In 2023, what were the moments of being "healed by children" in the midst of our busy lives?

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Compared to 2022, my 2023 has been much busier.

I started updating on Zhihu from March this year, and it seems like my time is always filled up. I often feel that there’s not enough time.

I can also clearly feel that the time spent with my child has decreased, but every time my son often hugs me and says, “It’s okay, you’re already great.”

Being with him often heals me with his every word and action.

When I’m writing without inspiration, I tend to habitually swipe the keyboard with my hand. When he sees this, he often comes over to me and says, “Come on, Mom, I’ll give you some energy.”

Then he’ll sit next to me, our heads close together, transferring his brainpower to me.

When I place a glass of water on my right side while writing, he often fills it for me when he sees it.

Sometimes, he even directly prepares tea and coffee for me and hands it to me to taste how good he’s brewed it.

When I’m sweating while doing housework, he always comes over with tissue to wipe my sweat.

Then he asks me, “Mom, is there anything I can do? I’ll do it, you can take a break.”

He takes over the task in my hand and continues on his own.

Sometimes he says, “I’m like Aladdin, I can fulfill three wishes for this lady. You can tell me your wishes, and I’ll make them come true for you.”

I often make wishes for him to do eye exercises for me, give me a massage, or tell a joke, and he fulfills each one.

When I finish cooking and sit down at the dining table with the family, he always praises me with a stream of compliments.

Saying that I’m the world’s best chef, and that the food I make is so delicious that no one can compare.

The fatigue from cooking instantly disappears. Who doesn’t like being praised for their culinary skills, especially for those who love to cook?

When I play games with him, he often gazes at my nails. If my nails are long, he’ll help me trim them.

When I’m hanging clothes to dry, he takes the initiative to come over and learn how to do it from me.

The next time we wash clothes, he’ll say, “Let me try it, I’ll be in charge of hanging the clothes from now on.”

When we buy something delicious outside, he always says, “Mom, let’s eat it together when we get home.”

Once we’re home, he always gives me the first bite when we open the package.

Carrying my backpack when we go out.

When I’m not feeling well, he helps me pour hot water and tells me to rest.

Then he asks if I’m hungry and offers to make a meal he knows how to prepare.

When his teammates come back, he immediately runs to the door to report on my condition and asks them to make something delicious for me.

He brings me books that he knows I like to read. If I don’t feel like reading, he suggests I watch a drama or take a nap.

Sometimes, he sits next to me, reading his own book, and watches me while I sleep.

When I suddenly fall asleep on the sofa at noon, there’s always a blanket he’s placed over me when I wake up.

Sometimes, when I’m writing, he watches me from the side and points out any typos, saying that he’ll help me proofread in the future.

The days spent with my son are filled with healing moments.

Sometimes, I wish time would slow down a bit, so I could have more time to be with him and record our stories.

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So much, so much!

In the midst of busy work and life stress, it’s always my children who are healing me.

My daughter Pineapple is a healing sweetheart, without needing to do or say anything, she is naturally sweet.

During the pandemic, my brother and I both fell ill, and only Pineapple was left to recover her strength.

I lay in bed, unwilling to speak or cook, and she got up early to cook porridge, noodles, and fry eggs.

But as I watched her small figure, busy in the kitchen, I was deeply moved. How can there be such a cute little angel baby?

Pineapple is usually not very talkative, and she won’t say sweet words to make people happy. But she can keenly sense my emotions.

She will hug me when I sleep, pinch me when I say my shoulders hurt, and pout if I say I don’t want to sleep with her tonight.

When under the covers, she places my hand on her soft tummy, letting me hold her.

Pineapple’s presence itself is healing.

My brother Pineapple Treasure is completely different in character, and he is especially talkative.

But when I’m not happy, he will make funny faces to cheer me up.

When I’m alone, thinking and feeling down, he’ll say, “Mom, are you not happy?”

Just a few days ago, I came home from work, feeling very stressed and not in a particularly good mood.

Both children were doing their homework, and I thought, “Oh no, I might not be able to control my emotions again today!”

But to my surprise, the children were very supportive and shared with me many things that happened at school.

