How to view the release of JiKe 007 on December 27th, which claims to have "no shortcomings," and what are the highlights worth paying attention to?

The Key Points about Zeekr 007

First, let’s address the key point: Zeekr 007 is currently the only car in the 200,000 CNY range that combines an 800V architecture with over 600 km of range.

Others are either more expensive, have a lower range, aren’t 800V, or don’t combine all three features.

  1. Rear-Drive Version with 688 km NCM Battery - 209,000 CNY

I don’t think this version is necessary because it lacks comfort features (including ventilated, heated, and massaging seats) and technology features (including HUD, proprietary sound system, fragrance system), and advanced driver assistance systems. Better spend a bit more for the rear-drive with smart driving features!

  1. Rear-Drive Smart Drive with 688 km NCM Battery - 229,000 CNY

I believe the rear-drive smart version is the most cost-effective. It adds a technology package, a comfort package, and advanced driver assistance over the base rear-drive model.

Basically, it has everything a modern electric car should have, including long range, fast charging, and advanced driver assistance. This model is only 20,000 CNY more than the first but offers much more, making it worth the extra cost.

For most people, two-wheel drive is sufficient, so at 229,000 CNY, this smart drive version truly is a cost-effective choice. If you want a ternary lithium battery with a 100-degree battery upgrade to 870 km of range, the price is 249,900 CNY.

  1. Four-Wheel Drive Version with 616 km NCM Battery - 229,000 CNY

The four-wheel drive version has more power and includes both the technology and comfort packages, but lacks the advanced driver assistance.

The price is the same as the rear-drive smart version; it’s like swapping smart driving for an extra motor.

  1. Four-Wheel Smart Drive with 616 km NCM Battery - 259,900 CNY

This version has dual motors, a “Stargate” feature, technology and comfort packages, and advanced driver assistance. For those who can afford it and prioritize performance, this is the option to consider.

I predict the rear-drive smart version will sell well, providing virtually everything one might need for only 229,000 CNY.

This version’s charging speed is commendable, with a phosphate lithium iron range of 688 km. If you need more range, you can spend an additional 20,000 CNY to upgrade to a 100-degree ternary lithium battery, which extends the range to 870 km.

  1. Comparative Analysis with Competitors and Sales

When shopping, it’s always wise to compare options. Currently, the main competitors to the Zeekr 007 that have been delivered to the market include Model 3, Han EV, Seal, and XPeng P7i, among others.

As the Zeekr 007 aims to establish a “new monarchy,” it’s challenging the likes of Model 3, which currently holds the crown for monthly sales among electric sedans in the 200,000 CNY range. Undoubtedly, the Zeekr 007 outperforms the Model 3 in product capability, with Model 3 now only retaining its brand and emotional value.

Model 3 is the sales leader in the 200,000 CNY electric sedan category. Based on yesterday’s data of 50,000 orders for the Zeekr 007, as long as production capacity isn’t an issue, achieving nearly 10,000 units a month in the coming months should be feasible.

In conclusion: Zeekr 007 has popularized the 800V architecture and long-range capability in the 200,000 CNY sedan category.

December 27th, Jikr 007 Officially Launched with 5 Models

On December 27th, Jikr 007 was officially launched with a price range of CNY 209,900 to CNY 299,900. As the fourth model under the Jikr brand, Jikr 007 is produced based on the SEA Haohan architecture’s PMA2+ platform. It features a completely new design language, uses an 800V high-voltage architecture, and is powered by the 8295 intelligent cockpit chip. It also achieves impressive mileage, with the base model offering a pure electric range of 688km and the longest-range version reaching up to 870km (both under CLTC conditions). The four-wheel-drive performance version can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.84 seconds.

Jikr 007 Price Guide

Model Price (CNY)
Rear-Wheel Drive 688km 209,900
Smart Rear-Wheel Drive 688km 229,900
Four-Wheel Drive 616km 229,900
Smart Four-Wheel Drive 616km 259,900
Four-Wheel Drive Performance 660km 299,900

Launch Purchase Benefits

Along with the launch of Jikr 007, there are various purchase benefits available until January 31, 2024, for customers who pay a deposit of CNY 5,000 or more:

  1. Option to add a 100 kWh three-element lithium battery pack for CNY 20,000.
  2. Free selection of an exterior combination in “Clear Blue” or “Dawn Brown” worth CNY 8,000.
  3. One-year experience of NZP high-speed autonomous navigation assistance for Rear-Wheel Drive/Four-Wheel Drive/Four-Wheel Drive Performance models.
  4. Lifetime experience of ZAD fully intelligent driving assistance system for Smart Rear-Wheel Drive/Smart Four-Wheel Drive models.

