How to view the barrage atmosphere after TheShy players broadcast the day after the S13 finals?

In addition, there are these bullet screen comments from fans, and the administrator has gone mad already

The decline of TS and Ning in recent years

TS’s live streaming room has been in this situation for several years, right?

In the past few years, after various research and development, the situation was more or less the same when the live streaming started.

TS Happy Gaming has been around for more than just a year or two.

It’s just that this year, they made it to the World Championships and took it seriously for a while.

When he played with BIN, he briefly returned to the S8 days.

But when he comes back, he will continue to enjoy gaming as always.

I saw the barrage mention that Ning Wang should write a little more.

I have always had this idea, that the two most wasted talents of IG in S8 were Ning and TS.

After Ning Wang won the championship, he immediately started showing off, even causing some trouble with Xu Yiniang.

As for TS,

After winning S8, his rank strength gradually declined.

And in recent years, it has become all about happy gaming, creating various smurf accounts and playing in Diamond ranks that are relatively lower for him.

You should know that for an online professional player, maintaining a high level of laning strength is a good way to maintain competitive stability.

Ranking in a low-strength laning environment for a long time inevitably leads to a decline in performance.

This training method is somewhat similar to the meditation training that BANG did back in the day.

In the beginning, you may not see much change, but over time, something is not right.

His peak may still be that invincible top lane dominator from S8-9, pressuring opponents with various counter picks.

But the time he can maintain that state becomes shorter and less frequent.

And due to long-term happy gaming,

His lower limit is completely uncontrollable.

That’s when all the research and development started.

This account image is really questionable.

Why can so many accounts of his be exposed?

A jungle player, with slightly lower ranks,

can still use bad ranks and teamwork as an excuse.

It’s really impressive for an online player to rank in such low-intensity ranks.

The Reason for theshy’s Poor Performance in the Finals and Whether to Monetize the Hype

Actually it’s not too bad. Everyone knows that WBG is really difficult to win against T1. We were mentally prepared for it. We hope that WBG can create a miracle, so we try to show some confidence and boost WBG’s chances of winning. But deep down, we all understand the reality - it’s really hard.

As for TheShy’s poor performance in the finals, on one hand, it’s difficult for him to maintain a stable state as he’s getting older. There’s only one player like Faker who is still so strong at his age. The old guys in WBG are also sensitive players, so there is a reputation of having a high ceiling but low floor.

On the other hand, TheShy’s poor performance is also because WBG genuinely wants to win the game, rather than trying to scapegoat someone. They want to win as a team. Danny also said that they wanted to win a game on the blue side, and then go to the red side, to have a small chance of winning the BO5. TheShy also couldn’t get the counter position to try and carry, and he didn’t have the opportunity to play on the red side.

They really want to win the game, rather than just win one game to protect TheShy’s reputation. TheShy also tried to see if he could turn the tide by playing from a disadvantaged draft, hoping to give the team some hope and a chance to win the championship.

As for whether they should take advantage of the hype and make money, I actually don’t think it’s necessary. TheShy’s popularity doesn’t need such tactics. He has been the most popular player in LPL for years. Even my friends who don’t play League of Legends know about TheShy. There’s no need for any gimmicks. I guess he just wants to start live streaming, earn some watch time, and meet his fans. He also said that he will continue playing for a few more years, thanks to the support of his fans.

New Year, New Opportunities.

You can’t compare your skills to others, and it’s fine to admit defeat gracefully.

And of course, then it’s time to start a new year.

It’s great to do live streaming, and it’s also normal for the housekeeper to work.

What’s wrong with fans sending supportive barrages in their own live rooms? Isn’t it more productive than those useless arguments on Zhihu?

If Doinb were to switch, he might start live streaming reactions and analyzing the finals against Ning.

If other players were to switch, they might just retire.

It’s good to continue playing LOL. The next season will bring big changes, with a slower early game pace and a stronger focus on laning. For him, it’s still a positive thing. Keeping a good condition and some luck, he might even make it to the finals again next year.

WBG’s Hopes for the Future

Well, I think it’s enough to be sad for a day. It’s not like YuYu has been heartbroken like a lost dog for several days.

The Shy’s attitude is always optimistic and positive. Being true to oneself is the common state of The Shy’s fans, isn’t it?

And compared horizontally to the past two years, they couldn’t even win a BO5, let alone qualify for Worlds. This year, they made it all the way to the finals, which is really good. After all, it’s normal to be inferior in skill when the team has only been together for half a year, including coach Danny.

Have you forgotten that the T1 team on the other side has been playing together for a whole two years? And they are all young people (like Faker who seems to be aging in reverse..) with no hero pool issues. Haven’t they practiced different strategies?

T1, who has been playing together for two years, finally proved themselves in the Worlds after winning the Spring Championship, achieving second place in MSI, Summer Asia, S Asia, Spring Asia, and reaching the top four in MSI. They defeated BLG, LNG, JDG, and WBG all the way to become champions. Excluding JDG, which has received 100 million investments, it’s normal for other teams to not perform as well as T1, right?

It’s just that I didn’t expect them to be beaten so badly.

Isn’t it normal for live stream chat rooms to be friendly? If you look at WBG’s account on Bilibili, there are mostly encouraging comments.

In plain language, WBG mainly plays for nostalgia. After reaching the top four, the fans truly adopt a “win one game, earn one game” mentality. I feel like at least a third of them have placed some kind of bet.

Just think about The Shy’s situation. Can it be worse than last year when he was beaten by someone like Ale, who was only in the top 16? Even in that situation, the fans stayed loyal. It’s not too much of a failure to be in the top four in Asia for the whole year, right? Hmm?

