Is buying a car all about looks, or intelligence?

Both Looks and Intelligence Matter

Let’s start with the conclusion: I want both looks and intelligence prioritized! It’s just like choosing a person to marry, do you want someone who looks good or someone who understands you better? Of course, we want both! (I don’t mean to belittle people who are not good-looking here, everyone who has read this is handsome/pretty).

When choosing a car, looks definitely play a crucial role. The first thing that impresses a potential user is often its appearance. But why have domestic cars surpassed foreign brands in the field of new energy? It is because of intelligence! Of course, core technologies such as battery technology and plug-in hybrid technology are also important. Therefore, looks and intelligence can be perfectly balanced nowadays!

Today, I will recommend a few car models that excel in both looks and intelligence. And this is not my opinion, it’s based on big data! I want to emphasize that when judging looks, don’t just focus on the exterior, the interior is also part of the appearance.

1. Yinhe L7 (Plug-in Hybrid: 138,700-185,700 yuan)

1. Aesthetics

The Geely Galaxy L7 features a streamlined body design and a dynamic front face design. The LED headlights resemble sharp eagle eyes, adding a touch of dominance to the entire vehicle. The body side lines are smooth, coupled with multi-spoke wheels, giving a very dynamic feel. The rear of the car adopts a suspended design for the taillights and exquisite lines, giving the whole body a strong sense of three-dimensionality.

The interior design of the Geely Galaxy L7 creates a comfortable and luxurious driving atmosphere. The new three-screen cabin layout consists of a 10.25-inch instrument panel, a 13.2-inch central control screen, and a 16.2-inch auxiliary driving screen. In addition, the floating central control display, full LCD instrument panel, three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, spacious seating space, and abundant storage space have added a lot of points to the Galaxy L7’s interior.

2. Intelligent Features

The Geely Galaxy L7 is equipped with the NOA advanced intelligent driving assistance system.

HWA Highway Driving Assistance System: Automatically control the vehicle speed and distance based on the speed of the preceding vehicle on the highway, achieving intelligent follow, follow stop, follow turn, and lane change assistance, making long-distance driving easier. Automatic Lane Changing and Overtaking System: Recognizes when the preceding vehicle is slowing down and can autonomously change lanes to overtake, while also supporting language control lane change and lever-controlled lane change. Automatic On and Off Ramp System: Autonomously enters and exits highway ramps or interchanges. EMA Emergency Steering Avoidance Assistance System: Helps the driver steer faster to avoid collision risks when a front collision risk occurs. TAA Large Vehicle Intelligent Evasion: In the intelligent navigation assistance system, when overtaking a large vehicle in the adjacent lane, the vehicle actively deviates 20cm from its lane to ensure driving safety. BSD Blind Spot Detection System: When a vehicle is identified in the blind spot area on the side and rear of the car, a warning signal is provided through the rearview mirror to alert the driver, avoiding collisions or scratches when changing lanes. Intelligent Navigation System (ICC): Controls the vehicle to stay in the middle of the lane based on the set vehicle speed or following distance, providing real-time cruise control + lane centering control. Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB): When it detects driving behavior that may result in a collision with an obstacle ahead, it gives an alarm and applies emergency braking to assist in avoiding or mitigating the collision. Lane Keeping Assist (LKA): Monitors the relative position of the vehicle to the lane lines in real-time, keeping the vehicle within the lane. Lane Departure Warning (ELKA): Gives real-time alarms and corrects deviations when the vehicle deviates from the lane, keeping the vehicle centered and avoiding risks in a timely manner. Road Sign Reminder (SLIF): Intelligent capture of speed limit signs, saying goodbye to speeding. Intelligent High and Low Beam (IHBC): Automatically switches between high and low beams based on oncoming vehicles or environmental brightness.

① Autohome Evaluation

② CarDibo Evaluation (Currently unavailable)

③ Yiche Evaluation

II. Deep Blue S7 (Extended Range/Electric: 149,900-217,900 yuan)

1. Aesthetic Aspect

The front design of the Deep Blue S7 is stylish and simple, exuding a strong and domineering presence. The headlamps boast a full and well-defined design, while the side of the car adopts fashionable and minimalistic lines, showcasing a unique personality. In addition, it is equipped with large-sized, thick-walled tires.