All-New Exterior Design

90-inch Integrated Smart Screen

In terms of exterior design, Jikr 007 adopts a “minimalist luxury design.” Led by top global designer Stefan Sielaff, it breaks away from the family-style design and becomes the most unique member of the family. The most distinctive feature is the front end, which integrates the lighting, grille, and air duct functions to create a 90-inch ultra-wide display area called ZEEKR STARGATE. It contains 1,711 LED beads, including 7,296 light-transmitting points, and is equipped with 75 24-bit high-power LED control chips, supporting a 30fps screen refresh rate and a 310-degree field of view.

At the same time, it supports customizable lighting patterns and has a “variable face,” adding playfulness and personalization. However, in the event of a rear-end collision, the repair cost is estimated to be high.

Jikr 007 features a hidden water-cutting process on the side, making the paintwork and glass appear seamlessly integrated, providing both waterproof and dustproof capabilities. The lines are smooth and clean. The car has a two-piece sunroof design, with the rear windshield made of a single piece of glass measuring 1.62 square meters, extending from the roof to the trunk, providing a clear and open view, excellent heat insulation, and privacy protection.

Comparison of Body Dimensions

Model Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Wheelbase (mm)
Jikr 007 4865 1900 1450 2928
Tesla Model 3 4720 1848 1442 2875
Xiaopeng P7 4888 1896 1450 2998
Zhiji S7 4971 1963 1477 2950

In terms of body dimensions, Jikr 007 measures 4865mm in length, 1900mm in width, 1450mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2928mm. Compared to competitors in the same segment, Jikr 007’s body dimensions are competitive, similar to Xiaopeng P7 and NIO ET5. The rear overhang length is 1049mm, effectively elongating the rear proportion. The front and rear track widths are 1635mm and 1650mm, respectively.

Jikr 007 features a clamshell-style tailgate, moving the seams between the trunk and the body to the sides, allowing for a larger trunk opening and seamless full-width taillights. Thanks to this unique tailgate design, Jikr 007 has taillights without any seams, with the flowing taillights perfectly integrated with the wavy rear panel, creating an artistic waterfall-like lighting effect.

Simple and Luxurious Interior

Equipped with the 8295 Chip

In terms of interior, Jikr 007 continues the family-style design and doesn’t make drastic changes like the exterior. The overall style is similar to Jikr X, with a minimalist and fresh approach. It features a 15.05-inch floating 2.5K touchscreen OLED display and a dual-spoke flat-bottom steering wheel with a palm-shift gear design. The central screen can rotate approximately 15 degrees and is equipped with an in-car satellite communication system.

Additionally, Jikr 007 adopts a dual-color, dual-stitching design, with a Microfiber suede headliner and Soft Nappa full-grain top-layer leather seats, creating a luxurious atmosphere. In terms of details, the car features metal coat hooks and luxury eyeglass holders, with exquisite details throughout the cabin, showcasing attention to detail.

Furthermore, Jikr 007’s interior boasts a 21-speaker 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos advanced sound system, including a headrest speaker for the driver. It provides a theater-level audio experience within the car. The car also features Ice Block crystal ambient lighting, offering high-resolution lighting effects, with 14 ambient lighting zones and 176 LED lighting units throughout the interior, supporting 64-color lighting adjustments for an immersive cabin atmosphere.

In the realm of intelligent cabins, Jikr 007 is equipped with the latest generation OS 6.0 intelligent cabin system, featuring the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip. This chip is manufactured using a 5nm process and offers an AI computing power of 30TOPS, eight times that of the 8155 chip. It can power 11 displays and supports immersive 3D interaction. Additionally, the voice assistant EVA, integrated into the Kr Al big model, supports functions such as translation, encyclopedia lookup, news retrieval, poetry writing, and recommendations.

In the field of intelligent driving, Jikr 007 debuts the Haohan intelligent driving system, which utilizes a central supercomputing platform and integrated perception hardware. It is equipped with the NVIDIA Drive Orin chip with a maximum computing power of 508TOPS and a laser radar. It supports intelligent parking, fingertip parking, and three-dimensional parking in parking spaces. Furthermore, Jikr 007 also supports NZP high-speed autonomous navigation assistance, which is available nationwide and is already being deployed in urban commutes. It will be upgraded online in 2024.

