The girl who fractured her bone due to a boy pulling away her stool claims that her parents have severed ties with her and that she has voluntarily withdrawn from school. What is your perspective on this matter?

School Statement: Student with Broken Leg Voluntarily Withdraws] Student Claims Parents Cut Ties Due to Leg Injury Recently, the incident of “Male College Student Taking Away Female Classmate’s Chair Resulting in Her Leg Injury” has attracted attention. On January 13th, the female student posted on social media, stating that when she persisted in seeking justice and filing a case, her father blamed her for trying to extort money from the male classmate. Her grandmother also said, “Why did they take away your chair and not someone else’s?” The female student expressed, “I didn’t want to get hurt, why are people defending the criminal and blaming the victim? I have suffered unjustified harm.” On January 18th, the staff of Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University responded that both parties reached a settlement at the police station on January 14th and signed a mediation agreement, with compensation in place. On the 18th, the female student posted again on social media, stating that due to public pressure, the school came forward to negotiate compensation, ultimately reaching a settlement. However, communication between the school and parents led to her being scolded by her family, and the school repeatedly requested her to delete her posts. The female student said that she has now been estranged from her parents. After the incident, Zhao, the student, has also voluntarily withdrawn from the school.

Understanding the Complexities of Zhao’s Injury and Its Consequences

Everyone seems perplexed about this T0 version.

In fact, it’s quite straightforward. In the eyes of other students, including her parents, Zhao might not be seen as the victim, but rather as a “bad person” who falsely accuses and extorts her classmates.

The reason lies in the nature of her injuries.

Zhao’s medical diagnosis is a fracture of the 8-9th left ribs, with the CT scan showing chest pain, accompanying soft tissue damage to the chest wall, upper respiratory tract infection, and coughing.

There are two common types of rib fractures. One is caused by a large force compressing the chest, often seen in situations where the chest is pressed by kneeling or a heavy object, causing the ribs near the armpit’s midline to bulge outward and fracture.

This type of injury usually doesn’t involve soft tissue damage at the site of the fracture but rather at the front chest or back, and sometimes no obvious soft tissue injury is visible.

The other type is direct force on the fracture site, often from a direct hit, leading to the ribs bending inward and fracturing. This type usually involves soft tissue contusions at the site of impact. Zhao’s injury falls into this category.

Analyzing the cause of the injury, Zhao suffered a fall while sitting, a situation that typically results in fractures to the lumbar or sacral vertebrae, or Colles' fractures due to landing on the palms.

In such a fall, the chest is usually not the point of impact, nor is it like falling from a height where there might be an object blocking the fall. The hands usually provide protection upon contact with the ground, making chest injuries and fractures less likely.

Of course, due to individual differences and complexities, such falls causing soft tissue damage and rib fractures are rare, but not impossible.

This leads others to suspect that Zhao’s rib fractures might have other causes.

On January 13th, a girl posted on social media that when she insisted on filing a legal case, her father blamed her for trying to extort her male classmate. Her grandmother also questioned, “Why did someone pull away your chair and not someone else’s?” She expressed her frustration at being blamed as a victim and suffering unwarranted injury.

Even her father did not believe her and accused her of trying to extort her classmate.

As a result, even though both parties reached an understanding and compensation agreement, Zhao could no longer stay at the school and eventually dropped out.

The news did not conceal anything, but it is likely that it omitted the understanding of the injury by the involved parties.

Of course, there could be other situations, such as the compensation amount being too high, leading Zhao’s father to find it incomprehensible.

Multiple possibilities exist, but ultimately, anything that seems completely contrary to common sense and logic must have its deeper reasons and explanations. The irrationality lies in hiding the rational explanations.

Supplementary information on January 19:

From this description, the injury seems more reasonable.

The remaining issue is the classification of the case. Intentional injury must be aimed at causing harm. The act of pulling away a chair is generally considered negligence.

Negligence leading to serious injury or death is required for a criminal case to be filed.

That’s why the school and the police advised mediation between the parties.

As for why her father didn’t support her, there might be more to the story.

The Unsettling Dynamics Behind a Bizarre News Story

Many find this news story incredibly strange, suspecting hidden details that haven’t been revealed.

I think the situation isn’t that complex. A reasonable speculation is that the victim’s demands for compensation or additional punishment for the boy far exceeded what’s considered reasonable.

The school, preferring to keep things quiet, hoped the girl would agree to a low-profile settlement, reducing the compensation and the severity of punishment for the boy. However, the girl adamantly refused, forcing the school to involve her parents, hoping they could persuade her to settle.