As for the interior of the Deep Blue S7, the steering wheel has a very fashionable and generous design, equipped with functions such as manual adjustment in the upward, downward, forward, and backward directions. The center console is complemented by a 15.6-inch touchscreen LCD display, adding a sense of depth to the interior design. The dashboard presents a soft design style, with imitation leather seats that are spacious and thick, providing a very comfortable ride.

2. Intelligent Level

The Deep Blue S7 is equipped with highly intelligent IACC (Highly Intelligent Integrated Adaptive Cruise Control) that assists the driver in controlling the speed and direction, allowing for speed adjustment within the lane, following other vehicles, and maintaining a constant speed when there is no vehicle ahead. This effectively prevents driver fatigue and enhances driving comfort. At the same time, it is also equipped with ID3.0 Navigation Intelligent Driving Assistance, which integrates enhanced ACC, enhanced IACC, intelligent speed adjustment, intelligent lane change assistance (autonomous lane change ALC, signaling lane change UDLC, recommended lane change IRLC), and intelligent on-ramp and off-ramp driving (FIDA) functions. It provides efficient and reliable driving assistance support in urban roads, highways, and toll gates.

The Deep Blue S7 is equipped with the Qualcomm 8155 chip, which provides a smoother experience for the infotainment system. Facial recognition, voice interaction, touchscreen feedback, software upgrades, and all other intelligent control operations can respond quickly. The new car is equipped with a 15.6-inch interactive sunflower central control screen with seamless floating screen technology, which can automatically perform deviation movement according to the scene. When opening the door, the screen automatically turns towards the direction of the door, creating a sense of ceremony. After sitting down, the screen will automatically adjust the screen angle and brightness to match the driver’s line of sight, which is very user-friendly.

① Evaluation by Autohome:

Data Source: Autohome, Full points for each category is 5 points

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Data Source: Autohome, Full points for each category is 5 points

  1. BYD Han (Pure Electric/Plug-in Hybrid: 18.98-32.18 million yuan)

1. Aesthetics

The design of BYD Han is very exquisite and elegant, combining modern and classic elements to create a highly recognizable body shape. The streamlined body lines, majestic front face design, and delicate body details give BYD Han the capability to compete with luxury cars of the same level in terms of appearance. The side profile of the car has smooth and graceful lines, with a simple and generous rear design.

The interior of BYD Han is also very luxurious and comfortable. The entire interior adopts high-quality materials and craftsmanship. The center console features a large LCD screen and is equipped with intelligent connectivity system and various high-tech configurations, providing an excellent driving experience for the driver. At the same time, the interior space is also very spacious and comfortable, with comfortable and soft seats, allowing both the driver and passengers to enjoy a very comfortable driving experience.

2. Intelligent Level

In terms of intelligent driving, the BYD Han is equipped with an advanced intelligent driving assistance system, including adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and blind spot monitoring. These functions greatly enhance the safety of driving and reduce the pressure on drivers. Especially on highways and congested urban roads, these intelligent driving functions can provide drivers with real-time road conditions and safety alerts, making the driving process easier and safer.

① Evaluation by Autohome

Data source: Autohome, with a maximum score of 5 points for each item

② Evaluation by Dongchedi

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IV. Xiaopeng G6 (Electric: 209,900-276,900 yuan)

1. Aesthetics

The front face of the Xiaopeng G6 features a circular light strip and split-type headlights, which gives it a high brand recognition. Below the front bumper, there is a diamond-shaped grille. The body lines are smooth, the overall proportions are well-coordinated, and the unique design style is also applied to the rear of the car, with multiple stretched taillights and chrome decorations of the Xiaopeng logo, making the rear more fashionable and dynamic. The exterior design of the Xiaopeng G6 combines modern and stylish elements, blending the characteristics of a coupe and an SUV, resulting in a sleek and dynamic shape.

The interior design of the Xiaopeng G6 is simple and generous. It is equipped with a 14.96-inch central control LCD screen, which integrates most of the vehicle’s control functions, making it very convenient. The steering wheel features a dual-spoke design, and the embedded small-sized LCD instrument panel displays vehicle information with excellent visual effects. Overall, the interior design of the Xiaopeng G6 is modern and well-equipped, perfectly meeting the aesthetic and needs of young consumers.

2. Intelligent Level

Xiaopeng is one of the most advanced new forces in intelligent driving, and Xiaopeng G6 has XNGP full-scenario intelligent assisted driving capability.

