So why do junglers need to smite steal dragons?

Can you seize the early stage, right? But what about the mid and late stages? Any random skill has higher damage than retribution, and even the kill line is higher than retribution In that case, how do you seize it?

Skill Damage Cannot Surpass Skill Enhancement

Because the skill with the highest damage in the entire game cannot surpass that same skill enhanced with a punishment.

Dragon theft strategy: One set of skills + smite

For example, you and the enemy jungler both have 5000 health; without smite, you have to wait for the dragon to have 5000 health remaining to start stealing it, while the enemy can start stealing it with one set of skills + smite when the dragon has 8000 health remaining. Why not keep smite?

Stealing the dragon with smite is not about leaving just one smite, but using one set of skills + smite to make yourself higher in levels than the enemy, allowing you to start stealing it earlier, catching the enemy off guard. They have been focused on the health of their own execute line, and may not react in time to steal it from you.

Furthermore, how can champions like Cheng Yaojin who rely on basic attacks steal without smite?

Adding a further point, during a big team fight, when the dragon’s health reaches a certain point (close to the execute line of most champions), usually four or five people will simultaneously start stealing it, with a bunch of skills hitting the dragon at the same time. At this point, every skill has the possibility of stealing the dragon, so having an extra smite increases the chances.

The advantages of quick high-damage skills

Because Punishment is the fastest damaging skill among all King of Glory skills.

How to use Punishment? As long as there are monsters in the area, you just need to tap Punishment lightly, and a flash will appear, causing damage to the monsters.

During this time, you don’t need to drag the joystick, you don’t need to lock onto a target, you just need to lightly press a button, and immediately a thunderbolt will strike the monsters.

And those skills that may have higher damage than Punishment, like Natalya’s ultimate, have high damage, but the fastest way to use it is to use it once, then use it again, and then deal damage. This process of dealing damage is destined to be slower than Punishment.

High damage skills of heroes in the Canyon are inevitably accompanied by conditions and limitations. For example, Huo Wu’s fan is painful but can be blocked. Orange’s second skill also has high damage, but it will decay over time. These will all become obstacles when seizing the dragon, but Punishment doesn’t have these concerns.

The comparison above is about “Punishment and individual high-damage skills.”

But in fact, for junglers, the true usefulness of Punishment is to combine its extremely fast damage output with their own high-damage skills.

Can’t understand? Let’s give another example. Orange’s second skill is his highest burst skill, so Orange can use Punishment immediately after using his second skill. Because of the convenience of using Punishment and its fast damage output, it is almost possible to trigger the damage from Punishment and the second skill at the same time. This instant burst is something no other skill can achieve in cooperation.

Lastly, in the situation of encountering the dragon pit in a team fight, no one can guarantee that their skills can hit the dragon and steal it, because in such chaotic circumstances, it is very easy for skills to automatically lock onto low-health opponents.

But Punishment is a wide-range automatic lock onto the dragon.

Discipline-Based Dragon Stealing Strategy

Think carefully, is discipline-based dragon stealing just about using discipline to steal dragons?

Why should jungle players take Smite?

During the beginner phase, many players do not know to take Smite.

Over time, many players have developed some misconceptions about the Summoner Spell Smite, thinking that it is not necessary to take it even when playing as a jungle role.

Actually, that’s not true. After reading this, you will realize that jungle players really need to take Smite.

Taking Smite helps increase early game jungle efficiency

It is undeniable that for most champions, whether or not to take Smite while jungling is trivial after having a certain level of gear. After all, there are many champions whose basic attacks or just one skill can deal much higher damage than Smite. However, during the early game when champion damage is low, taking Smite while jungling can increase efficiency.

Taking Smite is better for defending the jungle, at least you won’t doubt your life

In higher-ranked games, if you notice that the enemy team does not have anyone taking Smite, counter-jungling is something that everyone will consider doing. If you really are a jungle player who has not taken Smite in such a game, you are very likely to doubt your life. After all, at level 1, the damage from Smite to monsters is unmatched by any other champion, so in order to protect your own jungle, jungle players must take Smite.

