In the video "We Left a Photo Album in 2023," which story or photo touched you? What were your feelings?

Have you ever seen your own photos in a video? Or have you had similar experiences and feelings? Year-end Mini Question: If you were asked to select four annual photos about yourself in the photo album for 2023, one for each season, which four would you choose? Under this “Year-end Mini Question,” we collected over 1600 answers. Each real and specific story has collectively preserved the collective memory of 2023. For this reason, we have decided to capture these beautiful moments in an album and leave them in 2023. We hope you come back to flip through it often! Soon, we will bid farewell to 2023. As the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2024, this year’s year-end mini question will no longer be open for answers. Zhihu Daily wishes our friends: May every moment of your 2024 be treated with tenderness!

Under this “End-of-Year Mini Q&A” session, we have collected over 1600 responses. Every true and specific story together preserves the collective memory of 2023. For this reason, we instantly agreed to record these beautiful moments into an album, to be kept in 2023. We hope you will come back and flip through it often!

Soon, we will say goodbye to 2023. At the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2024, this year’s End-of-Year Mini Q&A will no longer be open for answers. Zhihu Daily wishes you: May every moment of 2024 be greeted with tenderness!

Cherishing Time and Memories in 2023

After watching the video, I was deeply moved, especially by the concept of “staying in 2023,” and taking a solemn farewell from a period. Speaking of time, two memories are profoundly imprinted in my mind.

On the New Year’s Eve of 2005, after the midnight show, my parents went to bed early, and I was alone on the sofa watching the show and eating sunflower seeds, as if it were just yesterday. Yet, that night has already been 18 years ago.

As a child, we had a talking calculator at home. Every year on my birthday, I would press it to announce the time, and it seemed like it was wishing me a happy birthday. My parents never had a tradition of celebrating birthdays, and one year was particularly sad with me being all alone at home, pressing that calculator numerous times. The calculator is long gone, but the interaction with time and the crisp sound of its voice still linger in my ear.

Time is firmly bound with our life coordinates, carrying individual destinies and the narratives of eras. None of us can escape or control it, so we might as well remember it.

The stories in the video, those moments, they resonated with a sense of humanity, something we haven’t seen in such vivid and ‘human’ stories for a long time. The reunions after long separations, spontaneous journeys, gatherings and farewells among loved ones… Specific and vivid, warm and unrestrained. The thawing of glaciers, the return of human touch, how wonderful it is.

This album doesn’t record an individual’s 2023 but the Chinese people’s 2023, our 2023.

18 years later, I will still remember moments from this year, at least I will remember that there was an album on the last day of the year that comforted me. It makes me look forward to finding the light to keep going in the tough future.

A Year of Extraordinary Journeys in 2023

Thank you, Zhihu Daily. At 2:56, I saw the photo of my spouse and me in front of Cho Oyu, the world’s sixth highest peak at an altitude of 8201 meters. My 2023 has been incredibly joyful and unexpectedly colorful, and seeing the diverse lives of others in the video was both real and touching.

2023 was a year of catching up on the travels we missed in the previous years. Between business trips and work, I traveled 16 times, working and exploring in over 50 domestic and international cities for 145 days. I encountered many firsts in life, saw a broader world, and took 400 million photos and videos.

In July, we returned to the Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world, to film around six of the top ten highest peaks. The photo was taken by our friend, Yang, during a shoot while Xiao Fan was using a Mavic 3 Pro drone. At that moment, we were aerially framed with Mount Everest, standing at 8848.86m, and Cho Oyu, the sixth highest peak at 8201 meters.

This was our late June to early July trip around the greater Himalayan region, focusing on capturing the six of the world’s top ten tallest peaks. After shooting photos for everyone that day, the two of us climbed up the hillside where the ancient fortress stood. As I jumped, our friend Yang captured this precious moment with his camera.

Serendipity in Daily Work

I feel fortunate to have glimpsed some of the inner workings of the editorial department. However, I didn’t find my own photo, not because it was flashing too quickly, but perhaps because my efforts weren’t frequent enough. Keep going!