Powerful Performance and Range

800V High-Voltage Architecture and Gold Brick Battery

In terms of power, Jikr 007 is built on an 800V high-voltage architecture, equipped with the same silicon carbide rear motor as Jikr 001FR, and features the Jikr-developed gold brick lithium iron phosphate battery. It offers a choice between a single-motor rear-wheel-drive and a dual-motor all-wheel-drive model.

The two-wheel-drive model is equipped with a maximum power of 310 kW for the driving motor, with an official 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 5.4 seconds. In terms of range, it features a 75.6 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack, with an optional 100.01 kWh three-element lithium battery pack, providing a pure electric range of 688 km and 870 km, respectively, under CLTC conditions.

On the other hand, the four-wheel-drive model features front and rear motor power outputs of 165 kW and 310 kW, respectively, with a combined system power of 475 kW. It achieves an impressive 0-100 km/h acceleration time of just 2.84 seconds and a top speed of 210 km/h. In terms of range, it uses the same battery options as the two-wheel-drive model, with a pure electric range of 616 km and 660 km under CLTC conditions.

It’s worth noting that Jikr’s self-developed gold brick battery supports a maximum charging power of 500 kW and a maximum charging rate of 4.5C. Within the fast charging range of 10% to 80%, it can increase the range by over 500 km in just 15 minutes, making it one of the fastest-charging lithium iron phosphate batteries in production globally.

Additionally, all Jikr 007 models come standard with V2V direct current power supply, with a maximum output power of 60 kW, allowing vehicle-to-vehicle charging, similar to reverse charging on a smartphone. If your electric vehicle runs out of power, you can use a Jikr 007 for emergency charging.

Competitive Advantages Compared to Competitors

Can Jikr 007 Secure Its Position?

  • Zhiji S7 Price Range: CNY 249,800 to CNY 349,800
  • Tesla Model 3 Price Range: CNY 261,400 to CNY 297,400
  • Xiaopeng P7 Price Range: CNY 223,900 to CNY 339,900
  • Starjourney Star Era ES Price Range: CNY 225,800 to CNY 339,800

Considering Jikr 007’s market positioning and pricing, it will compete with models like the Tesla Model 3, Xiaopeng P7, Zhiji S7, Starjourney Star Era ES, and face future challenges from models like the Geely Galaxy E8, Xiaomi SU7, and Jiyue 07 that have not yet been released. The market competition in this segment is intense, making it one of the most competitive sub-markets in the industry.

In an environment where market share is relatively fixed and competition is fierce, securing a place is undoubtedly a major challenge for every automaker. Facing the demanding requirements of consumers, Jikr 007 has provided effective solutions by accurately addressing consumer needs.

Firstly, in terms of pricing strategy, Jikr 007 has carefully considered consumer purchasing power and market competition. It has established a reasonable pricing strategy and has added more features to the base model, combined with outstanding performance and range, making the base model highly competitive and attractive.

Secondly, in the era of increasing focus on intelligence, Jikr 007 features the most advanced 8295 chip, offering a better user experience and greater functionality, ensuring that it won’t become obsolete in the short term. It also comes with advanced intelligent driving assistance systems, meeting the tech-savvy expectations of young consumers.

Furthermore, Jikr 007 places a strong emphasis on comfort and practicality. With a wheelbase of over 2.9 meters, it provides ample interior space. Coupled with comfortable seats and various comfort features, passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride even on long journeys. The interior offers ample storage space to accommodate various luggage items, catering to family users' needs.

In terms of design, Jikr 007 adopts bold innovation, breaking away from the family-style design and leading with the latest design language. Its design is exquisite, stylish, and imbued with a sense of sci-fi, appealing to the aesthetic preferences of young consumers.

Ultimately, what matters most is advanced technology. Jikr 007 is equipped with a range of cutting-edge features, including an 800V high-voltage architecture, silicon carbide rear motor, Jikr’s self-developed gold brick battery, the 8295 chip, and the 90-inch ultra-wide ZEEKR STARGATE integrated smart screen. These technologies provide strong technical support and competitive advantages for Jikr 007, establishing its position in the market.

