If you could go back to your senior year of high school, what would you most want to tell yourself at that time?

Never start over, just love yourself as you are now.

Mathematics Exam Answers


6-10 DCBCB

11-12 DA

13 9/4

14 8

15 -2

16 (√5-1)/2

17 11 61 - Significant improvement in applicant A

18 (1) (√21)/14 (2) (√3)/10

19 (3) (√2)/2

20 (2) (0, 3)

21 (1) (ln2)x + y - ln2 = 0

(2) a = 1/2, b = -1/2

(3) (0, 1/2)

22 (1) x² + (y-1)² = 1. x ∈ [0, 1], y ∈ [1, 2]

(2) (-∞, 0) ∪ (2√2, +∞)

23 (1) [-2, 2] (2) 8

Advice for High School Students

  1. There’s no need to watch numerous study-related videos or read articles by educational bloggers (including myself). These often start by undermining and demotivating you, only to create anxiety and push you towards buying their courses. Learning is actually simple and doesn’t require complex techniques.

  2. Don’t obsess over your classmates' minor achievements. It doesn’t matter if your desk mate scores higher than you. Focusing too much on their every move during exams can disrupt your rhythm and result in poor performance. Instead of feeling smug or down based on their scores, set your sights on the top student in the best schools in your province. This broader perspective will reveal how insignificant these local comparisons are.

  3. High school social life isn’t that important. Think back to your elementary school classmates - you probably can’t remember many of them. Once you leave school, these relationships fade. Don’t let others influence your emotions too much. Also, don’t prioritize pleasing your teachers over your own understanding. Teachers often favor students based on their scores, so focus on what benefits you academically.

  4. Always prioritize actions that maximize your own benefits, not what appears to be “right” in the eyes of teachers. If homework quality is low, don’t do it. If you don’t understand something in class, don’t force yourself to listen. Choose self-study if it’s more effective. Remember, you are responsible for your own future, not your teachers.

  5. Don’t force yourself to follow extreme routines like those who claim to sleep only four hours a night or consume coffee powder directly. These are just exaggerated stories of success. It’s important to be realistic - you’re human, not a machine. You can make mistakes, relax, and have a normal sleep schedule. Focus on efficiency, not overexertion.

  6. High school life is more than just studying; it’s a part of your life, not the entirety. Take breaks, enjoy activities with friends, exercise, and treat yourself. Balancing study and leisure is crucial.

  7. Don’t believe that mock exams (like first or second mocks) determine your final exam results. Many students improve significantly in the actual exam compared to their mock exam scores.

  8. Don’t cram just before mock exams. The purpose of these exams is to identify knowledge gaps, not to chase high scores temporarily. Focus on understanding why you got certain questions right or wrong.

  9. Don’t stress over holiday homework. Use this time for self-study, especially to strengthen your weaker subjects. This focused approach can lead to significant improvement.

  10. Many students experience crushes in high school. If you wish to confess, do it either at the beginning of your final year or after exams to avoid distractions. If you’re concerned about not being good enough, focus on your studies. Academic success can naturally attract attention.

  11. Stop wondering if it’s too late to improve. The attitude of constantly seeking reassurance without action is counterproductive. Those who genuinely want to turn things around focus on actionable steps and commit to them, ignoring distractions and societal pressures.

(To be continued…)

———(╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ I am a dividing line ————

Why do many advise against repeating a school year?

Is it still possible to make a significant improvement with only 100 days left before the college entrance exam?

How to score 140 in the college entrance English exam?

What are you thinking about in the last minute before the college entrance exam ends?

Will being 20 years old in university after repeating a year lead to ridicule due to the age difference?

On December 2, 2023, he was asked to take 100,000 RMB and buy 50,000 tickets for the China Welfare Lottery with the numbers “40, 41, 42, 44, 63, 64, 65.”

Only three things to say:

Get some Bitcoin.

Invest in a few properties.

Buy 50,000 shares of 40, 41, 42, 434, 63, 64, 65.

From now on, education is all about pursuing your interests and hobbies.

You still have a copy of “Three Kingdoms Kill” with the dormitory manager.

The quiet-looking guy in our class could become a boss in the future, so make sure to get close to him.

“Listen, follow my advice, put the book aside, and call your dad. Tell him to hurry up and buy you a house, or else you’ll go on strike.”

Remember to retrieve the copy of “Red Star Shines Over China” that the grade group took away.

During the college entrance examination, make sure to carefully review the essay prompts. If you misunderstand the question in the exam room and veer off-topic, it’s a disaster.

During the college entrance examination, do not change your answers at the last moment, because changing any of them will only make them wrong.

Before the exam, the teachers repeatedly emphasized not to change your answers. However, when you are actually in the exam room, you may start thinking: “What if I change it to the correct answer? What if I miss out on these points if I don’t change it? I feel confident that I can get it right.”

All I can say is, do not change your answers randomly during the college entrance examination!!!

I love you.

I love your vitality and imperfections, I love your sorrows and pride.

Forever love you.

Don’t choose Beijing for your college entrance exam (gaokao) preferences! Avoid Beijing at all costs!

Opt for universities in the southern regions!

Consider universities in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong, Sichuan, or Hubei, but definitely avoid Beijing!

Do not go to universities in the northern regions! The cultural and mindset differences between the north and south are significant. Your personality is better suited for the southern areas. Going to the north might lead to a difficult adjustment, interpersonal conflicts, and psychological issues.

Spend more time on relationships.

If you are in the third year of high school, there’s not much to say. You have already worked hard enough.

To be honest, I dare not face him.

If I were to tell him not to do this or that, or that he must do this or that, just like you guys do,

He would definitely be furious with me:

Have you grown tired of playing games and talking about love, now you want to teach me how to live?

Why do you get to enjoy life while I bear all the hardships?


If I could really say something to him, I would say:

While you’re young, go ahead and do whatever you want.

There’s nothing much to say. After all, even if you say it, that foolish and naive kid won’t listen. It’s better to give him a few punches for some satisfaction.

Choose Warlock, not Mage. The global first kill of HLK five years later is a Mage-free lineup.

You are awesome. You have overcome such a difficult path, even though the outcome may not be as expected, but you can still hold your head high, while I, on the other hand, feel a bit unworthy of the past you.

During the summer vacation after the college entrance examination, I tried every possible way to understand something called Bitcoin or Bitcoin. Buy as much as possible and do not sell before 2021.