If you discover that your refrigerator is a wormhole, what would you do?

Want to explore creative ideas.

After discovering that my fridge was a portal through time, I encountered the Red Rabbit Army from 1940.

Their lips were purple from the cold, their faces gaunt beyond recognition.

Tears welled up in my eyes, and my heart ached.

“Comrade, I can manage to procure more supplies. Bring a few more people in a few days to pick them up.”

Seeing their doubtful eyes, I quickly added,

“Believe me, Chinese people don’t deceive their own!”


Late at night, strange noises suddenly emanated from my fridge.

Mustering courage, I opened the door, and a chilling wind rushed in, painfully scouring my face.

“Sorry for disturbing you, fellow villager, we are the Red Rabbit Army, just captured this area, and are checking on the remaining villagers.”

Several soldiers in tattered uniforms stood in the snow. Seeing the door open, they revealed cracked smiles.

My pupils dilated, and my mouth agape in shock.

“What… army?”

I pinched my thigh hard, the severe pain confirming this wasn’t a dream.

“Fellow villager, we’re the Red Rabbit Army, don’t be scared, we don’t rob civilians!”

The leading young soldier, looking to be in his teens, revealed a pair of adorable tiger teeth when he spoke, his tone earnest and reassuring.

“Fellow villager, are there other villagers nearby?”

“I don’t know.”

I shook my head frantically, questioning if I had gone mad from overworking.

Yet, everything in front of me seemed too real, with faintly visible severed limbs in the snow.

The soldier’s gaze hardened: “Does your family have anyone else?”

“No, no one’s left.”

The few people’s expressions grew grave.

The cold air was filled with the scent of gunpowder and blood.

A snowflake fell, landing in the young soldier’s eye, misting up a layer of moisture.

“These damned beasts! To think there’s only one living person left in this village!”


After understanding the situation, the few prepared to leave.

“Fellow villager, this area has been scoured clean, no one’s left! It’s probably because your house is so out of the way that you managed to escape.”

“Young lady, it’s tough surviving these days. Our camp is established nearby. If you need help, come to me; my name is Wang Douzi.”

Wang Douzi pointed in a direction with his radish-like fingers.

“Okay, okay.”

When I turned back, my gaze fell on their high cheekbones and hollow cheeks, and their lips purple from cold.

It was evident they hadn’t eaten well in a long time.

Like waking from a dream, I quickly stopped them from leaving.

“Wait, hold on a moment!”

I ran into the kitchen, carrying back a bag of rice and half a bag of flour to the door, along with some freshly air-fried chicken wrapped in oil paper.

“Comrade, thank you for driving away the enemy. This is a small token of my gratitude.”

I stuffed the modest supplies into the young soldiers' arms.

Though not much, the white rice and fine flour were rare commodities at that time.

The moment they introduced themselves, a patriotic fervor ignited within me.

Regardless of whether these Red Rabbit Army soldiers were real or spirits, coming to my doorstep meant I had to ensure they were fed.

The aroma of fried chicken seeped from the oil paper, causing Wang Douzi to stare blankly for a moment, inadvertently swallowing his saliva. With the situation worsening, it would be a long while before supplies could be brought in.

In the bitter winter, there wasn’t even wild grass to eat, and each person could only have a small handful of black beans daily. It had been a long time since they had had a full meal.

Several times, waking up hungry in the middle of the night, he felt like his organs were devouring each other, his stomach digesting itself.

“Fellow villager, how did you manage to get all these good things!”

The young soldiers' eyes widened, unable to hide their surprise and joy.

I scratched my head, embarrassedly smiling. I couldn’t exactly say they were bought from a supermarket.

“My father used to work at the docks, he was well-informed. Hearing that troubled times were approaching, he quickly stockpiled some food.”

Wang Douzi nodded, his eyes slightly red.

“Thank you, fellow villager. We won’t take anything from the people without compensating. I’ll write an IOU, and after I report to the commander, we’ll come back to repay you in silver dollars.”

I waved my hands hastily: “No need, these are gifts for you.”

Wang Douzi, ignoring my repeated refusals, had a literate soldier write an IOU and forcibly stuffed it into my hand.

Seeing me accept it, his brows finally relaxed, and he took a deep breath.

“It smells so good. It’s been so long since I’ve smelled meat.

“If the wounded could eat these, they’d recover much faster!”

My eyes teared up, my heart sour.

“Comrade, I might be able to procure more supplies. In a few days, bring more people to collect them.”

Seeing their doubtful eyes, I quickly added,

“Believe me, Chinese people don’t deceive their own!”


After the soldiers left, I closed the fridge door, still feeling surreal.

To welcome the weekend, I worked overtime late into the night.

Just now, after finishing work, I came home, heated up some semi-finished fried chicken in the air fryer, and opened a beer to treat myself.

Suddenly, I heard strange noises from the fridge, like a machine running.

Although I consider myself a staunch materialist, I couldn’t help but feel scared by the mysterious noises late at night. Trembling, I opened the door.

What I didn’t expect was to see a shining vortex inside. Then, a mechanical female voice said,

“The time portal will soon open. This time-space convergence is set in the early 1940s, at the foot of Mao’er Mountain. Due to different time-space velocities, six days in the past are equivalent to one day in the current time-space.

“Please note that you cannot alter the historical process or let the time-space portal be discovered by the country of the present dimension. Violations will activate the self-destruct device.