Little Treasure happily said to me, “Mom, come and listen to me spell today’s new words. I’ve memorized them all.”

I realized that sometimes, healing one’s mood isn’t difficult at all. When I see my children’s smiling faces, when I see them working hard for what they aspire to, all my stress, worries, and negative emotions vanish.

Many times, it’s not us taking care of our children, but our children soothing our emotions.

2023, thank you, my treasures!

2023 has been a year when I earnestly wrote answers on Zhihu, with 237/789 answers written, 248/352 thoughts shared, and 5/6 articles published.

Every time I share some small achievements I’ve gained on Zhihu with my children, they become very excited and listen attentively. When they think I’ve done a great job, they even say, “Wow!”

For example, when I reached over ten thousand followers for the first time and made it to Zhihu’s Mother and Child Growth Power Ranking, both of my children were delighted and cheered, “Wow, Mom, you’re amazing!”

Every time I receive small rewards from Zhihu, my children are eagerly waiting to see them and rush to get them. Receiving Zhihu’s gifts is like opening a blind box; you can never guess what interesting surprises await next!

During the Zhihu “To Knowledge” tasks in November, there were quite a few of them. Sometimes, I would excitedly tell my older son, “Today, I need to submit N articles. Can you play with your younger brother on your own?”

My older son would be very supportive and say, “Of course!”

Sometimes, my younger brother would come to my room to cause trouble, and my older son would persuade him to go to his room and say, “Ze, let’s go to my room to play, don’t disturb Mom while she’s working.”

Also, because of writing articles on Zhihu, sometimes I would share with my children how much I could earn from writing one article. Once, when I was hesitating whether to cook dinner because of a pending article, I said to my older son, “How about we go downstairs and eat noodles?”

My older son said, “No, Mom! If we eat out, then you’ll have written the article for nothing, right? You can just cook noodles for us at home!”

Before, when I didn’t write articles, my children might not have a concept of how much a meal costs. But after I told them how much my article fees were, and compared it to the cost of a meal, they gradually developed a sense of it. Sometimes, they could also better understand the effort it takes to earn money. It’s quite rare to have such mutual understanding.

Children visibly grow, and I can also do things I enjoy while being with them. So, in this year of writing articles on Zhihu, I suddenly realized that earning money is secondary; the growth I’ve gained from this experience is the most important!

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Why do you love me so much, Mom?" She said this while dressing her after a bath, and it instantly touched the depths of my heart.

Do I love her?

The answer is undoubtedly yes, but I don’t know which of my actions make my child feel my love.

I have two children, Big Treasure is five years old, and Little Treasure is two years old. It’s really challenging to balance the attention between them.

Since the arrival of Little Treasure, I often feel that I owe Big Treasure.

Little Treasure plays with Big Treasure’s toys, and when Big Treasure wants to play too, she takes the toys back from her younger sister, and Little Treasure starts crying.

At such times, even my parents and sometimes my husband and I would criticize Big Treasure, saying things like, “Your sister wasn’t playing with them for a long time, and as soon as she starts, you take them away.” In these moments, Big Treasure would cry with a sense of injustice.

Upon reflection, what did Big Treasure do wrong? Is it a mistake not to want to share her toys with her sister?

Little Treasure is naturally more clingy, and when my husband returns from work, the first one he holds is usually Little Treasure. At such moments, I secretly observe Big Treasure and quietly ask my husband to hold her as well.

When my husband holds both of them at the same time, I can clearly see that Big Treasure is also very happy.

Although Ni Bao is a bit “clumsy” at times, she loves her little sister very much and is willing to help me take care of her.

When we go to the park to play, the little one insists on being carried by me. But as she grows older, it becomes increasingly difficult to carry her.

At this point, Ni Bao would let her sister sit in the stroller and pull it along, with me following behind as the “lazy boss.”

Even though Ni Bao is only five years old, she has started to help me with some physical tasks.

When Ni Bao was younger, it was almost impossible to get a bite of food from her mouth. Children tend to be possessive about their food, and being a “food-guarding baby” made it even more challenging.

