How to view the newly released Billy character showcase of Absolute Zone Zero | The knight makes an appearance?

Introduction of Billys role in Zero Area | The knight appears!

Battlefield Debut: New Mihayou Disease Group: ZZZ

Not a moment has been hindered by the obstruction of the puns from LuoFu’s ZaZu, and now the freshly formed illness group from miHoYo has arrived on the battlefield: ZZZ.

Opening Thunderstrike:

It’s hard to imagine the state of mind of the art and voice actors when implementing Billy’s set of actions.

Beginning and end correspond:

(How can someone be obsessed with guns, ships, and calling people “girlfriend” and “wife” all day? Otaku are really disgusting, yue.)

Opening Thunderstrike x2:

Beginning and end correspond x2:

Although Billy achieved the best result in miHoYo’s “Qumiao Ling” as the first character in the PV, with the slowest and shortest appearance time for a protagonist named “Billy,” his illness displayed in the showcase was really handsome. As the first complete character PV demonstration system in “Qumiao Ling,” Billy’s PV effectively showcases the depth of the production team’s illness.

I declare that two points are awarded for the illness to Bond, one point to Pam, and zero points to Paimon.

I believe this game is definitely a sci-fi comedy that will bring laughter to everyone in the future.

“Do they talk?”

I just want to know, will they talk to each other or not?

Billy’s dual guns shooting and reloading

Billy pointed the two guns at him and electrified him.

Then looking at the place where he fired, behind it was “Star Knight New Release”.

But looking to the left, were two relatively inconspicuous books.

Zoom in: (Is this what they mean by 16+, it’s really amazing)

When the bullets of the two guns behind ran out and needed to be reloaded,

One was shy and the other sighed

(They even made a soft sound)

Billy’s Role Showcase: Exciting and Comic-book Style

In short, Billy’s role in this display made me feel like I was experiencing a part of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.”

I use the word “experience” because it was like a mini anime preview!

Trendy! Comic book vibes! Fun and entertaining!

The above are the main impressions I gathered from this video.

Similar to Spider-Man, the video incorporated a lot of dialogue boxes, text sound effects, and explosive visual effects that are typically found in comics.

Moreover, many of the shots were treated with a comic book layout style, using frames for storyboarding.

There were also rough lines, like the ones below.

And this particular shot below, really cool!

Anyway, I’m all in for Billy!

No kidding, I’m really going to van Billy~ Hehehe.

A Potential Masterpiece of Commercial Success


Trendy, cool, staying on point, comic font.

A while ago, Billy released a PV called “1080p Life on the Line”. At the time, many people thought it was a character PV from Honkai Impact with the story of Kiana and Mei, but it was actually a PV from Genshin Impact with character demonstrations.

I don’t know how miHoYo internally positions Zone Zero, but seeing the extravagant use of various artistic and technical resources in Zone Zero, I feel that this game might truly break away from commercial revenue KPIs and fully reflect the artistic expression of the creators.

Especially when you watch Billy’s two insane gunshot scenes and how smoothly the transformation animation is implemented. The technical difficulty is definitely higher than that of some character demonstrations/PVs in Honkai Impact.

In fact, as an action game with a pigeon protagonist, Zone Zero might not necessarily have the same influence and audience as flagship Genshin Impact and turn-based Honkai Impact. Many friends on Zhihu hold overly optimistic views on the commercial performance of Zone Zero, I think they might be overestimating the audience of this game.

Indeed, even the most optimistic estimate before the release of Honkai Impact was that it could achieve 0.5 times the commercial performance of Genshin Impact. The current situation makes many people unable to believe it, but the turn-based market is still there, and it’s not exaggerating to say that Honkai Impact’s quality can make a breakthrough.

However, action games and pigeon protagonists are niche within the niche. Personally, I still can’t believe that Zone Zero can replicate the success of Genshin Impact. Oh heavens, the market growth potential has reached its limit, if miHoYo can really create another miracle, then…

But I think the best scenario is for the creators to completely detach themselves from commercial revenue KPIs and produce a work that fully expresses themselves, even if it’s poorly received. This is also the necessary path for most game companies to reach their pinnacle.

Of course, it definitely won’t result in a loss, it’s just a matter of how much profit is made.

And if there really is a miracle, then our evaluation of miHoYo might have been too conservative…

Anyway, let’s wait and see for the closed beta test the day after tomorrow.

P.S. @Zone Zero, did you forget to send me the test qualification? Hurry up.

Amazing Luck Mirror: Explosive XP Performance.

The Unexpected Expertise in Original Bao’s PV Quality.

Impressive Q-bounce in 3D Animation, Possibly More Pressure on Animation Companies.

Joyful Style, Unaffected Rhythm, Likely Pleasing Devotees like Monkey Gatherers. Fantastic Luck Mirror, making my XP explode.

I thought YUANBAO’s recent PV quality was already top-notch, but I didn’t expect there are even more skilled individuals.