On the PBE, it was mentioned that without taking Smite, you cannot buy the jungle item

Indeed, for many players, the 20% damage to monsters brought by the jungle item may seem somewhat unnecessary, but the 20% bonus experience it brings makes it a beloved item during the early and mid-game for almost all core C position players. As the saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” If the 20% damage boost doesn’t impress you, it’s fine, but for jungle players, the 20% bonus experience from monsters is very important. This is also why jungle heroes must buy the jungle item. It was mentioned on the PBE that without taking Smite, you cannot purchase the jungle item, so jungle players should take Smite.

Chilling Smite is a very important summoner spell for jungle heroes

For players who enjoy playing jungle heroes without much crowd control, or for those who play heroes like Dian Wei who have relatively short legs, having an extra summoner spell for crowd control is very important. In situations where Flash or Ghost is not suitable for jungle, taking Smite and using the added Chilling Smite ability from upgrading the jungle item is an important aspect for enhancing crowd control.

  1. It can improve jungle efficiency A good jungle player’s efficiency is paramount. If the jungle pace is too slow, it will hinder the development of the entire team. Therefore, if you want to improve jungle efficiency, killing monsters is not of much help, but smiting can greatly improve jungle efficiency, allowing you to quickly level up, buy items, and gain a strong advantage when ganking.

  2. It can counter jungle and prevent being counter-jungled Jungle players who do not take Smite in the early game not only farm slowly, but also easily become victim to counter-jungling by heroes like Li Bai and Han Xin. On the other hand, jungle players who have taken Smite not only don’t have to worry about being counter-jungled by the enemy team, but also, given their skill, can invade the enemy jungle, creating a deterrent against the enemy jungle.

  3. It can bring team benefits When carrying executes, most of the time it is for securing kills and doesn’t bring much team benefit. As a jungle player, you must be prepared to serve your team, so when taking dragons or heralds, the chances of missing out on these objectives without Smite are quite high. The enemy jungle player will definitely not let go of such a great opportunity.

Currently, the damage from jungle monsters in the game is not considered high, so in terms of jungling, any potential disadvantage from not taking Smite due to health concerns is not significant. Instead, taking Smite mainly focuses on increasing efficiency. The early level advantage can help us gank enemies more easily, but its effect is not obvious in the late game. Therefore, in low-tier games, Orange believes that you can do without Smite and choose other skills that are more suitable for team fights instead. However, in high-tier games, Smite is a must-have skill.

Skills + Punishment Can Guarantee High Instant Damage

  1. Not only the jungler may have punishment, but also the opponents and supports may have it.

If you don’t have punishment, then you only have pure damage from other skills, and the opponent can take down six thousand HP in an instant.

  1. The punishment damage is fixed at 3000, taking into account the control of the damage. Skills + punishment can guarantee higher instant damage compared to only skills or punishment.

  2. We’re talking about stealing the dragon. Who would let you calmly release your skills? Of course, it’s those with mobility who can go in, deal damage, use punishment, and rely on hand speed. Otherwise, where do you get the sudden 3000 damage from?

Jungle Selection and Dragon Strategy

The damage from Smite is not as high as Luban’s Shark Cannon. Therefore, for junglers like Aogu, Zhaohuaizhen, and Xiahou Dun, who don’t have execute damage, it is best to secure the enemy’s position before starting the Dragon. Of course, if you are a jungler like Nakoruru, you can rely on the high damage of 313 Pings to avoid Dragon being stolen, or you can steal someone else’s Dragon.

Lack of respect and avoidance in answering

Do you have a problem understanding?

What I said was why everyone needs to use “Smite” to steal Dragon?

Not why do you bring “Smite”.

This makes it seem like I can’t speak.

I am speechless.

And then I saw some people’s answers

It seems like they didn’t read my question.

I just hope everyone can read the question thoroughly

And then answer it, okay?

I feel a little disrespected for this idea.

Summary of Taking Smite as a Jungle Skill

Taking Smite helps clear jungle camps faster.

Not all skills can be used on dragon.

After using Smite, it is better to leave immediately.