How to view Israels Cabinet votes in favor of temporary ceasefire agreement with Hamas? What is the future direction of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

According to Israels Land Report, the Israeli Cabinet voted in favor of a temporary ceasefire agreement with the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) on the early morning of the 22nd local time (CCTV reporter Huang Yuanpeng)

Hamas in the Cabinet!

What! “Cabinet vote approved”? The cabinet also has Hamas!

Israeli Cabinet’s daring negotiation with Hamas!?

Benjamin Netanyahu, even you are Hamas now! Can the Israeli government really negotiate with Hamas!?

Benjamin Netanyahu, even you have become Hamas!

Hamas: Victory in Political Objectives Translation: Hamas: Victory in Political Objectives

Hamas has really won this game.

Hamas’s political objective is to disrupt the Arab countries' process of reconciliation with Israel, which was facilitated by the United States. This objective was basically achieved when the current round of Israeli-Palestinian conflict broke out. For a considerable period of time, even if those Arab countries wish otherwise, they will not have the political foundation to reconcile with Israel.

War is a continuation of politics, and the military is a politically armed workforce. The only criterion for judging the outcome of a war is whether the political objective has been achieved, not simply the exchange ratio of casualties. After the basic political objective of disrupting the Arab countries' reconciliation with Israel was achieved, Hamas would not be considered a failure even if its entire army was wiped out.

In the current Palestine, Hamas is no longer just an organization, but a flag, a spirit. Even if Israel were to completely wipe out the current Hamas, as long as this flag, this spirit continues to exist, there will always be new Hamas growing in the ruins of Gaza. As long as Israel continues its concentration camp policies and brutal mistreatment of the Palestinian people, there will always be new warriors taking up the guns of their predecessors, fighting resistance to the end. Unless Israel can completely destroy Gaza, the broken homeland will be the best training ground, and endless hatred will be the best fuel for war. Ideas cannot be killed.

The power balance between the Israeli Defense Forces and Hamas is extremely unequal. From a historical perspective, the Israeli Defense Forces have the capability to take on the entire Arab coalition forces. On paper, Israel has always been a highly skilled regional power, with some equipment even better than the U.S. military.

And what about Hamas? They have few heavy weapons and rely entirely on homemade rockets and the courage of local militia forces to fight. The power disparity between the two sides is even greater than the legendary David and Goliath compared to Israel. It’s a true battle of flesh against steel.

In the face of such a huge power gap, if the Israeli Defense Forces fail to completely destroy a large number of Hamas combatants, or even engage them effectively, it would be considered a failure. Well, who made your historical records look good? Who made your surrounding environment so hostile? If you want to wear the crown, you have to bear its weight. Since you have taken on the responsibility of being the Middle East’s first military power, enjoying the shelter it brings, then you must also bear the corresponding burden and demonstrate the strength that matches this responsibility. Standing on the shoulders of predecessors often means being in the shadow of history, and every gift of fate comes with a price. Enjoying the benefits comes with spending more money.

The current situation is that Israel has failed to eliminate Hamas’s large number of active combatants, or even engage them in effective combat. On the other hand, with limited resources and in a harsh confrontational environment, Hamas has maximized its advantages, played to its strengths, and avoided its weaknesses. Rather than directly confronting the Israeli Defense Forces, after successfully launching the first wave of attacks, Hamas quickly retreated back into Gaza City, relying on underground facilities and fortifications, using its familiarity with the terrain to engage in urban guerrilla warfare against Israel. They have not only destroyed Israeli heavy equipment multiple times but also killed several senior Israeli military officers, achieving outstanding results far exceeding their capabilities on paper. They have taken the highly asymmetric conflict to its extreme and fully leveraged these achievements on social media, creating a public opinion offensive that heavily struck Israel’s arrogance and boosted the Arab world’s fighting spirit, effectively mobilizing anti-Israel forces worldwide.

This is the correct way to fight a public opinion battle. It is far more brilliant than some idiots who only cause headaches and trouble. I am referring to Israel.

Even if Hamas is ultimately completely defeated, it can still be considered honorable in defeat. Military victory has never truly belonged to Hamas, as achieving the basic political objectives and leveraging other forces to bear the burdens are what truly matters.

Just like the confrontation between Broxigar and Sargeras, even though Sargeras could easily crush Broxigar, Broxigar managed to wound Sargeras, a god, with the body of a mortal. He made a god bleed for the first time. Who can claim victory in this case?

So, you can also bleed? You’re not invincible?

In games, it’s best to have visible health bars. Once the health bar is visible, things become manageable.

