RNG eSports Club Officially Announces Letmes Return - What Do You Have to Say About This?

Reasons and Impact of Letme’s Potential Transition to Coach

Just now I saw a message in the group,

People were dumbfounded.

Let me state the conclusion first: I estimate that he is being called back to become a coach.

I think I haven’t remembered wrong…

Previously, Letme retired, and when he went to your RNG to explore, he was shut out. Now he’s starting to release videos and play the emotional card…

Quite interesting.

First of all, it is impossible for Letme to be the starting top laner. His current strength, even if it’s enough for the LPL, is basically on the same level as Alielie, so there is no hope for him.

As for becoming a coach, I speculate there are three reasons:

First, they probably believe that Letme’s understanding of the game is still intact, and he can help the new season’s team members review and grow well;

Second, he is familiar with the former and current RNG players, so he won’t become a “pressure monster” or a “time bomb” in the locker room;

The most important point is that by utilizing his identity as an old RNG member, they can create a lot of buzz and hype.

This move feels like something stolen from EDG, after all, Letme also comes with a “White Cloud meme”. With this, he can rely on emotions to win the hearts of many old RNG fans.

However, in my opinion, if RNG’s lineup next year is strong enough, with players like Bin, Wei, Xiaohu, Gala, and Ming, RNG doesn’t need to do all these fancy things.

Now relying on this move to solidify the fan base, I can only say that RNG’s lineup for the new season may not be optimistic. I advise all RNG fans to prepare themselves mentally. It seems that this lineup might be a genuine “B+”.

Yan Junze’s return to RNG, looking forward to his competence as a coach

“In the sequel ‘From Yan Junze’s Arrival to Temi’, also known as ‘Moon Child 2’.”

To make a joke, there isn’t much to say about Yan Junze’s return to RNG. Everyone agrees that he is returning as a coach, so I hope he can handle this position well.

Many players will mock the pick and ban (bp) strategies from the sidelines, but when it comes to themselves, I wonder if they will also feel helpless and full of loopholes.

Of course, I still hope that RNG will improve, after all, they are my home team.

I heard that old G2 is going to merge, so does my old RNG have a chance? “Doggie”

If I could have a chance to play with them, that would be so much fun. But that’s impossible.

Alright, enough said. Let’s continue aiming for victory next year. “Aiming until it turns to dust.”

“Emperor’s return? Coach or player?”

Let’s consider him as a coach for now.

If we ignore the title and just watch the video, it’s not unimaginable for Benz to return as RNG’s coach.

The video was not very elaborate, but only managed to get by. It’s not as good as the younger brother’s attitude, who would report even the smallest matters.

There were quite a few changes in RNG’s coaching staff during S13. In the Spring Split, Zhu was let go and Heart briefly took the stage before leaving. Sin first became the head coach and then the assistant coach. Martin became the head coach and led the team in the Summer Split, while Xiaobai, the analyst, also left.

The ultimate conclusion is that if the players don’t have any reinforcements or changes, it doesn’t matter who the coach is.

It’s also good to do something that makes the fans happy. When it comes to the Emperor returning to RNG, the comments on RNG’s Weibo were filled with joy, and everyone was delighted.

In such a cold winter, that’s enough.

As for how the Emperor’s coaching career will turn out… First of all, the fact that the Emperor can be recruited as a coach is still a reflection of the generally low level of domestic coaches. Looking at the current achievements in the LPL, among the coaches who have produced results, the Chinese coaches are Tabe, Warhorse, Zhu, Maokai, and others. Except for Tabe, their reputations are obvious. Abu has a poor reputation; you have to go further down the list to find someone like White Crescent. Korean coaches who are willing to come to China are already scarce, and their prices may be high.

If the Emperor becomes a coach, will he share the masterpiece “From Letme to Yan Junze” with the players?

So, the Emperor becoming a coach is actually asking RNG fans, are you happy? As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters.

Of course, if the Emperor’s return is as a player, I would call it an extraordinary event. In order to save the LPL from not winning the championship in two consecutive Worlds, RNG will bring Letme back to the stage to add some spice and the best club will cast their vote for you.

LPL Situation and the Plight of RNG

Ming: “If you ask me about RNG, Let me tell you, it’s RNGming.”

Letme: “Xiao Ming, where are you?”

Just kidding, that’s how it is in the LPL now, especially for RNG. Whether Uzi will stay or leave is still up in the air. If there’s no money, just bring Letme back as a coach, that’s all we can hope for.

