How to evaluate the 23-24 season NBA Rockets vs Lakers game with a score of 104105?

Rockets perform well + Strong performance from Little Wang and Big Wang

LeBron James really did his best, but to be honest, even in his conversation with Anthony Davis, he couldn’t completely take advantage, which can be seen from his six fouls. Today, it was really unexpected that De’Anthony Melton had such a good shooting touch for the Rockets. And the Lakers also didn’t expect their other perimeter players to be so ineffective.

If it wasn’t for LeBron’s three-pointer at the last moment and a lucky bounce that allowed Austin Rivers to score, and if it wasn’t for Melton’s risky steal attempt, which resulted in a foul and allowed LeBron to shoot free throws, I believe Rivers would have been the culprit if his free throw had not gone in.

I really think the Suns have a bright future.

From this game, you can see that the Rockets' true level has improved a lot, especially the solid inside offense from Anthony Davis. And this actually shows that these Rockets players all have talent. They are able to suppress and defend against Lakers' perimeter players' shots.

But they couldn’t defeat Big Wang. His consistency, scoring ability, shooting, and threat in the paint with this kind of status, authority, and time is what makes him strong.

He is still the king.

Today, besides Gerald Green being slightly inferior, he focused everything on defense, preventing the Lakers' backcourt from gaining any advantage. The frontcourt and wings also performed well, while the Lakers could only rely on Rivers and Rui Hachimura’s driving to score, with no opportunities from the outside. Danuel House Jr.’s key three-pointer and his ability to draw fouls against Anthony Davis also contributed well to the defense.

They were just a little short, just a little short of having the same strength as LeBron and Davis. These young players are truly starting to take over.

However, on the other side, in the double overtime, Little Wang told the young players that he can still rise up, that he can still fight with all his might.

On this side, Big Wang, who played for forty minutes, told the young players on the other side,

“In this era, we haven’t thought about letting go. If you don’t leave, then we won’t either."

James’s All-Around Performance

That being said, the referee could have easily ejected The Brow today, but instead he called six fouls on him. Really, I’m crying.


You’re right, but that’s just LeBron James for you. At 39 years old, he has top-tier athleticism and basketball IQ, superb passing vision, and a field goal percentage in the paint that’s even higher than 80%. When his shot is feeling good, he can hit mid-range jumpers and three-pointers from all angles. Defenders have to guard against his drives, shots, and passing lanes, and yet they still can’t stop him. And as for free throws, well, ah ah ah ah ah ah.

James’s Outstanding Performance this Season

  • His true shooting percentage this season is a career high!
  • His effective field goal percentage this season is a career high in non-transition situations!
  • His rebound rate this season is a career high!
  • His field goal percentage within 0-3 feet (85.7% before this game!) is a career high; his field goal percentage within 3-10 feet is the second highest in his career!
  • His frequency of fast break possessions this season is the third highest in his career, and his efficiency in fast break possessions is the second highest in his career!

If you didn’t say it was James, I would have thought he was a tall young man!

“James played for 40 minutes, made 14 of 19 field goals, 2 of 5 three-pointers, 7 of 9 free throws, scored 37 points, grabbed 6 rebounds, dished out 8 assists, and stole the ball 3 times.

His total points reached 39,000-5, and he sealed the victory with free throws.”

From Stevenson to the “King Slayer” Stewart to Dillon, please cherish the joyful people around James.

The Influence of Age

The final attack and that free throw buzzer-beater.

Even if it were LeBron James from 20 years ago, I reckon it would only be a plain frame dunk.

He is truly getting old.