Unexpectedly, her parents couldn’t sway her, and their communication style might have even worsened the conflict.

It’s important to recognize that the thinking of a young girl often differs significantly from that of middle-aged or older people. Being a victim herself and unwilling to tolerate the slightest injustice, she demanded a punishment for the perpetrator that was a hundred or a thousand times more severe to compensate for her mental and physical trauma.

The situation may have been exacerbated by the parents' inflexible attitude and lack of empathy, especially her grandmother’s old-fashioned belief that “a fly won’t sting a crackless egg”, which only increased the girl’s resentment.

In real life, there are people who believe in exacting revenge for every slight, especially young girls like the one in this T0 version. The parents' intervention in seeking a compromise only made the victim more unyielding. She was even willing to sever ties with her family to get the compensation she wanted.

The parents, feeling humiliated in front of the school and others because they couldn’t control their daughter, decided to disown her. Knowing her character best, they might have thought of her as insatiably greedy, not someone to rely on for future care. Maybe they were financially independent or had never been emotionally attached to their daughter. In any case, they saw no loss in cutting ties.

The school, realizing the difficulty in resolving this issue, called both parties to negotiate. In the end, the boy probably paid a hefty sum, but the girl might not have received the compensation she desired. Moreover, her reputation suffered, the school disapproved of her, and her peers likely kept their distance from someone so vindictive. So, she decided to drop out, considering herself socially dead at that school.

Thus, the final outcome left no winners, only losers, a situation worse than a zero-sum game. Oh, wait, there was a winner — the media. Knowing the full story but deliberately releasing such ambiguous news to generate discussion and attention.

This completely illogical news report has occupied two top trending spots, and one must admit that the value of Zhang Xuefeng’s words is still on the rise. The feeling of “studying journalism” seems to be replacing old things and becoming a new synonym for people’s dislike of dogs. In the future, when you see this word in an article, you can directly use “furrowed brows have eased.”

Father Blames Daughter for Alleged Attempt to Extort Male Classmate

Usually, even if the victim’s parents are afraid of trouble or don’t like the girl, in such situations, at most, they would just blame the girl for being meddlesome and suggest that she shouldn’t pursue it further.

Just like the girl’s grandmother did, blaming her with the idea of the victim being guilty.

But why would the girl’s father accuse her of trying to extort a male classmate?

Could it be because the compensation the girl demanded far exceeded the medical expenses, and most likely, the father would have to cover those expenses.

So, when the girl initially stated that the perpetrator refused to compensate for basic medical and nursing expenses, it was probably because both parties hadn’t negotiated the amount yet, and it didn’t necessarily mean that the boy genuinely refused to compensate.

By January 14th, the school intervened to negotiate compensation due to public pressure, and they eventually reached a settlement, most likely resolving the compensation issue. However, at this point, it seems that only the girl remains unsatisfied with the settlement agreement. She even had a falling out with her family, leading to severed ties with her parents, and she dropped out of school.

I’m quite curious about what compensation demands the girl made to cause such a family dispute???

Female Student Injured in Classroom Incident at Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University

After scanning online content and conducting a simple summary, here’s what happened:

On December 20, 2023, a female student (pseudonym Xiao Yan) at the Continuing Education College of Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University was sitting on a bench in a classroom when a male classmate (pseudonym Xiao Jie) suddenly took away the bench, causing her to fall and fracture 8-9 ribs on her left side.

On the evening of the incident, Xiao Yan was taken to the hospital by her class teacher and classmates. It is said that Xiao Jie and his family did not take the matter seriously and refused to pay related expenses. Xiao Yan reported the incident to the police, and the case was accepted on the same day.

On December 25, Xiao Yan told the media that she had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. She posted on social media, revealing her ordeal and expressing dissatisfaction with the school’s handling of the incident and the attitude of the involved student and his family.

On January 14, after active mediation by the school, Xiao Yan and Xiao Jie signed a mediation agreement at the police station, with Xiao Jie compensating Xiao Yan 70,000 yuan. Xiao Jie stated that he had a good relationship with Xiao Yan on ordinary days and that on the day of the incident, it was a thoughtless joke to take away her chair, not expecting such serious consequences.

On January 18, Xiao Yan posted again on social media, claiming that the school had negotiated compensation due to public pressure but repeatedly asked her to delete her posts. She also mentioned that due to communication between the school and her parents, she was verbally abused by her family and estranged from her parents. She took care of the formalities to drop out of school.