In Conclusion

In summary, the arrival of Jikr 007 holds significant importance for the Jikr brand. It not only enriches the Jikr product lineup but also fills the gap in the CNY 200,000 to CNY 250,000 market segment. This complements Jikr’s presence in the sedan market, offering consumers more choices. Furthermore, it helps boost Jikr’s brand market share and competitiveness, further solidifying its position in the new energy vehicle market.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that based on previously leaked information from Jikr internal meetings, Jikr will also introduce a travel version of Jikr 007. Additionally, they plan to deploy the “C” series product line, with the first model being the CX1E SUV, which will become a key SUV model alongside the Geely Xingkong 09 and is scheduled for production in late 2024.

Before the Pricing of Jikr 007 Came Out

Before the pricing of Jikr 007 was announced, there was some hesitation and skepticism. But once the price was revealed, it’s indeed impressive.

For 230,000 CNY, you get a 75 kWh battery, a range of 688 kilometers, 0-100 km/h in 5.6 seconds, high-speed navigation, and the promise of future urban navigation updates. Plus, they throw in front seat ventilation and rear seat heating for free.

Apart from being a bit shorter in length at 4865mm compared to the P7’s 4888mm and some concerns about the rear seat angle, it’s challenging to find any shortcomings.

For those who haven’t seen the car or the launch event, here’s a summary.


All models have an 800V system. The standard option comes with a self-developed 75 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery. You can opt for the 100 kWh Kirin battery, offering a maximum range of 870 km. The liquid-cooled fast charging can add up to 610 km in just 15 minutes.

Mechanical Specifications:

Dimensions: 4865/1900/1450 mm, with a wheelbase of 2928 mm. Front double wishbone suspension and rear multi-link suspension. CDC (Continuous Damping Control) is standard, and there’s no air suspension.

Intelligent Cabin:

Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip, it features a 15.05-inch OLED touchscreen that can be adjusted in a small range, a 35.5-inch AR-HUD, and a self-developed premium audio system (21 speakers, 7.1.4 channel, 1900W peak power).

Intelligent Driving:

The top trim includes 1 laser radar, 12 cameras, 5 millimeter-wave radar, and 12 ultrasonic sensors. It’s based on the dual OrinX platform. The navigation assistance works on closed roads (highways and expressways), but with LCC+ functionality, it claims to handle traffic light stops and complex bends.

Surprisingly, they also introduced a commuting mode, and based on the provided perception interface, it’s at a similar level to the ideal one.


If you can accept the exterior design and are okay with the rear seats being less comfortable, this car is an excellent choice for young people without a need for rear seats. The price is indeed very attractive.

I personally recommend the middle three versions:

  • If you want a long range, go for the rear-wheel-drive with intelligent driving.
  • If you want a sportier drive, choose the all-wheel-drive.
  • If money is not a concern, go for the all-wheel-drive with intelligent driving.

Avoid the base and top trim models.

The Price is Indeed Attractive

The price is indeed impressive. For 230,000 CNY, you get a fully loaded configuration, and even the base model offers a range of 688 kilometers and a 0-100 km/h acceleration in 5.6 seconds. It’s truly a great deal.

However, in all the early promotional images, the Jikr 007 featured the light curtain version. In reality, the light curtain is an optional add-on that costs an additional 8,000 CNY. It’s safe to assume that not many people will choose this option. The version without the light curtain (see image below) always feels like it’s missing something.

Bring back the frog lights!!!

Domestic Automakers' Product Planning and Positioning - A Confusing Mess

Domestic automakers' product planning and positioning can be quite confusing, with Geely being a prime example.

First, their naming conventions are a jumble. Sedans, SUVs, and MVPs all share the same naming system with no apparent distinctions. Even the numbers seem to be assigned arbitrarily. In normal logic, one would expect higher numbers to indicate higher positioning and more expensive prices, but their approach seems to lack any clear rationale. This confusion started with the creation of the Lynk & Co series, leaving consumers scratching their heads.

Secondly, there’s the issue of products from different sub-brands overlapping. If you’re establishing separate brands, why not differentiate them more effectively? Let Jikr focus on the high-end electric vehicle market, let Lynk & Co capture the mid-range market, and allow Geely to maintain a strong presence in the low-end vehicle sector. This would strengthen each brand’s positioning and identity. However, the current situation has blurred the boundaries between these brands, resulting in overlapping prices and poor brand differentiation.

