How to evaluate the Russian supervisory team shooting retreating Russian troops?

Recently, a battlefield video surfaced showing a group of Russian soldiers retreating from the front lines to their main position, coming under fire from a supervisory team and subjected to multiple grenade explosions. How should this be assessed? The video can be found at the following link: {Video Link}.

Summary of a Conflict Video

This is a complete video.

The general process is that several Ukrainian soldiers retreated from the front-line trenches to the rear trenches when attacked by Russian forces.

At this time, a few Ukrainian soldiers, who seemed to be part of an enforcement squad, opened fire on them in the rear trenches.

The attacked Ukrainian soldiers returned fire. After a while, one of the retreating Ukrainian soldiers jumped out of the rear trench and ran towards the back.

The enforcement squad members then shifted their fire towards him, continuously pursuing and shooting at him.

During this process, the Russian forces attacking the front-line trenches did not appear in the video, presumably still engaged in fierce combat in the front-line trenches.

After a while, an FPV drone dived towards the location of the enforcement squad and hit the target, wiping them out.

One member of the enforcement squad seemed to be blasted away by the explosion…

The Flawed Strategy of Ukraine’s Enforcement Squads

The existence of enforcement squads in Ukraine is a result of overzealous conscription.

A Ukrainian woman in China mentioned her 55-year-old father now fears to step outside because the streets are full of conscription efforts.

What combat effectiveness can such an army have?

With an average age nearing retirement, all conscripts are there against their will, lacking combat experience and not wanting to die…

It’s like the perfect composition for deserters being mobilized to the front lines. They are just making up numbers; realistically, expecting them to conduct offensive or defensive operations is impractical. Hence the need for enforcement squads. Without them, it’s likely they would have deserted on the first day.

But it’s important to realize that poorly managing enforcement squads can lead to internal conflict.

An army filled with suspicion and oppression is inevitably one of loose discipline and rampant corruption. If forced conscription continues, even expanding to women, I dare say the Ukrainian army will quickly turn into a complete force of sexual slavery, with the oppression of women far exceeding current levels. The enforcement squads will eventually become nothing more than the enforcers of slave masters.

This is a completely wrong approach, and no matter how the Zelensky government tries to justify it, it remains a mistake.

Ukraine should not force unwilling individuals, especially the elderly and disabled, into military service. This is not the action of a human rights-respecting nation but rather the hallmark of a reactionary regime. Ukraine is rapidly progressing towards becoming the worst kind of secret police dictatorship.

The escalating Russia-Ukraine situation leaves Ukrainian fathers afraid to leave their homes, causing immense anxiety for their daughters-in-law.

On the dawn of November 28, 1941, more than 1,000 party, government, and military cadres of the 16th Brigade of the 6th Division of the New Fourth Army, along with about 300 combat personnel, were surrounded by over 3,800 soldiers and more than 10 tanks from the Japanese 15th Division in Tangma Village.

During the critical moment of the final breakout, facing the Japanese charge, Brigade Commander Luo Zhongyi raised his arm and shouted:

“Communist Party members and Youth League members, step forward,

Comrades, let’s fight the enemy!”

The Anti-Japanese War was correct once again.

The National Unity Front against Japanese Aggression was once again great.

The reactionary elements of the Kuomintang were also wrong and criticized.

The puppet armies were something only backward countries had.

Did our party lead troops with puppet armies? Did we have puppet armies?

Even if you try to wash it with the label of anti-aggression or justify it with puppet armies killing deserters, you cannot erase the fact that the ruling class in Ukraine kidnapped the entire country to preserve themselves and satisfy their own desires.

Humor, if the Ukrainian army were replaced with the Russian army, it would immediately trend.

What’s even more ruthless is that they immediately locked the entry.