If you met someone from 80 years ago, what would you like to say to them?

Would like to see some creative ideas.

Discuss the comments and stories about the Arctic catfish.

We call him grandpa. In our village, there are many people who were born 80 years ago and are living well. The oldest one is already 102 years old.

Bring them here to go online, they don’t need to know how to access Google through a firewall, just teach them how to use Baidu, and then let them read history books.

Thank you! Comrades!

Not speaking, because if I speak, there will be no me.

Look, the world is still the same, beautiful yet dilapidated

Don’t answer, don’t answer, don’t answer!

My grandfather was born in 1927, and I really enjoy listening to him talk about the past.

The land remains tranquil, the people are in good health, the mighty lion awakens, surveying the world.

Thank you, thank you.

Tell my grandfather to go back, from 44 to 45, make sure to follow the army south. Don’t worry about anything else. Don’t tell me about fighting guerrillas for over ten years and seeing wheat in the fields is all from our own. Don’t say that after over ten years of revolution, the GMD (Nationalist Party) took everything from our home… Just head south, don’t stay in the local area. The next eighty years will be the good times…

This question is too vague.

Is the person from 80 years ago random? Or have I traveled back 80 years? How long can I stay?

If it’s me, just me, who has gone back 80 years, I would return to the place where I lived as a child. My grandmother would be there, and I would spend quality time with her. Hug her tightly, just like in my dreams. Holding my grandmother’s hand, I would silently say, “It was just a dream, but my grandmother is still here, that’s wonderful.”




The past hardships are no more

Today’s glory endures

A prosperous future awaits

Tell them not to join the national army. Otherwise, they will end up on a remote island or in hot water!

Buy a house if you have money ()