City NGP Intelligent Navigation Assisted Driving: Depth vision network positioning | Obstacle avoidance | Intelligent route planning | Automatic recognition of traffic lights | Pedestrian avoidance

Highway NGP Intelligent Navigation Assisted Driving: Autonomous planning of efficient routes | Automatic switch to optimal lane | Active lane change and overtaking

VPA-L Parking Lot Memory Parking: Independent learning | Independent of maps | Cross-floor memory parking

Xmart OS 4.0 In-vehicle Intelligent System: Visible and speakable, all systems support visible and speakable, including third-party applications; Wake-up free, most interactive commands do not require waking up and can directly issue voice commands; No network conversation, support for full-vehicle use of 600+ functions without network/weak network; Four audio zone recognition, simultaneous processing of four audio signals, recognition of audio zone and different voices.

①Evaluation from Autohome

Data source: Autohome, maximum score of 5 for each item

②Evaluation from DongCheDi

Data source: DongCheDi, maximum score of 5 for each item

③Evaluation from

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V. Wanjie M7 (extended range/249,800 to 379,800 yuan)

1. Appearance

The appearance of the Wanjie M7 is smooth and natural, exuding a strong sense of luxury. At the front, the Wanjie M7 adopts a large chrome grille, accompanied by sharp headlights, creating a striking visual impact. At the rear, the sloping silhouette and upward window line of the Wanjie M7 create a dynamic and flowing contour. In addition, the design of the double five-spoke tires adds a touch of power.

The interior design is also refreshing. The seats are made of genuine leather, providing not only high comfort but also excellent support. In the center console, the combination of a 10-inch full LCD instrument panel and a 15.6-inch central touch screen provides the driver with a more convenient operating experience. Additionally, hidden air vents, wood grain trim, and delicate stitching craftsmanship add a touch of luxury to the interior. Compared to other models, the interior design of the Wanjie M7 places more emphasis on the combination of practicality and a sense of technology.

2. Intelligent Level

Equipped with HUAWEI ADS2.0 Huawei Advanced Intelligent Driving, you can drive it anywhere in the country, adding comfort to your journey and making every trip more relaxed and enjoyable. One-click Smart Commute, intelligently learns road conditions, getting better as you drive, making your daily commute more comfortable. LCC Intelligent Intersection Navigation, intelligently recognizes straight traffic lights, automatically stops on red lights and drives on green lights, making driving a breeze. Smart Parking, supports 360° customizable parking, supports automatic parking in mechanical parking spaces, and has 160+ parking scenarios, making it easy to cope with crowded parking lots and difficult parking spaces; there is also cross-floor assisted parking, allowing you to automatically drive to any floor’s parking space with one click.

All-round Adaptive Adjustment, when entering the car, the system automatically adjusts the seat, rearview mirror, HUD height and brightness, it’s all done without lifting a finger, and you can set off in an instant. One-click Vehicle Reservation, you can reserve a travel time and cycle, support one-click vehicle preparation, automatically adjust the temperature inside the car, turn on seat heating and ventilation, automatically purify the air, without waiting, every time you use the car, it can create a comfortable and pleasant driving and riding space for you. Spatial Audio, using virtual sound imaging technology, with in-cabin sound field matching algorithm, making the music have a sense of space, flow, and presence. Huawei Dynamic Adaptive Torque System, intelligently adjusts torque, effectively reducing bumps and shocks. When driving on bends or wet slippery roads, the vehicle is more stable and the ride is more comfortable.

①The evaluation of this model by Autohome is as follows:

Data source: Autohome, each item is rated on a scale of 5

②The evaluation of this model by Dcar is as follows: (Dcar does not have an intelligent evaluation, but Dcar’s ratings have always been very strict, and getting more than 4 points is considered very difficult)

Data source: Dcar, each item is rated on a scale of 5

③Similarly, let’s take a look at the evaluation of the M7 model by the three major media outlets on

Quantity source:, each item is rated on a scale of 5

Sixth, Ideal L7 (Extended Range/31.98-37.98 million yuan)

1. Appearance

In terms of appearance, the proportions of the Ideal L7 are very well-balanced. Although it is slightly smaller in size compared to the Ideal L8 and Ideal L9, the visual effect of the actual car is almost the same. Overall, the Ideal L7 adopts the enclosed front face design commonly used in new energy vehicles, giving it a simple and stylish look. Both the front and rear of the car are equipped with continuous LED light strips, which have a cool and highly recognizable visual effect. The roof is fitted with a large black panel, which, coupled with the light-colored body, gives it a strong sense of technology.

