Memories of the Four Seasons in 2023What were your travel experiences and memories in spring, summer, autumn, and winter of 2023?

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Traveling this year is quite different from leisurely trips in the past; it’s more like being a “special forces” traveler.

Due to time constraints, most of the trips involved visiting places, taking photos, and then moving on. I thought it would be busy and tiring, but it turned out to be busy yet fulfilling. The destinations were decided on the spot, creating a sense of spontaneity and excitement.

Let’s summarize the experiences in “Spring,” “Summer,” “Autumn,” and “Winter.”


Holi Festival

Looking through my photo album, stories about spring began with the “Holi Festival,” a day to welcome the arrival of spring, filled with vibrant colors.

Holi, a traditional Indian festival, originated from the famous Indian epic “Mahabharata” and is held between February and March each year. During the festival, people throw colored powders made from flowers, toss water balloons, and welcome the arrival of spring. [1]

The most interesting aspect of travel is encountering unexpected events in unknown places, like this festival. For instance, those joyful people throwing colored powders were captured in my camera’s lens at an unpredictable moment.

Enchanted Cottage

Even during a leisurely stroll in a city park, you can stumble upon delightful surprises. While walking through a forest, I came across an interesting old house and was fortunate enough to be invited into the owner’s workshop.

In every corner of his workshop, there were intriguing little trinkets, like a magical cottage. The old man, in his sixties, used to be a carpenter. He enjoyed scavenging “junk” in his free time and placed fascinating items he found in his small yard. Over the years, his yard accumulated a wide array of curious and unique objects from around the world. Among them was a stone from the Berlin Wall.

The old man was a fascinating individual. He was born with a disability that prevented him from walking normally, but years later, he had steel pins implanted in his knees. He even framed his X-rays. In addition to his hobby of collecting discarded items, he once found an unexploded World War II bomb.

Nature Reserve

Of course, spring also welcomes encounters with small forest creatures. So, this journey led to a nature reserve.

Gosforth Nature Reserve is a paradise for wildlife. It mainly consists of wetlands and small woodlands, covering an area of 61 hectares. The wetlands are surrounded by extensive reed beds, home to various bird species. In the woods, you can encounter mammals like badgers and red squirrels. The reserve hosts over 1,600 species in total.

One of the highlights in the reserve was spotting some curious deer, even though it was from a distance. I also discovered a vivid red mushroom called Sarcoscypha coccinea, aptly named the “scarlet elf cap.” In spring, entering the forest gives you a sense of rejuvenation, with everything coming to life, ready for a new beginning.

Railway Museum

This trip was also a spontaneous decision. I bought a ticket and headed straight to the train station, bound for York, the location of my favorite “Harry Potter” spot – Diagon Alley.

Fortunately, I not only encountered heavy snow but also a witch. It was a surreal experience for a Potterhead like me.

Besides the Harry Potter-themed attractions, there was the National Railway Museum in York, which left a lasting impression. The National Railway Museum, located in Yorkshire, England, covers 20 acres and is the largest railway museum in the world.

The museum’s collection primarily focuses on the development and history of the British railway system, showcasing famous locomotives and railway carriages, such as the Flying Scotsman and the prototype of the British Rail Class 43 (InterCity 125). It also houses various foreign railway vehicles, such as the Japanese Shinkansen 0 series train, along with a vast collection of non-vehicle artifacts, including written records and photographs of trains and routes. [2]

I have a deep appreciation for railway culture. Are there any other travel destinations related to trains and railways?

Hiking Adventure

Since it was spring, how could I miss a green and lush hiking adventure?

The destination for this trip was Northumberland National Park in England, a place with prehistoric and Roman ruins dating back 10,000 years.

Northumberland National Park is the northernmost national park in England, covering an area of over 1,030 square kilometers, roughly a quarter of the county’s total land area. It borders Scotland to the northwest and is delineated by Hadrian’s Wall to the south. [3]


Compared to spring travels, my schedule became busier starting in summer. I spent most of the summer in Coventry, limiting my trips to city walks. The advantage was that I could experience the unique culture of each city I visited.

Coventry “Ruined” Cathedral

Coventry was a major industrial center during World War II and suffered significant destruction during the war, but it was rebuilt afterward.

The ruined old cathedral in the city center, formerly a Gothic cathedral dating back to the 14th century, was destroyed during a German air raid in World War II. Only the outer walls and spire remained. It is the only cathedral in British history to be destroyed during wartime. In remembrance of the war’s devastation, a large cross made of charred cathedral beams was erected on the site for reflection.

However, what Coventry is probably best known for is the world-famous painting “Lady Godiva on Horseback.” This painting, created by John Collier in 1898, is based on an ancient legend from Coventry. To this day, you can find paintings, sculptures, and other artworks depicting Lady Godiva throughout the city.

Car Festival

I probably saw every special car I could ever see at this car festival.

Coventry celebrated this festival throughout the city, showcasing cars of different eras and styles. In addition to car exhibitions, there were live performances by various bands, numerous car-related games, and exciting car races. Combined with the summer heat, the whole city was buzzing with enthusiasm.

University of Oxford

Visiting the University of Oxford was also on my list because it served as a filming location for “Harry Potter.”

The university boasts locations like the Hogwarts Great Hall, the lawn where they practiced flying lessons, the infirmary, and even the staircase where Professor McGonagall welcomed new students. Walking through the streets of Oxford feels like traveling through time, allowing you to admire medieval architecture and ancient colleges, witnessing the splendid history of human civilization.

Northern Ireland

My trip to Northern Ireland was a rare and liberating adventure during the summer. I highly recommend it as a less-traveled European destination, especially for those who love the sea and hiking. If you’re interested, you can check out the link for more details.

What makes this trip special is the return journey on a large ferry. It was my first time driving onto a ship. The eight-hour journey from Belfast, Northern Ireland, to Liverpool, England, provided ample time to explore and capture the ship’s beauty.


Autumn is the happiest time!

Why? Because I went home! I reunited with my parents, met relatives and friends, savored beloved dishes, and revisited cherished places. This particular journey was

Winter 2023 (January)

It’s snowing in Suzhou, The entire Humble Administrator’s Garden is covered in a blanket of pure white.

Everywhere is a picturesque scene, At every step, there’s a sense of romance, Walking through the garden, Feels like entering a fairyland.

Spring 2023 (March)

Spring without plum blossoms is incomplete.

The West Fu Plum Blossoms, With larger and more elegant flowers, Fragrant and charming, They are the finest among plum blossoms. In Suzhou’s Shangfangshan National Forest Park, plum blossoms are in full bloom.

Summer 2023 (July)

In Suzhou’s Stone Lake, Lotus leaves and lotus flowers, In abundance and grandeur, They spread out on a summer like this, Blossoming on such a summer day.

It’s as if they came specifically for this feast, As if the endurance of autumn and winter, the solitude of spring, Were all to conserve their life energy, To indulge in a grand revelry in summer.

Autumn 2023 (September)

Autumn in Suzhou is the season of osmanthus fragrance.

In this season, Suzhou’s streets and alleys, parks, and gardens are adorned with blooming osmanthus flowers, Exuding a rich aroma, Bringing joy to people’s hearts.

The scent of osmanthus is gentle, It spreads little by little, Carried by a gentle breeze.

I am Air Koryo, an uncle who enjoys sharing beautiful pictures and strolling around.

@ZhihuTravel @QunarTravel

Opening my travel album, it seems I had a thoroughly enjoyable time throughout the four seasons of this year.

Carb Season - When Spring Begins

As the spring sunlight touched my skin, I boarded a plane with an inner cry for carbs! “I need carbohydrates!” In March, at the beginning of spring, I arrived in Wuhan. While others were immersed beneath romantic cherry blossom trees, I was delighting in the early morning delight of fried carbs!

Hot dry noodles, Hubei-style hot and sour noodles, Ji Guan dumplings, Mianwo (a Wuhan snack), doupi (bean skin), oily burnt dumplings, glutinous rice chicken, bean threads, soda buns, egg liquor, and huumi wine… Every day in Wuhan, I woke up not for self-discipline but for breakfast freedom.

In the 7x24 hours I spent with it, I ate, drank, and strolled. Although I didn’t learn the skill of having breakfast on a bike like the locals, I thoroughly wrapped my time in the aroma of food, gently wearing it away.