Why did the girl’s parents sever ties with her? Possible explanations found online include:

  • Parents may have doubts about the cause of her rib fractures, suspecting that she is falsely accusing or extorting the male classmate.
  • Parents may be suspicious of the compensation amount, thinking she is after money.
  • Parents may have been influenced by social media and believe she is sensationalizing her experience.
  • Parents may be disappointed with her decision to drop out.

Why did the girl decide to drop out? Possible reasons include:

  • The girl may be too physically and psychologically affected to continue regular schooling.
  • She may be dissatisfied with how the school handled the situation, leading to her choice to drop out.

Controversy Surrounding Prank Resulting in Rib Fracture: Seeking Clarity

Engaging in pranks is often seen as annoying behavior, but it becomes far more concerning when it results in someone getting injured, such as the case of a male university student causing two broken ribs in a female student, leading to a series of complex events.

Here’s a brief rundown of the situation:

On December 20, 2023, at Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University’s Continuing Education College, a female student known as Xiao Yan was sitting in a classroom when a male classmate, using the pseudonym Xiao Jie, abruptly pulled her bench out from under her. This action caused her to fall and fracture 8-9 ribs on her left side.

On the night of the incident, Xiao Yan was taken to the hospital by her class teacher and classmates. Reportedly, Xiao Jie and his family did not take the matter seriously and refused to cover related expenses. Xiao Yan decided to involve the police, and the case was accepted the same day.

On December 25, Xiao Yan disclosed that she had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and shared her experience on social media. She expressed dissatisfaction with how the school and the involved student and his family had handled the situation.

On January 14, following active mediation by the school, Xiao Yan and Xiao Jie signed a mediation agreement at the police station, with Xiao Jie compensating Xiao Yan 70,000 yuan. Xiao Jie claimed that they had a good relationship, and the incident was initially meant as a joke, with no anticipation of such serious consequences.

On January 18, Xiao Yan posted on social media again, stating that the school had negotiated compensation due to public pressure but repeatedly asked her to delete her posts. She also mentioned that due to communication between the school and her parents, she faced verbal abuse from her family and estrangement from her parents. She subsequently initiated the process to drop out of school.

The reasons for the girl’s parents severing ties with her are speculated online and include suspicions about the cause of her rib fractures, doubts about the compensation amount, social media influence, and disappointment with her decision to drop out.

As for why the girl chose to drop out, it could be due to physical and psychological injuries making it impossible to continue her education or dissatisfaction with the school’s handling of the situation.

While awaiting further information and investigation results, it’s essential to consider the legal implications. If the male student’s actions caused personal harm and exacerbated the situation, he should be held responsible for the resulting health damages. This may involve legal consequences for intentional harm.

Additionally, there might be some school-related concerns regarding their duty to ensure safety, although the students involved are of an older age group, which could influence the case’s outcome.

Based on my experience in handling traffic accident and personal injury compensation cases, a few key points to consider are the extent and progression of the damage. In general, determining disability for two fractured ribs is challenging, and even if determined, it might be on the lower end of the disability scale. Recovery from such fractures usually takes time and medical care.

It’s worth noting that hospitals have experience in managing such fractures, especially considering that traffic accidents are a significant part of their case load, indicating that effective treatment options are available.

Lastly, relevant legal provisions regarding the right to health and obligations for safety in public places apply, emphasizing the importance of respecting one another’s health and ensuring safety.

The information provided is based on a medical record from December 25, 2023, where Xiao Yan’s diagnosis includes left-side rib fractures, chest pain (chest wall soft tissue injury), upper respiratory tract infection, and cough. The record mentions the possibility of delayed chest organ injury and bleeding, advising rest and immobilization of the chest wall, the use of support devices, avoiding heavy lifting and vigorous activities, and providing pain relief as necessary.

The post-2000s generation is reshaping not only the workplace but also campus life, which is undoubtedly commendable. From a legal perspective, joking around cannot serve as a justification for avoiding liability. Depending on the degree of fault and the resulting consequences, pranks may even lead to criminal responsibility.

While some pranks may seem harmless, when combined with the other party’s specific circumstances, they can result in severe consequences, leading to shared responsibility. Cases like the dispute between the Yin couple and Xiao Xiang, which involved the violation of the right to life and responsibility of an educational institution at Zhangdian No. 3 Middle School in Zibo, serve as examples.