As for which story can move me, it’s the mood I have at the moment when I see that story. Often, it’s not about how touching the story is, but rather that at that moment, you happen to encounter that story…

It’s like feeling down on a rainy day, and you happen to come across someone shining brightly as they pass by you. So, you think they are a brand new voyage in your life, but they might just be a passerby in your life!

There are always people and things that we think will be together forever, only to discover later that a lifetime is so long that “forever” is only said in the moment, and it may be fleeting. Even sincerity needs preservation, but there isn’t a refrigerator big enough for it!

Today is the last day of 2023:

Sincere thanks to the leaders and friends who have supported me and understood me throughout the year. You will always be my benefactors!

  • Bowing at a 90-degree angle to all of you!

Wishing you good health and a successful year in 2024! May everything go smoothly!!! ❤️

Lanzhou Yellow River Tower!!

A Heartwarming Farewell to 2023

On the last day of 2023, I saw a group of dedicated and caring editors and encountered this annual album filled with voices and emotions. It’s not about HE, not about BE, but about WE.

Yes, it’s us, and it’s a Warm Ending too!

As soon as I entered, I was drawn in by the warm and heartfelt copywriting and the narrated voices that spoke so eloquently. From little animals to many people’s firsts, romantic moments, heartbeats, interesting encounters, regrets, and achievements, not to mention the people who matter most to us. There were new lives arriving and everlasting farewells, as well as many moments in life worth cherishing.

These are all real and touching stories shared by friends who create content on Zhihu.

Following this video, I found myself reminiscing about my little dog at home, the first time it saw the sea and the first time it stayed in the ICU. I remembered the happy moments spent with family, the enjoyable conversations with friends, and moments in my life that were similar to the ones shared in this album—moments of joy, gratitude, and regret.

As the end approached, I caught a glimpse of my name, but it happened so quickly that I couldn’t even tell which photo it was included in. I had to go back and forth to capture this screenshot.

It turns out it was a picture taken in early November at Pofeng Ridge during a rainy autumn. It’s a photo I love dearly, taken shivering in a cable car with mountains covered in red leaves. It represents the dedication and serendipity of two families toward autumn leaves.

Even if my own photos weren’t included, I would still be deeply moved by this album, which brings together numerous life experiences.

Time flies, life is vast, and emotions run deep. This is 2023 for each one of us ❤️

End-of-year question | If you had to pick four annual photos related to yourself from the album, one for each season, which ones would you choose?

I am Not-Confused Young Lady Shan, delighted to have met you on Zhihu, and looking forward to your likes, follows, and interactions ^_^

Gratitude to Zhihu Daily’s 2023 Album

Thank you to the Zhihu Daily editorial team. I didn’t expect to catch a glimpse of myself in Zhihu’s 2023 album (^^). The voiceover in the video says “these chilling growths.” Writing this, I’m a little excited, and I even took a screenshot to commemorate it.

I also saw some familiar influencers sharing their fitness experiences and photography works, as well as many fellow Zhihu users sharing their everyday stories. Behind these photos, there is joy, motivation, and setbacks. These precious moments are like fireflies gathering in the dark night. Right now, I feel like I’m high above in the sky, looking down through the clouds at the vast city night sky, with stars shining brightly everywhere, lit by fellow Zhihu users.

I treat Zhihu as my personal blog. Many of the words that won’t appear on WeChat or in my friends' circle, I write them here very seriously. For me, Zhihu is the only online forum where I feel a sense of belonging. I don’t expect anything in return here; I just want to record my little moments. If someone reads what I write and likes the photos I take, I’m very happy.

My daily life on Zhihu is that simple. What touches me here is not a specific story or a particular photo but the genuine and sincere atmosphere.

Almost every season, I receive gifts from Zhihu by mail, and I keep each one very carefully. I haven’t even thrown away the mooncake box that Zhihu sent me—it’s also a way of expressing gratitude, I suppose.

Zhihu New Year · Good Fortune Gift Box

Zhihu sends blessings, and the dragon star shines brightly (^^)

Contents of the Dragon Star Shines Brightly Gift Box: A desk calendar, a notebook, a coffee mug, and an interesting magic ball.

