Returning to the hometown and planting two acres of land, spending leisure years with clear tea and fine wine, is farming in the countryside really that leisurely?

Is farming in the countryside really leisurely?

It all depends on fate

Without Tao Yuanming’s destiny, one doesn’t get Tao Yuanming’s illness!

If you have a million-dollar estate and connections in the court, then you can leisurely enjoy the sight of the southern mountains;

Otherwise, all you will see is a face covered in dust and the color of smoke from fire, with graying temples and blackened fingertips.

Reasons for farmers going to the city to work

Can you guess why farmers who already have a family and cultivate dozens of acres of farmland, along with forests, orchards, and vegetable patches, still choose to go to the city for work?

Time and Workload of Tea Planting

If your land is flat or gently sloping, planting tea can indeed be relatively leisurely.

Planting is busy for about a month, and tea is harvested three to four times a year. Fertilizing and spraying pesticides are done once or twice a year (optional), and if you want to stay busy, you can go pull out the stubborn weeds that won’t stop growing every day.

Rural Retirement Life

If you have a pension, retiring to the countryside is also a good choice. It’s no problem to plant one or two acres of land as long as you are physically capable. With a pension, there is no pressure when it comes to farming. Whether the harvest is good or not doesn’t matter. You can plant some vegetables, grains, or fruit trees. If you feel that you can’t handle two acres of land, just plant a bit less, one acre or a few hectares will do. The main goal is to relax and enjoy the long-lost rural life. In addition to farming, you can also take walks in the wild, admire the mountains and rivers, appreciate the various flowers and grasses nearby and afar. When you get tired, find a piece of green slate to sit on for a while, or even dip your feet in a small river. All of this is delightful. But does your hometown have these conditions? If it’s in a large plain, it might be difficult to find such an environment.