As she grows bit by bit, especially this year, she’s more willing to share when there’s food. She’s gradually understanding what it means to be a family, whether it’s drawing or playing with toys; it’s all for the six of us.

“This is Dad, he’s tall. This is Mom, she’s chubby. These are Grandma and Grandpa, and this is the little sister.” Every time she calls me “chubby,” it makes me laugh and cry.

In summary: After having children, our home is filled with laughter and joy. Many small actions by the children have melted my heart and healed the troubles from work. Rather than saying that I’m their protector, it’s more accurate to say that they are my armor, my direction of effort. @Zhihu Parenting

Marry has a little donkey, a little donkey, a little donkey.

Two cats, two cats, run fast, run fast, one has no tail, one has no ears.

Twinkle, twinkle, little stars, the sky is full of little stars.

Whenever my daughter passionately sings, the image recognition system pronounces each word clearly, but some words are a bit unclear. Overall, the tone is beautiful, and it sounds wonderful.

I said, “I’m a little cold,” and my son gently pulled the blanket over me.

After my older brother went to school, my daughter almost finished eating the Wangwang Xianbei snack, leaving one piece. She thought of saving this piece for her older brother to eat after school. Then, she broke the remaining piece in half and saved it.

When her older brother came back, they shared that half piece of Xianbei snack.

No matter what she’s eating, my daughter always thinks of taking a bite and offering it to you.

The weather is getting colder, and there is fog on the window. My son excitedly wrote, “Mom, you zhen (really) good” on the window.

Yes, he doesn’t know how to write it yet.

As a preschool teacher who interacts with children daily, there are frequent moments when I am healed by the children.

Every day when I go to work, I am greeted with sweet voices saying, “Hello, teacher!”

When I wear a new outfit, a group of little fans and admirers will earnestly compliment me, “Wow, teacher, your clothes today look really beautiful.”

On days when my throat is sore, the next day, a child will bring throat lozenges and say, “Teacher, if you eat this, your throat won’t be sore anymore!”

During field trips at the kindergarten, the children never forget to bring me some tasty snacks or fun things, saying, “Teacher, these snacks are super delicious. If you don’t believe me, try them.”

When I braid a pretty hairstyle for a little girl, they will also genuinely praise me, “Wow, our teacher is really amazing; she braided such a beautiful hairstyle for us.”

Sometimes, when I receive notices to attend workshops or observation sessions on weekends, as soon as I return to the kindergarten, the children will surround me, asking, “Teacher, where have you been these past two days?” or “Teacher, are you feeling sick?”

Hearing their caring words always warms my heart. That’s why I love my job as a kindergarten teacher and enjoy being with the children.

Back at home, when I’m cooking, even if the food doesn’t turn out perfectly, the children will encourage me, saying, “Although it doesn’t look great, it still tastes good.”

Compared to adults, children are kinder, more understanding, and have a deeper love for their parents or teachers. When I’m with the children, every moment is filled with healing.

She says, “Love Mommy,” and I say, “Love baby,” as we joyfully rub foreheads from left to right. This is our intimate magic that can heal each other’s fatigue and unhappiness!

Even though she still seems like a child, many times she acts like an adult, so caring, warm, and responsible!

At the beginning of the year, I had surgery for a wrist ganglion cyst and spent several days in the hospital. My right hand was operated on, and my left arm had an IV, making it inconvenient to drink, eat, and go to the bathroom.

My child was worried about me and insisted on going to the hospital with her dad every day. She would feed me, help me eat, and accompany me to the bathroom.

One morning, she woke up before 6 a.m. and wanted to come to the hospital. Her dad told her there was no need to get up so early; Mommy was probably still asleep. She replied, “I have to get to the hospital early. Otherwise, how will my mom go to the bathroom? She must have held it in all night and needs me!”

Her dad quickly got up, prepared, and brought her along. He even thoughtfully prepared breakfast for me!

When her dad told me what she had said, my eyes welled up instantly!

I recovered quickly, largely thanks to my child.

Every time I come home, as soon as she hears my voice, she runs to the door, ready with my slippers, waiting for me to enter.

