Is it embarrassing for a cat owner to be seen by their own cat while changing clothes?

I have two kittens at home Every time I change clothes, I always make sure to close the door Otherwise, I would feel embarrassed if they came in when I was changing Is there anyone else who feels the same as me, being a cat owner?

Cats' Strange Habits

I’ll tell you, when I change clothes, even if the two cats are fighting outside, they will stop and come into my room, watching me undress…

If I throw my clothes on the bed (with body temperature), the cat will crawl inside, only showing its butt outside.

I once suspected if they have special fetishes.

And they also follow me when I go to the bathroom, and watch when I shower.

During the hot weather some time ago, I would leave a gap when I shower, otherwise it would be too stuffy. When the cats hear me turning on the showerhead, they come in and watch me shower.

And it’s not just ordinary watching, they sit up straight and stare at me with their eyes fixed…

(That kind of gaze in the picture below)

I feel like the cats enjoy the sound of the faucet running, or maybe they’re worried I’ll drown?

And here’s the key point, after I finish showering and come out to get dressed, the cat will rush into the shower room and lick the water on the floor…

Oh… so they’re waiting for this moment when they watch me shower… darn.

Naked cuddles or just weirdness?

Am I the only one who likes to hold a kitten without wearing any clothes? It makes me feel kind of weird, huh.

A Cat’s Daily Visit

When you realize,

that every day, the gossip-loving cat can’t stop looking at you when you change clothes, you go from surprise, embarrassment, shy, to used to it.

And then, if one day it doesn’t come in to watch you change clothes, that day is not normal.

For me,

before having a cat, changing clothes was a frustrating “ritual” before going to work.

After having a cat, changing clothes with a little kitty companion is such an interesting and anticipated thing!

Even going out to work has become fun.

To that little cat who comes to watch me change clothes every day, I would say:

“Welcome, your daily visits

Because you don’t know

You are here

To cure my sense of powerlessness before work

To make every day more interesting

To make me feel less lonely in a crowd

I know

While I’m working hard

You’re waiting for me at home

Tomorrow morning,

You still want to see me change clothes!”

Embarrassment, not the Cat

Not only will they watch the owner change clothes, but they will also watch the owner use the restroom. Do you think cats would feel embarrassed?

Cats: As long as I’m not embarrassed, it’s the ones who clean up after me that should feel embarrassed.

Confused About Cat’s Rapid and Color-changing Fur Shedding

The cat is puzzled, why is it that you shed your fur so quickly and your shedding can even change colors? The scent of each shedding is different too.

And every time you shed, you have to rub against it again to add your own scent.

Closet door keeps cat away.


My cat has never seen me changing clothes.

Because I usually change in the dressing room.

In my dressing room, there are many scarves and dresses hanging. My little cat, Hei Yangsha, once went in and scratched several items. Since then, I don’t let him in.

In Canadian houses, there is usually a closet in the bedroom called a “closet”. It has sliding doors, and when you open them, there is a small 2 square meter space inside with lights and mirrors where people can change clothes.

Since my cat has never seen it, there is no embarrassment, of course, hahaha.

He lies outside the closet door and really wants to go in. So when I open the door, I have to stop him, otherwise he will sneak in and scratch the clothes.

Cats can’t talk or write, right?

Can’t be possible, I don’t feel it. Several times, when I looked down, I found them curiously looking at me, their eyes rolling around, which was quite funny. So, I asked them, “What are you looking at?” Those two just meowed in response, looking clueless and adorable.

I wonder if deep down, I feel like they can’t talk, write, or tell other cats or other people about it?

Being strange about a tag is normal. It’s not awkward for a cat to run around without clothes, as they are different species. Look at it from a different perspective, would it be awkward to be seen by ants or mosquitoes while changing clothes? Or by mice or cockroaches? Try thinking about it from the perspective of a cat, maybe it won’t be awkward then.

Hmm, this tag is well-placed, and indeed quite strange.

After all, our species are different. Isn’t it awkward for a little kitten to run around without wearing clothes?

Let’s consider it from a different perspective. Would it be awkward to be seen by ants or mosquitoes when changing clothes? Would it be awkward to be seen by rats or cockroaches?

If we imagine the subject as a little kitten, maybe it won’t be awkward anymore.

Awkward Moments: It Won’t Suddenly Turn into a Man.

Watch Less Korean Dramas.

I think… It should be wondering why this two-legged cat doesn’t have fur… Awkwardness? It won’t suddenly turn into a man.

Watch fewer Korean dramas.

I think… It should be thinking: Why doesn’t this two-legged cat have fur…

No embarrassment, it won’t tell anyone if it sees it.

Not awkward at all, anyway even if it sees it, it won’t go around and tell.