Of course, to avoid gaining too much weight, I spent my days crossing the river, having breakfast, and living life in a city-walk style.

Summer - Embracing the Heat at Suzhou’s Stone Lake

Suzhou’s Stone Lake, with its lotus leaves and lotus flowers, spread out generously on a summer like this, blooming on such a summer day. It felt like they were here specifically for this banquet, as if the endurance of autumn and winter and the solitude of spring were all to conserve their life energy for a grand revelry in summer.

Autumn - Suzhou’s Osmanthus Season

Autumn in Suzhou is the season of osmanthus fragrance. In this season, osmanthus flowers bloom abundantly all over the streets, alleys, parks, and gardens of Suzhou, emitting a rich aroma that lifts one’s spirits. The fragrance of osmanthus is gentle, carried by the gentle breeze, spreading little by little.

Autumn in Beijing - Xiangshan’s Thousands of Red Trees

After the extended scorching summer, I embarked on a daring challenge in autumn - taking four elderly people on a journey to revisit the capital, Beijing! We fulfilled their wishes, capturing memories from decades ago at iconic locations like the Summer Palace, Forbidden City, Prince Gong’s Mansion, Tiananmen Gate Tower, Temple of Heaven, Bird’s Nest, Water Cube, and Xiangshan (Fragrant Hills).

Winter - Seeking Warmth in Yunnan’s Tengchong

The cold of northern winter made me yearn for a warmer place in the south to relive autumn. So, I boarded a plane, took a high-speed train, and finally arrived in Yunnan. This time, I chose the small town of Tengchong in the southwest corner of Yunnan. In December, this place is as warm as autumn, especially the ginkgo village here, which is quietly transforming into a “city covered in golden armor.”

In addition to the gingko, what attracted me the most was the embrace of nature in the Gaoligong Mountain. When you enter this phone signal-free forest in the mountains, you can feel the energy and aroma of nature by extending your hand and pressing your ear against the tree trunk. The relaxation that’s allowed, the occasional joy of encountering mushrooms, and the excitement of spotting wild animals all show the pure and lively side of Tengchong.

And there’s the Beihai Wetland, where my shutter always accelerates uncontrollably. Amidst the pounding heartbeat, I capture the scene of migratory birds. As a part of Yunnan, Tengchong’s cuisine is a combination of the animal and plant worlds, including roast pork, large thin slices of meat, brain, and silk thread, Songhua cake, thin bean starch noodles, boiled chicken with ginkgo, dry mixed noodles, and claypot dishes… Each one whets the appetite and remains unforgettable.

So, there you have it – my adventures throughout the four seasons. I hope you enjoyed this journey into my travel experiences!


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I am Leman You, a seasoned traveler who enjoys eating healthily, follow me to discover new possibilities in life!

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Every December, there is an urge to review, to find a quiet place, to reminisce while typing, and to sort through memories of the whole year. It feels particularly fulfilling.

Today’s keyword is “travel memories,” and I’d like to thank @ZhihuTravel for the invitation.

Thinking back to 2023, it was my “year of travel,” and I unknowingly embarked on quite a few journeys.

1. July: A Trip to Hohhot, Where I Saw Clouds from Animated Films

In July, I visited Hohhot because of an award-winning paper. I went to museums, the Zhaojun Tomb, the Old Town on the Grassland, and witnessed the famous “horseback acrobatics.” I had delicious Mongolian milk tea, tried the legendary ice-cooked lamb, and even tasted sour mare’s milk. However, what left the deepest impression about this city was the vastness and sparseness of the land.

2. August: In Guiyang, Scenery That Can’t Be Reproduced Exists

In August, I took a short trip to Guiyang. In four days, I explored the city, visited the popular Qingyun Street, Jiaxiu Tower, and Qianling Mountain. I also went to the nearby Huangguoshu Waterfall and Zhijin Cave. I must say, Guiyang in mid-summer is indeed a great place – cool and with good air quality. The flavor of arrowhead root is decent, and the prickly pear juice is delicious. There are many unique local snacks, but if you don’t like spicy food and carbohydrates, you might find it a bit challenging.

**What impresses me most about Guiyang is the “once-in-a-lifetime traditional attractions”: visit once, remember for a lifetime.**In Guiyang, the landscapes cannot be reproduced in images. Anything captured in photos always falls short. For example, when you look up in Zhijin Cave, you can see the sky. Yes, a sky made of stone, clouds made of stone. But when you take a photo, it turns back into stone, and you can only keep it in your memory.

3. Early September: Guangzhou – True Pioneers

In early September, I attended a forum and briefly visited Guangzhou. The morning tea and dim sum that matched my taste, along with the exquisite Lingnan culture, made my days in Guangzhou very enjoyable. **However, what impressed me the most in Guangzhou was its vitality, modernity, and the spirit of “daring to be the first."**Bright lights at 10 o’clock at night, people still exercising in the sports field, and young people juggling multiple jobs with agility. The library’s reading room for the visually impaired and human-centered facilities were the most advanced I’ve seen. The first higher education institution in the country to admit acrobatics graduate students and the talent selection system of “unconventional excellence.” Being influenced by the environment, one can find some strength unknowingly. I told myself to come back often when I left.

4. Late September: Meeting Kamakura’s Sea and the “Young Boy”

At the end of September, I celebrated my birthday and my husband said, “I’ll give you a birthday present – we’re going to Kamakura.” We started with Tokyo, and it always feels cramped in our vast country. Thin history, single shrines, narrow streets, not very rich food, and crowded people. (Perhaps Kyoto will offer different scenery?) Throughout the trip, what I will never forget is Kamakura. After all, among the continuously updated anime series, only “Slam Dunk” has held my heart for twenty years. On my birthday, I went to Kamakura. I’ve written many related answers, so I won’t go into detail here. When something contains a certain sentiment, realizing it is always happiness and beauty.

5. December: In Queenstown, New Zealand – To Be Continued

I wrapped up the end of the year in Queenstown, New Zealand, in December. I went in mid-month and returned at the end of the month, and I’m currently planning the trip. (While I’m planning, I can’t help but wonder why there is such an underdeveloped developed country.) I’m looking forward to a wonderful journey, to be continued…

I. Spring Trip to Luoping to See Blooming Rapeseed Flowers

Yunnan’s Luoping boasts the world’s largest rapeseed flower sea, covering an immense area of 800,000 mu. So, as spring approached, we went to Luoping in Qujing to witness the rapeseed flowers in full bloom. Every March, the hills here are covered with vibrant rapeseed blossoms.

Starting from Kunming, it takes about three hours by car to reach the best rapeseed flower viewing spot, Jinji Peak Cluster. This place has been rated as “China’s most beautiful peak cluster” by National Geographic China. Its address is in Jinji Village, Banqiao Town, Luoping.

If you visit Yunnan in spring, be sure to go to Luoping to see the rapeseed flowers and find the little yellow flowers in your stories!

II. Summer Trip to Xishuangbanna to Find Fireflies

I had promised my son a long time ago that I would take him to see fireflies, and finally, I fulfilled that promise in this year’s summer. During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday this year, we invited friends and went to Xishuangbanna. In Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, we saw fireflies dancing in the sky.

The best time to observe fireflies is from 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM from June to August. After the rain with clear skies is the best weather because fireflies prefer the damp and decaying grass. The day we went happened to have just rained, and we were lucky to see many glowing little spirits.

At night, the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden put on a mysterious veil, and the quiet rainforest became even more mystical. The sparkling lights on the grass turned out to be spider’s eyes. My son even saw the bamboo worm from Peppa Pig. The bamboo worm is a master of disguise in the insect world. We also saw longhorn beetles, crickets, and spiders weaving webs, which was truly fascinating.

I recommend the hotels I booked on Qunar. They offer great value for money. One is the Qinglai Designer Hotel near Gaodazhuang, Xishuangbanna, and the other is the Yunmeiting Boutique Inn near the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden.

III. Autumn Trip to Dali to Experience the Joy of Harvest

In the golden autumn of October, we drove to Dali and visited our friends' chestnut and apple orchards in Madeng Town, Dali. We brought the children to experience the joy of harvest together.