Sometimes, she and her dad will hide behind the door to surprise me.

In the past, when we went out, we would carry bags filled with tissues, water bottles, and all sorts of odds and ends. Now, she carries her own backpack with the things she needs. She says, “I can help too, so Mommy and Daddy won’t be so tired!”

When we travel together, she takes the initiative to plan and find routes. In our family of three, it may appear as if two adults are taking care of a child, but in reality, it’s the child guiding two adults.

She selects our destination, recommends restaurants, and even considers value for money when ordering food and shopping. It’s truly surprising and delightful.

Throughout the journey, she takes care of our pet parrot, changing its food and water without causing us any worry. She gives her dad shoulder massages while driving and tells me funny stories to make me laugh.

The happiest trip is probably when everyone is happy, comfortable, without arguments, boredom, unhappiness, or disagreements.

Upon returning from our trip, it seems like she has grown up even more and become more responsible.

Our family can’t do without her!

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There are simply too many moments, even though Guoguo is not yet two years old, she has become an indispensable warmth in my life. When it comes to being healed by children, I feel that even if a child doesn’t speak, their smiles are incredibly therapeutic.

Every time I have to work overtime, I’m not very happy because every ten minutes of overtime means I’ll be half an hour late getting home due to traffic and missing the bus. But no matter how late I get home, Guoguo will always run over with her little legs, wearing a big smile, and hug my legs, shouting, “Mommy, Guoguo wants to be with you after work.”

Then, when she sees me starting to undress at the door, she will actively pull my clothes and say, “Help Mommy undress.” She’s still so small, she can only reach my thigh, but it doesn’t stop her from having a warm heart.

When I pick her up and hug her, she will kiss me on the cheek and say, “Missed Mommy.” Every time I think about coming home, I can’t help but wish for an extra leg to run back home early, so I can hold my soft and cute Guoguo. No matter how many frustrating things I encounter at work, the moment I return home, Guoguo’s sweet voice is enough to heal me.

This little person, from the moment she could walk, would bring me water to drink. Now, not yet two years old, she shares her water bottle with her sick mommy and massages me, hoping to ease my pain. With her tiny body, she helps me, hoping to lighten my burden. It’s warm and healing.

This little person, if she bumps into something at home during the day, she’ll point to her little injury and complain, “I’m bleeding, it hurts, I bumped into it here.” When we comfort her, she’ll say, “Guoguo won’t cry, be careful.” It’s hard to believe that she’s really not even two years old.

In the morning, when she occasionally sees us leaving for work, she always looks on the verge of tears, with her eyes filled with tears. She waves goodbye to her dad and mom under her grandma’s guidance while saying to herself, “Daddy and Mommy are going to work, earning money to buy milk powder.” To be honest, it’s extremely difficult for us to leave when she’s awake.

There are truly too many moments in life that have healed us. The goodness she brings us goes far beyond just these little things. We love her, and she loves us. These indescribable moments will continue to unfold in our future lives.


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There are just too many warm moments to share with my daughter. Here are a few:

1. Mom, I really love you:

This is something my daughter C often says to me. When she says this, she always has both her hands wrapped around my neck, snuggling in my arms like a soft rice ball. I hold her, feeling her softness, and I respond gently, “Mommy loves you too, super-duper much.” Then I playfully give her a kiss on her chubby cheeks, making her laugh heartily. This is probably the most healing moment of my day.

Of course, there’s also the bedtime routine. She crawls under my blanket, using her sweet baby voice to say, “Mommy, your favorite little dumpling is here to see you.” Who could resist such an adorable and cuddly baby? Let’s cuddle and have a sound sleep.

2. Mom, I can walk by myself, I’m afraid you’ll get tired:

My daughter C is definitely a clever little one. When she’s with her dad, she always hangs around him like a little pendant. Sometimes when her dad is tired and wants to rest, she immediately goes to him, stretches out her little arms, and says in a sweet voice, “Daddy, hold me. Daddy’s embrace is the warmest.” Haha, what can an old father do? He can only take a deep breath, carry her little cotton jacket, and keep moving forward.

