 years old today.

Xu Yinchuan is also born in ‘75. Chess players of this age, in the Xiangqi circle, are considered older and generally do not participate in top-level competitive events like the Xiangjia league.

Therefore, from past experiences, Yan Chenglong does not participate frequently in competitions, and the last two times he participated as an amateur chess player.

The biggest costs of using anal beads for cheating, from lowest to highest, are

This matter itself is quite simple: Yan Chenglong won the championship, drank alcohol, and then had a bowel movement in his dormitory after returning. The staff discovered the incident after he checked out of the room. Then came the punishment from the Chinese Chess Association.

The most absurd part of it all is undoubtedly the excessive punishment: the 100,000 RMB prize money was taken away, and he was also banned from competition for a year. The reason behind this: the regulations for punishment only specify the means of punishment, but do not clearly define the extent of punishment for specific actions. In other words, the specific penalty is determined by the Chinese Chess Association, not by the rule of law. The amount of fine and the duration of the ban depend entirely on the actions of the Chinese Chess Association, and the extent to which personal grievances are involved is unknown.

What’s even more interesting is that the Chinese Chess Association justified the punishment of Yan Chenglong by claiming that he “had a negative impact on the Chinese Chess Association and the chess industry, causing serious consequences.” Regardless of whether this is a valid accusation, let’s talk about the negative impact. Isn’t the impact of your punishment more severe? Originally, it was purely Yan Chenglong’s personal issue, and the best solution would have been for him to privately clean up and compensate. The second best option would have been to let it stay within a small circle after it spread on WeChat groups; it wouldn’t have been a big deal. The worst option is the current situation: the Chinese Chess Association’s harsh punishment has made it widely known, and various media outlets have shamelessly exploited the situation, even including baseless rumors in their headlines.

The rumor of “cheating with an anal bead” is a rumor created by the media to gain attention, and it has no connection to the bowel movement incident. The fact that baseless suspicions that lack any evidence need to be addressed is absurd and laughable.

The Chinese Chess community is buzzing with a major scandal!

On December 17th, Henan chess player Yan Chenglong defeated Jilin player Zhang Wei to win the championship of the 2023 National Amateur Chess King Competition, earning a prize of 100,000 RMB. After the competition, a controversy known as the “Bathtub Gate” involving Yan Chenglong emerged, with some chess media reporting that he was suspected of using a “rectal bead” for cheating, causing a significant uproar.

According to reports, after checking out of the hotel, hotel staff found the bathtub to be extremely murky, suggesting the presence of excrement.

The incident quickly spread, with some media speculating that Yan Chenglong had used a “rectal bead” to cheat during the game, and needed to expel and clean the “rectal bead” in the bathtub.

In recent years, a new form of cheating called “rectal bead cheating” has emerged in the international chess community. In essence, chess players conceal smart rectal beads capable of sending and receiving information in their rectums to cheat. After reviewing the chessboard, players use rhythmic contractions of the sphincter to convey information to a supercomputer located between their buttocks, which analyzes the chessboard and then stimulates the player’s rectal nerves with varying frequencies of vibration.

Last year, a “scandal” related to rectal bead cheating in the chess world garnered widespread attention among chess enthusiasts.

On September 4, 2022, the chess world witnessed an exciting underdog battle. In the prestigious Sinquefield Cup, reigning world chess champion Magnus Carlsen suffered a surprising defeat to his opponent Hans Niemann, despite being at a disadvantage in terms of moves. Carlsen had previously held a 53-game unbeaten streak, while Niemann had only been awarded the title of Grandmaster by FIDE in 2021 and had entered the top 100 in international chess rankings just in March of this year.

After the match, Carlsen silently accused Hans Niemann of cheating during the game, and some netizens speculated that Hans Niemann had placed a string of “rectal bead-shaped” supercomputers in his rectum.

Using a principle similar to Morse code, the rhythmic contractions of the sphincter were used to convey information to AI, which analyzed the game and then informed Niemann of the next move through vibration, thus facilitating cheating.

In response to the allegations, Hans Niemann stated that he was willing to participate in a match completely naked to prove his innocence!

Subsequently, Niemann filed lawsuits against world champion Carlsen, chess websites, and others, demanding at least $100 million in compensation.