There’s no denying that this car, in terms of specifications and pricing, shows sincerity on Geely’s part. However, it still leaves consumers feeling perplexed.

Avoid the Base Model – It’s Barely Usable

Don’t even consider the base model; it’s almost unusable. It lacks essential features like a heads-up display (HUD), Geely’s proprietary sound system, seat ventilation, and even manual steering wheel adjustment.

You’re missing out on these two critical features, and these two combined cost an additional 20,000 CNY. Instead, go for the 22.99 CNY Smart Drive model, which includes these features. It’s like getting the laser radar and lifetime smart driving for free.

The 22.99 CNY all-wheel-drive version also includes a 20,000 CNY Comfort Package. So, all-wheel drive and a 0-100 km/h time of 3.8 seconds come as a bonus. However, if you opt for all-wheel drive, I recommend getting the larger wheel rims, not just for looks but also for the four-piston calipers. With increased power, it’s essential to ensure the brakes can keep up for safety.

It’s clear that the 20.99 CNY version is a stripped-down version with no real value; it’s not meant to be sold. The actual starting price is 22.99 CNY.

Of course, you can still choose the base model, but it offers very poor value for money.

I recommend only the two 22.99 CNY versions. Choose the Kirin battery based on your budget (highly recommended if your budget allows). The 25.99 CNY all-wheel-drive Smart Drive version with a three-thousand-CNY price difference isn’t necessary; 5.6 seconds is already quite fast. The Sport version at 300,000 CNY doesn’t even have smart driving, so it’s essentially a “monkey” version of the FR. Unless you’re a track enthusiast, it’s not advisable to consider.

You can get an additional 5,000 CNY off with a small order.

Geely’s Extreme K07: A Game-Changer in the 200-250k CNY Segment

The launch of the Geely Extreme K07 in the 200-250k CNY price range has shaken up the market, posing a formidable challenge to competitors like Xiaopeng P7 and BYD Dolphin.

Key Highlights:

  1. The Extreme K07 comes in 5 variants with prices ranging from 209,900 CNY to 299,900 CNY, with a 20,000 CNY price reduction from the pre-sale prices. The pricing strategy was well-received, generating excitement at the launch event and positive public sentiment for three hours afterward.

  2. It features an all-series, all-stack 800V platform and is powered by Geely’s proprietary Kirin battery.

  3. Geely’s self-developed “Vast Intelligent Drive” advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) is introduced for the first time, elevating the brand’s position in the smart driving segment.

  4. The 8295 platform delivers impressive computing power, Kr GPT, and supports over 60 apps, enhancing cabin intelligence significantly.

  5. Two front-end designs are available: high-end models will feature a 90-inch ZEEKR STARGATE integrated smart light curtain, supporting customizable light signals, while base models will have a slim LED light strip.

  6. It offers both single-motor and dual-motor configurations. Single-motor models have a total power output of 310 kW, while dual-motor models boast 475 kW. The specs and performance are optimal for the 200-250k CNY segment.

  7. In terms of range, the standard Extreme K07 CLTC pure electric version offers a range of 688 km, while the extended-range version reaches 870 km.

Key Quotes from the Launch Event:

  1. “A New King is Crowned – The Extreme K07 is the King of Electric Sedans.”
  2. “Safety is the Primary Criterion for Luxury.”
  3. “Consistently mentioning the ‘Keanu Road’ label, reinforced by real owner stories, underscores Geely’s commitment to safety.”
  4. “Delivery of 190,000 units without self-ignition – only Geely has achieved this.”

Global/Industry/Segment “Bests”:

  1. An all-series 800V high-voltage platform, featuring high-performance silicon carbide rear motors as standard, with a maximum power output of 310 kW, a segment leader.
  2. The Kirin battery version offers a range of 688 km, ranking first among lithium iron phosphate battery sedans in its class; the Kirin battery version boasts a range of 870 km, the global leader in pure electric vehicle range among mid-sized sedans in production.
  3. The world’s fastest pure electric sedan for charging: a 15-minute charge increases the range by up to 500 km for the Kirin battery and up to 610 km for the Kirin battery.
  4. The fastest 0-100 km/h acceleration in its class: 2.84 seconds for all-wheel drive and 5.4 seconds for rear-wheel drive.
  5. Segment-leading: Geely’s self-developed integrated die-cast aluminum rear body, “Fiber Crystal” aluminum alloy, with a body torsional stiffness of 43,500 Nm/deg.
  6. First and only in its class: In-car satellite communication.
  7. The world’s largest 90-inch mega-screen light strip, with 1,711 LED beads and the highest industry brightness of 10,000 nits.
  8. Debut of the self-developed high-end sound system, ZEEKR Sound.
  9. The only model in its class with the 8295 smart cockpit computing platform.
  10. Industry-exclusive three-screen SR real-time rendering.
  11. Extreme Keanu OS 6.0, the most open and free scene workshop, introducing the Kr AI large model for the first time.
  12. Geely’s full-stack self-developed ADAS system “Vast Intelligent Drive” is introduced for the first time in the Extreme K07.