The 3D animation achieving such a bouncy level of cuteness, I feel that the ones under pressure might not be the game developers, but rather certain 3D animation companies.

Moreover, the style is cheerful, so there’s no need to worry about it affecting the rhythm. It’s probably also going to be a joyous cult of fans who enthusiastically absorb material like BENG TIE does with monkeys.

Billy’s Role Demo: Impressive Mi Home Staff Strength

Conversation starts with two guns, twins? or a female voice. Billy refers to them as girls.

Quickly turns to Billy’s battle, full of details, no more to say.

The reloading scene is detailed and admirable.

In the end, Billy talks to the two guns after the battle and maintains them with products from Three Gates Military and Starlight Knight. The guns he expected were disappointedly called “cheap goods”.

Billy is still thinking, “It would be great if you could talk.” It seems he had high expectations.

Cool combat style, mature language and art. Have to admit, they go well together. The character PV and demo are quite absurd, in a way, it brings me back to the past. After watching Billy’s character demonstration in “Knight’s Debut”, I can’t help but admire the strength of the Mijia employees.

The beginning should have been a dialogue between two guns, a pair of twins maybe? Or maybe it was a female voice. Later, Billy referred to them as girls.

Quickly, the focus turned to Billy’s battle, with full attention to details, so I won’t say much about that.

The scene where the magazine is changed is actually filled with meticulous details, which I really admire.

Finally, Billy finishes the battle and talks to the two guns, using the collaborative products of Sanmen Military Industry’s subordinates and Starlight Knights to maintain the guns. I was really looking forward to the two guns, but when Billy took them out, he just said, “Cheap goods.”

Billy is still thinking, “If only you could speak.” It seems he had quite a lot of expectations.

The trendy fighting style, mature language and art, I have to say, they really complement each other well. Frankly speaking, the character PV and demonstration are quite absurd, to some extent, they brought me back to the past.

So Cute!

How can a robot be so “Q-elastic” like this?!!!

Funny character demonstration – Limited melee abilities, high repair cost

Character Demonstration Full of Humor

First, let’s talk about the combat part.

Billy’s actions are extremely cool and flashy. However, it is worth noting that Billy always maintains distance from the enemy during battle and deliberately controls the safe distance, instead of choosing the more stylish close-range headshots.

Billy is a long-range attack character. In terms of design, he does not have any attack skills other than shooting. So, during combat, one must always be aware of the distance from the enemy because he lacks close-quarters combat capabilities.

According to the previous PV “Machine Walking Horse,” the fancy name for the lost technology that Billy uses is actually “expensive repair fee.” So the lost technology creation - Billy, who has the “expensive repair fee,” is prohibited from engaging in close combat to avoid unexpectedly high bills.

Billy: I think I can engage in close combat, after all, I am a Star Emblem Knight.

Nicole: You pay for the repair fee yourself.

Billy: Actually, it’s also good to just fight from a distance.

Then there’s the plot without bullets. Personally, I speculate that this might be a demonstration of Billy’s skills. This means that Billy’s bullets are not infinite and there are restrictions on the number of bullets. In the image, Billy quickly reloads bullets, which might be a skill that allows him to refill his bullets quickly after running out and continue fighting for a period of time.

Another piece of evidence is that when Billy activates the “Second Round” and runs out of bullets, he does not continue fighting but calls for Ampy to “come to the rescue.” This plot arrangement should correspond to the game’s character switching. During Ampy’s arrival as support, Billy is in an offline state. It should be that his skills are on cooldown after activation, and he needs to go to the bench to reload his bullets.

This also explains the scene in the character PV “1080P Machine Walking Horse” where Billy stands still and watches bullets coming towards him. Because he is reloading bullets on the sidelines, he cannot dodge the enemy’s shooting attacks.

Then Billy enters the field, and Ampy goes offline. This means that Billy can wait for the third shot and reload his bullets by switching to another character, continuing the fight.

Through this demonstration, the official showcases the importance of Billy’s role in the team. As a long-range character, although Billy lacks melee combat abilities, his shooting output allows him to perform stylish moves and safely attack enemies.

To avoid players sticking to one character until the end, the official limits Billy’s output time through the magazine, making players need to switch characters and experience different roles more.

Lastly, let’s talk about the Easter eggs in the plot.

Everyone might prefer the “16+” in the cabinet, but if you look carefully at the sides of the cabinet, you can find Billy’s favorite tokusatsu, “Star Emblem Knight,” with posters and badges.

Combined with the comment about the dual guns, it’s not difficult to guess that the tokusatsu around the cabinet were all cheap items from collaborations… Otherwise, based on my understanding of the master of tokusatsu and tokusatsu fans, how could they have such low intelligence (crossed out) proof of their dedication?

Look at how the tokusatsu fans are.

Then look at your merchandise…

If I remember correctly, Juu Tuzuya seems to be the first customer in the game. But considering Billy’s demonstrated financial situation, I can’t help but doubt whether he will be owed the final payment.