It turns out that the sugar-fried chestnuts we love to eat in winter look like this. The fruit hides inside a tough, hedgehog-like shell. The adults and children worked together: we used sticks to knock chestnuts off the trees, and the children picked up the fallen chestnuts. The chestnuts tasted especially sweet when we enjoyed them after our labor.

The apple orchard is located on the mountain, with clouds within reach, wildflowers covering the hills, and freely roaming chickens, ducks, and geese. It truly felt like being in a utopia. The children picked apples with baskets on their backs, experiencing the fun of picking fruit.

IV. Winter Trip to Haigeng Dam to Feed Seagulls

Every winter, red-billed gulls from Siberia travel a long distance to arrive in Kunming. There are many places in Kunming where you can feed seagulls, such as Cuihu Park and Daguanlou Park, but the largest population of seagulls can be found at Haigeng Dam.

During weekends, we love taking our children to Haigeng Dam to feed the seagulls. Once, we brought bread with us, and while we were feeding the seagulls, our son actually started eating the bread himself. I asked him why he was eating it, and he told me he was taste-testing the bread for the seagulls to see if it had expired. He’s such a cute kid.


The memories of our family’s journeys in spring, summer, autumn, and winter in 2023 are all about happiness. Whenever you have the time, take your family out to experience the beauty of nature!

If you like my answers, please give them a thumbs-up or follow me. I am @妍之有李, walking shoulder to shoulder with my child, moving forward without stopping, and growing continuously. I will continue to share parenting experiences and parent-child reading. I hope to gain everyone’s recognition on Zhihu!

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This year has been an exceptionally busy one, both in terms of work and life. However, the pace of travel has never stopped: visiting 20 cities in 4 countries, each season brought its own beautiful memories.

Just as I was organizing my photos, I put together images that perfectly captured the characteristics of each season. Now, I’d like to share my travel memories from each season with all of you.


In spring, I visited Wuhan, Nanjing, Hangzhou, and Taizhou.

How would you guide tourists to explore your hometown during the upcoming May Day holiday peak season? What are some unique ways to experience the nightlife in Wuhan? Which places in Wuhan make you feel like “this is truly Wuhan”? If you could recommend just one attraction to someone visiting Nanjing for the first time, what would it be?

The first image in this post was taken when I landed after rowing on West Lake. The gentle spring breeze rustled the willow branches, with the Leifeng Pagoda in the background. My first springtime visit to Hangzhou, strolling along the Su Causeway, allowed me to witness the picturesque scenery of “willow branches and peach blossoms.”

Which flower-viewing spots make you feel like you’re in a “paradise on Earth”? Are there any picturesque lakeside roads that are perfect for hiking, cycling, or self-driving trips? The lyrics of Taiping Ballad mention “the extraordinary beauty of Hangzhou.” What places in Hangzhou do you think live up to this description? If you’re in Shanghai, which destinations are within a 2-hour drive for spring outings and flower viewing?

Of course, as I mentioned in other responses, even though my trip to Taizhou was a pilgrimage to Xinyongji Linghu’s main store, I truly enjoyed the charm of Taizhou’s city center after a spring rain.

Which city made you fall in love with it because of its food? The sight of cherry blossoms falling in a courtyard with distant cooking smoke Purple Yang Ancient Street met school children coming home from school.


During the summer, I traveled to many places: Shanghai, Seoul, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Boston, Chicago, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. I loved almost every city I visited.

As 2023 comes to an end, was there any trip this year that held significant meaning for you? Which city from your travels would you consider settling in long-term? What are some interesting hotels in New York? When visiting New York for a short trip, how should you plan to experience the city and the lives of New Yorkers deeply?

If you could sum up Guangzhou in one word, what would it be? What are your memories of this city related to that word?

What are some things you only discovered after visiting Hong Kong?

My first time living in Shanghai for half a month allowed me to discover the city’s loveliness through city walks and city rides.

As a food lover, what weekend activities make you “enjoy it to the fullest”?

The image in the first part of this section was taken after getting off a canal cruise in Chicago, looking down through stone railings. Lake Michigan’s water is incredibly blue, almost unreal, and it, along with the tender green maple leaves on the shore, created the most beautiful scene of summer.

What are some fun places near Illinois, USA?


Most of my autumn memories are related to Beijing. I stayed there for two months, experiencing Beijing’s unique life and culture. The image in the first part of this section shows groups of white doves flying over the Bell Tower in the sunset, casting shadows on the wall.

What are some things you only discovered after coming to Beijing? What autumn scenes have you treasured in your phone’s photo album for a long time? In planning for the National Day holiday, which lesser-known beautiful destinations in your city would you recommend?

I also visited Shanghai and Hangzhou again, staying at the Fairmont Peace Hotel. I saw the true masterpiece of “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains” at the Lingyin Temple and found solace there.

What are some travel destinations that you wish you had discovered earlier? I love the Shanghainese-style murals in hotel receptions.

This autumn, I also visited Sydney, the Gold Coast, Brisbane, the Whitsunday Islands, and Melbourne. I fulfilled my dreams on my bucket list: seeing the blue jacaranda flowers bloom everywhere, hugging a koala, taking a helicopter ride over the Heart Reef, and diving in the Great Barrier Reef.

In your city, what are some stunning combinations of “autumn street scenes and city architecture”? If you want to relax, which cities are suitable for spending one or two weeks in autumn?


In winter, I took a trip to Yangzhou. They say, “Fireworks in March, Yangzhou in April.” However, the ginkgo and maple leaves in late autumn and early winter are also incredibly beautiful.

I tried traditional Chinese-style travel photography for the first time and visited the Grand Canal Museum twice, which was truly worth it.

Afterward, I visited Shanghai again, and the city was exceptionally beautiful in this season. You could see falling leaves everywhere, dancing lightly in the air.

I stayed at the Ruijin Hotel, the Malvern Villa, and the Garden Hotel, ticking off a few more Shanghai-style hotels from my list.

Alright, my memories for this year are complete. See you next year!


End of the year is approaching, it’s a bit late to discuss the completion of KPI. Here is the KPI work summary report submitted by Da Kuan regarding the 2023 spring, summer, autumn, and winter travel scenes and memories!

Winter - New Year’s Day

We accompanied the first party (nephew) on a market survey of the development project in Dongjiangwan, Tianjin.

My nephew was very happy to see the sea for the first time. He thought the ice in the sea was shoveled in by people and used a shovel to scoop a lot of snow into the sea! A young couple was looking at the icy sea, and I think this was also an unforgettable journey for them. The sunset turned the beach golden.

The main inspection items include, but are not limited to, the ice sea, clamming, and the Golden Coast.

I received my nephew’s gift for the first time. He gave me the first crab he caught.

After the on-site inspection by the first party, the strong performance of the project’s market development was fully recognized by the first party. The first party settled the final payment for the project during the inspection!

My nephew had a great time playing.

At the celebration dinner, the first party showed a childlike innocent smile and expressed a desire for further cooperation!

Winter - February 1st

Key employees braved the severe cold and conducted a survey of the ice sea project at Miyun Reservoir. Against the backdrop of rising oil prices, they effectively reduced the company’s operating costs!

The Miyun Reservoir ice sea is one of the four wonders of Miyun Reservoir. My car and the ice sea on the other side of the reservoir complement each other nicely.

Spring - March 20th to April 1st

Several key employees, in batches, strategically deployed to complete the seizing of the mountainous apricot blossom market during the short market cycle of spring (apricot blossoms only bloom for about 10 days). Here is a summary of the project’s achievements:

  • March 20th and March 25th: Went to Huairou Shayukou Reservoir with key employees making 4 trips.
  • March 29th: Went to Pinggu Yuzishan Four Pavilions with one key employee.

Spring - April 1st

With the joint efforts of two key employees, the project was successfully completed!

Spring - April 6th

The first party visited us again, and in our warm reception, they once again showed their joy for the bright prospects of the future projects!

Spring - April 9th

We conducted research on the school campus and its surroundings for the project of Beijing Industrial University Gengdan College (my buddy and his 6-year-old son)!

Summer - June 4th

Under the teamwork of three key employees, we conducted a survey of the “Little Devil Laughing Stone” project in Miyun, Beijing!