And the current situation is that not only did Broxigar manage to wound Sargeras, he even crawled back out of the Well of Eternity. Despite being beaten up by Sargeras, with blood flowing from seven wounds, the Oak Axe is still firmly in his hands, and he can continue to fight.

So, isn’t this winning like crazy? What else is winning like crazy?

Now the ball is in Israel’s court, because evil cannot rely on righteousness for self-protection. The only way to protect oneself is through strength, and the best way to showcase that strength is to swiftly and decisively solve problems, exchanging immediate and ruthless power to secure a retreat from the surrounding threats. This is the only effective method. Just as an evil person is treated like a rat on the street, with everyone wanting to beat them up, if the evil person wants to avoid being attacked by everyone, the only way is to prove that no one can defeat them. To prove that no one can defeat them, the most effective method is to punch the one who challenges them to death as a warning to others. This serves to deter others.

If you stop now, others will not think that you have become better, but rather weaker. That’s not a good thing.

1500 gliders have caused a stir in the world. If ten thousand people would risk their lives, there would be no one who could stop them. This is what it means to dominate in a version.

Israel’s Dilemma: Hostages or Hamas’s Breathing Space

If the goals of releasing hostages and temporarily ceasing fire can be achieved, it would certainly be a good thing for the Palestinian people who are currently in dire straits. A large amount of humanitarian aid and supplies could enter Gaza, saving as many lives as possible.

The situation for Israel is a bit more complicated.

This would give the armed forces of Hamas in Gaza a rare chance to catch their breath, which is not conducive to future military operations by the Israeli army. During Israel’s war for independence, they benefited from a one-month ceasefire; otherwise, the state of Israel would not have existed.

If Israel does not agree, it would be equivalent to abandoning the detained hostages, and the families of the kidnapped hostages have long been impatient, constantly pressuring Netanyahu.

In fact, this also strips away Israel’s fig leaf of being a small Middle Eastern hegemon; the ground combat capabilities of the Israeli Defense Forces are really weak!

Through the wars between Russia and Ukraine, and the Hamas-Israel war, it is clear that propaganda and public opinion are very important!

Your weapons and equipment may be lacking, but you must have advanced live streaming devices for self-portraits. Propaganda is also a form of offense.

In this regard, the armed forces of Houthi rebels, Hezbollah, and even Hamas are performing better than Israel. This is not to say that their live streaming devices are more advanced than Israel’s, but rather that they are truly competing with the Israeli military!

Hamas live streams tank battles—they actually fight tanks. Everyone should have seen the videos of Hamas fighters rubbing Israeli tanks.

Hezbollah’s armed forces truly live stream attacks on American and Israeli military bases. A few days ago, they hit the Pranit military camp in northern Israel, causing a big fire.

This camp is the headquarters of the Israeli Defense Forces' 91st “Galilee” Territor

War strategy and logistics in World War II - General Omar Bradley. C-17 regularly transporting ammunition for killing people. Exhaustion of ammunition in the largest indiscriminate bombing of the 21st century. Air Force running out of JDAM smart bomb kits. Investigation of complex infrastructure in Gaza. Biden supports ceasefire and criticizes Netanyahu. International opposition and domestic concerns halt Israeli actions. Netanyahu’s nightmare: failure to destroy Hamas and implicit recognition through negotiations.

Amateur talks about strategy, professionals talk about logistics (from General Omar Bradley, US Army, World War II). Although the US C-17 regularly transports ammunition to kill people, there will come a time when the largest scale indiscriminate bombing of the 21st century (as Biden said) will be exhausted.

The Air Force has already consumed over 2500 sets of Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) smart bomb kits over Gaza and they are nearly depleted. Israel also has to deal with the complex Gaza City and underground tunnels.

Biden firmly supports a ceasefire, he is rubbing salt on Netanyahu’s wound. The US is well aware that the fact of using its own ammunition to massacre civilians on a large scale cannot continue for too long.

International opposition to the massacre and domestic concerns about hostages have made Israel pause. But Netanyahu’s nightmare is that he not only failed to destroy Hamas, but in fact recognized Hamas through negotiation.

Temporary ceasefire agreement reached between Hamas and Israel

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, issued a statement on the 22nd local time, announcing a 4-day temporary humanitarian ceasefire agreement with Israel under the mediation of Qatar and Egypt. Hamas will release 50 Israeli women and children who have been detained, and Israel will release 150 Palestinian women and children who have been arrested and imprisoned by them.

According to the declaration, during the ceasefire period, all air traffic in southern Gaza will be suspended, and there will be a 6-hour daily suspension of air traffic in the north. Israel will cease all military operations in Gaza during the ceasefire, promise not to attack or arrest anyone in Gaza, and ensure that personnel can freely travel along the Salahuddin Road that runs through the north and south of Gaza.

