Should I buy a phone for 10,000 or 7,000 if I have just started working and have little savings? Are there any recommended cost-effective phones?

I am also considering whether or not to pay in installments I personally dont really like paying in installments because I dislike owing people money for a long time I have been using my old phone for almost two years, and I can sell it for about 2800 yuan A phone of the same brand for 7000 yuan would basically meet most of my needs However, a phone priced at 10,000 yuan would definitely have better specifications Should I buy it or continue using my old phone? (Sometimes it is really uncomfortable to use) At the same time, I would like to ask everyone for advice Thank you!

Limited Savings, Keep Using Your Old Phone

If you only have slightly over ten thousand yuan in savings, then I recommend that you continue using your current old phone.

SOC and Configuration Choices

The Best SOC from Qualcomm

  • 8GEN3

Xiaomi 14 - 3999

The Best SOC from MediaTek

  • Dimensity 9300

Vivo X100 - 3999

What games should I play? What kind of configuration do I need…

Family Environment and Income Determine Purchasing Power

Normally, one should consider their family environment and income.

If your family is well-off or has a high income, there is no problem in buying an expensive one.

If your family is not well-off and your income is not high, actually, it doesn’t really matter which phone you buy. What’s important is that your current spending habits are quite alarming. Spending money when you don’t have much is a common mindset among recent graduates, and I was pretty much the same at that time. I guess the phone you are currently using and the one you are about to buy are both iPhones. The consumer group for iPhones is basically either those who are really well-off or those who don’t have much money but lack good spending habits, like young people.

Since you really want to buy it, then go ahead and buy the iPhone 11 Pro Max as you expect. After all, you don’t need to borrow money to buy it. If you encounter financial difficulties later, it may also be a lesson for you and perhaps motivate you to earn money.

Freely managing your own funds

You can purchase whichever phone you desire, as long as your savings are enough to cover the price. You can choose the one you want. Your old phone can be sold for 2800, which means that even if you choose a phone costing 10,000, you will still have nearly 6,000 left. This way, you can handle any unexpected events and continue working hard to save money.

I believe it is not necessary to mention the excessive borrowing and consumption of young people. It is worth acknowledging that those who have the ability to spend should do so. After all, if you don’t spend money on something or someone you truly desire, where will the motivation to earn more money come from?

Saving Money to Buy a Phone

Just earned 13,000 RMB? When I first started working, I didn’t have even 10,000 RMB saved up after a year. I can only say you’re really lucky.

Moreover, when you ask this question, deep down inside you already want to buy a 10,000 RMB phone, so why bother asking?

Financial Advice

Just started working and already have 13,000 yuan in savings? Is this reasonable?

If I had that much savings when I first started working, I would definitely go all-in.

Considering your recent employment, I assume you are quite young and have strong earning capabilities, which means you may not have many emergency situations? This depends on your personal circumstances. And according to what you said, with the speed you are saving money, you should be able to save back the 7,000 yuan quickly.

If the situation allows, sell your old phone and spend another five or six thousand yuan to buy a good one. It’s not really necessary to have 10,000 yuan for a phone.

It’s fine to buy yourself a new phone now that you’re earning money. There’s nothing wrong with it. If the situation allows, spend money—it’s only when you spend that you have the motivation to save.

Of course, if your family’s financial situation is not very good, I still suggest buying a cheaper phone. Sell your old one and spend another one or two thousand yuan to buy a decent one.

Installment Purchase Reduces Burden

With installment purchase, you can buy something worth ten thousand. Split it into 24 installments, and pay 417 per month, which is not a heavy burden.

If you don’t choose installment purchase, even if you buy something worth 7000, you still need to pay an additional 4200 yuan, leaving you with less than ten thousand in savings.

There’s nothing wrong with installment purchase. If you have a job and receive monthly wages, your savings will increase after choosing installment purchase. With savings, you won’t need to worry about anything.

The Importance of emergency reserves

It’s alright for single individuals, but it’s still important to have some emergency reserves. After all, the feeling of borrowing money from someone is more difficult than using an old 3000 yuan phone.

Affordable for Economic Level of 2000+ Mobile Phones

The amount I deposited was multiplied by N, and I bought a 2000+ mobile phone last month.

Originally, I planned to buy the Huawei Mate 60 Pro, but I failed to get it after numerous attempts. So, I ended up buying the Honor 2000+ mobile phone.

It’s not that I can’t afford Huawei, it’s just that Honor offers better cost performance.

I am grateful that I didn’t get the Mate 60 Pro. Considering my current economic level and usage requirements, a 2000+ mobile phone is sufficient, and it’s better to save some money.