How to evaluate the skill design of the new champion Hui in League of Legends?

How to evaluate the skill design of the new champion Comet in the game League of Legends?

New Heroes and Friend Gifts

Oh my, with such excellent design, the friends of LoL can finally play!

Even with the bonus of Ophelia and Mephisto!

It’s truly generous and exciting!

Designers are unable to create a traditional mage with four abilities, so they must stitch together a new hero.

Riot designers no longer have the ability to create a traditional mage with four abilities.

Or rather, the combination of four abilities can no longer form a traditional mage that meets the current version’s power and rhythm requirements.

What can be done if they can’t create it? Stitch it together. Don’t just mention the half-mechanics of Karthus next door (the one with the little ball that adds attributes). In the popular game next door, stitch together heroes from our own game too. I will stitch as much as I can, and create a whole new world.

As for the character design, it’s a long-lost male hero with a feminine style. I won’t comment on that, but what’s terrifying is that he keeps mentioning Jhin’s name. I can only say that it’s best if you have a rival relationship with Jhin, otherwise, as a Jhin fan, I can reluctantly accept it. But if Riot plans to create a male-male pairing with Jhin, I can’t accept it. Jhin’s character setting cannot be paired with any male, female, human, deity, monster, robot, or alien.

Carl is here!

Not a moment of sadness for the complete defeat of wbg, immediately arriving on the battlefield are—The Invoker, the eSports Pianist, Carl!

The Amazing Combination of Pantheon and his Ultimate

I feel that his ultimate ability and Pantheon can create interesting chemical reactions, making them an amazing duo in the jungle.

The Perfect Hero with Clone Ability

I have an idea for a hero with the ability to create clones, and each clone is an exact replica of the original. With this power, one person can control four different paths. What a perfect hero! And the best part is, there won’t be any worries about teammates going AFK.

True Multi-occupationalization

True Marksman: Aphelios

True Mage: Hui

So when will Riot Games release a true Assassin, true Tank, true Warrior, and true Support?

If it’s not possible, you can just rework Master Yi and give him five swords as weapons, making him a true Warrior.

Imbalanced Hero Adjustments

In less than half a year, they have to undergo significant nerfs. Do you expect the League of Legends balance team to understand these heroes? They only know how to cut them to the point where they are no longer viable.

Hero Skill Balance Issue

The balance of the four skills of a hero is so messed up, it’s like something else. If there were to be a hero with ten skills

It would probably end up like Sapheni’s fate, where they chop one stroke in the mid lane and chop one stroke into the grave in the bot lane. Designing heroes is a team effort, while balancing heroes is the responsibility of another design team. As for reviving niche and unpopular heroes, I’m sorry, there is no such department to be found…

Designers Are Not Considerate of the Elderly

AFK as Ezreal

It feels like this designer has become less and less considerate of people like us, the elderly.

From the controls to the thinking process, there is a complete lack of consideration.

I will always love Garen!

Differences between League of Legends and Dota

One thing that has always puzzled me is that when I first started playing League of Legends, these were the two heroes I chose.

Looking at their abilities, it’s basically just a matter of having hands, and this year’s World Championship even featured Garen.

Now take a look at the new heroes, I can’t quite imagine how they fit into the same game…

Of course, many people mention Carl from Dota,

But the point is, aren’t we playing LoL to relax a bit? In Dota, you can deny minions, sigh… it’s just a game, why make it so exhausting.