In terms of the interior, many physical knobs and buttons on the center console have been eliminated, and most of the functions are integrated on the central control screen. The entire range comes standard with a 15.7-inch central control screen and a 15.7-inch entertainment screen for the co-pilot. The intelligent chip used in the car’s system is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155, and the overall UI design and operation smoothness of the car’s system are good. The voice interaction system allows for “visible and talkable” communication and free dialogue in six sound zones, greatly improving the convenience of operation. It belongs to the upper-middle level among vehicles in the same class.

2. Intelligentization Level

The ideal intelligent driving system AD, with its self-developed AD Max and AD Pro, is an evolving AI robot that aims to make intelligent driving a standard feature in every ideal vehicle, providing users with safer and more convenient intelligent driving experience.

Navigation-Assisted Driving (NOA): Equipped in all models of L7, it has sub-meter level high-precision positioning capability, allowing for autonomous overtaking, speed control, and merging on and off ramps. Lane Keeping Assist (LKA): Equipped in all models, it enables stable driving in the center of the lane while automatically following the speed of the preceding vehicle, making traffic jams worry-free and long trips easier. Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB): Optimized for Chinese road conditions, it enhances recognition of pedestrians and bicycles crossing the road, reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents. Intelligent Parking and Summoning: Integrating camera and radar perception of parking spaces, it automatically parks and summons the vehicle, making parking easier.

Recognition of Close-distance Lane Cutting: Can recognize close-distance vehicles cutting into the lane, including slow-moving trucks and fast-moving vehicles. With the use of a high-resolution, 128-line automotive-grade LiDAR in the intelligent driving mode, AD Max has powerful recognition capabilities for stationary obstacles and construction scenes that do not possess typical vehicle characteristics, greatly enhancing driving safety. Recognition of Unconventional Accident Vehicles: Can recognize road accident vehicles with no obvious vehicle features, including scenes with poor nighttime visibility. Recognition of Construction Barriers: Can recognize construction barriers such as bollards, crash barrels, and water-filled traffic barricades, and has braking capability.

① Evaluation by Autohome

② Evaluation by DCG

③ Evaluation by Yiche

  1. Avita 12 (Pure Electric: 300,800-400,800 RMB)

The “future intelligent luxury sedan” Avita 12 made its debut at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show. As the second product of the CHN, an industry-leading intelligent electric vehicle technology platform, Avita 12 sets a new standard for luxury with its all-round leading product strength, becoming a new benchmark for global intelligent electric vehicles. Avita 12 achieved sales of over 15,000 units in just 6 days after its launch.

1. Aesthetic Level

The Avita 12 adopts a minimalist technological language, such as design without rear windows and the assembly of electronic rearview mirrors. Additionally, the Avita 12 has smooth body lines, such as an active intake grille, which brings the drag coefficient of the Avita 12 to 0.21cd. In addition, the interactive HALO screen outside the vehicle, the sail-style active lifting tail wing, and other design elements make the Avita 12 futuristic, captivating, and love at first sight.

The central control area of the Avita 12 is equipped with a three-spoke flat-bottom steering wheel, a 35.4-inch 4K panoramic widescreen display, left and right side rearview mirror displays, and a 15.6-inch floating central control screen. The 35.4-inch 4K panoramic widescreen can display startup animations, basic instrument areas, ADAS scene reconstruction areas, and map information. It also supports customized card editing, linking with rest mode, charging scenarios, etc. The resolution of the 15.6-inch central control screen reaches 1920*1080, making the information and images clearer and reducing user visual fatigue.

2. Intelligent Features

The AVATAR 12 is equipped with the advanced Huawei intelligent driving system HUAWEI ADS 2.0. It comes standard with three hidden laser radars, which can achieve long-distance detection of more than one standard football field length. In actual driving scenarios, the AVATAR 12 can accurately identify tidal lanes, intersection turns, and construction scenes. It can also build scenes from the vehicle itself, matching the navigation map with the real world, breaking free from the dependence on high-precision maps, and making the driving process safer and more comfortable.

AVATRUST Sensing System: Standard equipped with 29 intelligent driving sensors, providing full-scene coverage without blind spots, including three hidden laser radars. It offers centimeter-level distance measurement accuracy, excellent spatial resolution, and a broad field of view to eliminate hidden hazards.

