Is It Worth Cherishing an Unhappy Friendship?

I have three friends whom I get along well with, but I always feel a lack of a complete sense of belonging with them It feels as if I am forcing myself into the group

Reasons for leaving and cherishing

If you are unhappy, why don’t you leave? What are the reasons for not leaving? What are the reasons for cherishing? And what are the reasons for not cherishing?

How to deal with unhealthy friendships

If there are no monetary interests involved, it can be set aside. There is no need to confound oneself in an unhealthy friendship. If it is inappropriate, then leave. However, do not suddenly leave. Let go gradually, allowing both oneself and the other person some time to adapt. If possible, have a good chat with the friend and mutually provide support and comfort. Regardless of any kind of relationship that needs to come to an end, it is important to consider the feelings of all parties involved.

Reevaluating the Value of Friendship

If a friendship makes someone unhappy, then it is time to consider whether there is a need to continue maintaining that friendship.

Friendship should be built on the premise of happiness that arises from the process of spending time together. If that process becomes unpleasant, then one party or both parties must have a problem, perhaps a lack of mutual understanding or compatibility.

If you believe a friendship is worth cherishing, then cherish it first. If the other person also cherishes that friendship, then your time spent together will surely be joyful and happy!

Unhappy Friendship that doesn’t involve licking

If one of the parties in an unhappy friendship is not called “licking,” it’s better off not having it at all. How can it be considered worthy of being cherished?

The Value and Rarity of Friendship

The vast majority of friendships are nothing more than passing acquaintances in life. The opportunity to become close friends is already quite rare. Do not impose overly high standards on friendship to measure its worth. If such standards are necessary, first consider whether the other person has the potential to become your close friend. Secondly, consider if you can live up to the expectations you have for them.

In short, comfortable and fulfilling friendships are elusive, but when you haven’t encountered one, do not hastily dismiss any relationship worth nurturing (similar to love).