Always wanting to be close to her dad.

However, C is particularly “kind” to me. Once, after a trip, her dad continued to work out of town, and I flew back with her alone. When we got off the plane, I thought she might be a bit tired, especially since she hadn’t taken a nap. So, I said I would carry her for a while. But this little one directly said, “Mommy, I don’t want you to carry me; I’m afraid you’ll get tired.” My heart melted instantly, and I felt energized. I picked up our luggage and carried her out of the airport.

3. Daddy works hard, sweet water will give him energy:

This little one has grown up and become more sensible this year. She’s also more expressive. One day, I took her to buy drinks, and she suddenly thought of her dad, who was away on a business trip. She suggested buying a bottle for him too. I said her dad couldn’t drink it because he was on a business trip. She earnestly told me, “Daddy works hard, sweet water will give him energy.” Alright, we must buy a bottle and keep it for when her dad returns. This is a “energy-packed” love drink.

As I write this, I suddenly realize that children are like sponges; they absorb what you give them and reflect it back to you as surprises:

She says she loves her mom because my partner and I tell her every day that mommy and daddy love her super-duper much.

She worries about me being tired because she sees my partner and me caring for each other and saying that we’re tired.

She wants to leave a drink for her dad because she sees the mutual concern between adults.

So, in the future, let’s not only be healed by our children but also remind ourselves to be warm individuals who can heal others and our children.


So cute, come for healing, hurry up.

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Every moment!

Digging in the sand on the beach in Zhuhai with him, digging so fast that the crabs running away are covered in sand.

One day, he was dawdling before going to school, insisting that I kiss his hand. Honestly, I was getting impatient, but I held it in and kissed his hand. Immediately, he grabbed his hand and put it in his pocket, saying, “I put mommy’s kiss in my pocket. This way, when I miss mommy at kindergarten, I can take out the kiss and put it on my face, just like mommy is kissing me…” Really, since I had a son, I’ve become immune to sweet talk, but this was a knockout! I even told my husband at the time that if he ever uses this to deceive girls in the future, he’s in trouble.

Coming home every day, he rushes to open the door ahead of me and makes a welcoming gesture: “Please come in, my beautiful mommy, please come in, my little fairy mommy.”

When it rains and we share an umbrella, he pushes it towards my side desperately, saying, “Mommy, it’s okay for me, you shouldn’t get wet in the rain.”

The first time he was a host, he worked super hard to memorize his lines. I said it was almost enough, but he got very angry and said, “Mom, you have to believe in me. I must perform well and make everyone know me and like me!” So because of his excellent first performance, he got a second opportunity. Although my old mother didn’t say much, my heart was greatly comforted.

Every time he finishes the homework assigned by his teacher, he insists on continuing to work on it. But I feel he must go out and play, and I always say, “Stop working and go play, there’s no time left.” He gets really angry and says, “Other moms make their kids study, why does my mom always want me to play?! Have you forgotten, xx (my name), I told you I would earn money to buy jewelry and a villa for you, how can I make money if I don’t study? I can only become a beggar…” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

My son is really good, I love him so much,

And every moment he eats, even if what I cook isn’t very good, he’ll say, “My mom is a cooking goddess! It may not be very tasty, but mom, you’ve improved! My mom is the best!”

I love him to the moon and back.

Can I say that my daughter is super obsessed with me? I feel like the person who loves me the most in this world, besides my mom, is her.

When she just learned to speak, she told me that when she grows up, she will earn money to buy me rainbows (at that time, she called lipstick rainbows).

She would hug me and say, “Mom, I love you so much, you’re so cute.”

She also always says, “We should always, always be together.”

She would suddenly pounce into my arms and say, “Mom, you smell so good, like flowers.”

The difference between her and my mom is that she never hesitates to express her love for me, lifting me up.

Not just in 2023, I’ve been healed by her all along.

The year 2003 is coming to an end. Looking back, although it has been a busy year, the beautiful moments spent with the children have left wonderful memories.

After Chinese New Year this year, my daughter brought her children home. During the summer, we visited my daughter’s home, spending precious moments with the children. Though brief, the time spent with the children has left many heartwarming moments.