GOD Neural Network: The first-of-its-kind fusion of laser radar with GOD Network, enabling the realistic reproduction of night road conditions with millions of 3D point clouds. You can drive fearlessly in dark and bright environments, as if guided by a god.

Driving Safety and Assistance: Standard equipped with eight airbags and 19 active safety features, including automatic emergency braking for irregular obstacles (GAEB). Taking proactive measures to ensure your driving peace of mind.

AVATRANS Intelligent Navigation System: Includes City Lane Cruise Control Assist (City LCC) and Highway/City Intelligent Driving Navigation Assist (Highway/City NCA). It expands the scope of intelligent driving scenarios without relying on high-precision maps.

Parking Assistance System: Supports APA intelligent parking assist, RPA remote parking assist, and AVP valet parking assist. Multiple options to help you park perfectly. With comprehensive scene coverage, parking becomes easier.

Note: The AVATAR 12 has just been launched, so there is currently no relevant data evaluation from major automotive media.

In summary, Chinese brand vehicles can generally meet your requirements for both appearance and intelligence. It’s not a matter of “having your cake and eating it too,” but rather a combination of both appearance and intelligence.

Guangzhou Auto Show: Varied Consumer Demands for Appearance and Intelligent Driving

This year’s Guangzhou Auto Show has seen many car models sporting new looks, and of course, there are also some models showcasing their performance in intelligent driving.

At the Guangzhou Auto Show, we can clearly see the diversification and personalization of car models. The demands and preferences of many consumers have become more diverse. Some people pursue the appearance of vehicles, choosing models that have eye-catching or unique designs.

Of course, there are also those who prefer more advanced intelligent features, such as advanced autonomous driving or other assistive driving experiences.

The majority of consumers prioritize the appearance of a car because it leaves a lasting impression. Since they may not understand other aspects of cars, they rely on the exterior appearance to make their judgments. This is a crucial attribute that reflects their personal taste and style, whether it’s avant-garde, sporty, luxurious, or vintage. As long as they like it, they will consider buying it.

Certainly, they believe that a good-looking appearance will leave a deep impression on others and make them stand out.

Many car models also truly understand consumers. For example, Audi’s large front grille, BMW’s twin kidneys, and Mercedes-Benz’s iconic star symbol are all distinctive features.

Additionally, the headlamps, wheels, lines, and paint colors of cars are also important considerations. After purchasing a car, many people may modify it by adding stickers or other accessories.

In fact, consumers who prioritize appearance are more likely to sell their cars after a year or two. They don’t care much about whether the vehicle is practical or has other performance features; they simply want it to look good. Thus, they can sell their cars quickly. If they mistakenly purchased a car that doesn’t suit their preferences, they would also care about others' opinions.

Nowadays, many young consumers prefer cars with intelligent attributes. They believe that these high-tech models, whether electric or hybrid, are desirable as long as they have autonomous driving capabilities. When choosing a car, they also prioritize purchasing models with driver assistance functions, as well as features like intelligent connectivity, driving assistance, and intelligent safety. They believe that these features not only provide a comfortable driving experience but also enhance their rationality in consuming cutting-edge technology, thus enhancing their own wisdom and taste.

However, consumers who prioritize intelligence may become overly dependent on vehicles and may lose the joy of driving and pursue excessive control through technology. They may end up buying similar, generic car models.

Smart cars: Combining cool design and advanced technology, favored by young people.

First of all, we need to clarify one thing: what is your definition of a car? Do you define a car as a technological product or as a means of transportation? Once these questions are clarified, any doubts you may have when buying a car will be resolved. The majority of the audience for aesthetics and appearance are women. Of course, with the recent rise in the male market, men’s demand for the aesthetics of sports cars has also been increasing. Although the so-called BBA (BMW, Benz, Audi) are still dominant, there are also some new brands that have captured the hearts of many young people with their cool appearance.

In my opinion, there is a type of car that can have the best of both worlds. Now we know that many smart cars are not only highly intelligent and advanced, but also have a sharp and fashionable appearance. They truly achieve the best of both worlds. They have both quality and appearance. For example, the Nezha GT, a high-performance and cost-effective sports car previously launched by Nezha, the G9 released by Xiaopeng Motors, and the best-selling Tesla. Mondol 3 has dominated the new energy market for many years. This is enough to show that new energy vehicles are the first choice for young people today and a necessary trend in the mainstream market’s aesthetic.