The statement also stated that hundreds of trucks carrying humanitarian relief supplies will enter southern and northern Gaza during the ceasefire.

Earlier reports

Israeli cabinet votes to agree on temporary ceasefire with Hamas

According to reports from the Jerusalem Post and the Times of Israel, the Israeli cabinet voted in the early morning of the 22nd local time to agree on a temporary ceasefire agreement with the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas.

According to the agreement released by the Israeli government, the first stage of the ceasefire will last for 4 days. During these 4 days, Hamas will release the first batch of 50 Israeli women and children it has detained, releasing 12 to 13 people daily, and Israel will release about 150 Palestinian women and children it has detained. The 4-day ceasefire period can be extended, with Hamas extending the ceasefire for 1 day for every additional 10 detained Israeli individuals released, for a maximum extension of 4 days. The temporary ceasefire agreement is expected to take effect from the 23rd.

According to an Israeli official, all Israeli security agencies, including the Israeli Defense Forces, the National Security Agency, and the Israeli Intelligence and Special Operations Agency (Mossad), support this agreement. He also stated that, according to agreements reached with relevant countries, Hamas may also release some foreigners during the same period.

Previously, the Yedioth Ahronoth reported that the ceasefire would last for 5 days, but later corrected the duration to 4 days, with a possible maximum extension of another 4 days.

Netanyahu: Ceasefire is not an end to the war

According to a report by the Singapore Lianhe Zaobao website on November 22, before the Israeli cabinet voted on an agreement with Hamas, Prime Minister Netanyahu stated on the evening of the 21st that accepting the arrangement of releasing hostages by Hamas was “a difficult but right decision”, and Israel’s larger mission has not changed.

The report said that the Israeli wartime cabinet would vote on an agreement with Hamas to suspend fighting for a few days in exchange for the release of some hostages. According to a statement from Netanyahu’s office, he emphasized at the start of the meeting, “It is nonsense to think that we will stop the war after suspending fighting.”

According to the report, Netanyahu said, “We are in a war and we will continue the war until we achieve all our goals. We will eliminate Hamas, bring back all the hostages, and ensure that there is no longer any force in Gaza that can threaten Israel.”

The report said that the details of the agreement that may be reached between Israel and Hamas have emerged. A senior Israeli official earlier told the BBC that Hamas will release a total of 50 Israelis under the mediation of Qatar.

A US official quoted by Reuters said that the people Hamas will release mainly include women and children. In exchange, Israel will release 150 Palestinian prisoners. The fighting will pause for four to five days, and allow humanitarian aid to enter Gaza.

According to the Associated Press, the Israeli cabinet meeting lasted until the early morning of the 22nd.

According to another report by Xinhua News Agency, a senior Hamas leader stated on the evening of the 21st that they are still waiting for the Israeli side to make a decision on this temporary ceasefire and hostage exchange agreement.

战场上的力量斗争和胜利 - Struggle and Victory on the Battlefield

Everyone knows that what cannot be achieved on the battlefield cannot be achieved at the negotiating table either.

Will the fascist Israel stop the fire because of their “love for peace” and “protection of civilians”? Clearly, they have been beaten on the battlefield and cannot achieve the “complete destruction of Hamas” victory they advocate. They are forced to accept a ceasefire.

Although the ceasefire will only be temporary, it makes the arrogant Israel temporarily accept it. This is a victory at the current stage.

For oppressed nations to achieve national liberation, they must dare to struggle and be willing to sacrifice!

The Disparity in Media Coverage: Hamas Releases Women and Children in Exchange for Ceasefire.

I will tell you about the headlines of many media, such as those on Weibo:

Hamas releases 50 children and women in exchange for ceasefire.

In fact, Hamas did release 50 children and women, but Israel demands the release of 3 to 4 times as many children and women (many of whom were detained before Operation Protective Edge).

Now, think about it. Why do many media outlets only highlight Hamas releasing children and women in exchange for ceasefire? A normal and neutral approach would at least mention that both sides agreed to a ceasefire and exchanged detained children and women, right?

(Just a side note, actually CCTV News is quite good. The mentioned headline is from a Weibo account. CCTV’s content is relatively true and objective, and they use neutral terms like “detention” and “captivity” when referring to the exchange of personnel between the two sides, instead of some media outlets labeling it as “Hamas releasing hostages” and “Israel releasing prisoners”.)

In fact, the main pu

Potential for Continued Conflict and the Uncertain Future

There is nothing to look forward to. How many times have there been “temporary” ceasefires between the Hamas authorities in Gaza and the Israeli Zionist authorities? They have never reached a permanent peace agreement!