Zhihu’s Dragon Boat Festival gift package has a little bit of everything (^^)

The Zhihu sports gift package is rich in content: It includes a fan, ice sleeves, a humidifier, and a cold water cup.

Zhihu’s rocket-shaped humidifier (^^)

A shopping bag with Liu Kanshan’s theme_

Zhihu’s Year of the Rabbit New Year gift box, “Zhihu Sends Blessings, and the Grand Rabbit Appears.”

Popular sports topics on Zhihu: “Me and Yuanbao on the Training Ground.”

Recruitment poster for the city running group: “Honored to be a member of the Zhihu Poster Group (^^)”

The Zhihu sports water bottle they sent, I have two!

Zhihu Home’s daily topic, about the rotating staircase light strip I designed myself.

All of the above are stories related to Zhihu that I have saved in my album.

Here, we don’t need to be famous; as long as we are diligent and sincere enough, we can find our own place, just as a song I heard on the roadside today sings:

“You become immortal, and I’ll stay in the mortal world for you.

Even sparrows have a tomorrow.

Thank you for Zhihu’s companionship.

Thank you, Zhihu Daily. In the video from 1 minute and 54 seconds to 55 seconds, I saw a fleeting glimpse of myself. It flashed by so quickly, but I managed to capture it. Here is the photo ↓↓↓

The inspiration Zhihu has given me is the driving force behind my 2024. Once again, I’m boarding the train and moving forward.

End-of-year Mini-question | If you were to choose four annual photos of yourself from your photo album for the year 2023, one from each quarter, which four would you choose?

Reflections on Zhihu Daily’s Four Photos Activity

Zhihu Daily’s four-photo activity this year was really heartfelt. I didn’t expect there to be a video at the end. I first discovered this activity back in November. This year has been a very emotional year for me, experiencing a lot and having some profound realizations. Looking at the photos of other friends, I also marvel at the unpredictability of life and the imprints of the times.

But I really like a line from the video, “At least we still have the right to choose, even if it’s just a little.” For example, at least we can choose to go for a run instead of lying down, at least we can choose to dye our hair red to defy many worldly gazes. As long as we still have hope, a little courage, many things will eventually be different.

Goodbye, 2023. This year may seem ordinary in many years to come, perhaps it will also be the best year. But I still want to imagine at this point, what will it be like when I look at this answer again in ten years? Can I still maintain a bit of courage, something a bit different? Maybe from now on, many things will be different, right?

Well, let’s not make any more promises. Let’s focus on the present and make the most of every day! Go, 2024!

Exciting Discovery in Zhihu Daily’s Year-End Video!

Wow, the copywriting in this video is fantastic, and even more amazing is that I spotted a photo I took of myself in the video! Thanks to @Zhihu Daily, I found my photo at 05:11 in the year-end video.

Kudos to the editors!

A photo I took during the 2023 holiday break near my hometown reservoir. The sunset moment was exceptionally beautiful!

Thanks to @Zhihu Daily for featuring my photo. It’s a tremendous encouragement for me! Finally, the year-end video from @Zhihu Daily is out, and I saw my own photo in it. It seems that the videos and photos I sent to Zhihu editors didn’t get used, but they used a panoramic shot of my hometown reservoir that I took during the holiday break.

In the video, I saw everyone’s life moments, witnessed the various facets of the world, and the helplessness of humanity. I also saw friendship, sunshine, and the efforts to move forward. Everyone has been through a lot. 2023 has passed, and in 2024, let’s all work harder in our jobs and lives!

Wishing all my fellow buddies a year of even greater achievements, making yourselves feel more comfortable and happier!

I was deeply moved and filled with emotion, so I decided to write my own response before the activity collecting questions was permanently closed.

Year-End Mini Question | If you were to choose four annual photos of yourself from the album for the year 2023, one from each season, which four would you choose?

I saw many familiar IDs and learned about some of their lives outside of their answers on Zhihu, which was both refreshing and astonishing.

Endless distances, countless people, all unrelated to me.

See you in 2024!