Summer - June 20th

Due to the abnormal reduction in production of the company’s main product, the Scorpion, several key employees were dispatched overnight for inspection. During the surveillance, they discovered that the reduction in production was caused by the presence of the evil force, the Red Chain Snake, in the area. Two key employees bravely drove away the Red Chain Snake, preventing further damage to the company’s property!

Summer - July 1st

Accompanied by the first party (my buddy and his 6-year-old son), we conducted a survey of the selection plan project for Beijing Industrial University Gengdan College!

Autumn - September 12th to 14th

To seize a monopoly position in the autumn market, the company made forward-looking strategic arrangements!

Extensive investigation was carried out on the commercial development project along the line of Jiezishi - Yongning - Baili Gallery - Tanghekou - Labagoumen. The investigation mainly focused on natural environment and products.

Autumn - October 1st

While key employees were conducting research on the Miyun Reservoir project, they received an urgent notice from the first party for negotiations and immediately changed course to go for negotiations!

Autumn - October 2nd

Key employees discussed cooperation intentions with the first party delegation on the procurement of chestnuts, postpartum care of cows, and hazelnut theft prevention!

Autumn - October 4th to 6th

Invited by the first party delegation, we visited the family estate in Zhuanshanyu, Yanqing, Beijing, to conduct on-site inspections and negotiations on ecological environment assessments and the purchase of local flagship products!

Winter - December 12th

Accompanied the first party to inspect the Wancai Qianshanyu Project in Wugou Valley, Beijing. The first party expressed satisfaction with the construction quality and the surrounding ecological environment! They expressed their desire for further cooperation to promote mutual development!

Winter - December 16th to 17th

We had a heavy snowfall recently, and it’s time to start anew. I’ve been busy all year, and Zhihu has been my companion all year. It’s time for a break. This time, I just wandered around the wilderness near my home with Kanshan!

Report concluded, see you in 2024!

@Zhihu Travel

Observing the Changes of the Seasons

Throughout the four seasons, I enjoy observing the fascinating changes in nature during my journeys, experiencing the passage of time in different places, witnessing the ever-changing world.

In the spring of 2023, at the Meiyuan Plum Garden by Donghu Lake, the plum blossoms had already begun to wither when we visited, having endured the harsh winter. The slender shadows cast across the clear and shallow water, and the faint fragrance filled the air at dusk. Clusters of pink flower petals hung from the branches, bringing a touch of vitality to the cool early spring.

Clusters of plum blossoms in the corner of the wall, their reflection in the water.

In the summer of 2023, Yunnan was adorned with countless rainbows after the rain, and the fields in Xizhou Ancient Town in Dali seemed endless. Walking around Erhai Lake, every angle revealed a different breathtaking scenery. Everywhere you looked, there were vibrant and endless blooming flowers.

Rainbows after the rain in Xizhou Ancient Town, Erhai Lake in Yunnan, and its flowers.

In the autumn of 2023, at the Baotong Zen Temple in Wuhan, the bright yellow walls and red door pillars were incredibly eye-catching and unintentionally became part of the picturesque landscape. Walking within the temple, observing the daily life of the monks, I felt a sense of peaceful contentment in the passage of time.

Monks at Baotong Zen Temple.

In the winter of 2023, Wuhan had not yet seen snow, but this year’s ginkgo trees were particularly striking. Whether walking on the road and seeing ginkgo leaves shining in the sunlight or visiting the campus to witness the streets covered in fallen ginkgo leaves, the constant flow of people added life to this scenery.

Shimmering ginkgo leaves by the roadside, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, East Campus.

Then, as we await colder weather, the first snowfall of the year, we will venture out to capture the snowy landscapes, completing the cycle of the four seasons.

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◆ Spring 2023: Exploring the Folded City in Macau

Macau is quite small, where a small road is called an avenue, an open space is called a square (Senado Square), a dilapidated old building is called a skyscraper, and a small lake is referred to as a wetland. Therefore, it’s possible to explore Macau Peninsula on foot.

However, unexpectedly, many parts of Macau Peninsula are hilly, giving it a sense similar to Chongqing’s mountainous cityscape. This topography offers dramatic and deep perspectives.

Before setting out, I had actually marked several photography spots I wanted to visit. But upon arriving, it’s easy to discover unexpected, dreamlike folding images. So, I put my phone down, lifted my camera, and followed the traces of sunlight, moving forward.

◆ Summer 2023: Encountering Nanhe Xia in Yangzhou

Within the 5.09 square kilometers of the old city area of Yangzhou, there are historical districts like Dongguan Street, Nanhe Xia, Renfeng Lane, and Wanzi Street. Among them, the Nanhe Xia historical and cultural district shines the most. It’s not only an essential part of the ancient city’s charm but also the area with the most concentrated cultural relics and the most intact streetscape in the old city.

Such poetic alley names as Suchang Street, Qinglian Lane, Dakeyi Lane, Xiaokeyi Lane, Dawucheng Lane, and Gunlongjing… These names bear witness to the history of Nanhe Xia. I believe that if one is determined to search, they can always find the origins of these lanes, whether related to a historical figure or some stories that once took place here. Although many walls are now mottled, it doesn’t hinder us from carefully observing the traces of time. Compared to the new facades of Dongguan Street and Pishi Street, we appreciate the simplicity and roughness here.

The winding stone-paved road is like a poem of time, narrating the vicissitudes of Nanhe Xia. As we stroll along, heading east, every brick and tile bears the imprint of time. The true beauty of Yangzhou lies in this relentless journey.

◆ Autumn 2023: Exploring the Former Soviet Union in Uzbekistan

In Tashkent, the capital, I searched for traces of the former Soviet Union through the metro.

Every station of the Tashkent Metro is like a magnificent art palace hidden deep underground. Here, the grandeur and delicacy of Soviet architectural style intertwine. The sheen of marble mingles with the solidity of granite, colorful glass shimmers in harmony with artistic ceramics, and carved stucco snowflakes add elegance, collectively painting vivid historical scenes.

In Samarkand, I encountered the most beautiful train station.

Warm sunlight penetrated through colorful glass windows, casting enchanting hues across the spacious waiting hall. The symmetrical mosaic patterns on the glass windows and the central figures with ethnic characteristics seemed to come alive under the sunlight, warmly welcoming and bidding farewell to every passing traveler.

In the ancient city of Bukhara, I watched the play of light and shadow beneath the Kalon Minaret.

◆ Winter 2023: Shivering in South Korea

To be frank, South Korea’s tourism resources are relatively limited. While it offers natural landscapes, cultural relics, and human history, coming here specifically for sightseeing may not be the wisest choice.

Especially for those who have visited before, activities beyond shopping and K-pop fandom may seem somewhat dull.

Choosing to visit South Korea in winter is primarily due to the relatively lower airfare. During this season, the domestic Northeast Asian tourism market is highly popular, making South Korea more cost-effective.

Although the overall cost of living in Seoul is not low, dining at affordable restaurants and shopping in budget-friendly centers won’t lead to excessive travel expenses. Moreover, in tourist-heavy areas, there aren’t many blatant rip-off practices.

Walking the streets in temperatures below freezing, you rarely see tourists, and even the locals are reluctant to go shopping. The biting cold makes you feel like your nose and ears have gone numb, to the point where you might think you don’t need anesthesia for plastic surgery.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter journeys – an interesting perspective. Let’s share a few photos casually.


For Spring, I chose Xishuangbanna. Although it seems like I went in winter, in Xishuangbanna, it’s always spring. In early spring of 2023, Xishuangbanna was quite crowded, to the point where the night markets in the city left a poor impression on me. However, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Botanical Garden is well worth a visit, especially the less crowded East Zone, even though I couldn’t capture very representative photos. The General Temple is also worth a look.

Botanical Garden General Temple


I took a trip to Guizhouin the summer. Huangguoshu Waterfall was as spectacular as ever. I’d recommend Xingyi; the scenery is beautiful. Since it’s not very famous, there weren’t too many tourists, and the prices in the city were quite reasonable.

Huangguoshu Xingyi When I visited Hangzhouin the summer, as a Hangzhou native, here’s another photo of playing in Jiuxi. But that was early summer; I wouldn’t want to go out in Hangzhou in July or August, and Jiuxi is off-limits then. I stepped on the muddy bottom of the water back then, feeling a bit embarrassed.