After the children returned at the beginning of the year, one evening while cooking, a sudden burst of flame shot up when I poured the cut vegetables into the pot. It genuinely startled me.

Family members heard my exclamation and anxiously asked what had happened. Surprisingly, it was my granddaughter who ran over first, looking at me with concern and asking, “Are you safe?”

Hearing this question from my granddaughter, a warm feeling rushed over me. At that time, my granddaughter was still in the early stages of learning to speak, and her words weren’t very clear. Yet, she managed to ask, “Are you safe?” This word she had just learned a few days ago from a story we were reading on a tablet. Her words completely healed me, and I turned off the gas, holding the baby tightly.

During the summer, we visited my daughter’s home in Shanghai and toured the famous attractions there. My daughter suggested that we visit the Shanghai Film and Television City, which she thought was fun. So, our group of five went to the film city to explore. Along the way, my granddaughter spotted some small yellow flowers.

We live in Hunchun, a small border town in the northern mountainous region where wildflowers are common, so it’s not unusual to see them here. However, between the towering skyscrapers of Shanghai, wildflowers are a rare sight.

My granddaughter stopped in front of the wildflowers, her little hands on her knees, admiring them for a while. She looked incredibly cute, and couldn’t resist picking two of the flowers. She then timidly looked at the adults. Since she had already picked the flowers, we didn’t scold her.

My granddaughter held the small yellow flowers lovingly, first admiring them for a while and then smelling their fragrance. She was extremely delighted. Suddenly, she handed one of the flowers to her grandpa, and he was instantly touched. Her small gesture healed her grandpa’s heart.

For children, they often don’t like to give away things they love, which is a common sentiment among most children. Although this was just an ordinary small flower, it was precious to my granddaughter. The fact that she shared something so precious with her grandpa demonstrated his special place in her heart.

Grandpa happily accepted the small flower given by his granddaughter and sincerely said, “Thank you.” My granddaughter held onto the remaining flower, walking, looking, and smelling it, not wanting to let it go.

A child’s heart is pure and kind. Their seemingly casual gestures are genuine reflections of their inner feelings. These small acts of kindness touch adults and can heal their souls. What a lovely little sprite our granddaughter is – we all love you, dear little baby.

The year 2023 has indeed been a busy and challenging year! Juggling work while taking care of them has been quite the task. Fortunately, as they gradually grow older, they can handle many things on their own.

Reflecting on every day spent with the children, there have been countless moments of healing.

Our eldest even cooked some meat dishes during the summer vacation, and his braised chicken wings and spare ribs turned out quite delicious. During a late summer illness, he took on the responsibility of caring for me, buying groceries, cooking, and serving me. In that moment, I felt he had grown into a responsible young man.

Note: The photo was taken during the summer when he accompanied me to the supermarket to buy groceries. He said he had the strength, so he should be the one to carry the items.

Our little girl has also stepped up to help with household chores within her abilities since becoming an elementary school student. Her favorite chores are sweeping the floor and doing the dishes. She says that if she does more, Mom won’t have to work so hard.

Yesterday afternoon, before going to her dance class, she swept the floor once more. Afterward, she said she needed to be more careful, or else the hair wouldn’t be completely cleaned, and Mom would have to do it all over again. From now on, I’ll help Mom with the chores after finishing my homework.

This spring, our young man even learned to make one of our hometown’s “San Yue San” Folk Song Festival foods, glutinous rice. While he didn’t complete it independently, he was hands-on from purchasing the raw materials at the market. He painstakingly documented each step with pen and paper and wrote a diary about it. He came over to me, wrapped his arms around me, and said, “Thank you, Mom!”

Note: Our young man asked me not to share any photos of his face anywhere (covering his face). Also, he used to wear glasses, but later switched to contact lenses.

Time flies, and the children are becoming more responsible. I’ve found a lot of happiness in the time I spend with them.

Lion Dance Performance:

During the summer vacation, I took the kids to the park and noticed some decorations near the entrance.

