In the storyline of Genshin Impact, when the Primordial Water erupts, Leios defends the gate with Chlorinde by his side. However, what practical use does a character with Electro abilities have in this scenario?

The Importance of Companionship in Dangerous Situations

She can protect Leosli from being disturbed and also has the responsibility of carrying Leosli to safety when Leosli can no longer hold the door or stand.

There’s no need to question this; it has nothing to do with elemental forces.

Most hazardous jobs require companionship (like soldiers, police officers, firefighters, miners, etc.) because having more than one person allows them to look out for each other. In case of danger, if one loses the ability to move, the other can provide immediate simple rescue measures.

Without Krolinde, Leosli would have to protect himself, consider how much energy to reserve for escaping, and choose the right moment; Furthermore, they are in a prison. What if someone comes to cause trouble? Would Leosli be able to fight and still keep an eye on the gate?

And so on and so forth.

In summary, it’s just one sentence:

“Avoid going alone, ensure to have company when entering dangerous areas.”

LOFTER Author Hayao

Speaking of the Electro characters in Genshin Impact, is the electricity they release alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC)?

The cutscene didn’t convey the message clearly. Using lightning-element bullets to remotely hit the door controller resulted in an overload explosion.

Clyde has plenty of experience in pulling boys out of the amniotic fluid.

Plot and game mechanics, or the strength within the game, are two different things. For example, in the case of Thor battling Thunderbird, the game mechanics, where Thor’s attacks are ineffective, do not affect the plot where he can still overcome the situation.

In the storyline, when Leosley couldn’t hold on any longer, she used a gun to blow up the mechanism and closed the door.

Once Leosley collapsed from exhaustion, she could drag him away to prevent him from drowning.

With such a significant incident, the government of Fendan also had an obligation to send representatives to the scene for handling and supervision. Therefore, she also had to leave a trace of her work regarding Leosley.

Elemental Speculation

  • Elemental Art: Inject the power of the Thunder element into Leosley’s body in some form, greatly enhancing her control over her own muscle nerves, allowing Leosley to harness elemental power with higher efficiency.
  • Elemental Burst: Thunder and Ice elements can superconduct, causing Ice elemental damage, effectively strengthening the elemental power.

I’ve even come up with skill names:

“Swift Thunder”: Enhances elemental attachments for other characters in the party.

“Swift Thunder VIP”: Creates a Thunder element area that continuously inflicts Thunder elemental damage, increasing the elemental energy recharge efficiency for characters within the area.

Mi Er & Zhang Chulan & Swift Thunder: Money-making!!!

Of course, it’s charging!

Superconducting reactions are like frostbite…

But there’s no need to delve deep into this.

Collaborating with the amniotic sea water to induce electric sensations, Laios Lee…

Collaborating with Laios Lee to reduce physical rigidity through superconducting gates…

Among the initial thoughts that emerged without much deliberation at that time, there was no possibility other than Krolinde causing trouble…

Control the bioelectricity on Leosley’s body to enhance his abilities. (Strikethrough)

In fact, Clyde’s primary role is to shoot the switch with bullets. If Leosley is unable to do it in time, Clyde will remotely shoot the switch, trapping both the amniotic fluid and Leosley behind two doors.

Directly electrolyzing water…

The energy utilization efficiency may not be very high…

Hasn’t it all been performed already???

It’s just that Leo Leslie rushes in, freezes the water column, and then runs out, while outside, Krolinde is responsible for support and shooting, right?

You insist on discussing gameplay relationships, but what do we even know about Krolinde’s skills and their effects right now?

Furthermore, this has nothing to do with elements at all.

You can check out the skills of Kayah and Amber in the comics, as well as various skills that appear in cutscenes but are not playable in the game.

In theory, Childe can use an Electro elemental shield to resist the Hydro element, but whether you can actually use this skill in the game is another matter.

The most questionable part is not the risk of jumping into the amniotic fluid, knowing it might leak, to save Femini, is it?

To be honest, Miss Clorinda, are you also from the East?

Clarification on the Situation

To be honest, Kaozan has already said almost everything that needs to be said. Clorinda’s presence to assist Leosley has nothing to do with elemental powers.

Furthermore, even though they are aware of the seriousness of the situation, they have great confidence in “Navelight’s ability to handle this matter” and don’t believe they will be held accountable here. This is evidenced by their chat and bet about whether Navelight would come alone or with a group. Leosley mentioned it as the “highest level of confidentiality,” but Clorinda believes that, according to the regulations, they should bring a group, indicating that in their subconscious, this crisis is still within a manageable range.

Considering the impact of amniotic fluid leakage on Fengdan, the contributions made by the “Duke” responsible for guarding this place, and some unauthorized actions (secretly using a large amount of manpower and materials to build mechanical equipment), it is still necessary for an official Fengdan representative to endorse these actions.

Chloé Lind’s identity is a dueling agent. In the plot setting, apart from Aquarius and Navilette, she belongs to the most powerful group in the Maple Dan. This has nothing to do with her attributes. As an official member of Maple Dan, she cooperates with Leosli from Melopeterburg to control and delay the catastrophe of the original fetal sea as much as possible, which is both reasonable and logical.

Speaking of which, in the Maple Dan main storyline, all the showcased characters have been assigned tasks, and everyone is sharing the cake together.

One responsible for guarding, One responsible for lookout. Preventing accidents from happening.

If everyone goes to disaster relief when a disaster occurs instead of someone preparing for the foolish masses, then during the Lirui mainline, those improved returnees will be of no use at all and will be directly destroyed by the foolish masses. The scattered soldiers are too busy with disaster relief and do not guard against the foolish masses, and as a result, the disaster relief personnel are killed by the doctor. This Feng Dan is protected by Klorend, so the foolish masses do not appear. If there is no Klorend, then the foolish masses are very likely to cause trouble.

Deal with anyone who suddenly disrupts Leo Leslie’s work.