In one such case, on the afternoon of September 30, 1999, Yin and his classmate Xiao Xiang were playfully chasing each other in the corridor outside the classroom. Xiao Xiang playfully tickled Yin’s armpit, causing Yin to laugh uncontrollably and suddenly faint, followed by foaming at the mouth and involuntary urination. Other students, alarmed by the situation, quickly informed the school’s dean, Sun. Sun, along with other teachers, promptly took Yin to the emergency room of a central hospital in a taxi, but despite resuscitation efforts, Yin tragically passed away. The court determined that the playful actions led to the accidental death of another person. Even though there was no subjective fault on Xiao Xiang’s part, he still needed to assume the corresponding compensation responsibility.

However, some pranks are inherently harmful and legally considered wrongful acts, making the perpetrator responsible and potentially subject to criminal charges. Common examples include scare pranks, throwing someone to the ground, tripping, and in this case, pulling away a chair.

For instance, on the afternoon of January 19, 2015, Feng Yingbo and more than twenty of his classmates gathered at a hot spring hotel for a reunion. During the event, as they were reminiscing, eating, and enjoying the hot springs, Feng Yingbo and his classmate Wang Taotao took turns entering an indoor swimming pool from an outdoor hot spring. When Wang Taotao reached the shallow area of the pool, Feng Yingbo, as a joke, pushed him from behind, causing him to fall headfirst into the pool without any prior warning, resulting in injuries upon hitting the pool floor. Despite his unawareness of the seriousness of the situation, Feng Yingbo also jumped into the water to swim after pushing Wang Taotao. Subsequently, Wang Taotao was noticed and rescued by the pool’s on-duty staff, immediately receiving medical treatment. After an examination, Wang Taotao’s injuries were classified as a level-one severe injury. Following the incident, Feng Yingbo voluntarily surrendered to the local public security authorities and compensated Wang Taotao and his family. The Xi’an Chang’an District People’s Court sentenced Feng Yingbo to two years of imprisonment with a two-year probation period for the crime of causing severe injury through negligence.

Therefore, it’s essential to exercise caution and responsibility in our actions, words, and even in the jokes we make.

This young man, who is he really? He not only controls the school, but also has influence over the parents of female students, and ultimately even persuades a female student to drop out voluntarily. What is this, some kind of Yuri in another world?

I would suggest that if you have a rib fracture, don’t bother going to Zhejiang Second Hospital, and don’t waste your time at Beijing Jishuitan Hospital either.

What if it gets better?

If your rib is fractured and it’s such a serious condition that it’s going to sever your relationship with your child, I suggest you just fly to the United States to get it checked.

Some people have had their round-trip tickets and medical expenses reimbursed, but once you miss this opportunity, you may not find another one like it.

I regret it now.

I had my ankle bone cracked from getting kicked while playing soccer. I didn’t pay much attention to it, and it healed in three months. It feels like I’ve missed out on a year-long trip to Europe.

Complicated Situation Surrounding an Injury Case

I can’t understand why such a simple matter has become so complicated!

The guy hitting the girl with a stool resulted in her injury, which falls under negligence causing harm. Criminal liability is pursued only if the injuries are severe or fatal.

The girl’s injuries don’t appear to be severe, making it a civil case that can be settled through negotiation or taken to court.

From news reports, it seems this matter was mediated at the police station on January 14 and an agreement was reached. On January 18, the school intervened again, and another agreement was reached.

Are both of these so-called agreements fake?

Why are her parents blaming their own daughter?

Is this a distortion of human nature or a moral decline?

Since it’s already been publicized online, please provide a clear account of the detailed events so that everyone can judge for themselves!

I am Liu Xiaoma, a professional and reliable public security expert, specializing in civil service exams. I’m here to answer your questions and provide guidance. Feel free to follow and consult with me to avoid any wrong paths.

When news becomes too outrageous, there’s certainly some hidden information.

Don’t say anything else, I think Zhejiang University’s Second Hospital should sue this girl for damaging the hospital’s reputation. Two broken ribs, and Zhejiang University’s Second Hospital couldn’t handle it, requiring a transfer to Beijing for treatment. Isn’t this tarnishing Zhejiang University’s Second Hospital’s reputation?

Compensation has been paid (a total of seventy thousand yuan for medical expenses, travel expenses, nutrition expenses, and lost wages).

The girl claims that her parents have severed ties with her.

She has voluntarily dropped out of school.

The situation may be far more complex than what the girl has described alone.

Waiting for further developments.