Other Noteworthy Points:

  1. Geely’s first-ever luxury electric sedan makes its debut.
  2. The Extreme K07 is priced from 209,900 to 259,900 CNY, with nationwide deliveries starting on January 1st.
  3. Pre-sales of the Extreme K07 lasted for 40 days, accumulating 51,569 orders.
  4. First in six industries, seven class-leading attributes, and 41 class-unique features – the Extreme K07 is the undisputed king of electric sedans.
  5. Geely: The New King is Here.
  6. The Geely Extreme K07, with the Snapdragon 8295 in-car chip, breaks the million-point mark in benchmark testing, outperforming the Mercedes-Benz E-Class ranking.

Other Highlights:

  • Prominent figures such as Wen Yongshan, the Rejuvenation Band, and George appeared at the launch event.

Main Discussion Topics:

#ExtremeK07 Launch# #ExtremeK07 is Here# #Geely Refuses to Make Boring Electric Cars# #ExtremeK07 Full Option Price Below 300,000 CNY# #ExtremeK07: The King of Electric Sedans# #ExtremeK07 Sets New Standards# #The King of Electric Sedans#

Overall Presentation Summary:

  1. A two-month communication period with regular, tightly paced content releases.
  2. Following the launch event, Geely immediately transitioned to its second live stream, providing a concise recap of the event’s highlights and essential product information.
  3. The presentation featured a good balance of pacing, content abundance, and engaging activities, maintaining a high level of public interest.
  4. The launch event included numerous real-world test videos in extreme scenarios and complex road conditions, proving authenticity, professionalism, and authority.
  5. Exceptional management of price expectations, with minimal criticism during the event and strong approval from the audience.
  6. The overall live broadcast had a suitable pacing, avoiding unnecessary length and staying focused.

Areas for Improvement (To Be Discussed):

  1. Some promotional materials sparked controversy (e.g., the direct acceleration comparison to a Tesla).
  2. Wen Yongshan’s appearance in the second live stream after the event might have gone unnoticed by some viewers, potentially leading to a loss of viewership.
  3. Timing: Placing the launch event after the WenJie M9 launch could potentially dilute the impact.
  4. Clarification on the positioning relationship between the Extreme K07 and the Extreme K01 (007 vs. 001) and guidance for customer choice.

Geely’s Bold Move with the Extreme K07: Disrupting the Market with Aggressive Pricing

As the saying goes, there is nothing that can’t be sold; there are only prices that can’t be accepted.

The Geely Extreme K07 was initially offered for pre-sale starting at 229,900 CNY, which left many potential buyers hesitant. It seemed like no one paid much attention.

However, Geely quickly responded by lowering the starting price by 20,000 CNY to a fierce 209,900 CNY. The impact was immediate, and pre-orders surged to over 50,000 units.

To put this into perspective, the Huawei-backed SmartWay S7, priced at 249,800 CNY, recently announced pre-orders of 20,000 units. The Extreme K07’s pre-order volume is 2.5 times that of the SmartWay S7, establishing a significant lead.

Chinese car manufacturers are making waves by offering fully-equipped vehicles in the 200,000 CNY range without any markup. Information is readily available, and buyers are well-informed, leaving no room for vehicles with slightly lower specifications and slightly higher prices to succeed.

The Extreme K07 adopted a bold strategy: rather than struggling with price reductions after launch, it opted to lower the price substantially from the beginning, achieving explosive sales in the first wave. This strategy left competitors struggling to catch up.

Two years ago, no one would have imagined that a car priced at 200,000 CNY would feature air suspension. Yet, the Extreme K07, SmartWay S7, and Star Era all offer this feature as standard. Next year, any car priced under 200,000 CNY without air suspension may find it challenging to compete.