Therefore, when choosing a car in the future, you don’t need to struggle with choosing between aesthetics and intelligence, because with products that have both, why do you have to make a choice? Let me give you an example. If your car has a futuristic and technological design, and it is extremely worry-free and convenient to drive, and it can also capture the praise of your girlfriend or buddies, why not go for it? So what is the ultimate answer? I don’t need to say it, right? The answer must be choosing a smart car, because once you choose intelligence, as long as it is a mainstream brand and not a miscellaneous brand, you won’t go wrong. Let me put it here: the interior of smart cars will become the learning target for all car models in the next few years.

Moreover, if you buy a smart car with an advanced design, not only can you easily grasp the trends in the coming years, but you can also easily outperform other cars with its excellent performance. For example, the original Ideal One series, with its through-light design, especially the front and rear light strips, has been imitated and learned from by car brands such as BYD and Xiaopeng. This is the advantage that only intelligent members possess.

Exclusive Designs for Women

Of course, it’s all about appearance, especially for women. This car has a retro and fashionable face that resembles the beetle. Although not all female users will like such a cute and compact design, its appearance has fulfilled the “princess dream” for many female users.

In addition, this car also incorporates many “female” elements in its design. For example, a makeup mirror with LED lighting, a crystal storage rack, a makeup box, heated steering wheel, and more. It even has intimate modes like “Goddess Mode”, “Gentleman Mode”, “Venture Mode”, and “Child Mode”.

Take “Gentleman Mode” as an example. If a female user feels cold, uncomfortable, or is coinciding with her menstrual period while driving, she just needs to press a button, and the air conditioning, heated steering wheel, and seat heating will all turn on simultaneously.

Of course, designs like the “Gentleman Mode” and “Venture Mode” of this car don’t actually have a gender distinction. They just happen to be labeled as “female”. One cannot deny the fact that these designs are indeed useful for female users.

Nowadays, the women’s car market has become a hot cake, and there are many car brands that want to get a piece of the pie. For example, this car comes with exclusive cherry blossom pink film design, adjustable makeup mirror with three color temperatures, and dedicated storage space for high heels, lipstick, and other personal items. It also offers options for women-specific configurations such as pet-exclusive seats, matching food and water bowls, and dedicated small stairs for pets to get in and out of the car.

The perception of “exclusive cars for women” mainly stays at the level of color. These exclusive car colors include Orchid Pink and front facades with added red decorations. The interior is adorned with chrome trims, red accents, seat embroidery, colorful seat belts, and beauty makeup mirrors.

Priority on Smart Cars

If we were talking about the past, I would say that appearance was the priority. But with the continuous development of smart cars nowadays, the role of intelligence far surpasses appearance.

In the past, we used to first understand the appearance of a car before delving deeper into its price, interior configuration, and so on. If the appearance of the vehicle does not meet our requirements, we generally wouldn’t bother to learn more about it.

However, now with the rapid development of smart cars, many vehicles equipped with high intelligence and advanced technology have emerged. We prioritize whether a car has autonomous driving technology, related safety technologies, or assisted driving technologies. These new technologies can effectively help car owners reduce travel stress, improve driving comfort and experience, and even enhance driving safety.

Therefore, our pursuit of car appearance is not as demanding as before. The first priority now is that the car must have advanced smart technology, convenient for driving and ensuring safety on the road, and a high cost-performance ratio.

Impressive Exterior Design!

The importance of practicality used to be the main consideration for Chinese car buyers. However, now they aspire for high aesthetics, high quality, intelligence, and spaciousness. No matter how good your engine, electric motor, or battery is, if the appearance is not appealing, it’s difficult to achieve high sales numbers.

Before the launch of the Geely Galaxy L6, the concept of mid-to-high-end new energy vehicles was still associated with expensive prices. But with the introduction of the Geely Galaxy L6, people are now impressed with its excellent value.

Not only is the price affordable, but the Galaxy L6, positioned as a mid-to-high-end new energy vehicle under the Geely brand, also exudes a sense of luxury inside and out.

In terms of the exterior, the Galaxy L6 is upscale and stylish. The front face features a closed grille design, and the headlights adopt the trendy through-style design. The raised lines on the hood greatly enhance the overall sportiness of the vehicle. The smooth and concise side profile, along with the hidden door handles and coupe-like styling, further resemble the design of a “sports sedan.”