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Without being invited, I also want to leave behind my thoughts on 2023. Every minute and every second is a gift from above. I am grateful for my efforts over the past year, not letting myself down, and pursuing my youthful dreams. Goodbye, 2023. I will always cherish the moments that belong to me!

He said, “Congratulations on surviving a year, touched, aren’t you? (ಥ_ಥ)”

Life Milestones

This year, we celebrated our parents' diamond wedding anniversary. May our intimate relationship be as enduring as our parents' marriage, growing old together without worries.

My 84-year-old dad spoils my 78-year-old mom, showing no restraint. May we live our whole lives in love. If others can provide the best, great; if not, we’ll create it ourselves. In the end, self-love is the key.

We obtained the property deed and have our own space. Having a stable home brings peace to the heart.

Our sense of security and achievement has grown stronger!

Participating in a psychotherapy workshop with the theme “farewell” – let’s bid farewell to the past.

Learning brings happiness, and continuous learning brings lasting joy! My dad says, “Learning never ends,” and as his daughter, I follow his advice.

The work and profession I love always provide a strong sense of value and achievement. Serving others brings happiness to myself.

Someone asked Grandfather Freud how to live a good life. He said, “Love and work. Love gives us a sense of belonging, and work gives us a sense of purpose.”

Emotions Stirred by an Album

In this album, I saw photos of myself practicing calligraphy, and it touched me deeply.

This is a new skill I started this year, discovering more possibilities on top of what I had previously learned. It was at this moment that I suddenly realized, as long as I’m willing to put in the effort and continue learning, there are countless opportunities waiting for me ahead.

Interestingly, for a longer period before this, I felt mediocre and even unaccomplished. The repeated experience of inadequacy made me realize that life shouldn’t be so dull. I had to step out of my comfort zone and make breakthroughs time and time again.

It’s only at this point that I finally understood that learning is a consistent effort, and when we put in the work on something, there are more achievements awaiting us in the future. What we need to do is to keep persevering, persevering, and persevering in that particular endeavor.

In the new year, I will strive to persist in pursuing my desired goals because I firmly believe that there are brighter prospects waiting for me there.

Time flies. I really like this title. We leave a photo album in 2023. Inside the album are still frames, and 2023 carries so many memories for us. In the videos, I saw various things, some regrettable, some touching, some inspiring, some unusual, and some ordinary… We often reminisce at the end of the year and realize that there were so many things. It seems like last year’s year-end was just yesterday.

I wish everyone a happy and fulfilling 2024, and may you create a thick and beautiful album.

Gratitude and Reflections on 2023

I want to express my gratitude to the diligent editors at Zhihu. This collection of photos and videos has had a profound impact on me, allowing me to appreciate the diversity of life in countless families.

For me, 2023 was also an extraordinary year. I celebrated a significant milestone in my personal life by getting married and entered a new phase of life. In this video, I saw that many others also entered the realm of matrimony this year, and some families welcomed the birth of new life. These beautiful moments fill us with a sense of wonder. Sometimes, during difficult times, reminiscing about these moments gives us the courage and confidence to overcome obstacles.

In the video, I witnessed that happiness takes various forms—some bought cars, some bought houses, some obtained certifications. I personally experienced this in 2023. I acquired my first means of transportation, and it’s hard to believe that someone who hadn’t driven for over seven years after getting their driver’s license can now confidently hit the road. It sometimes feels surreal while driving, truly magical. In 2023, I also passed the advanced accountant exam. After completing the CPA exam earlier, I found the motivation to study and take exams again. Therefore, I resonate with those moments of happiness in the video; this year has indeed been fulfilling for me.

I thought this year would be spent in happiness and joy, but I ended up with a severe cold towards the end of the year. Sometimes, it takes getting sick to realize the value of good health. In the video, I saw that many people will forever remain in 2023, which deeply touched me. The things left behind by those who have passed away are the most powerful reminders of our memories. However, as the video rightly says, “farewell” and “reunion” are never antonyms. I hope that each one of us can take good care of our health and embrace the beauty of life.

Today is the last day of 2023, and the new year is just around the corner. In closing, I want to say, “Goodbye, 2023, and hello, 2024.”

Endorsement of Unity

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