The Niemann vs. Carlsen affair is unlikely to end anytime soon, and there is currently no concrete evidence of the “rectal bead cheating” cases. Most onlookers consider this matter to be a joke; however, two individuals took it seriously…

It appears that using rectal beads to transmit moves with regular vibrations is indeed a feasible tactic, but one must also master the art of maintaining a straight face.

If Yan Chenglong did indeed cheat stoically with “rectal beads” without being detected, perhaps he should consider a career in acting – the Oscars beckon.

Many things nowadays need a sensational twist to attract attention, and this is a bathtub excretion incident that happens to be accompanied by conspiracy theories.

However, the Chess Association’s punishment for this incident seems to be excessively severe. Let’s compare the punishment for this incident with that of chess cheating:

1. Excretion in the hotel bathtub during the competition stay without cleaning it, Punishment Result: Public announcement, one-year suspension, cancellation of results and prize money. (This refers to the current incident)

2. Cheating by buying and selling moves during the game, Punishment Result: Public announcement, one main character suspended for one year with results and prize money canceled; the other main character received public criticism.

3. Cheating using electronic devices during the game, Punishment Result: No official statement, no publicized penalty. However, it is said to be secretly suspended for 2 years.


The detailed processes of the two cheating incidents are as follows:

Electronic Device Cheating

In January 2021, 16-year-old chess grandmaster Wan Ke cheated using tools during a chess open tournament. Wan Ke’s cheating tool was discovered on the spot. It is said that the cheating tool was a pen for recording chess moves with a built-in pinhole camera. The moves were transmitted to an accomplice outside the venue, who then transmitted the moves to Wan Ke using chess software. Wan Ke had a miniature receiver in his ear canal.

Punishment Result: The open tournament canceled Wan Ke’s results but did not make it public. The Chess Association did not make any official statement about this, as if the incident never happened.

(According to reports, Wan Ke’s mentor, Liu Dahua, said in a livestream that the Chess Association is likely to impose a penalty, but Wan Ke is still young, and the main responsibility lies with Wan Ke’s father.)

Subsequent developments: Wan Ke did not participate in official events thereafter until he resumed playing in mid-2023 (suspected to have been quietly suspended for two years).

Buying and Selling Chess Moves Cheating

In May 2005, 17-year-old chess grandmaster Zhao Xinxin was reported for cheating by buying chess moves at the National Chess Grandmaster Tournament. The other protagonist in this incident was 21-year-old chess grandmaster Jiang Chuan. The specific details of the process leading to the buying and selling chess moves incident are disputed, and the authorities conducted a three-month investigation. However, it can be determined that in the final round that decided the championship, Zhao Xinxin and Jiang Chuan engaged in buying and selling moves and playing fake moves. Zhao Xinxin was buying moves, and Jiang Chuan was selling moves.

Punishment results for the two main characters: Zhao Xinxin was disqualified from applying for the title of Grandmaster and had his rating points canceled, suspended for one year. Jiang Chuan had his winning percentage for the tournament canceled and received public criticism.

(It is said that chess veterans spoke up, suggesting that the players are still young and should be given lenient treatment.)

Factual Section

  1. The championship qualification has been revoked.
  2. The reason for the cancellation is a violation of public order and good customs.

Opinion Section

Chess Association: 1. Has had an impact , violated relevant regulations, and the punishment is reasonable and compliant with the regulations. 2. The intelligent steel balls have no direct or indirect connection to the punishment.

Hotel: Admits to the incident in the bathtub, complained, and it resulted in an impact .

Media: Pursuing popularity, hopes to focus the reporting on intelligent steel balls, which can generate interest.

Public Opinion:

  1. It’s quite miraculous, can signals really be sent with the sphincter? It seems possible.
  2. It’s a test of intelligence. Let’s see how many people believe the sphincter is capable of anything.

Personal Opinion:

  1. Because the suspension is only for one year, it reveals a lot of information here. Cheating should not exist. The main issue is the bathtub incident, and the steel balls are just a catalyst for publicity . The media won this round.
  2. The idea of cheating with intelligent steel balls is baseless. Initially, it was just a joke, and in reality, the sphincter is not so extraordinary .

Knowledge Section

  1. The main consideration is whether the sphincter can perform extraordinary tasks.
  2. Intelligent steel balls were initially just a joke; please consider their feasibility.

Emotional Section :

  1. The hotel’s emotions are in turmoil and they want to hold the organizers responsible. It should be the organizers who arranged the accommodation.
  2. The emotions of the parties involved are in turmoil… social suicide.
  3. Netizens’ emotions can be summarized as amusement.
  4. The media is setting the tone, but they are not particularly inciting emotions.