Letme Returns to RNG

After watching the video, RNG officials did not clearly explain what Letme is returning for.

However, judging from the last scene in the video,

From the attire, it is highly likely that he is a member of the coaching staff.

And since they used the method of “posting a video,” it is unlikely that it is for a small position, and it may even be a role like head coach.

Well, let me put it this way.

As a former RNG member, and currently the team’s players are familiar with him (at least last year’s lineup was mostly the same).

Letme’s return should not become a burden in the locker room.

But on the other hand, the players' obedience to this coach is highly questionable.

As for whether Letme has coaching ability, if you must ask.

I can only say, cautiously optimistic.

During Letme’s active career,

First of all, he has never taken on in-game leadership roles;

Secondly, he has hardly received any preferential treatment in terms of tactical importance;

As for his ability to analyze games, after all, he used to be a professional player, so he shouldn’t be lacking in that aspect.

But you see, there are so many replay analysts on platforms like Zhihu and Bilibili who are not professional players but can still do it.

As a former professional player, he can’t possibly be worse than us.

For the team, anyway, RNG has already performed so poorly, so it doesn’t really matter.

Substitution Coaching Attitude

So, does even the coach have to be a substitute in attitude?

Ever-changing Contractual Relationship

What kind of contract did Letme sign with RNG?

How is it possible to keep changing things, retiring when you want to retire, publishing a book when you want to publish, and returning when you want to return?

“The Coaching Journey of letme”

Although it is highly likely that letme will become a coach, it should be fine.

Although letme was not considered a very strong top laner back in the day, he played decently for a while. However, he gradually declined and became a white cloud. If he becomes a coach, it is likely that he will be used in a similar way to zhu’s previous usage, mainly as a team’s adhesive. Along the way, he may gradually learn various coaching skills and truly embody the title of “white cloud” mama.

If this is indeed the way he will be used, then letme is quite suitable. His personality is stable, and after all, he has really seen it all. So there should be no problem with him empathizing with and understanding the players. He is also one of the top-notch players in terms of education among LPL players, having graduated from Haikou Economic College. At least he should have the ability to learn. I don’t know if RNG’s move is just to generate hype or if they really feel that they are lacking such a glue player in the team. After communication, they must have felt that letme is quite suitable, so they decided to employ him.

In fact, do not underestimate the importance of this type of coach. After all, these professional players have relatively little social experience and their communication and social skills are generally average. Sometimes, even if their intentions are good, ineffective communication can occur. Having a “white cloud” mama as an adhesive can potentially strengthen the team.

Although the current situation of RNG is quite difficult, it is unclear whether they will make a big move and bring back Xiaohu and Gala, going beyond the fear of death. However, there is still a possibility for this to happen. It is the whole sentiment of RNG.

Now there is material for the next episode of “The Evil Postpartum II.”

The Financial Difficulties of RNG’s Coaches and Players

White Cloud, Yan Er is faithless.

In the livestream, it was revealed that the coach is gone.

There’s no need to discuss whether he has coaching ability,

how well he understands the game,

how bad he is now,

whether there’s any toilet paper left at the village entrance bathroom,

when will Moon Child 2 be released,

where Sichuan women are cute,

whether Letme looks like Little Love,

or if Little Love looks like Letme.

The first thing revealed by this incident

is that RNG is out of money,

but it’s unclear if they couldn’t afford to keep the players, buy new players, or hire a coach,

or if they couldn’t afford any of it and couldn’t keep the players either.

His harsh words are real,

all he said in the afternoon was that everyone knows LV Mao is gone,

he didn’t reveal any inside information or hint at anything,

even Wei, who has a three-year contract,

was only mentioned in passing, telling him to practice Master Yi.

On the other side of the wall…

I don’t care about the results,

even if their coaching level is bad,

even if their results are bad, they have a legendary bottom.

I just want to know, they filmed the promotional video several days ago.

People around him probably knew beforehand, we can’t be sure if ssm knew or not.


“If you’re rngletme, then rngming”

Did Shisenming say this while he was aware or unaware of the situation?

Although it was probably just a slip of the tongue, not expecting much,

but a liar will swallow a thousand needles!

RNG Management’s Concerns with Traffic and Attention

The RNG management is currently putting a lot of effort into increasing traffic and gaining attention. It is speculated that they might sign a new contract or engage in mutual cooperation for publicity purposes.

Considering Letme’s current state, it seems like even being a substitute is challenging for him… It is likely that he will come back as an analyst or a coach for the training team.