I hope WBG can improve further in the coming year!

Embarrassing Comeback: WBG’s Unexpected Victory

I don’t play LOL, but Zhihu says WBG is the fourth seed. Now the fourth seed has taken second place. Is it embarrassing?

I feel that not only can we start the live broadcast, but also hold our head high and stand on the table to open this live room.

Ultimate Life Goal of Zhihu Users: Earning Money while Enjoying Life

What is the ultimate life goal of a Zhihu’er?

Just lying down and making money.

Like the left hand, earn money by making up for it on the field.

Shy teacher, a god here and a ghost there, focuses on enjoying the game and making money while having fun.

Who would tire themselves out when they can just lie down?

It’s truly admirable.

Wbg’s Luck Leads Them to the Finals

How did WBG make it to the finals without any clue?

If you say luck is also a kind of strength, then I can only say WBG has allocated all their talent points to luck. A team that stumbled and struggled against European and American teams almost secured a spot in the top 4. If it weren’t for TS’s explosion against BLG, completely crushing Bin, how could they have made it to the finals?

To be honest, at the moment JDG fell, we already knew the outcome of the finals. We just thought that TS’s explosion in the semifinals could continue into the finals. However, even a dog knows that T1 will heavily target the top lane, but it seems like WBG doesn’t know.

Overall, it’s a matter of skill. It’s certainly related to TS, and he is not entirely innocent, but he did his best and lived up to WBG.

The Shy’s Disappointing Performance in the Finals

I really understand everyone’s feelings.

I am also quite disappointed with The Shy’s performance in the finals, being completely crushed by Zeus.

Before the match, I had high hopes for The Shy and thought that the outcome would most likely be determined in the top lane, whether they could defeat T1 or not.

But in the end, the results of the finals were extremely dismal, 1-16.

It’s normal for everyone to criticize and vent their frustrations, but did everyone forget?

WBG was the fourth seed!

They made it to the finals of the Worlds!

During S3, Royal Club played SKT, and everyone knew they couldn’t win, so the fans were furious when they lost.

This year, T1 had a big advantage over all the other teams, with players who were superior in every lane, and their top and bottom lanes were filled with talented players.

Even JDG, who spent 100 million on their galaxy battleship, fell apart. How can you expect a fourth seed, a veteran kayak, to defeat T1?

During the post-match interview, he said he’s too old.

Why did he say he’s too old? Because he’s currently the oldest top laner in the LPL.

The Shy, born in ‘99, is already 24 years old.

Can the spring breeze still cherish the youthful intention? Can it grant me another youth?

The answer is no.

How old is Zeus? He’s from ‘04, just 19 years old.

Who can defeat him this year? Aside from Bin’s extraordinary solo kill on him with Gragas, he is truly invincible.

He’s too strong, with a deep champion pool.

What surprised me the most was his ability to perform explosively with Gwen, the champion that killed him last year.

FMVP, well-deserved.

During the group stage against MAD, Xiaohu’s Ahri was destroyed by Seraphine. The game wasn’t his Aatrox, and WBG lost. The second game would definitely be Xiaohu’s ultimate red-hot retirement show.

In the semifinals, his Rumble and his Lucian’s performances were truly impressive. Without him, WBG wouldn’t have made it to the finals stage based on luck alone.

Everyone thought he was back, becoming the Aatrox who used to dominate the river, the angel who blind-flashes with R.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, as the glory was only short-lived.

After going around in circles, let’s talk about the live-streaming. His Chinese has improved a lot in these past two years. He frequently says “卧槽” (Woca), and his language is quite strong.

I have always liked Rookie, so after IG won the championship, I also became a fan of IG players like JackeyLove and The Shy. They were already famous even before becoming professional players, thanks to their unique personalities and outstanding skills.

But there is only one Faker, and most geniuses will gradually decline with age.

S13 has already ended, and it doesn’t really matter how much we say anymore. It’s a good thing to start a new journey with live-streaming. Let’s work hard next year.

Continued Efforts of The shy: Hope for Better Performance Next Year

Very good, if the results of the competition cannot reward the fans’ love, then use live streaming to reward them.

Taking away the competitive attributes of professional players, they are also game streamers who need to communicate with the audience and give back their love through live streaming.

Although in the opinions of many people, they believe that these are two conflicting things, that if they want good results, they should focus on training, and if they want to make money, they should focus on live streaming.

But now, they are on vacation, they have complete freedom to arrange their time, they have been playing intense matches for a month, and they need to relax and take a break in a balanced way.

The shy could completely take this rest time and not do any live streaming or play League of Legends. By doing so, it would not cause controversy among the viewers in the live streaming room, nor would it ignite discussions about his live streaming among everyone. It would also allow him to let go of all the burdens in his heart and relax.

However, he still started live streaming on the second day after the competition ended. He briefly explained his future schedule and expressed his desire to continue working hard.

What gives me the most hope here is his intention to continue learning Chinese. In fact, we can clearly feel from his current microphone recordings that The shy’s Chinese has already reached a considerable level. He also serves as Daeny’s translator on the team, but there are still some shortcomings in terms of sentence structure and vocabulary mastery.

His desire to continue learning Chinese objectively expresses his desire to continue his professional career and his confidence in continuing to compete in the LPL. After the regret of this year’s return, it is also a kind of motivation for him. Faker, at the age of 27, can still stand at the top of the world, so why can’t The shy work hard as well?

Looking forward to The shy bringing even better performance next year!

Underwhelming Performance

I have never been a fan of that player. It is unbelievable that they still have the audacity to come out and celebrate after achieving a 1-16 record. This incident has truly opened my eyes.