There were no staff around, but my eldest child ran over, bouncing with excitement, while the younger one started drumming. We watched in awe.

Suddenly, this quiet little park came to life.

In reality, life and work can be exhausting, and kids' studies can be tough. Sometimes, we’re all caught up in the hustle and bustle without knowing why.

It’s only a brief spark of life that ignites us momentarily. Then, it returns to its usual calm. In that moment, I admit, my daughter healed me.

  1. On Dad’s birthday, Mimi’s gift to him was a painting consisting of five scenes: the first one depicted Dad putting her to sleep; the second showed her performing on stage with Dad applauding in the audience; the third portrayed Dad celebrating her birthday; the fourth illustrated Dad telling her bedtime stories at night; the fifth captured her sitting in a shopping cart while Dad pushed her around the supermarket. When you see her painting, you truly understand how she wholeheartedly feels her father’s love. It’s hard not to be moved by her artwork.

  2. During a conversation with Mimi, I asked her, “Is Mommy beautiful?” Mimi replied, “Yes, my mommy is the most beautiful mommy in the world because you are my mommy.” I then asked, “Isn’t Aunt beautiful too?” Mimi answered, “Yes, she’s beautiful because she’s my aunt.” It’s from a child that you can truly grasp the meaning of unconditional love. Love requires no reasons, only because you are my mom, you are my family.

  3. As it was time to make a birthday wish, I said to the child, “Why don’t you tell everyone your wish?” Mimi responded, “I can’t, it won’t come true if I say it out loud.” Later, I asked her quietly if she could tell me. She said, “My first wish is to become a chef, my second wish is to buy an RV and travel, and my third wish is that Mommy and Daddy, and my big brother, never grow old. Stay with me as I grow up.” These three wishes started when she was 4 years old and continue at the age of 7. For these wishes, I must take good care of my health, work hard to earn money, and in the future, buy an RV to travel with my daughter.

  4. On one occasion, when she was upset with her dad, Mimi stepped forward and hugged her father, asking me, “Mom, why do you scold your new groom when you’ve married him?” The next day, her dad, for the first time, got up and cooked noodles. Mimi said, “Mom, look how good your new groom is. How can you bear to scold him?” Children are the regulators and lubricants of marital relationships, the beings that can make you smile and dispel all worries even when you’re angry.

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Whenever the little ones at home fall, I always ask them if they are hurt first. If I find any injuries, I promptly disinfect and apply band-aids. But one day, I accidentally cut my finger with a knife. My little one immediately rushed over, inquired about my injury, and went to fetch iodine and band-aids. I must say, I was quite touched at that moment!

Once, when picking up my child from school, I noticed another child playing with a small car toy. My child immediately asked if I could buy one for him.

I replied, “Feel my pockets, son. Daddy’s pockets are empty; I don’t even have money for water right now. If you really want it, ask Mom to buy it for you tonight.”

Back at home, my child dashed into his room, fetched his little piggy bank, and handed me a handful of hundred-dollar bills, saying, “Daddy, I’m giving you money so you can buy some water to drink!

My child is almost 15 months old. Although she is often naughty, there are always moments that make you think, “How can she be so adorable?”

She has learned to dance.

[Link to video]

She can even read by herself now and absolutely loves reading.

Every day, picking up my little one after work is already so heartwarming. My child misses me, and I miss them too. This moment is when both sides find comfort and satisfaction!

We hug and kiss those little cheeks, then we tell each other how much we miss each other. I can’t stop kissing them~

The presence of my little one heals our hearts. It brings great contentment and stability to our lives, reigniting our love for life.

Although, there are times when anger is real, and shouting and yelling happen for real… It’s not just children; in fact, we adults need to grow as well.

As parents, we learn to understand the hardships and care of our own parents. We come to comprehend the sincerity behind their words. We learn to shoulder the responsibilities and duties that come with being parents, creating a world for our children.

“Grow up with me; I’ll grow old with you” is not just a sentimental phrase; it’s a true state of being.

I hope all children can thrive in love and care, without the pressure of achieving great things. As long as they are healthy, safe, and all goes well, it’s enough. ❤️