A brief overview of the Extreme K07’s features:

Performance: It comes standard with a 310 kW silicon carbide rear electric drive. The rear-wheel-drive version accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds, while the all-wheel-drive performance version achieves it in just 2.84 seconds. Electric cars are no longer timid with acceleration times exceeding 4 seconds.

Range: The Extreme K07 offers two battery options: 75 kWh and 100 kWh, with the latter available for an additional 20,000 CNY. The 75 kWh battery provides a maximum range of 688 km, while the 100 kWh battery extends it to 870 km. It’s recommended to choose the 100 kWh battery for the maximum range, which will still offer over 600 km even in winter conditions. The car comes with standard 800V fast charging, capable of adding 610 km of range in just 15 minutes. Fast charging may not be widely available yet, so with proper trip planning, emergency charging should be unnecessary.

Cabin: Equipped with the ZEEKR 007 OS 6.0 system, it features the standard 8295 intelligent cabin chip, boasting 30 TOPS of computing power.

Smart Driving: Based on the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin intelligent driving chip, it delivers 508 TOPS of computing power. The car is equipped with one LiDAR, twelve high-definition cameras, five millimeter-wave radars, and twelve ultrasonic radars. The Extreme K07 offers two hardware options: “LiDAR + Vision Fusion” and “Pure Vision.”

Space: As a mid-sized electric sedan, its dimensions are 4865 mm (length), 1900 mm (width), and 1450 mm (height), with a wheelbase of 2928 mm. It has a curb weight of 2150 kg and features matrix headlights, a 35.5-inch AR-HUD, and a 15-inch OLED central control screen.

Lighting: The car features a massive 90-inch light strip, surrounded by a free-form three-dimensional lampshade and containing 1,711 high-power LED lamp beads, totaling 7,296 light points. While the light strip is extravagant, it serves to create a unique ambiance.

Compared to the Tesla Model 3 Refresh, the Extreme K07 offers much richer features. The Model 3 currently sells around 20,000 units per month. With the strong performance of Chinese EVs, the Model 3’s monthly sales may drop to 10,000 units, but Tesla can still consider itself lucky.

We’ll patiently wait for the Extreme K07 to offer some discounts by the end of next year. Acquiring one for under 200,000 CNY should be achievable. The wait-and-see approach continues.

The pressure is now on Xiaomi. Let’s see how the Xiaomi SU7 performs. If they manage to offer a similarly equipped vehicle for under 200,000 CNY, Xiaomi fans are sure to be ecstatic.

Geely’s Extreme K07 Creates a Stir with Unbeatable Pricing

Just watched the launch event, and it’s safe to say that Geely’s Extreme K07 has left everyone astonished. This pricing is nothing short of impressive, starting at 209,900 CNY, and if you had a prior reservation, you could even get an additional 5,000 CNY off. I didn’t make a reservation myself, and I must admit I found the car’s exterior design rather unattractive. However, it seems like it has become the undisputed king of value in the electric sedan market. Even Tesla should be worried, and Xiaomi better not price its car above 199,900 CNY, or Geely might just steal the show.

Did anyone here make a reservation? I’m seriously considering taking the plunge now. Are there any additional discounts available?

Xiaomi Faces Pressure as Geely’s Extreme K07 Sets the Bar at 19.9 CNY

Now, things have taken an interesting turn. Xiaomi’s upcoming car can only be priced at 19,900 CNY. If they were planning to sell it at 24,000 or 25,000, they might be in big trouble.

The pressure is on Lei Jun now.

Pressure Shifts to Xiaomi – Let’s Be Friends at 19.9

The pressure is now on Xiaomi. Let’s make friends at 19.9.

Xiaomi’s Dilemma – The Pressure Is On

Lei Jun said it’s a decisive battle… Whether Lei Jun decides to go to battle or not is unknown, but Zeekr certainly treats it as one.

Xiaomi’s vacillation and attempts to justify higher prices are simply due to the fact that they have too many interests in various industries now. They want to have everything, but they can’t achieve excellence in everything. It’s becoming a hodgepodge of a car—a conglomerate that users will ultimately have to pay for. Hence the rhetoric of a “justifiably higher price.”

They can stack up their ecosystem, but once it becomes “justifiably higher priced,” it’s game over. So why don’t you quote a price, show some determination? What does it mean to develop technology but not products?