As for the interior, the Galaxy L6 is adorned with abundant soft-touch materials and piano lacquer spray finishes, further enhancing the premium feel of the cabin. The 10.25-inch LCD instrument panel adds a sense of technological sophistication to the interior. Moreover, with a body size of 4782/1875/1489mm and a wheelbase of 2752mm, the Galaxy L6 offers a more spacious and comfortable driving experience.

Powertrain is another major advantage of the Galaxy L6. Compared to other vehicles in the same class equipped with a commonly used 1.5L naturally aspirated engine and a single-speed transmission, the Galaxy L6 is equipped with a standard 1.5TD Thor electrified engine, combined with a 3-speed variable frequency electric drive DHT Pro, providing four driving modes: pure electric, extended range, intelligent, and performance. Empowered by the new generation Thor electrified 8848, it has a WLTC comprehensive range of 1370km and a fuel consumption of 4.55L per 100km.

In terms of intelligent features, the Galaxy L6 is equipped with the flagship 8155 cockpit chip and the Geely Galaxy exclusive native intelligent cockpit system - Galaxy N OS. The UI design and operation are similar to that of a mobile phone, making it convenient for users to operate directly. In this price range, the Galaxy L6 truly excels in its value and practicality.

Car Buying Advice

Looks and intelligence are not particularly important.

Start by setting a budget. Within your budget, consider the following order: quality (avoid frequent repairs), performance (power and handling), safety, and fuel efficiency.

Looks or Intelligence? A Balance Must Be Struck When Choosing a Car.

In today’s society, with the continuous development of technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, buying a car has become an essential choice for many families. However, when faced with a wide range of car brands and models, consumers often find themselves in a dilemma: should they prioritize looks or intelligence?

First and foremost, we must clarify that looks and intelligence are not completely opposite concepts. A car with high aesthetics often comes with certain intelligent configurations, and vice versa. Therefore, when buying a car, we should weigh the relationship between these two aspects according to our own actual needs and preferences.

For young people who pursue fashion and individuality, looks are undoubtedly the primary consideration when buying a car. A car with a unique appearance and innovative design can not only showcase the owner’s personal taste but also to some extent elevate their social status. In addition, a car with high aesthetics often provides a pleasant driving experience, thereby increasing the joy of driving.

However, for consumers who prioritize practicality and comfort, intelligent configurations may be more important. With the development of technology, cars are no longer just simple means of transportation; they have become intelligent assistants in people’s lives. A car with rich intelligent configurations can provide drivers with a more convenient and safe travel experience. For example, a smart navigation system can help drivers easily find their destination; autonomous driving functions can provide rest for fatigued drivers; and voice recognition systems can accomplish various functions without the need for manual operation.

Of course, we cannot categorically determine which is more important, looks or intelligence. Everyone’s needs and preferences differ, so when buying a car, we should make choices based on our own circumstances. If you are a young person who pursues fashion and individuality, a car with high aesthetics may be more suitable for you; if you place more emphasis on practicality and comfort, a car with rich intelligent configurations will be your first choice. In short, only by finding the car that best suits your needs can the true value of buying a car be realized.

GAC Geely Star7 L - A Stable and Powerful Model

BYD Han DM - The Popularity of Hard Power

Cars are one of the essential means of transportation in modern people’s daily lives. For many consumers, buying a car is not only an investment but also an improvement in their quality of life. However, when faced with various car models and brands, consumers are often confused by various external factors, such as appearance, price, performance, etc., and ignore the core qualities of cars - quality. In fact, whether it’s design, materials, craftsmanship, or driving experience, quality is the “hard truth” that determines the true value and strength of a car.

Here, we recommend several models with excellent overall performance and outstanding quality: GAC Geely Star7 L and BYD Han DM.

GAC Geely Star7 L - A Steady Competitor That “Levels Water”

The exterior design of the GAC Geely Star7 L maintains a “moderate” style, without excessive “fancy” elements to attract consumers. The overall shape is very regular. Although this design style may not be overly stunning, consumers will not feel that this car is ugly either. Compared to those models that excessively pursue personalization and fashion in order to please the crowd, the design of GAC Geely Star7 L focuses more on practicality and classicism, making it less likely to be criticized in the market. In addition to its outstanding overall performance and reliable quality, the reputation of this car among consumers keeps climbing.