I didn’t travel in the autumn, just stayed local. The withered lotus at West Lakehas a poetic charm. Although it should have been photographed in winter according to previous years, this year was exceptionally hot, so it remained autumn throughout.

West Lake

I also visited Zhe West Tianchiin the mountains of Lin’an. The golden yellow reeds on the mountain create a strong sense of autumn. But I couldn’t figure out why this semi-wild mountainous scenic area had more people than the urban area.

Zhe West Tianchi


For winter, I’ll choose some business trip photos from Uppsala, Sweden. At least there’s snow, a bit of a winter vibe, even though it happened later than spring. Well, it’s my fault for not going skiing in early 2023!


Only about 20 days left in 2023, and finally, it’s time to summarize the field of travel O(∩_∩)O.

For someone residing in the Spring City, the winter arrives a bit later, and autumn never seems to end. Reflecting on this topic, I guess I’ve covered winter, spring, summer, and autumn.

Looking back on this year’s journeys, I’ve named it the “Happy Year of the Rabbit."

I. Setting Off to Hainan in the Name of Winter

At the beginning of the year, to escape the severe cold (and to justify using the hotel vouchers I hoarded during last year’s Singles' Day sale), I left my child behind and went to Hainan for warmth and some exploration.

Coinciding with the early stages of the pandemic recovery, various provinces and cities were actively promoting internal tourism. During this trip, both hotels, the Mandarin Oriental and the Raffles, received enthusiastic receptions.

For more about the Mandarin Oriental, click here.

For Raffles, click here.

Yes, the laziness bug bit, and I didn’t write about it - -.

The rewards of this trip can be summed up as a transition from the oppressive past few years to a vibrant upward trajectory. Every smile along the way was an encouragement and aspiration for a wonderful journey.

Of course, I hope these beautiful photos bring you the same joy.

II. Spring’s Delight: A Rendezvous with the Lighthouse

Spring quietly arrived in April. Coincidentally, I participated in a book review and book selection event at China Textile University. At that time, I chose the book “The Lighthouse at the End of the World,” and after reading it, I couldn’t forget it for a long time. (For those interested, see here).

For many of us, the pursuit of exploration and romanticism might be deeply rooted within. Therefore, we went to see lighthouses in Hainan again. This time, we brought our second child as an excuse: the elder one needed to go to school.

So, we checked in at the Shenzhou Peninsula Lighthouse.

What left the deepest impression was riding a dirt bike with my family to see the lighthouse. I had never felt so cool before.

Of course, the lighthouses on the Shenzhou Peninsula also left a profound impression:

Hainan has 26 lighthouses, and today, I arrived at the Shenzhou Peninsula.

The Shenzhou Peninsula is located in Dong’ao Town, Wanning City, 28 kilometers away from the city center. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides and connected to the mainland on one side. Shimen Ridge is the gateway to the Shenzhou Peninsula. According to legend, Jade Emperor dispatched Shimen Gong to guard the gateway to protect the safety of the islanders. Fengling has an elevation of 46.8 meters and is adjacent to Longshan, a mountain on the mainland. It is said to have been transformed by a phoenix bird on the island. Ma’an Ridge has an elevation of 34 meters and is over 200 meters long. Because the front of the ridge resembles a horse’s head and the middle looks like a saddle, it is called Ma’an Ridge. Wozai Ridge is full of strange rocks. Among them, there is a huge stone about 100 square meters in size, which is as flat as a mat. This stone is backed by a huge rock wall and is called the stage stone. Nanyong Ridge overlooks Nanrong Bay and faces Zhouzai Island across the sea, guarding a stretch of sea.

And lighthouses have always been the protectors and guides of the Shenzhou Peninsula. Today, I have come, hoping to meet again in the future!

Coincidentally, AI was trending at that time, and I caught the wave.

Watching the lighthouse in the daytime, having a light drink on the beach in the evening, and being slightly tipsy.

III. Summer’s Brilliance: Hot Pot, Seaside Waves, and a Visit to Potala Palace

Summer, for me, is the season of being with family. I set off with two kids, two moms, and my spouse. (The two dads don’t like going out, but they also don’t like fishing.)

This summer, I went to Chongqing, Hainan, and Lhasa. If I were to describe the feeling: “Happiness in the Name of Family."

You can refer to the respective content here:

How to plan a suitable route for visiting the Potala Palace? When traveling to Wenchang, how should you choose a hotel?

After spending the entire summer traveling, I gained a lot of weight.

IV. Autumn’s Abundance: Arranging for a Health-Preserving Hot Spring

In fact, autumn is the busiest time for my work. Well, there’s no choice but to steal some leisure.

Around the time of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, I arranged to soak in a health-preserving hot spring with my family and took the opportunity to admire fields of pink dahlias.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays in 2023, 826 million people traveled domestically. Where did you go for the National Day holiday?

It was during this trip that I learned the meaning of pink dahlias: “Waiting."

Looking back at 2023, it seems that I spent another year traveling with my family, but in reality, we’ve lost another year of our lives.

Whenever you have free time, spend it with your family. Don’t be like the pink dahlias: waiting, waiting…

“Seize the moment” is the most responsible attitude towards your family. @Zhihu Travel

Read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles. I am Yuxiu. Follow me, and let’s explore different landscapes together.

In 2023, the most beautiful spring that remains in memory must be in Hangzhou. As long as you step out of your home, there is a journey everywhere.

In early spring, the beauty of Hangzhou can be found in the Lingfeng Scenic Area. Lingfeng Scenic Area is one of Hangzhou’s famous three plum blossom viewing spots, mainly known for enjoying large fields of plum trees and the joy of mountain climbing to explore plums. Currently, there are more than a hundred varieties of plum flowers in the entire Lingfeng Scenic Area, with over 5,000 plum trees.

The beautiful West Lake has always been a great place to admire the spring scenery.

Especially, the West Lake in the spring rain has a unique charm.

Taking a leisurely walk by West Lake in the rain, there are not many pedestrians on the road. West Lake in the misty rain is exceptionally beautiful. The beauty of West Lake in the rain has enchanted many literati and scholars:

Su Shi:

“The water sparkles, clear on sunny days, and the mountains are mysteriously veiled in rain. To compare West Lake to a beauty, light or heavy makeup, both are suitable.”

Liulang Wenying Scenic Spot, where the newly sprouted willow branches in spring adorn the beauty of the season. The willow bushes set off the rare flowers of zi nan, snow cedar, magnolia, peach, cherry, and rose. It’s a great place to enjoy the enchanting beauty of West Lake, with a wide view, fresh air, and a refreshing atmosphere.

The West Lake Wetland Park is rich in ecological resources, with elegant natural landscapes and deep cultural heritage. It is one of the “Three Wests” of Hangzhou, along with West Lake and Xiling. It is China’s first national wetland park that integrates urban wetlands, agricultural wetlands, and cultural wetlands.

In the spring of West Lake Wetland, you can appreciate the beauty of harmony between humans and nature.

The early tea is on the market, heralding the arrival of spring.

Longwu Tea Town, located in the southwest corner of the main urban area of Hangzhou, is only 12 kilometers away from West Lake. The tea town is surrounded by tea mountains, with an excellent environment and a long history. It has more than 14,000 acres of tea gardens, making it the largest tea-producing area for West Lake Longjing tea. It is known as the “Thousand-Year Tea Town and Ten Thousand-Load Tea Village.”

Taiziwan, a place in Hangzhou, has exceptionally beautiful flowers in spring.

The name Taiziwan originated from the Southern Song Dynasty when this place was a shallow bay in the south corner of West Lake. At that time, it was the burial place of Prince Zhuang and Prince Jingxian. The park was built in July 1988 and was originally a silt stacking yard for dredging West Lake. When the park was built, the terrain was cleverly manipulated to create undulating landforms, pursuing the characteristic of “natural simplicity.”

Taiziwan Park is located in the southwest corner of West Lake, a romantic park known for its tulips in spring. From late March to early April each year, hundreds of thousands of tulips, cherry blossoms, and hyacinths bloom in the park, creating extraordinary beauty.

This summer, I had a profound impression of Quzhou.