The so-called momentum can wane after the initial push, and the third time could lead to exhaustion. Xiaomi’s initial battle seems to be turning into a lost one.

In the end, Lei Jun’s initial battle was a non-battle, while other competitors in the industry treated it as a decisive one. It’s quite evident how awkward Xiaomi’s event was this afternoon—while competitors were willing to strip down, Xiaomi seemed to be showing off an uncovered ankle?

Enormous Pressure on Xiaomi’s Version of the Palmetto

The pressure on Xiaomi’s version of the Palmetto is immense…

GAC Aion Unveils Several Models: 001, X, 009, 007

GAC Aion has introduced several models: 001, X, 009, 007. Apart from sharing the GAC Aion brand name, they have nothing in common. It’s quite impressive…

This Car Has Nothing but Looks Ugly

Apart from being ugly, everything else is an advantage.

2022-2024: A Year of Significant Technological Advancement

The years 2022 to 2024 are witnessing significant technological upgrades. On the hardware front, there’s the 8295 chipset, an 800V platform, AR-HUD (Augmented Reality Head-Up Display), and amplifiers with around 2KW of power, all of which come as standard features. In terms of AI software, there may be some differences, but no single company has a significant lead in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) compared to its competitors.

What about the cars in 2025? Will there be substantial hardware changes, such as new electronically-controlled suspension systems or steer-by-wire technology? Will there be an overall shift towards cast aluminum vehicle frames? And will Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) become a more critical factor in evaluating what makes a “good car” even better?

Evaluation and Highlights of the Zeekr 007

The Zeekr 007, touted as “flawless,” has garnered significant attention as a new energy vehicle. Looking at its various parameters and performance, the Zeekr 007 indeed exhibits a high level of excellence with several noteworthy features. Here’s an analysis of the Zeekr 007’s evaluations and highlights:

  1. Intelligent Driving System: The Zeekr 007 is equipped with a fully self-developed advanced intelligent driving system, featuring top-notch hardware such as the NVIDIA Orin chipset and LiDAR. This intelligent driving configuration offers users an unprecedented driving experience, bringing innovation to both technology and safety.

  2. High-Speed NZP (Navigation-Assisted Driving): The Zeekr 007’s high-speed NZP function covers highways, elevated roads, and closed roads nationwide, significantly enhancing driving convenience and safety. This practical feature reduces driver fatigue and improves road safety.

  3. Performance: The Zeekr 007 excels in terms of power performance. It boasts a high-performance 8295 chipset, LiDAR, Orin chipset, and an 800V silicon carbide high-performance rear motor, providing robust power output. In terms of the driving experience, the Zeekr 007 delivers outstanding performance, achieving high levels in acceleration and handling.

  4. Exterior Design: The Zeekr 007 features a unique exterior design with the adoption of the Hidden Energy design language and high-tech elements like the ZEEKR STARGATE integrated smart light curtain. This design not only exudes a strong sense of technology but also reflects Zeekr’s attention to detail and pursuit of high quality.

  5. Range Capability: The Zeekr 007’s range capability is another highlight. It is equipped with a high-performance battery pack, providing a range of up to 870 km, which is a significant advantage for long-distance drivers. This further underscores Zeekr’s strength and advantage in new energy technology.

  6. In-Car Technology: The Zeekr 007’s in-car configuration is equally impressive. It includes features like heated/ventilated/massage front seats, a 15.4-inch central touchscreen, a 14.6-inch head-up display, and more, offering a comfortable and convenient driving experience.

In conclusion, the Zeekr 007, as a new energy vehicle, excels in various aspects, including its intelligent driving system, high-speed NZP function, performance, exterior design, range capability, and in-car technology. It not only exhibits high-level technology and performance but also takes into consideration user needs and experiences. Therefore, the Zeekr 007 can genuinely be considered a “flawless” new energy vehicle.

However, for the Zeekr brand, the release of the Zeekr 007 is just a milestone on its path to development. In the future, with the continuous growth of the new energy vehicle market and increased competition, Zeekr will need to maintain its innovation and competitive advantage, continuously improving product quality and user experience.

The Biggest Highlight: Price

The most significant highlight here is the price.

This price is truly unbeatable. It doesn’t matter who you compare it to; it stands strong on its own.

Lei Jun Working Overnight to Revise the Presentation

Lei Jun is working overnight to revise the presentation.

No Weaknesses, but No Highlights Either

There are no weaknesses, but there are no highlights either.