Summary Section

  • Omitted

Position Section

  • Omitted

Cherry-Picking Check Section

Chess Association’s voice √

Hotel’s voice √

Voice of the parties involved ✗

Did the media cherry-pick?

No, the official announcement posted the entire text.

Cheating with Anal Beads?" Why do I know every word in these four words, but when they are put together, it seems like I don’t know them!

On December 25, 2023, the Chinese Chess Association issued an announcement regarding the 2023 Chinese Amateur Chess King Championship. They suspended the champion, Yan Chenglong, for one year and revoked his prize money and championship title.

The main reason for this was his excretion in a hotel bathtub, suspected of using anal beads for cheating.

This is truly a news story with vivid imagery.

Moreover, this news shocked me several times.

First, how was he discovered excreting in the hotel bathtub?

Second, why didn’t he use the toilet?

Finally, what is “cheating with anal beads”?

Cheating with steel beads is a process where the chess match is captured by cameras on-site, and someone nearby enters the game’s situation and moves into an artificial intelligence computer. The computer calculates the optimal move and sends it to the person’s receiving device inside their stomach, which is the steel bead mentioned in the video. Then, the steel bead communicates how to make the move through specific vibration frequencies. For example, a long vibration of 3 indicates the third row, and a short vibration of 5 indicates the fifth column. When he feels the vibration, he places the chess piece in the 3rd row and 5th column. In this way, the opponent is essentially playing against a computer. It’s worth noting that today’s computers are much better at chess than humans, so it’s difficult for him not to win.

Now, the question arises, if he cheated, why did he go back to the hotel and excrete in the bathtub instead of simply flushing the cheating device down the toilet? How was he discovered?

There is one possibility, as he claimed, that he didn’t cheat and simply had a sudden bout of diarrhea.

Another possibility is that the device is exceptionally expensive, more expensive than his prize money, so he’d rather use it multiple times and recycle it than flush it away.

The exact situation may only be known to him.

If female players cheat, it would be clean and hygienic, and even comfortable.

Here’s a piece of trivia:

The Chinese Chess Association, these uncultured individuals, consider feces not as “排泄” (excretion) but as “排遗” (waste disposal).

Excretion, apart from urination, also includes sweating, exhaling, and other forms. Obviously, sweating or exhaling in a bathtub is a normal occurrence.

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It’s gone off track…

First of all, this punishment is part of upper management. After Liu Te made a formal accusation against Guo Liping, before the investigation conclusion came out, the Chess Center replaced Zhao Aiguo in charge of chess. It’s precisely the time to demonstrate that chess can still operate normally. So-called “不打勤不打懒专打不长眼” (not diligent, not lazy, only good at being foolish) - Yan, as a registered chess player (in fact, what’s the use of his registration, it’s completely useless), stumbled into the line of fire.

Secondly, the forfeiture of prize money this time is a severe penalty and happens to coincide with the event with the highest amateur prize money. On one hand, Yan has always had a bad reputation, and there aren’t many people speaking up for him. On the other hand, this event includes accommodation provided by the organizers, and any behavior in the accommodation is considered part of participation, which is reasonable.

Thirdly, there have always been rumors of Yan cheating, based on the fact that he doesn’t have a recognized national amateur champion’s (province champion standout) level. But suspicions of using anal plugs…that’s just a joke.

In the 2018 Jiangyin National Chess King Tournament, I played against him. In complex positions, he voluntarily simplified when he was at a disadvantage, and in the endgame, my horse, cannon, pawn, chariot, and elephant were all against his horse, cannon, soldier, and chariot, and I couldn’t be bothered to grind it out, so I offered a draw. My feeling is that he may have a provincial champion’s level, but he is by no means outstanding within the provincial champions. When I communicate with other amateur chess players who have a higher level, our differences in perception are not significant.

Eternal radio waves?

Even Tony Leung would be in awe of this operation.

I don’t understand the principle behind this.

By the way, this guy has a really tough rectum. If it relies on vibrations, wouldn’t he risk prolapse after a match?

And has he come out of the closet?