“This portal has sufficient energy for ten time-space convergences. Items brought from different time-spaces will be automatically converted into online currency. Have a pleasant journey.”

When I opened my eyes again, I was back at the beginning.

I steadied myself, pressing my head against the fridge, which now made no sound.

Upon opening the door, everything inside looked unchanged, with several bottles of my favorite drink haphazardly lying around.

Was it all an illusion?

No, what’s that!

Underneath the corner iced tea bottle, a piece of paper peeked out.

I carefully pulled out the paper from beneath the bottle, only to find it was the IOU Wang Douzi gave me!

“Borrowed one bag of white rice, half a bag of flour, half a chicken from Comrade Jiang Tuanyuan of Mao’er Mountain village…”

Before I finished reading, the paper rapidly yellowed and crumbled, turning into dust and falling through my fingers.

My mouth agape, still in shock, I heard the notification of my phone.


That day, WG sent a private message about a game saying that I could claim the Thunder God class battleship. When I excitedly clicked on the official website, I was asked to enter my birthday, blood type, zodiac sign, and other information.

I found it strange, as WG had never requested such information for their events before, but since it was for the Thunder God, I decided to fill it out.

After completing the information, I entered the game, only for an unusual noise to suddenly emanate from the kitchen. As I opened the door to my study, the Special Operations Group for the battleship immediately approached me.

In the chaos, alongside the Conqueror, A150, Burgundy, and the 24th type, I panicked, shouting: “I’m just a gamer, what are you doing in my house?” while desperately fighting back with punches and kicks.

But these women were like iron walls, swiftly subduing me and stuffing me into the fridge.

When I came to my senses, I found myself at Píran Port, and a woman claiming to be Secretary Aila was reciting the “Oath Decree.”

Before she could finish, I heard someone shout, and a woman wielding a hammer charged at me. Her hammer was electrified, and she also had a six-barreled cannon—she must be the Thunder God. I thought it would be terrible if I got turned into a barbecue.

Strangely, Aila remained indifferent, quietly watching the Thunder God go berserk.

At the crucial moment, the Dalian Fish heroically stepped forward, launching a torpedo that exploded the Thunder God’s core.

Later, I learned that during the chaos that day, the Thunder God was the only one sent for repairs.

I must say, the treatment at Píran Port was truly excellent.

To win my favor, the Thunder God subsequently used “research needs” or “admiral’s orders” as excuses to take 200,000 steel, 660,000 research points, and 1,200,000 coal from the Minsk Magic Department.

With these resources, I emptied the entire armory.

However, I’ve heard various complaints more than once.

For instance, the Conqueror complained that ever since the Thunder God started strategizing with the admiral, she has been ignored.

And the A150 would occasionally swing its 510 giant cannon, threatening to send the Thunder God to the heavens.

Some games allow special rewards (like Christmas bonuses) to be claimed by manipulating the system clock in the background.

With the advent of a fridge time portal, one could physically place their computer inside the fridge to make adjustments.

This way, all the 21st century Christmas gift packs could be claimed at once.

When the programmers notice the abnormal account data, they’ll surely exclaim, “The world no longer exists!

Paragraph 1:

First, go find 500 people who want to time-travel…

Paragraph 2:

For the Senate and the people.

“I want to go back and see my mom.

“Going back to the Warring States period to assassinate Confucius, but most likely, Confucius will assassinate me.

“I need to buy another refrigerator, so annoying.

“Travel back to the Ice Age and see some mammoths.


Randomly traversing time and space is terrifying to even think about. You wouldn’t want to ‘suffocate and die within a wall’ or get stuck halfway inside a wall, would you?

Discovering a wormhole has much lower reliability compared to inventing one. This is because no one knows the principle behind discovering a wormhole, which means it is either partially controllable or completely uncontrollable. The cost is also unclear, such as potentially transforming into a soft and sticky gel-like substance after time-space traversal.

“Most likely, it’s about time-traveling into the central bank’s database and performing a self-deification operation.

update … set … = 100 where ….=me

update … set … = 0 where …!=me

“Really? So many righteous individuals?

I can’t think of that many, just planning to take a dump in there.

“On December 8, 2022, tell my dad not to get COVID-19, and even if he gets COVID-19, he should go to the hospital early to get treatment and save my dad.

“Go to the Three Kingdoms, deliver potatoes to Prime Minister Zhuge, and teach him how to grow potatoes.

Also, inform Prime Minister Zhuge about the entire process of Ma Su’s defeat at Jieting.

“Restore the Ming Dynasty, overthrow the Qing Dynasty.

“Go see Yan Emperor and Huang Emperor.

Have a chat with Confucius and Laozi.

Pay respects to Qin Shi Huang, Emperor Han Wu, and Tang Zong.

Engage in extensive discussions with young Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou.

Export military equipment, devices, food, etc., and crush their insignificant little books.

“My mom didn’t die, But I don’t know her. I want to go back and see what my mom really looks like. When I was two, my parents divorced, And now, I’m almost thirty, and we haven’t met once. I don’t know her, and I want to ask her why. And then, I’ll tell my dad, ‘Stop drinking.’ In the future, life will become very difficult due to drinking. Many things wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t drink, and it’s too late to regret. The present moment is already the past; it won’t come back.

“Continue buying lottery tickets and see if the director has a conscience to notice.

“Curious, curious.

“The next time I cross over to another world, I’ll do it from inside a refrigerator.

“Give the people of ancient times some chili, potatoes, corn, and such.