You see, every one of you here has heard enough news about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since you could remember. Every time it ends with a ceasefire. It’s just that the duration of this “temporary” ceasefire is uncertain. It could be as short as a moment or as long as a year or more. So, this agreement may not necessarily result in the resumption of hostilities previously assumed. Maybe there will be peace for half a year? Who knows.

From what can be seen now, why would Israel, which doesn’t even care about the United Nations, negotiate with Hamas, whom they have deemed “terrorists”? Isn’t it simply because they have no other way to deal with Hamas in the short term?

Some people will definitely say that Israel, with its overwhelming advantage over the Palestinians, can surely wipe out Hamas.

Yes, no one denies that. Before there is large-scale intervention from the outside world, Israel has the audacity to launch military actions like they did in Grozny and Mariupol, disregarding casualties, filling in with troops, and constantly bombing inside, all while proclaiming their goal to “kill all Gazans.” So, the complete destruction of Gaza is inevitable.

But the problem is, Israel lacks the courage and capability. They think they can easily accomplish their goals, but they keep facing setbacks. The number of casualties has even surpassed the Second and Third Middle East Wars. Israel has always been seen as a strong man, while Palestine is just a disabled child sitting in a wheelchair. Yet, this strong man has now been injured in the leg by a child, with blood gushing out. Even if they can ultimately kill the child, so what?

Moreover, Gaza’s infrastructure has been destroyed. After the ceasefire, it will be even more difficult for the ordinary people to sustain their lives. It will only breed more hatred. Israel’s pattern of imprisoning people is abnormal if there is no resistance.

Furthermore, President Bibi has openly stated that even if hostages are released, the fighting will continue. He doesn’t care about the lives of hostages, and Hamas knows this. But in exchange, they have gained some experienced recruits.

Of course, right now, even if Bibi wants a ceasefire, he can’t achieve it. The desire for war is strong among the Israeli government and people. The losses of the Israeli army have not yet reached a level that can crush their morale. The killing will continue.

Temporary ceasefire brings hope for peace in Israel-Palestine conflict.

Currently, both Israel and Palestine have not revealed the details of the negotiations, but the general content is that both sides will have a 4-day ceasefire, during which Hamas will release 50 detainees, including 30 children and 20 women. Additionally, 150 women and children who are imprisoned in Palestine will also be released.

For both Israel and Palestine, this is the best news since the escalation of the conflict.

For Palestine, even though it is only a short 4-day temporary ceasefire, it is already valuable. Since the Israel-Palestine conflict started, Israeli bombings have been relentless day and night, and the Israeli Defense Forces' ground operations in Gaza are turning it into ruins. More than 10,000 Palestinians have died from bombings and blockade, and now Gaza lacks necessities such as electricity, medicine, food, and clean water. They are in urgent need of rescue. The 4-day temporary ceasefire can allow international humanitarian aid to safely reach Gaza and save the lives of millions of refugees.

Why did Netanyahu and his hawkish forces strongly oppose any form of suspension previously, but now agree to a ceasefire agreement? Because there are two advantages to doing so: Firstly, it alleviates international pressure. Now, the entire international community, including Arab countries, Islamic countries, Western countries, and Eastern countries, are deeply concerned about the humanitarian disaster in Gaza. The closest ally of Israel, President Biden of the United States, also fully supports achieving a ceasefire in Gaza. If Israel continues to be stubborn, it may face true isolation. Israel can confront the international community, but it cannot antagonize the United States.

Secondly, it gives the Israeli military a breather. Israel’s war machine has been operating at full capacity in the air for 6 weeks and on the ground in Gaza for 3 weeks. Since the escalation of the Israel-Palestine conflict, Israeli airstrikes have been running at an astonishingly high frequency, driven by the massive consumption of precision-guided weapons. According to online reports, the Israeli Air Force has consumed over 2500 sets of JDAM smart bomb kits in the skies of Gaza, while their inventory is only enough to last for 10 days. Now, with a 4-day ceasefire, the United States can take the opportunity to replenish Israel with JDAMs, M270 rocket launchers, Iron Dome missiles, and other ammunition through air and sea transport. Let us not forget that it was during the first Arab-Israeli War that Israel gained a respite with the help of a 4-week ceasefire promoted by the United States, greatly expanded its military capabilities, and ultimately turned the tide of the war.

Overall, this temporary ceasefire is more advantageous for Israel militarily and diplomatically, but more advantageous for Hamas politically: Israel has always claimed to eliminate Hamas, but now it not only failed to destroy it, but also has to negotiate with it, which is tantamount to indirectly acknowledging its existence.