Quzhou is surrounded by mountains and water, with a pleasant climate. Many homestays are surrounded by mountains, and you need to use blankets at night. Therefore, it is a good place to escape the summer heat with children during the summer vacation.

Quzhou, also known as Kecheng, is located in the western part of Zhejiang Province, upstream of the Qiantang River. It borders the cities of Shangrao and Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province to the west, Huangshan City in Anhui Province to the north, and the cities of Jinhua, Lishui, and Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province to the east. It has long been a strategic location where military strategists must contend.

The cultural heritage here is very rich, and there are two Confucian temples, one in the north and one in the south. The southern Confucian temple is here, and the scenery is beautiful.

Qili Township in Quzhou has excellent scenery, numerous homestays, and is famous for its peach blossoms in bloom. Known as the “Little Jiuzhai in Western Zhejiang” and the “Cool and Relaxing Valley,” it is a national 4A-level scenic area. The township has a forest coverage rate of 98%, with over 10,000 acres of bamboo forests and 15 peaks over 1,000 meters above sea level. The average summer temperature is 5 to 10 degrees Celsius lower than in the urban area, making it a summer resort. In the summer, Qili Township’s farmhouses and homestays are thriving.

The “Taoyuan Seven Miles” Xiangxi Drift is known as the “first ecological drift in western Zhejiang.” It winds through twists and turns, turbulent rapids, and lush bamboo forests, allowing visitors to enjoy the freedom between heaven and earth.

Autumn in Alxa League.

Never imagined that autumn could be so stunning.

The autumn of Populus euphratica is so beautiful. Populus euphratica is a unique landscape, and it has constructed a unique landscape over three thousand years of its own life and body.

Whether it lives without dying, dies without falling, or falls without decay, it thinks about the process of life with three thousand years, leaving behind seriousness, desolation, and heroism.

With its own life and body, it embellishes this desolate land, making it possess a rare touch of autumn splendor.

In the winter of Yili, in the icy river of Yili, you can see beautiful swans.

The dancing swans, the hoarfrost hanging on the treetops due to the cold weather, and the unique climate have created a unique landscape.

The azure river water, the distant snowy mountains, and the beauty of winter remain stunning.

@Zhihu Travel

The most beautiful thing in the world is the changing of the four seasons. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter, with cold and heat coming and going, time always remains a bystander. We must bear the responsibility for all the processes and outcomes.

Whether we turn our days into bitter wine and drink it ourselves, or let life be like poetry and song, sharing it with others, it’s all in our own choices. I prefer the latter.

In 2023, after three years, the pandemic finally came to an end, and people could finally live normal lives. It was also the year I traveled the most in my life.

At the end of the year, looking back on the beautiful memories of this year and the unforgettable travel scenes, I wish to use photos to freeze those moments forever.

February 3rd, Lunar New Year’s Day

The bright moon hangs high in the sky, and countless lanterns shine on earth.

February 4th, the 16th day of the Lunar New Year

Feeling the warmth of human life at Zhengzhou CBD Qianxi Square.

In the hometown of Chaoge in spring, Lutai Pavilion.

April 14th, Hubei Provincial Museum.

April 15th, Wuhan East Lake Hotel, Mao Zedong’s Former Residence Exhibition Hall.

In the glass house next to the exhibition hall, there is a Soviet-made “Gaz-110” car, which is twice the size of a regular car. Chairman Mao once traveled around Hubei in this car, and it was the only car he used during his time in Hubei. It is understood that there are currently three Gaz cars in China: one is stored in Zhongnanhai, Beijing, one is in the hands of a private collector in Guangzhou, and the last one is preserved in Wuhan East Lake Hotel Mao Zedong’s Former Residence Exhibition Hall. It has become the “treasure” of Mao Zedong’s Former Residence Exhibition Hall.

April 16th, climbed to the top of Yellow Crane Tower, with a broad view of the Chu region.

April 28th, National Grand Theater, enjoying Chinese symphony music.

April 30th, Bird’s Nest and Water Cube.

May 1st, the Summer Palace.

Boating on the Royal River.

July 29th, the land of Fengshen.

Watching “The Investiture of the Gods Part One.”

September 29th, Mid-Autumn Festival on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, Zhaozhou Bridge.

If I could go back a thousand years, I could be a princess of the Song Dynasty, and I already have a feeling of going home. What’s even more rare is that the Zhaozhou Bridge scenic area offers free admission to medical staff. Sincere thanks to the generous people of Zhao County, Hebei!

October 1st, National Day, Tiananmen Square.

October 3rd, Fragrant Hills in Beijing.

October 5th, Xiong’an, the boundless Baiyangdian.

October 21st, the two days before the Double Ninth Festival on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, Changshoushan, Gongyi City.

December 7th, flying to Xiamen.

Enjoying the fruits of victory in the blue sky defense war.

Admiring the magnificent mountains and rivers of our motherland in the high sky.

December 8th, Xiamen Jimei School Village.

Chen Jiageng’s Former Residence.

December 9th, Gulangyu Island.

December 10th, Xiamen Nanputuo Temple.

2023 was a busy year with constant business trips, traveling across the country.

But with an unsettled heart, business trips can turn into a borrowed journey.

Spring · Journey to the Western Region

Urumqi, a place I rarely visit but now wish to explore more.

The best time to visit Urumqi should be summer and autumn when fresh fruits are in season, and outdoor hiking is a joy.

I reminisce about the unrestrained days I spent in Xinjiang: ↖ Koktokay Lake, ↗ Iron Lake Daban, ↙ Sorbas Tau, ↘ Jiangbulake

This off-season trip took me by surprise. In March, while Nanjing was already in full spring bloom, Urumqi was covered in snow and freezing.

Lesson learned, always do your homework before traveling. Fortunately, Urumqi is dry and cold, which helps resist the physical discomfort.

After work and during weekends, instead of staying indoors, I explored the city. I remembered I had never been to the legendary Grand Bazaar, so I arranged a visit!

Grand Bazaar, in Uighur, means a thriving market. The Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar is the world’s largest.

It’s also Xinjiang’s first tourist attraction, a landmark in Urumqi. Right next to it is the Nang Museum, which features a wealth of information about the traditional bread culture and exquisite copper artifacts in the Western style.

The so-called “shop and eat” – a cultural attraction is soulless if you only shop without indulging in its food.

The Grand Bazaar has a soul, offering everything from street food to grand banquets. As long as your stomach is big enough, you can enjoy the cuisine of the Western Region.

Only by strolling through the Grand Bazaar can you truly experience the culture of the Western Region, with mind, body, and taste all in harmony.

Summer · Escaping the Heat in Qinghai and Gansu

This midsummer, I was particularly lucky to travel to Xining for work, escaping the scorching summer in Nanjing.

Even more fortunate, I spent two weekends traveling around Qinghai and Gansu, from Qinghai Lake to Chaka Salt Lake, from the hidden wonders of Gannan to Zhagana, witnessing the “Mirror of the Sky” and the beauty that combines ruggedness with delicacy. It was a spectacle to wear down jackets in the morning and short sleeves in the afternoon.

Due to the high-altitude factors, Qinghai Lake in June does not exceed 5°C, and you need a jacket in Gannan in July.

The auspicious Wind Horse of the Sun and Moon Mountain, an impressive 18.8-meter-tall bronze column, and a slightly harsh weather day at Qinghai Lake, but being able to see seagulls at Qinghai Lake was quite magical. Suddenly, the Tea Card Salt Lake turned from the Mirror of the Sky into a frozen wonderland after a strong wind. Langmusi, known as “Little Switzerland,” stood out amid the mist.

After the Qinghai-Gansu loop, I have two new options for escaping the summer heat: Qinghai and Gansu. Both places are high-altitude with a humid climate, around 3,000 meters above sea level, so you won’t suffer from severe altitude sickness. They truly offer a cool summer.

Two small tips for traveling on the Qinghai-Gansu loop:

  1. Although the journey may be long, don’t just nap, as there are beautiful sights along the way, with stunning landscapes at every turn.

  2. When exploring the area around Labrang Monastery, don’t forget to try Tibetan cuisine, whether it’s Wuzelinca or Himalaya, both are excellent.

