Report Chinese Overlord Short Drama Harvesting Foreigners, Reelshort Ranking Surpasses Tik Tok, Price Exceeds Netflix, How to View This?

After Oh No! Im Surrounded by Beauties! dominated the charts on Steam, short dramas with a strong Chinese influence have also sparked a money-making frenzy overseas Reelshort, a short drama app under the domestic digital publishing company Chinese Online, has surpassed Tik Tok and claimed the top spot on the US iOS entertainment chart On this app, harem feuds, marriage before love, and domineering CEO falls for me, which are already tired tropes in Chinese short dramas and online fiction, have become popular content that continues to attract foreign viewers It is reported that this app charges per episode, with the cost of watching the entire series being more than $10, higher than Netflixs monthly subscription for unlimited viewing Why have these short dramas, which have already become tiresome in China, suddenly become a hit overseas? How does this business operate? Chinese short dramas targeting foreign viewers ranking higher than Tik Tok, pricing higher than Netflix, with a single episode costing $150,000, who is mass-producing the scriptwriters? - China News Service

How is the funding behind the bestseller list controlled?

All kinds of sponsored articles are everywhere… Alright, I’ll give you some valuable data, stop fantasizing.

Reelshort’s ranking on the free list in the US App Store for iOS

Reelshort’s ranking on the bestseller list in the US App Store for iOS

A certain stock started rising on the 6th.

Pay attention to the release date of the app, it has been unknown for a year, and suddenly it becomes popular overnight?

Then, the time difference between the US and China is 12 hours, but the Chinese A-shares reacted 12 hours earlier than the US, quite interesting.

Let me explain, the bestseller list can be understood as the “big spender” list, and the free list is the download list, both can be manipulated.

In conclusion, please think about how big is the “plate” when considering it hasn’t entered the top 10 bestsellers after fermenting for so long, and how much money has been stirred up this time in the Chinese A-shares… Don’t be scared by the 5.4 million US dollars, any of the top 10 games on the overseas bestseller list can easily crush it, but how big is the gaming market compared to the short film market? Look at how much the stock value has risen, and then consider how insignificant 5.4 million US dollars really are.

Beware of those in the comments who only talk about feasibility, but ignore the issue of the “plate” size.

Don’t let them divert the contradictions. Let’s watch the show for a while and see how much money the people behind it are willing to spend to keep this thing on the bestseller list for a while. Isn’t this a spectacle worth watching?