Cheating Utilized the Following Cutting-Edge Technologies:

Human-Asshole Interaction (HAI)

Asshole-Oriented Programming (AOP)

Asshole Language Processing (ALP)

Asshole Intelligent (AI)

Convolutional Asshole Network (CAN)

Asshole Hidden Layer (AHL)

Asshole Reinforcement Learning (ARL)

Support Asshole Machine (SAM)

Asshole Pre-training (AP)

Asshole Attention (AA)

Asshole Decision Tree (ADT)

Asshole Signal Processing (ASP)

Large Asshole Model (LAM)

Failed to catch cheating during the match, No evidence obtained after the match, The parties involved didn’t admit to cheating, Convicted based on a piece of feces, Is it stuck in the chess association’s mind?

Supporting the Chess Association, at the very least, requires catching the cheaters red-handed and confiscating the tools used for the offense.

Furthermore, the practice of anal-bead cheating originated in the international chess community. This incident can be seen as aligning with international standards.

【Anal Beads - Baidu Baike】(Link)

Thanks for the invitation! I’ve seen this news. How to put it, catching a thief requires catching them in the act. To establish cheating, at least wait until they find anal beads with receivers or until the person selling them exposes the user. In the current situation, I agree that we shouldn’t conclude cheating based on the speculations of self-media. Following the principle of “watching a spectacle without complaining about its scale,” I hope Yan Chenglong will sue those self-media outlets. We might discover more information.

“The act of defecating in a hotel bathtub” seems to be unrelated to a chess match and should be handled by the hotel and the parties involved. I didn’t expect the Chinese Chess Association to impose sanctions. So, I checked the punishment basis provided in the notice, which is “causing a negative impact on the Chinese Chess Association and the chess industry and leading to serious consequences.” Unexpectedly, the “Chinese Chess Association Disciplinary Rules and Punishment Regulations” [1] also have a catch-all provision.

Since humans can’t beat computers in chess, “anti-cheating” in chess and similar games has become complicated. Just a few days ago, I watched an international chess match from a foreign country, and some netizens made similar speculations, but there was no evidence.

Cheating using the anus is something that chess players have certainly not done in history, especially in the past when computers didn’t exist. However, it has happened in other contexts. I’ve read a variety of books, and I’ve come across instances in ancient China where individuals used the anus for smuggling during the imperial exams, and even guards in the treasury used this method for theft. As for whether it can be used for cheating in chess, I’m not interested in researching that, but I always feel that making baseless assumptions without evidence is inappropriate.

If there needs to be checks before matches, it’s not impossible. They used to check during the imperial exams in ancient times. However, such checks would be undignified. Maybe they should employ techniques similar to those used in the college entrance examination, such as conducting radio signal interference or blocking in the competition venue?

This reminds me of someone.

Between the righteous path and the evil path, he chose the intestinal path. Admirable.

In feudal society, determining whether a woman could bear the responsibility of continuing the family line was based on the size of her buttocks.

In modern society, assessing whether a chess player can achieve good results also depends on the size of their buttocks.

Oh my goodness, how do you even train your anal muscles to do this?

In most hotel bathrooms, the bathtub is inside, and the toilet is nearby, which is well-known for its convenience. It’s quite inconvenient to have the bathtub inside because you might slip while trying to use it, especially if you have diarrhea. If you’ve already had diarrhea several times, most of the time, it’s liquid, so even if you happen to have it in the bathtub, it would be washed away with a flush. Unless it’s your first time having diarrhea and it’s thick enough to block the small drain at the bottom of the bathtub, it might stay there.

The key is to enhance safety checks and electronic monitoring. If electronic cheating devices like the “anal beads” indeed exist, these devices must have two capabilities. First, they should be able to transmit information in real-time. There should be miniature cameras in the user’s headgear, such as glasses, capturing real-time information through the “anal beads,” which then transmit this information externally. There should be dedicated external devices for receiving and analyzing this data, which is then sent back to the “anal beads,” which communicate the information through different vibration patterns.

Throughout this process, if there are corresponding electronic interference and shielding mechanisms, any “anal beads” would become ineffective. Alternatively, placing miniature vibration monitoring devices under the chess player’s chair for a few hundred yuan could prevent cheating.

In my opinion, thinking like a normal person, it’s highly likely that they took some kind of sedative or had a blackout, losing control of their mind and body. I haven’t seen anyone who defecated in the bathtub, but I have seen two or three instances of people falling asleep fully clothed in the bathtub.

Is this… could it be… the legendary jumping ball?!

Oh my.

The anus has become an Internet of Things (IoT) terminal.