Autumn · Seaside Adventure in Pingtan

This year, there were two unexpected arrangements that were completely beyond my expectations, yet they were my little moments of happiness.

One of them was seizing the tail end of summer to go clam digging on Pingtan Island.

Pingtan Island is located in the southeast of Fuzhou, the largest island in Fujian Province, and the fifth largest island in China.

The story of the windmills and the sea is more attractive than the sea itself at first glance. There are plenty of sea activities, from surfing to crab digging on the beach, paragliding, and swimming.

While it’s fun to watch others, true enjoyment comes from participating.

If you envy others, take action. I bought a pair of swimming trunks at a stall and went straight into the sea.

The sea was as salty as ever. I hope there is no nuclear waste, or the next time you see me, I might have turned big and green…

Winter · Fulfilling the Desert Dream

Another little happiness was unknowingly fulfilling my long-cherished dream: a desert journey.

Deserts may sound desolate and uninteresting. Even I don’t know when it found a place in my heart.

It happened to be on a business trip to Yinchuan when I suddenly remembered that there was a desert in Zhongwei. Why wait when you can go now? Dreams are within reach.

Zhongwei touched the edge of the Tengger Desert, which is China’s fourth-largest desert.

The Face Sands of the Tengger Desert, with its 18.8-meter sand dunes, was truly spectacular. Although the weather was a bit harsh, I managed to see seagulls at Qinghai Lake. This made me marvel at how a slight breeze can turn Chaka Salt Lake from a “Mirror of the Sky” into a freezing wonderland.

  • The Eight-Corner Castle: Here, the blue skies and white clouds, especially in the early morning, were truly captivating.
  • Langmusi: Known as “Little Switzerland,” it stands out amidst the mist.

After the Qinghai-Gansu loop, I have two new options for escaping the summer heat: Qinghai and Gansu. Both places are high-altitude with a humid climate, around 3,000 meters above sea level, so you won’t suffer from severe altitude sickness. They truly offer a cool summer.

Two small tips for traveling on the Qinghai-Gansu loop:

  1. Although the journey may be long, don’t just nap, as there are beautiful sights along the way, with stunning landscapes at every turn.
  2. When exploring the area around Labrang Monastery, don’t forget to try Tibetan cuisine, whether it’s Wuzelinca or Himalaya, both are excellent.

Autumn · Seaside Adventure in Pingtan

This year, there were two unexpected arrangements that were completely beyond my expectations, yet they were my little moments of happiness.

One of them was seizing the tail end of summer to go clam digging on Pingtan Island.

Pingtan Island is located in the southeast of Fuzhou, the largest island in Fujian Province, and the fifth largest island in China.

The story of the windmills and the sea is more attractive than the sea itself at

Hi~ I’m Wooden Bird Inn!

At the end of 2023, I witnessed the snow in Weihai and opened up a new world!

It seems like Shandong’s snow has covered Weihai. When I woke up, the snow in Weihai was already knee-deep! It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s a snow town in Shandong! For those who want to see snow, you don’t have to travel all the way to the northeast anymore! Coming to Weihai in winter to see the snow, the sea, and the swans, that’s the real deal. The sunlight on the sea, the snowflakes gently falling, and the sky as clear as can be. Come to Weihai in December to see the snow!

However, the snow is heavy, and transportation is inconvenient. All the friends in Weihai, please be safe!

Essential Items

*1. Documents: ID card, student ID card (some attractions offer discounts for students) *2. Backup: Adhesive bandages, gastrointestinal medicine (a must for eating seafood) *3. Skincare: The winter sun by the seaside can be strong, and the wind is strong, so don’t skimp on skincare and sunscreen. *4. Others: Charger, power bank, tissues, wet wipes, personal items, and you can bring some warm water to drink. *5. Clothing: Windproof, windproof, windproof!! Protect yourself from the wind first, and then keep warm. The wind by the seaside is really strong, and it gets much colder at night than during the day.


Route 1:

*Day 1: Huoju Ba Street - Weihai International Bathing Beach - Happiness Park - Oyster Fort (Asia Eat Raw Company) *Day 2: Liugong Island - Window of Weihai - Hanlefang Night Market *Day 3: Weihai Park - Jinshiwan Art Park - Naxianghai

Route 2:

*D1: Weihai International Seawater Bathing Beach - Huoju Ba Street - Xiaoshidao *D2: Rongcheng Grounded Cruise - Jinshiwan Art Park - Yandunjiao Swan Lake *D3: Huanghai Road Maotou Mountain - Putuo Beach - Beishan Road

Snow Photography Spots:

**International Seawater Bathing Beach:**The beach is covered with snow, and the blue sea washes the coast. There are many pine trees and corridors on the shore. The pine trees are covered with snowflakes, like Christmas trees. Every shot here is picturesque and colorful!

**Huoju Ba Street:**At the end of the road is the sea. Colorful houses, snow-white coffee shops at the corners. If you want to take photos, come early when there are fewer people. The snow-covered path leads all the way to the sea, and the colorful houses become even more charming after the snow.

**Bruce’s Sunken Ship Scenic Area:**You must come here on a snowy day! The sea, seagulls, sunken ships, beaches, reefs, windmills, snow, coffee, hay, snow-capped mountains, white clouds. This winter, dominate your social media with these pictures!

**Rongcheng Swan Lake National Park:**Limited scenery. Every winter, the swans return, unafraid of people. You can feed the swans and have a snowball fight here. You can also see the sunset on the beautiful coastline!

**Xiaoshidao:**It’s very windy here. There’s a coffee house on the shore that looks like a lighthouse, perfect for photos. Sitting in the coffee shop or on the stone bench by the sea, watching the sunset, will be very healing.

**Yuebanwan Beach:**Perfect for watching the sunrise. The sun slowly rises from the sea level, casting a splendid warm light on the beach. Even the accumulated snow on the beach turns pink! It’s truly romantic.

**Jinshiwan Art Park:**The internet-famous seaweed houses are here. After being covered with a layer of snow, it feels like entering a fairy tale world, with the blue sea next to it. Taking photos here gives a sense of being an elf!

Are there any friends from Weihai who can add more tips in the comments~

Accommodation Recommendation:

It’s only 50 meters to the beach downstairs! You can change into your beachwear in your room, take a small bucket, and dig sand by the sea. You can see the sea view in the lobby on the first floor! You can go back and forth to the seaside room countless times a day! The room is nice! You can lie in bed and see the sea view from the window, and there’s even a bathtub by the window! Taking a bath while

Looking back at 2023, I am quite satisfied with my performance. I didn’t waste time, didn’t envy others' achievements, and didn’t indulge in self-pity.

In this year, I arranged two trips, one in summer and one in autumn.

In August, I took my whole family on a trip to Qinhuangdao by the sea.

This photo was taken on the coastline of Anaya Community in Qinhuangdao.

Anaya Community is a private community, and only property owners and guests staying in homestays can enjoy the services and facilities here. It is not open to the public, so it’s relatively less crowded compared to public beaches.

The sand here is very fine, the sea is crystal clear, and sitting on the soft beach is comfortable. My son used his imagination to play with the sand while my husband captured these lovely and warm moments with his camera. Happiness can be this simple.

Next to us, sailboats were moored, their vibrant colors beckoning to people. It was my son’s first experience with such a sport, and it was a bit challenging for him, but daring to try new things was a breakthrough in itself.

Besides the beach, we also visited a wildlife park where the deer were quite bold. They would stick their heads into cars to snatch food. They were quite picky eaters, only liking carrots and cucumbers, and they would shake their heads in refusal if they saw cabbage, which was amusing.

Qinhuangdao in the summer is pleasantly cool, with gentle sea breezes, blue seawater, clean streets, and delicious seafood snacks that leave a lasting impression.

The second trip was in golden October, and it was my first time traveling with my parents. We went to Bashang Grassland Tianlu.

Although this place is not far from my home, I never had the chance to visit before, but this time, my wish was finally fulfilled.

Due to privacy concerns, I’m sharing a photo of my son.

Simply put, Tianlu is a scenic road that offers beautiful landscapes along the way. Along this route, you’ll see grasslands, hills, forests, and various geographical features, which is quite magical.

Located on a plateau, the air here is pure and clear, and the clouds look different from what we see in the city. It’s like the sky depicted in Hayao Miyazaki’s works.

