Is it a money-saving behavior for college students to eat only one meal a day?

Prices are higher at hospitals

No, hospitals are more expensive!

It is not advisable to eat only one meal a day

Regarding this issue, I don’t know your family background and I don’t know how much your monthly living expenses are now. It’s difficult for me to judge why you eat only one meal a day.

Is eating one meal a day a sign of saving money? The answer is definitely no. Either there is something wrong with your brain, you have an eating disorder, or your family is really short of money. I can only say that it’s too extreme. It’s like surviving in the wilderness, eating so little, and your nutritional needs definitely cannot keep up. It’s also certain that you will struggle with other things.

Therefore, I suggest not to eat only one meal a day, but it’s even better to eat half a meal a day. Have half a meal in the afternoon, half a meal at noon, and just drink water in the evening.

This is my response to the idea that eating only one meal a day is a way for college students to save money. If you like it, please give it a thumbs up.

Cherish your body

Don’t do this. Your body is the most important thing. The money you save on food is negligible and may not be enough for the hospital in the end. If you really don’t have money, just eat more rice and steamed buns. Make sure to eat enough so that you have the energy to study and exercise. The most important thing in college is to learn, not to make money. After graduation, there will be plenty of time to earn money. It’s not necessary to ruin your health for a little money.

Hunger and Saving Money

In the short term, it is possible to save money, but in the long run, it is really not worth it.

I’m truly sorry if this offends you, but the truth is, you don’t have to spend too much money on meals. At most, you can save around 20 to 30 yuan a day.

Instead of starving yourself to save money, it’s better to use that 20 to 30 yuan to create a value of 200 or 300 yuan.

The former is an accessory in life, just a prerequisite for having more choices, but it’s not a reason to dictate what you can or cannot do.

And if you only eat one meal, I hope that meal is the best of the best, and that you consume everything you want to eat reasonably throughout the day.

We need to satisfy our physical nourishment first, before considering anything else in the future.

That’s all.

Unhealthy Eating Habits

No, it is not a sign of poverty or laziness.

Let me tell you, as college students, do you not know that irregular meal times or only eating one meal a day can have a negative impact on your digestive system?

“Eating only one meal is not as good as eating less in every meal.”

It doesn’t count. It’s better to eat less in every meal than to eat only one meal.

If you only eat one meal, you can’t resist snacking when you’re hungry, or you eat until you’re full in one meal. These are essentially spending money in disguise. It’s also not good for physical development.

And to be honest, spending money on meals is not much. Six or seven hundred yuan a month is enough to meet the needs and even eat something better. (•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ

College students use their brains every day, and if their nutrition can’t keep up, their learning efficiency will be much lower.

The Conflict Between Money and Health

It is the manifestation of harming one’s own body, trading life and health for a trivial amount of money.

(The topic is about college students saving money, but it is more than that…)

Maintaining Regular Meals

In fact, I would like to advise you to eat something for three meals a day, otherwise the fluctuation of blood sugar will be too great and it will be bad for your health! It is normal to have three meals a day, and dinner can be a little less. In the long run, good health is the greatest wealth. How much does it cost to visit a hospital? At the very least, you should still eat something for breakfast and dinner. One meal a day is too extreme!

Self-inflicted Behavior

No, it is a manifestation of self-infliction.

Has it really come to this?

Even if a college student doesn’t have living expenses, they can still work part-time to support themselves. There are many such opportunities on campus, such as being a long-term worker or a waiter/waitress.

Only eating one meal a day.


How nutritious does this meal have to be in order to sustain the energy needed for a whole day?

This is such a miserable way to live!

If you’re not starving to death, then you’re stubbornly starving yourself!

This kind of behavior shows a lack of concern for one’s own body, a disregard for oneself.

It’s not ancient times anymore, and life isn’t that harsh. You can work part-time at school without sacrificing your studies, like being a server in the school cafeteria, where you only work during meal times.

If you don’t want to work part-time and care too much about your face (i.e., reputation), you’ll actually lose face even faster.

Eating once a day because of laziness

No, it’s not because I intentionally eat only one meal a day to save money, but because I am too lazy.

When I have morning classes at 8 o’clock, I wake up late and don’t have enough time for breakfast. By the time I finish classes at noon, it’s already lunchtime, and the cafeteria is always crowded with no available seats. If I order takeout, I have to go all the way to the main gate to pick it up, which I don’t really feel like doing. So I just go back to my dorm and snack on some small snacks and fruits. In the afternoon, after finishing classes, it’s usually not mealtime, so my roommate and I would go to the cafeteria and have a big meal. That’s why I end up eating only once a day because of laziness. Please don’t imitate me. I have now started to eat properly and am actively trying to correct my habits. Don’t put your health at risk just to save money and lose weight.