In terms of interior, the GAC Geely Star7 L emphasizes an “elegant” style in its interior design. The vehicle is equipped with a “Bluebird Green” color scheme, which is derived from the color of ancient Chinese bronzes, combining the car’s interior with traditional culture. The craftsmanship is meticulous and very distinctive. However, “Bluebird Green” is not a standard color scheme, and consumers need to choose it as an additional option. In terms of configuration, this car has a rich set of intelligent features, including collision warning, automatic parking, 360-degree panoramic imaging, active braking, and Level 2 driving assistance, providing consumers with convenience and safety in their travels.

In terms of power system, the GAC Geely Star7 L is equipped with a 2.0L turbocharged engine sourced from Volvo, utilizing Volvo’s Drive-E technology, which boasts excellent thermal efficiency. It can output a maximum power of 175 kW and a peak torque of 350 Nm, matched with an 8-speed automatic transmission. This powertrain not only has strong power output but also achieves exceptional fuel efficiency, greatly reducing consumers' travel costs.

Often Riding the Crest of the Wave, BYD Han DM Fascinates with Hard Power

The BYD Han DM, a mid-to-large-sized sedan, can be said to have a “glorious reputation” among domestic vehicles in the same class. It is equipped with a plug-in hybrid power system, which offers excellent power performance and considerable overall cost-effectiveness. Coupled with its reliable quality, it has gained favor from consumers. After all, long-lasting performance is the hard truth, especially in the field of new energy vehicles.

In terms of exterior design, the overall shape of this car leaves a deep impression. The front face adopts a family-style design, with a signature large-sized grille, adorned with a matrix-type chrome accent, adding a touch of sportiness to the entire vehicle. The lines on the side of the body are very fluid, especially the design of the waistline, creating a dynamic effect. The rear end design is simple and avant-garde, with a solid outline, demonstrating a strong sense of power.

In terms of interior, the overall design is simple and elegant. The center console adopts a suspended design, and the center screen is large, measuring 12.8 inches, equipped with touch functionality and voice control, supporting navigation, vehicle connectivity, intelligent voice control, multimedia, and other functions. The seats are wrapped in genuine leather, and the rear seats also have heating, ventilation, and massage functions, demonstrating great user-friendliness. The ambient lighting inside the car is also a distinctive feature of the BYD Han DM, creating different driving atmospheres.

In terms of power and range, this car is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system composed of a 1.5L turbocharged engine and an electric motor. The engine has a maximum power of 102 kW, and the total horsepower of the electric motor reaches 197 Ps. The acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h is 7.9 seconds. There are two battery capacities available: 18.3 kWh and 37.5 kWh, corresponding to NEDC pure electric ranges of 121 km and 242 km, respectively. Meanwhile, the official claimed that the Han DM-i can achieve a comprehensive range of up to 1300 km, which is truly excellent among vehicles of the same class.

Choosing a Car that Fits Your Needs

This question is like asking whether you want to marry someone attractive or someone intelligent. The answers could either be “I want everything” or “Can’t I find someone rich who loves me?”

Buying a car is like getting married: if you choose the right car, your life will be comfortable and happy; if you choose the wrong person, your life will be miserable and difficult. So how do you choose a good car? First of all, I believe it’s impossible to have everything. Even if you are wealthy, having more money will only lead to higher demands. Someone who wants everything will never be satisfied. Therefore, it depends on which aspect you prefer the most.

From the perspective of buying a car, there are many aspects to consider, such as appearance, intelligence, safety, performance, price, handling, comfort, and so on. If we talk about which one is the most important, I think price is the prerequisite. Everyone has a budget when buying a car, so you can only choose within that budget and make trade-offs with other options. People have different preferences and requirements. Some people value safety and insist on having 16 airbags in their car. Some focus on performance and want fast acceleration and high top speed, pushing the throttle to the limit. Some prioritize comfort and cannot tolerate any tire or wind noise even when driving at 200 km/h. Everyone has different needs, so finding a car that suits you is the key.

Coming back to the topic, if both the appearance and intelligence of a car are not important to me, and I don’t have a strong sense of aesthetics, I think most of the newly released cars look good. As for intelligence, I don’t have high demands either. I don’t trust these driver-assistance systems. Holding the steering wheel firmly is still the most important thing for me. What matters most to me is that it’s affordable and doesn’t break easily. The functionality can be reduced, as long as the existing components are in good condition. I don’t want to experience situations where something breaks today and something rattles tomorrow, constantly having to take my car to the repair shop. I would be grateful if I can avoid that.