If Hebei were to return a gift to Harbin, what should it be?

Guangxi sends sugar oranges, Yunnan sends matsutake cookies. Thinking left and right: What can Hebei send? How about sending some sets of Hengshui Middle School’s exam papers?

Hebei Province has quite a few specialties too! Even someone from outside the area like me knows a few.

For example: Hengshui Laobaigan (a type of liquor), Qianxi chestnuts, Xianghe meat pies, donkey meat Huoshao (a type of sandwich) from Hejian and Baoding, Laiyuan walnut kernels, Cangzhou jujubes, and Damingfu small mill sesame oil.

Seized coal in Shijiazhuang.

Advertisements torn down from Xingtai stores.

Qualifications for odd-even license plate restrictions.

A glimpse of Buddha’s light at the foot of Lingshan.

Don’t describe ourselves anymore. What qualifications do we have to compare with others…

One person holds a banner that says, “Not beautiful even from afar, don’t come to Hebei.”

Authentic Anhui Beef Noodles?

A Bit Too Much Self-Deprecation

Whether it’s self-critique or self-deprecation, it’s getting a bit harsh, no need for that.

The question wasn’t very clear, but after seeing the user’s response, I understand. Well, here’s something from Qinhuangdao: Come to Qinhuangdao to see the Ice Sea and feed the seagulls. The other day in a live stream, the host was chatting with some tourists, and it happened to be people from Harbin. The barrage of comments was all criticizing the local tourism for not doing enough. Other friends from different regions can also recommend their hometowns.

As for nicknames, there’s no need, it’s quite childish. Some people like being called “Little Chestnut,” “Little Walnut,” “Little Hot Cake,” “Little Duck Pear,” or “Little Golden Silk Jujube.”

The tourism department should put in more effort. Riding on the hype is okay, but don’t force it. If Zibo barbecue is popular, then promote it; if small potatoes are a hit, promote small potatoes. Don’t try too hard. Avoid things like “Little Huashan,” “Little Sanya,” “Little Potala Palace” (excluding Chengde), and Keketuohai something-by-the-sea. Recommend more destinations that are suitable for out-of-town visitors to relax and enjoy, don’t just focus on certain bridges and towers. They might be good, but they are a bit off the beaten path and not suitable for extensive exploration. They are mostly for locals. Below are screenshots from the live stream.

After careful consideration, it seems that Hebei’s most notable achievement is probably its environmental protection experience. Yes, it can be shared with sister cities.

Don’t come here, so many people eating noodles, what if the air gets polluted!!!!!!


Valuable moat experience

We also have snow, and a few days ago, when I was riding my bike and turning, I slipped and fell. My leg hurt for two days…

We don’t need to go to Harbin…

500 coils of spiral shells, 300 tons of C-shaped steel, 1000 sheets of 304 stainless steel plates, 2000 square meters of patterned plates…

Saying that sending environmentally friendly gifts is a bit unkind. It’s better to send both Beijing and Tianjin in the integrated development of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei.

This is the real extravagance.

The Hebei Chengde Industrial and Commercial Bureau confiscated over a million yuan of income from an IT worker who was moonlighting by bypassing the Great Firewall?

The gate at Jinshanling Great Wall that was damaged by the chairman?

Did a vocational high school in Hebei save money on chairs by having students stand while eating?

The little potatoes arrived excitedly in the beautiful Langfang, Hebei, and boarded the G7802 train to travel to the beautiful Beijing.

Shijiazhuang Authentic Anhui Beef Noodle Soup

Baoding Prefecture, known for its Three Treasures, Iron Ball Surface Sauce, and Eternal Spring

The chestnuts from Chengde, the dragon’s beard candy from Tangshan, the grapes and shredded squid from Qinhuangdao, I don’t know if they are local specialties, but they are all delicious.

The National Gift-Giving Wave Starting with Sugar Oranges: A Boost for Local Specialties

This nationwide gift-giving trend, starting with sugar oranges, has actually boosted the sales of many products. Products like Heilongjiang cranberries, Yunnan matsutake mushroom cookies, and Sichuan caviar have seen increased demand. Especially with the upcoming Chinese New Year, where people across the country will be stocking up on holiday supplies, participating in this gift-giving is not just about expressing unity and friendship but also the best promotion for local “hidden gem” specialties before the peak sales season.

The key to successful promotion lies in creating a contrast, featuring products that local people are not familiar with. Otherwise, well-known products like sugar oranges and Wuchang rice, which already have a reputation, do not generate sustained interest or boost local brand sales. So chestnuts and donkey meat buns might not be the best choices.

If I were to recommend, Zhangjiakou’s buckwheat could be introduced early. Although it is also found in Northwestern provinces, being the first to market with this product has its advantages. There is also a contrast, as most areas in Hebei Province are not accustomed to consuming it, which can create some interesting narratives.