When you’re on the grassland, how can you not ride horses or camels? Riding on a camel feels like sitting in a sedan chair two meters high, offering a novel perspective, and the scenery seems to change with the height.

This is a picture of a camel eating flowers.

I’m very satisfied with both of these trips. I witnessed breathtaking scenery and felt the warmth and happiness of family travel.

Life is like this; it requires hard work, but it also needs relaxation. When you experience a journey, see the beauty of nature, and immerse yourself in local culture, you relax your body and purify your soul, which helps you understand the meaning of striving.

After all, isn’t the goal of our efforts to make ourselves less weary?

Let go of your worries and go explore the beauty around you; that’s the true meaning of life.

In the spring of 2023, I visited Meizhou, which is a place where the Hakka people live in Guangdong. In the eyes of the people of Guangdong, the Hakka people are known for their diligence, frugality, respect for culture and education, a positive outlook, and a spirit of hard work and progress!

In Meizhou’s “Hakka World,” I got to know the Hakka people again. This “Hakka World” covers an area of 30,000 mu, a large hilltop transformed into a place that combines Hakka culture, Hakka cuisine, tourism, residence, shopping, and leisure, presenting a harmonious and unified picture of “Hakka beauty, cultural beauty, and natural beauty.” I actually got lost while exploring this vast area, but the staff guided me safely back.

The Yan Nan Fei Tea Plantation and Qiao Xi Ancient Charm in Meizhou are two neighboring mountains, like a fairyland. I saw some local elderly people still living in Qiao Xi Ancient Charm, raising a few chickens and growing some vegetables, enjoying a peaceful life!

Songkou Ancient Town, one of the original settlements of Hakka ancestors who migrated from Fujian to Guangdong, was once a prosperous center of commerce and trade in history. Many people left here and went abroad. This place bears the imprint of Nanyang culture.

In the summer of 2023, I visited Xinjiang, where the natural scenery is unique, novel, and breathtaking. The young Uighurs are like stars. The lifestyle of ethnic minorities is quite different from the Han people, and I couldn’t get used to foods like roasted flatbreads, roasted buns, hand-pulled noodles, oil naan, oil ta zi, and thin-skinned buns. But milk tea, grilled lamb skewers, whole roasted lamb, and cheap fruits were delicious! The landscapes in Xinjiang are so magnificent that I feel like I could talk about them endlessly for three days and three nights!

In the fall of 2023, I arrived in Zhanjiang. If you ask me which city I like the most and find most livable, I would tell you without hesitation that it’s Zhanjiang. In the Xiashan district of Zhanjiang, there’s a sea-view promenade, seaside parks, a fishing port park, wetland parks, and Xialake Park, embracing the city. The air is fresh, prices are stable and relatively low, and there’s an ample supply of goods. In other words, you can enjoy a quality life without spending much money, making it an ideal place for retirement and leisure!

Winter of 2023.




A collection of primarily scenic photos.

Indicating getting older… hhhh

A Year of Wandering


Reviewing the year 2023, I’m quite satisfied with my performance. I didn’t waste time, didn’t envy others' achievements, and didn’t indulge in self-pity.

This year, I arranged two trips, one in summer and one in autumn.

In August, I embarked on a journey to Qinhuangdao by the seaside with my family.

The photo was taken on the coastline of Qinhuangdao’s Anaya Community.

Anaya Community is a private community, only accessible to residents and guests of guesthouses. It’s not open to the public, so there are fewer people compared to public beaches. The sand here is fine, the sea is clear, sitting on the beach is comfortable. My son played with the sand, and my husband captured these moments with his camera. Happiness can be so simple.

Sailboats were moored nearby, their vibrant colors beckoning to people. It was my son’s first experience with such a sport, and he was a bit uneasy at first, but the willingness to try something new was a breakthrough.

Apart from the seaside, we also visited a wildlife park where the deer would stick their heads into cars and block the road. They were picky eaters, only consuming juicy vegetables like carrots and cucumbers. When they saw cabbage, they would shake their heads in refusal, which was quite amusing.

Qinhuangdao in the summer is cool, with gentle sea breezes, clear blue waters, clean streets, and delicious seafood snacks that leave a lasting impression.

The second trip was in October, during the golden autumn. It was the first time I traveled with my parents. We went to Bashang Grassland and Tianluo Mountain Road.

Although it’s not far from my home, I had never had the chance to go there before, but this time, my wish came true.

Given the extent of photos, I’ll leave you with my son’s picture.

Tianluo Mountain Road is essentially a scenic highway. Along this road, you’ll see various geographical features like grasslands, hills, forests, and it’s truly magical.

Located on a plateau, the air is fresh and clean, and the clouds here are different from what we see in the city. It’s like the sky from Hayao Miyazaki’s drawings.

How can you not ride horses or camels when you’re on the grassland? Riding a camel feels like sitting in a two-meter-high sedan chair, offering a novel perspective where the scenery changes with altitude.

This is a camel enjoying some flowers.

I was satisfied with both of these trips. I witnessed breathtaking scenery and felt the warmth and happiness of family travel.

That’s life, it requires hard work but also relaxation. When you experience a journey, see the beauty of the world, and immerse yourself in local customs, you’ll find the meaning of hard work.

Isn’t effort just about making life less tiring?

Let go of your worries and explore the beauty around you; that’s the essence of life.


In March, I went to Tianjin. This city, where I lived for seven years, is only a little over an hour’s drive from Beijing, but it feels like a world away.

During the trip, we didn’t see the Siberian seagulls as we had hoped, but we visited the university campus and enjoyed the local food in Xishan Village. Perhaps only I know that I once gave up a job opportunity as a university lecturer in Tianjin and chose to move to a new city, unfamiliar and unknown. Tianjin is my second hometown, and sometimes I wonder how my life would have been if I hadn’t taken that path.

But I have no regrets, just reflections.

In April, I took my son to Xishuangbanna. While I had been flying alone with him since he was 100 days old, this was the first time in three years I traveled alone with him for such an extended period.

We wore thick sweaters and coats when we boarded the plane, but as soon as we landed, we changed into short sleeves. My son was delighted and said, “Mom, this year we can have an extra week of summer.” I often received admiration from fellow moms in my mom’s group, saying they admired my ability to travel alone with my child for such a long time. But honestly, it was probably the least challenging part for me. In comparison to the difficulties I faced in life (facepalm), these days felt relaxing and comfortable.

A Childhood Dream

I hardly ever traveled with my parents when I was a child, so maybe it’s a form of compensation that I always want to take my child on vacations whenever I get the chance. So, in May, which was quite significant for me, I visited Northeast China for the first time with my family on a road trip. We passed through Panjin, Dalian, Dandong, and even Changbai Mountain.

Staying near the Yalu River Bridge in Dandong was probably the most emotionally significant part of the trip for me. It coincided with my recent viewing of the Chinese drama “The Heroic Sons and Daughters of the Nation,” and during those two days of travel, I could better understand the sentiments of my parents' generation.

In the hotel, there were many famous spots for taking photos. When I looked for the next destination on my smartphone app, I cared about the environment, the climate, and whether it was good for photography. Yes, it was that superficial. But during this trip to Dandong, I genuinely cared about taking care of my parents and making sure everything was enjoyable for them.


In July, I went on a trip to Shenyang. After a month of being immersed in work, I suddenly had the urge to leave Beijing. Plus, I had been busy with my child’s enrollment in June.

I am the kind of person who immerses myself entirely in whatever I’m doing, whether it’s work or leisure. Once everything settled down, I didn’t go anywhere for a month. Then, at the end of June, I unexpectedly managed to get a ticket for Jolin Tsai’s concert in Shenyang.

It was a completely unplanned trip, and I went alone. However, my husband was skeptical (facepalm). I told him I really wanted to get away, to see different places.

During that time, I probably felt like I was living far away. Maybe it was about escaping the various pressures in my life. I can’t quite put it into words. Sometimes a gap can make a person feel freer. But continuous travel makes you want to keep going.

In July, my child had summer vacation, so he went back to our hometown. I took the high-speed train back there every Friday afternoon. I had no career ambitions at all this year, so I kept traveling back and forth. It was a way